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Warriors overwhelmed by Hurricanes in Diamond Head opener


A second-half surge by Miami (FL) was too much for the Hawai’i basketball team to overcome on the opening night of the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic.

The Hurricanes shot better than 60 percent from the field in the second half en route to a 73-58 victory over the Warriors.

A crowd of 8,120 at the Stan Sheriff Center watched the Warriors fall to 5-4. The Hurricanes improved to 8-1 with their seventh consecutive victory.

The game was actually close in the first half, but Miami out-scored Hawai’i, 51-37, in the second half.

Redshirt freshman Brandon Jawato scored a career-high 12 points on 4-of-8 shooting from 3-point range to lead the Warriors. He was the only Warrior to score in double figures. Vander Joaquim added nine points and seven rebounds, and Davis Rozitis scored eight on 4-of-4 shooting.

The Warriors trailed by as many as seven points in the first half, but the Miami lead was only 22-21 at halftime. Neither team shot well in the first half — Hawai’i went 8 for 28 (28.6 percent) from the field, while Miami went 10- for 29 (34.5 percent).

The Hurricanes opened the second half with a 12-3 surge to increase the lead to 36-24. with 16 minutes left in the second half.

The closest Hawai’i got after that was seven points. Durand Scott hit three 3-pointers in a two-minute stretch to give the Hurricanes a 53-37 advantage. The Hurricanes later increased the lead to as many as 25 points.

Scott finished with 20 points to lead the Hurricanes.

Hawai’i will play a consolation game against East Tennessee State at 4 p.m. on Sunday.

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.


  1. Well, tough loss. 3 or 4 UH losses to Illinois(top ten), UNLV(top 25) and Miami(just on the edge of top 25), so losing to Miami rough though , ..loss to a very good , big athletic ACC team, even without their starting center…that first half, I thought, man, Miami and UH final score, would go down to wire, 51-50..those couple of picks, and layins, and the Miami guard hitting about 3 or 4 three’s in a row..made it hard to come back..

    Good thing about, these 3 game tournaments..CLEAR THIS LOSS FROM YOUR MINDS..Warriors..get ready, and be ready for East Tenn. St. and go and chase a 2-1 record and a fifth place trophy..no shame in finishing in top five, in a very very good field.

    Watched game, very good Sat nite crowd..kudos to all in attendance, !!

    Go Warriors, and Brandon Jawato(huge points and energy coming off the bench)..Miami, probably a NCAA bound team..Nice to see a lot of guys play..and they made it a 15 pt loss, despite being down by 25..Hey, I try to stay positive..get your rest, and get a W tomorrow..get a couple of wins this last two games, and get ready for BWC play one week from now..(I sound like Gib..I am not..just imagine what he is telling the guya)

    Go Warriors..get better, get ready and get a W!!

  2. Unfortunately we are now in the consolation bracket, in the afternoon, attendance will drop, hopefully we will end up with two wins in the loser bracket. The team cannot put together two good halves , point guard play is lacking and shows in the number of turnovers ,non scoring by all the guards except Jawato. Lack of a good point guard is coming to haunt us and will for sure during Big West season . The Big West will be a big challenge for the Warriors ,if they hope to play post season they better get their offense and defense into Overdrive.! Come on Warriors this is your house , don’t let anyone beat you at home! You all should be pissed off and ready to bury the opponent for tomorrow! Let’s Go!!

  3. Good that team hung tough to half-time

    BAD that they couldnʻt track Miami shooters in the second half…
    BUT Durand Scott a 6-5 SENIOR Shooting Guard Looks like an All-Tourney and Prospective NBA Player…
    AND For Me …
    This (U.H.) Team is Still a Very Young Team … Losses are Junk, BUT
    Bright Spots (A Few)…CAN SEE A Learning Curve…
    Davis is Becoming A Beast …
    Jawato two straight double-figure games (this time Leading Scorer (Thatʻs Not All Good News))
    Can See Manroop and Ozi getting their game legs, starting to play with some flow….
    Manroop Clearly the Only Legit Ball-Handler (besides Shamburger Next Year)
    Take D.Scott as a Comparison Point — Long Before theyʻre Seniors, Ozi & Roop will be hiting from out there (23 feet plus)

    NEED Seniors to start acting like it ..
    Hauns and Jace got to Figure Out How theyʻll Be Effective whenever theyʻre in the game…
    Need Vander to Play like heʻs healthy (OR Fess Up that he isnʻt…)

    BEAT ETSU …Plus Maybe One More in Tourney
    Continue to Show Improvement in Young AND Older Players…
    Keep Improving to Move to The Front of The (Weak) Big West Pack…

    I think with improved Athleticism and Total Teamwork theyʻll be pretty good next year
    and maybe decent this year … Nowhere Near there (No 40 minute Consistency) Yet…

  4. I think Gib, he was spot on, as were all of the hard core MBB fans, knew that PG would be a sore spot…loss of Miah, Shaq, Bobby Miles, etc..thought by commitee could get it done..Clair, Jace, Jefferson..

    At this point, Jace against, quick UNLV, Illinois, Miami, maybe even North Dakota guards, has such a high dribble and not keeping ball tight, just about any guard can time his dribble and pick him clean, and off to the rim for flush or layin..those two or three turnovers and conversion for points, were a turning point in a close game start of 2nd half in my opinion..

