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World Wide Warriors: Germany

Christian Standhardinger didn’t always dream of becoming a basketball star. Like many youths in his home country of Germany, soccer was his first sport of choice.

“I played soccer from (ages) 7 to 12, and then I started playing basketball,” he said.

In the latest edition of World Wide Warriors, Standhardinger noted that soccer is the most popular sport in Germany. Thankfully for the Hawaii basketball team, Standhardinger out-grew soccer and he is now a 6-foot-8 junior forward with the Warriors.

He described his home country as: “Very nice people there. Everybody is very responsible. Everybody does their job … and beer is a very popular drink in Germany.”

He added that basketball is also popular in Germany, thanks in part to the exploits of all-pro forward Dirk Nowitzki. “We are all very proud of the fact that he is a champion,” Standhardinger said.


  1. Looking forward to a great season. What a team! Ausgezeichnet!

  2. When the lights comes on the biggest x factor on this years team are the walk-on Jawato Enos Michael harper Aaron Valdes Jace Tavita these are the players that their families make great contribution to pay for their education . Mahalo to coach Gib these guys will battle for coach. I have no regret never follow UH men basketball team but this year might be something very special. go warriors also from Utah thanks warrior insider.

  3. hey, Christian:

    your responsible, a-champion characteristics shown in your MBB game playing.
    you’re nice, kind, friendly, intelligent, extrovert.. thanks for talked to me from the bench.

    stay on track. you made good improvements. academically you’re up there with Roztis (he said).
    artistic basketball: non-contact, finesse, control, speedy, stamina, precise, jump high, constant-movement..
    my ref friends said “WE ARE THE SUPREME COURT !”.

    your are German-Filipino, an important contributor for the 2012-2013 MBB Warriors.
    respective ethnic groups: c’mon out to show your support and be proud of this fine young man.

    we like to invite your 6′ 7 sister to play for Coach Beeman, if that’s possible or any big German girl will do!
    then, your Mom will be twice as proud & happy.

  4. Thanks for interview Dayton!


    Love your passion and 100% effort to help your team win! Thank you for being part of MBB ohana. Best wishes to your local family here and your family back in Germany.

    You will be a great leader with hustle this year. Follow coach’s direction and help teammates to do the best they can! If everyone on team has similar desire for 4 min or 40 min, to get the win, you will have successful year. Let Coach and staff do the debate, with officials too, better to keep you on court!

    Mahalo once again!!

  5. Christian Standhardinger!
    Great Name, Great Game !
    Thanks for bringing your great personality and relentless team style to Hawai’i…
    I’m sure it was tough to sit out this past year, not able to directly help on the court…
    But we could see you constantly encouraging your teammates
    And i’m sure you worked them hard every day in practice

    Coaches, players and fans talk about how hard you play, ‘non-stop motor’ seems a fair assessment; apparently you have a strong, maybe unique, understanding of ‘the difference’ All-Out & Constant Effort can make to results and winning…i’m counting on you having some (or a lot of) success turning that into bankable results on the court and likely as valuable, into an attitude of relentless play in as many teammates as possible (five all the time on the court might even steal a win or two)… I like that you speak out and reach out to your teammates — I think it ‘doubles’ your leadership value, by example and by inspiring and reminding your teammates that they, too, can constantly be something more, their better selves…

    [ One of My Favorite Teachers taught me that That is The True Meaning,
    His True Message of Being Literally, “Christ-Like”, Christian, and you look like you’re Living it…]

    This Season the Stats Count and you’re probably gonna love the fans’ reaction to your efforts…

    In Hawai’i, I think we value and honor our uniquenesses as well as similarities, and while the Germans ought to also be proud, I can add that it’s pretty rare to have a Filipino Basketball star, especially front-line D-1 Tall…When the Fil-American population catches on that one of “their own”, not only plays for UH, but is ‘A Star’ (I know you’re a humble team player and might not accept that, but to them… And your teammates who draft you first or your coaches who declared you the best even while you had to sit) …you could have a Local Rumble that may surprise …Even Boxing Stars are treated like Rock Stars or elected Mayor/Governor…
    [Think on a Smaller Scale: Thousands here, versus Millions for Nowitzki and Billions for Linsanity…]

    Have a Great Two Seasons!
    More than Worth the Wait…

  6. FTR…Uhfan and n2… And above …Well-said…

    Conciseness Counts!

