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Wanted: Students to attend games

The Hawai’i basketball team is personally inviting all of its fellow students to attend home games at the Stan Sheriff Center this season.

The Warriors have been voluntarily knocking on dorm doors in recent weeks to introduce themselves — and hand out schedules, photos and candy — to the other students on campus.

New team video coordinator Jamie Smith is also serving as a marketing planner for the Warriors, and he has been joining the players for the “dorm patrol” sessions.

On a recent night this week, freshmen Isaac Fotu, Michael Harper and Aaron Valdes joined Smith to knock on dorm doors and invite students to the upcoming game against Illinois on Friday. Some of the students had no interest in athletics — yet grabbed some candy — while others recognized the players and agreed to attend the game.

Interestingly enough, Friday’s game is “Wig Night” and the fans are being encouraged to wear wigs or creative hairdos for the game. Harper, Valdes and Smith all donned wigs while inviting the students to the game. Fotu — who is called “Fro-tu” by teammates — of course did not need a wig, and it led to some funny moments as the players asked the students to guess who had the real “Fro.” Most of the students correctly picked Fotu, although one student actually thought Harper’s wig was real.

For the record, all UH students can attend home games for free. Also, the first 200 students to attend this Friday’s game will receive a free wig.


  1. Isaac’s fro is really catching on here. That’s the way to spread the word guys!

    Isaac Fotu also made ESPN’s best hair of the marathon:

  2. And check out the pub Isaac Fotu’s hair got on ESPN.com


    It’s part of the column on the right side of the page.

  3. Is it true that Thomas committed and faxed his LOI today? This is according to McInnis’s twitter.

  4. What a bunch of hams! Seriously, I’m glad the players are good sports about this. Simple grassroots marketing can be pretty effective, and an increased student turnout will improve the team’s home court advantage. Friday should be a fun time at the Stanley.

    As for the ESPN article, it may seem a little disrespectful to Hawaii’s program for the coverage to be about Isaac’s hair rather than what the team did on the floor. But the important thing is that it’s memorable coverage… probably more memorable to the average college basketball fan reading the article than anything else in there. If it helps draws a little national curiosity and attention to Hawaii hoops, that’s fine. Hopefully the next time UH is on ESPN, some of those readers will remember to tune in to check out Isaac’s ‘fro, and come away impressed at how well he and his teammates play the game.

  5. HawaiiMongoose,

    At least we didn’t get the Biggest Snoozer award, which went to Rider and Stoney Brook. We still did get a decent write-up (except for the last line) on another ESPN blog post.

    “Hawaii’s Vander Joaquim tore his MCL in late September. On Tuesday morning, the 6-foot-10 center scored 20 points and grabbed 10 rebounds in a 73-60 win over independent Houston Baptist. How does a guy recover that quickly? Amazing. The Warriors lost multiple contributors from last season’s team, but Joaquim could make Hawaii a contender in its first season in the Big West. Hawaii’s defense remains a concern. In the second half, the Warriors (265th in defensive efficiency last season) were outscored 37-35 by a program that finished 309th in offensive efficiency in 2011-12.”


  6. That segment was funny and entertaining! Hope a couple hundred and growing come to games from UH dorms, the cost: FREE! Give credit to Harper, Valdes, Fotu and Jamie Smith…they are good sports, ..and when UH MBB starts to get on a roll, the attendance will pick up!!

    NIce job Dayton and Jamie!!

  7. hope the students don on wigs and create a FROTU section! That’ll be Kool

  8. fotu could be the biggest pick-up ever by him getting hawaii known with his FRO!!!…he’ll be smart if he never cuts it…..another thing they could have mentioned if they didn’t was that they play highly touted illinois…..i don’t know if anyone seen but we need to sign that guy at 3:20 (steve nash)

  9. These Guys are really smart…

    They Work Hard Together to Build their Team

    Then they Work Hard to Build Their Fan Base…
    IF The Students knew these guys and How Good People and Players they are…
    Why Wouldn’t They Come Out to The Games…

    They Will Be Creating New Hawai’i Basketball Fans…

    Fro-day…Beat The Illini….

  10. Warrior time! Come on students! Get the Fro and get to the Stanley fill up the seats!

  11. Thanks DK, I missed the other write-up.

  12. This video had me laughing the whole time! What a great group of guys promoting “Every game is a PARTY!”

  13. My wife and I were cracking up during the entire video. These guys are great!! Mansu mansu UH Bball and we’ll see everyone there at the SSC. Illinois is going down.

  14. “Every night is a paa-eee” Awesome. Still cracking up.

  15. Hey fans, celebrate Vander Joaquim was chosen as an Honorable Mention to the 2012 All-Marathon Team.

  16. Aussie Mum, does Michael get his comedic talent from you? Hilarious.

  17. Anything less than 8,000 attendance on Friday will be disappointing.

    –Most exciting UH team since 2002
    –Definitely the most athletic UH team in decades
    –Rainbow Classic Champions
    –Quality Big 10 opponent
    –7:30pm tip off
    –Ice cold beer
    –Rainbow Dancers (the male ones makes it kinda weird, but to each it’s own)
    –Fro-tu “wig night”
    –Gordon Biersch garlic fries
    –Those crappy chicken fingers, but for some reason, taste great while watching UH athletics

    If that’s not enough reasons to show up on Friday night, then there’s no hope unless they start giving away Zip Packs (caz those are like $12 or $13 now!).

    Speaking of food:
    Somebody at UH or SSC need to contact Leonards and get a malasada stand in the SSC… Would be great for fans and more rent money for UH.

    Also an idea, maybe try get L&L/Graces, Yummy’s/Gina’s, and Ezo-Giku (or any other ramen/saimin vendor) and UH/SSC could have the best collection of concession stands, which could be another reason to come to SSC for all sports.

  18. Where’s the Tim Tams?

  19. This is hilarious!!! I couldn’t stop laughing. Awesome job guys!


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