    Vander, I agree Eagle, the guy wants to win..it was a freak accident, he getting rolled up MCL in practice..you can tell he is not the Vander of one or two years ago..too bad..maybe have Vander come off the bench, or give him more rest..thought he is the best 3 ball shooter , besides Jawato(pleasant surpise) on the team, which is good and not good..good for euro pro ball aspirations..Fotu, well, he is a playing ACC type big men, quick, leapers, shot blockers, high BBIQ, he will learn..and be good BWC play..

    The mystery man, or the guy that should be a leading scorer , high energy guy? HAUNS…unless he has some type of hidden illness, he cannot produce enough timely captain like scoring and D stops, to help team be competitive if not, take that Miami was shooting terribly in first half, and help team to sprint out to possibly a 7 or 8 pt lead at half..once again , Miami ACC opponent, no shame in losing to them, they are very very good.

    I Think, Roop has earned, much more playing time, probably the most he has played this year..at least trying to be agressive and hit a 3 off of a ball screen,..Ozi, scored 5 pts..nice 3 ball, and 2 pointer off the glass.,and Jawato, JMO…he might , depends how they practice, replace Hauns in the starting lineup at the shooting guard spot, with Spearman, and Hauns coming off bench, poor Garrett, he is not a PG, for this type of competition, though he will help team down the road…

    I would not doubt if Gib shakes up lineup: how’s about Davis, Fotu, Standhardinger, Jawato, Clair..
    for at least the first 5 to 8 minutes..see if they can get out to lead against ETSU, then Spearman, Jefferson, Vander, Hauns, Ozi off the bench..the upperclassmen, would want to step up on O and D..

    This year might be rough, without a point guard like Illinois, UNLV or Miami and several if not all of the BWC teams..though, in this DH classic, the Bigs and athleticism, cannot be matched,..BWC teams good wings and guards..however, whole different level from Arizona, UNLV, Miami, Illinois, SDSU etc..even San Francisco and Indiana St and Ole Miss…

    Hey as jjay says, and I agree, along with Eagle, they gotta bring it, weakeness at the PG, however, the PB was getting stripped by one guy, not even full court pressure, so you can bring ball up how Riley would do with Savo and English , Puida teams, those guys very, very high BBIQ, they would run sideline fast breaks, or just to relieve a PG to bring ball up, if they were turnover prone..though Riley had some of the best PG’s UH MBB ever had..

    Roop I think earned a shot at major minutes…he is the quickest, and probably best handles..and if he gets a screen, or wide open 3, he should shoot with confidence..Jawato, has arrived, that RS year did wonders..he should go head to head with Hauns and win that starting job..then Hauns can settle down and bring his game back to what it was at end of last year..I think it will be the same thing as last season and Hauns’ last span of

    games in JC, where he went on a 7 or 8 game scoring tear, virtually unstoppable., if you ever met Hauns, he is one of the nicest guys you could ever meet..maybe, has to light fire , work on getting rebounds, assists, steals, blocking out…diving to the floor..drive to rim to get fouled..other than running around, and not getting separation, because the athletic teams scout Hawaii so well, they knew every play, for the bigs and shooters..one step ahead..

    Hey Gib, now you earn your well deserved pay..coach em up, boost em up, if you have to start an all freshman, starting five for the first few minutes, why not..

    However, we MBB fans are not giving up , as jjay says, still win( and that was my prediction)2 games in the DH, and prepare for a guard and wing oriented BWC…Roop, kudos to you, put in the work, shoot it, and drive and dish, NO FEAR..you might be the starting PG pretty soon..

    MBB team get good rest and get that W and consolation bracket crown like last year!!

  5. Well that guy Durand Scott was hitting 3’s from 28 feet out with a hand in his face, including Davis at 7 feet, that was after Miami got their D going and starte to turn those turnovers by guards into layups..went from 1 pt down at half to double digit then 20 pt deficit in a matter of minutes..sometimes, what can you do..however, UH could not respond on O side, and just were not in sync..

    Hey guys, fans got your backs..Roop step up and show Gib you can run the O, play solid D, get assists and hit threes with NO FEAR..I think your time is coming, just gotta step up in practice and produce in games like Jawato is doing now, same with Ozi, and even Michael Harper, whomever can get job done!!

    BWC, 18 games, plus a break for Bracketbuster, so UH starting with 3 BWC home games starting next Sat Dec 29, good to get those 3 at home..UH, has to be firing on all cylinders..whomever is first 9 guys, very soon!!

    Go Warriors..!!

  6. The only way we are getting into the NCAA tournament is if we win the big west tournament. It would be a great idea to give our younger guys more experience so they can grow to be better players. Rozitis has stepped it up a lot and deserves more playing time. same can be said for Ozren and Clair. Jefferson seems to work beter when he knows that he is going to come in for spurts where he goes all out for the 3 to 4 minutes he gets. Miami had a very good defense tonight, and great NBA range 3 point shots

  7. Tough loss to a good team. Miami looks good enough to be in the top 25.

  8. zone defense kept the warriors in the game in the first half when rozitis came in. then Miami figured it out and began hitting their outside shoots. IMHO, we need to play rozitis more, we need to isolate vander and fotu in the post so it will open the outside for jawato, hauns. manroop has plenty potential.

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