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Brereton scores 47 in Summer League game

It was an eventful night for the Warriors at the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League on Thursday night at the Manoa Valley Recreation Gym.

In the feature game, Hauns Brereton scored a league season-high 47 points to lead Central Medical Clinic to a 101-97 victory over Grantco Pacific.

Brereton, who is entering his senior season with the Hawai’i basketball team, displayed an array of offensive skills. He shot 6 of 10 from 3-point range, and also scored on mid-range jumpers and drives to the basket.

Brereton scored 29 in the second half to lead a furious rally. Grantco Pacific held a 56-37 lead at halftime.

The 6-foot-5 Brereton has played in two Summer League games so far, and is averaging 45.5 points per game.

Fellow senior Jace Tavita contributed nine points, and passed for what proved to be the game-winning assist to Cord Anderson that gave Central Medical Clinic a 99-97 lead in the closing seconds. On Grantco Pacific’s ensuing final possession, former Warrior Julian Sensley missed an off-balance 3-point shot. Brereton grabbed the rebound, got fouled, and drained two free throws with less than one second remaining for the final margin.

Freshman center Caleb Dressler had 15 points and 15 rebounds in the loss for Grantco Pacific. He scored most of his points from close range, but also stepped out and hit a 3-pointer.

Fellow freshman Michael Harper contributed eight points off the bench for Grantco Pacific. Former Warrior Geremy Robinson led Grantco Pacific with 26 points, while Sensley scored 19.

In the opening game of the night, Flipbooks Hawaii moved into first place in the Summer League with a 103-101 victory over Solar Universe.

Junior forward Christian Standhardinger scored 13 points for Flipbooks Hawaii, but was ejected with 2:45 remaining in the first half after a physical altercation with Solar Universe’s Kawika Smith. The game officials ejected both players and said both will be suspended for the next game, per league rules.

Junior guard Brandon Spearman led Solar Universe with 22 points, including three 3-pointers. He was whistled for a questionable foul call with 13 seconds remaining and the score tied at 101. Kaunaoa McGee made two ensuing free throws to give Flipbooks Hawaii a 103-101 lead. McGee finished with 30 points. Derrick Low missed an open look from 3-point range on Solar Universe’s final possession.

Freshman-to-be Dyrbe Enos shot 3-of-4 from 3-point range and finished with nine points for Solar Universe.

Incoming freshman Manroop Clair has yet to play for Flipbooks Hawaii because of an ankle injury.

Flipbooks Hawaii is in first place in the Summer League with a 6-1 record. Grantco Pacific is 4-2, followed by Central Medical Clinic (3-2), National Fire Protection (2-3), Solar Universe (2-4) and Wealth Strategy Partners (1-6).

Photos courtesy Brandon Flores/www.brandonfloresphotography.com. To view more photos from Thursday’s games, please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WarriorInsider and don’t forget to click the “Like” button if you haven’t already.


  1. I don’t know how they continue to allow Kawika Smith to play in this league. Two years in a row he almost starts riots. Why is he trying to box out Christian at half court? Something needs to be done before something serious happens

  2. Tanibe should have kicked that hot head out of the league a long time ago, pattern of continued classless bad behavior. He is a PUNK.

  3. one thing, though only summer league, guys not in top shape, still something in these guys already, they are afraid to shoot, Hauns, Jace, Dyrbe,Caleb and Brandon Spearman..Now when in system, and playing great individual and team defense this year..team can be very Good. Just my observation!!

  4. Losing 4 players from mens BB can be rectified. But if Vander J decides to stay in Angola, what do we do? Davis Rozitis?