  7. Don’t think coach will have much problems with this group of guys this year. Seems as if Gib targeted players with good attitudes. Moreover, it is a nice blend of veterans and youth. I think the freshmen know that they got to watch and practice and get the learning curve down before they can think of more playing time. The veterans, they should have this part down and should come out of the gates on fire. And if they don’t some of the youth that learn quick are going to be pushing for playing time. Like Gib said, no position is safe except maybe for Vander. So from now ’til playing time the veterans gotta keep pushing cause the youth are going to be showing what they got. Nothing like competition to bring the best out of everyone. No one needs to tell Standhardinger to work harder. He knows pain/gain. But gotta keep the cool head. All-in-all he’s a winner.

  8. Obviously Christian is very committed to both his family in Germany and to UHMBB – having seen him on these videos a number of times now – thanks Dayton. He always mentions his family and particularly his mother. She should be very proud of him – he speaks very well.
    Go Christian
    Go Warriors

  9. Aussie Mum:
    Just wanted you to know that Michael is on The Mind of UHMBB Fans ‘everywhere’
    “Official Practice” hasn’t even started but The Fans are aware of your son…
    “Thanks for Sharing” — Back @ ya !
    These were from The Newspaper site on The Topic of WHO Might Redshirt:

    — I see Dressler and Enos redshirting,
    possibly Harper too but UH might need his three point shooting.

    — This goes for both Enos and Harper, they got nothing to lose rs’ing but to gain strength and experience practicing against the starters. They just need to make sure their grades are in line to graduate in 4 years. Who knows, if they develop the way The Gibper and Staff (project) during this year as a redshirt, who knows, they may earn that scholarship for 4 years after this season is over

    — Michael Harper: Redshirt? Maybe to develop better point guard skills. His “Aussie Mum” would enjoy the game highlights even more than the practice highlights and he’s already the fastest and most agile on the team (as measured by the coaches), plus he shoots and drives lights out… Prefer: Get him more PT!


    I LIKE that CS “Promised” in earlier interviews that he understands that ‘harassing’ D-1 Refs” doesn’t help… of course i would have felt ‘more comfortable’ with it IF he had already backed off of the summer league refs …;-}

    AND none of our players had gotten sucked into an ejection/suspension…
    BUT Him Addressing it at least makes it clear he has awareness of it….
    and should be preparing himself for it…

    i think SUCCESS, a little more maturity and the coaches should help Vander & Christian moderate their potential Intensities (tempers)…

    OUR Mr. Intensities So Far ARE Our Best ‘Proven’ Players …
    i would count Vander, Christian and Hauns (those workouts, yes i’d count him in) as Already Knowing what D-1 Intensity feels and looks like …

    i think on the second tier are those who already display flashes, that are just not yet ‘proven’ in all phases on our court… Spearman, Tavita and Jefferson…

    next tier is MAYBE Isaac (already a Champion) Fotu, Aaron Valdes and Jawato…

    AND The Others Will Learn, Faster Better (For Them)…

    Oahuan was “Right” about that Need for D-1 intensity — though i don’t think you have to treat players in open gym that way — i usually ‘dialed it back’ against the general population ‘cos it can be a little “too mean” and didn’t need to show my teammates i could give them a hard time (they knew it) … and the players know there is a lights-on factor in the game AND In Formal Practice …

    i don’t think anything less than their best will get them on the court much any more…Last Year Still had to play players giving less than their best All the Time…
    that might have cost two or three baskets any given game and a Win or Three …