  5. sorry, I meant the guys are NOT AFRAID TO SHOOT THE ROCK..even if only summer leauge games, they have that offensive mentallity, of course the guys will be facing very good DI MBB teams in regular season, however they can and are shooting the ball from inside to midrange, bank shots, 3 pointers..hope they shoot FT’s as we;; as Garrett this summer. they buy into system and play outstanding DEFENSE>.these guys Hauns Brandon Spearman, Caleb(can always work on footwork and getting slimmer to get quicker the shooting out to 3 line is great weapon, now if Davis brings the midrange to 3 line game too, look out two guys Bigs,,can stretch the defense, leave paths to basket wide open, and Vander and Fotu can do damage.)I know it is only summer league..however , I haven’t seen a recent UH MBB rteam in summer league with 9 of them able to shoot the ball, and not afraid to do it..maybe that is their summer assignment..SHOOT the rock and shoot it well..bodes well for Team have 7 or 8 guys can shoot outside, about 3 big work it inside, then the athletic guards attacking the rim or pulling up for good outside shots..Gib could have a very, very good team , very competitive team!! My opinion!!

    Thank you Dayton! Wonderful job, hey I must be old futt compared to you,however we share somethig in commom love for UH MBB..thanks warrioinsider and staff and beautiful sponsors!!!


  6. I saw some of those uncontrolled outbursts last year in some of the games. Luckily cooler heads prevailed.

  7. Hauns is averaging 45 pts per game. That’s incredible!! This guy is a true baller.

  8. Pencil in Hauns as the starting SF right now. Vander in the middle, and Christian the PF. Guard spots are up for grabs. If Shamburger could play this year he would be the PG. Spearman and Clair will definitely we given a chance along with Tavita. Jefferson will get lots of PT, I want to see what Jawato can do. Dresser Fotu, and Davis provide front court depth. We need shooters and ball handlers.

  9. Fisher & Co. seem to be able to Recruit AND Coach-Up the Bigs …

    Seems we need more ability and/or attention to recruit 1-2-3’s…

    1-2’s used to be a strength ….

    Really Good 3’s everybody wants, still a hole behind Hauns …

  10. Dayton doing triple-duty: stats, story AND video. Nice job.

  11. Memphis Back Yard Work Out! Fantastic! Keep Working!

  12. In college, good teams have good guards. Last year, Missouri started 4 guards and was highly ranked. Taking care of the ball is a must to win games down the stretch. That and making free throws, gotta be at least 75% FT shooting. Hope the last 2 spots open to be filled will be either or both ball handler or a shooter.

  13. 47 points! Wow.. But it is just summer league, so let’s not get too carried away.. As I recall, Geremy Robinson used to (and still) consistently light it up in summer league and probably averaged 25-30+ ppg while he was at UH. And while I’m sure he’s a streetball king, it didn’t and doesn’t necessarily translate into what they’ll do during the season where teams actually play defense..

  14. If Hauns average 14-16 PTS per game and about 5-6 rebounds per game, thay’s about good enough for 2nd team Big West. He has the potential to score 20-30 points in a game in a division I game. The question is consistency every time out. No question he can score, but defense is the key to get maximum minutes.

  15. lono – The play of Geremy Robinson is an almost perfect illustration of the huge difference between Division I basketball and “summer league” type basketball. Geremy is one of the most prodigiously talented players to ever put on a UH uniform. But far from averaging 25-30+ points a game, Geremy was only a part time player off the bench who rarely scored more than 10 points, except in a few games that got so out of hand (one way or the other), that “garbage time” lasted 3 or 4 minutes or more, and Geremy would put on an abbreviated offensive exhibition similar to what he’s often shown in the Manoa Summer League. For some reason or another, Geremy could never grasp the team concepts of the half-court offensive schemes that were being run at the time he was at UH, and/or he could not fit his freelance style abilities into the disciplined style of offense.

    Hauns Brereton is a completely different type of player. He doesn’t have Robinson’s incredible physical ability, but Hauns has a real “feel” for the team game, so he almost instinctively knows where to go and how to get open, even when he doesn’t have the ball and isn’t involved in a particular offensive play. Consequently, if his defender goes to sleep on him, as defenders often do in summer league, Hauns gets open or crashes the boards or does something else to be in a position to get the ball and score. So whether or not Hauns is as talented as Geremy, he’ll be a better Division I player than Geremy, especially if focus is drawn away from him by teams having to double down on Vander or Standhardinger or someone else. I wouldn’t expect him to have many 20-25 point nights. You have to be able to create your offense to do that, and his 45 ppg average in summer league shouldn’t be mistaken for his all of a sudden having developed great natural scoring ability like Geremy Robinson’s. However, it does, I think, indicate that a steady 13-15 ppg output is an entirely reasonable expectation for Hauns.