    Just Thinking Out Loud…
    For The ‘Overall UH Team’ … i’m hearing Artie talking about supporting Norm Chow & The Football Team — i see Coach smartly drawing upon and honoring Coach/Dr. Larry Price which potentially pulls in their whole radio audience after decades of “Sniping” and Back-Biting that i (personal opinion) attribute to bitterness spurred by the poor people skills of long-gone athletic department officials…{For the out-of-towners: Former UH & First D-1 Football Coach Dr. Larry Price is Co-Host of the Number One Morning/Drive-Time radio show in Hawai’i.}

    Let’s Practice support for UHMBB by also supporting the football guys this weekend? Later they may also be some of the enthusiastic fans that fill SCC with full-houses and/or Pay Per View that this team will probably deserve…

    Even IF we had to Pay, Shouldn’t WE GET ALL Road Games Televised !?
    (As Good as i think they’ll be, wouldn’t want to Miss ANY Games…)

    Maybe we should Start Calling OCEANIC Cable Now ….
    (They’re pretty Slow On Contracts…)

  10. Eagle, thanks for the feedback – I am not sure what the whole red shirting thing is about but I have no doubt that the coaches will make the right decisions.

  11. Aussie Mum…

    Redshirting is the term for “Sitting Out”, Not Playing this Season/Year;
    The NCAA allows a student-athlete to Play Four Years within Five Years….

    IF Michael does redshirt then he “could” be at UH for Five Years instead of Four ….

    AND You’re Right, The Coaches together with Michael will (always) try to make the Best Choices for Michael and the Team …

    Players might choose to Redshirt to further develop their game or focus/concentrate on Academics; OR in the case of a serious injury; OR IF they might ‘waste’ most of the season sitting behind another outstanding player, such as a Senior (like Caleb Dressler behind Vander). By Waiting they could play Four Better Years (the 2,3,4,5 years) instead of a mostly sitting First Year

    This is what Brandon Jawato & Christian Standhardinger did this past year:
    — BJ because he could develop his game further and probably would have ‘sat’ (on the bench) most of the time behind a 36+ minute per game player; and
    — CS because it is required when transferring from one Division-1 school to another in basketball.

    The intention to Redshirt now apparently needs to be ‘declared’ (it used to be that IF a player just did NOT play after the 1/4th season mark, he could just count it as a redshirt year).

    i believe the term “redshirt” applied to a time when players sitting out were actually wore red jerseys (during practices).


    p.s. We Can Tell You’re a Great Family and Mum as well
    AND We’re Sure Michael is Proud As Well…

    i’m SURE Many of Us are Proud you’re part of the UHMBB & WI.com Ohana (Family)

  12. Aloha again Christian,

    i’ve forgotten to mention a few more things >>>
    A ~ Assists make TEAMmates happy, easier basket.
    B ~ Bamboo Dance for DHC entertainment @1/2 time. get your Waipahu aunties involved. an attractive experience for 1st time visitors from afar.
    D1 ~ you got Drafted #1 by a #1 point guard (as Roster listing).
    D2 ~ Defense, makes a possible 7 points turned-around offensive-play !
    F ~ Focus on the job you’ve got on hand always.

    with a little help from ‘Lady Luck’, ‘SWEET 16’ might be yours to cherish ?!

  13. BTW, I Think Athletc 6-8 or 6-10 Goalies make some sense…

    But Got to Practice/Guard Against Low Balls Along/Near the Ground…

  14. Proud to have a hard working player represent the Filipino community! Mansu Mansu Christian!! (ilokano for “give ’em”) keep up the tremendous work you guys are doing. Can’t wait!!!!

    BTW has coach Gib ever considered recruiting from the Philippines? Point guards from PI are quick, aggressive, creative and have pass first mentalities.

  15. Aloha, GLofSector808:

    yes, i’m a longtime admirer of Filipino athleticism.

    ur like Coach Gib >>> who has the FIRE 4 good winning MBB anytime;
    Coach Gib same as ur >>> who got the URGE 4 perfect fit MBB players anywhere!

    u probably has the connection 4 the prospect(s).
    ub the excellent Volunteer Recruiter. Mansu Mansu!

    BTW, what is the ‘ilokano’ 4 get’em?


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