  16. 47 points is 47 points I don’t care who u are. And don’t forget he was an outstanding recruit and finished last season strong. It’s all about opportunities. Keep it up hauns!

  17. If our “Big 3” of Vander, Standhardinger, and Hauns can average between 14 -17 points each… I think we’ll be in pretty decent shape, Hopefully our backcourt can keep our turnovers down, hit the open outside shot, and average about 20 points or more for both positions.

    I really like Standhardinger at the 4 spot, and believe that his game complements Vander nicely. He can hit the open outside shot to free up the inside and will hustle for rebounds off misses.

  18. tunnel & jj …

    Took the Liberty of Alerting Bryan to “His Customers'” (Your) Concerns
    [First & Second Comments Above…]
    At Least, BOTH Got “Credit” — Sometimes Only the Second Gets Flagged” —
    IF the Trend Continues…

    Bryan’s Perspective…

    From: Bryan Barr ; Date: Friday, July 13, 2012 11:19 AM;
    Subject: Some Fan Input for your consideration

    As far as the altercation last night we follow NCAA rules, both players were ejected and must sit out the next game. And any 2 altercations in our league in a single season will result in suspension from the league for the rest of that season. And if it continues beyond this year it will result in an indefinite suspension from the summer league. The problem is the officials clearly have to know who started what and who was protecting who in order to suspend someone indefinitely, players and coaches have the right to appeal and the summer league committee makes the final decisions.

    Thanks, Bryan

  19. not very surprised with spearman right now..thought he’d be more explosive

  20. Hey Dayton: How come, almost mid July, we still talking UH MBB? We love it! Keep up good coverage! And thanks for moderating a civil and full of aloha Forum!!

  21. congrats for the 2 consecutive record breaking scores Hauns,
    you got the whole town talking about your outstanding achievements!

    your Memphis Workout II is unlievable!
    after I told my 9yr-old grandson you are the ‘King of Workouts’
    then, shown him the video, he says “did he really did that?”
    “He’s good, I would like to see him play in the NBA!”

    we are so fortunate to see someone SO SPECIAL now & his entire Sr-Year!

  22. Thanks for the info eagle. It’s just sad that all the fans including the kids come to watch Christian play and this happens. Did anybody else see Smith kick the back door after Artie took him out in the first half? Then right when he comes back in the game a fight happens. Last year he got into it with joston and shaq stokes where there was almost fights. SAD

  23. Nice BUZZZZZ….
    Great Quality Coverage, Dayton, Clyde et. al….
    (Might have even awaken Brand Z…)

    Standhardinger and Hauns continue to impress…
    Better when it’s against a known entity like JSens and an otherwise undefeated team…

    Any word on ‘Roop – Close to release to play?
    Is he able to handle most of Team Point Guard workouts (or closer to nothing)?

    Long Term Question- Will Guards be able to hold their own?
    (Loss of Shaq was probably minus 10 – 15 ppg)…
    Tavita & Spearman, look like 5 -10 each, Jefferson & Jawato a little less and the bench maybe 3 – 10 since All Can Shoot…


    Glad Spearman made it here; hope eventually Armstead(s)…
    Literally dozens of kids get shot every week in Chicago…
    this morning heard 1200 already shot this year?!?
    July just started, 27 weeks means 44+ shot per week…
    Lucky You Live…?

  24. Christian Standhardinger & the rest of the WARRIORS:

    let this incident be THE LESSON TO BE LEARNED (for life preferably?).
    “Do not let anybody take you out of any game”
    (making your OHANA to suffer with you; provide reason for your opponent to celebrate).

    your WINNINGS are needed for your OHANA to celebrate!!!


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