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Standhardinger staying in Hawai’i to train for season

Christian Standhardinger has been away from basketball long enough. If he has to stay away from family and friends for a few months to improve his game, it is a sacrifice he is willing to make.

Standhardinger, a 6-foot-9 forward for the Hawai’i basketball team, said he will stay in Hawai’i for the entire summer to improve his chances of helping the Warriors during the 2012-13 season. Standhardinger is originally from Germany. He is one of only two players (Utah’s Jace Tavita is the other) on the Hawaii roster who is currently in Honolulu.

“I didn’t play basketball for about one year and next year counts,” Standhardinger said. “I’m very motivated for next season … I just want to focus on school, get ahead in school, and practice on my game to be as good as possible. All the weaknesses I have in my game, I’m trying to get out before the season starts.”

Standhardinger played at Nebraska during the 2009-10 and 2010-11 seasons, is expected to be a key contributor for the Warriors, filling a void left by departed forwards Joston Thomas and Trevor Wiseman. Standhardinger averaged 8.5 points and 4.2 rebounds during his Nebraska career, and became a starter late in his freshman season.

Standhardinger and senior-to-be Jace Tavita have spent many hours recently working out together on the UH campus.

“Sometimes we work out by ourselves,” Standhardinger said. “But most of the time we work with each other. We work on each other’s game … that’s the main reason why I’m staying here and I know Jace is very motivated to play his best game.”

Standhardinger and Tavita are serving as instructors for the Hawai’i Basketball Camp, which drew more than 100 participants last week. They will also work at the second session of the camp on June 12-15.

“It’s amazing to see the young kids playing basketball; very talented, very skilled kids,” he said. “It’s just good to interact with the kids.”


  1. Christian,

    you got it:
    1. the right ideas, 2. physically gifted, 3. in Hawaii (with a top coaching staffs),
    4. good looks, 5. chance of a lifetime (make a name for yourself).

    JUST DO IT (all-in, altogether, all the time).
    ‘Sky is the Limit’!

    ps: have you show your Mom the Phil-Com Center & Festival Market, yet?

  2. Very good. . n2o4joy,

    Christian very good player, student. will bring a lot to next year,s team. Welcome aboard Christian, hope you guys have a great season next year. And Gib, bring in one more, if you can for this year, along with a walkon or two.

    Good job guys! Thank you Gib Arnold family to, you are all greatly appreciated for improving MBB team in Hawaii.Aloha and Mahalo!!

  3. Wonder if he got to work with Bill Amis? That wud have been a great experience.

  4. Expect that Coach Fisher, who works with the Bigs, is helping/challenging Both Amis and Standhardinger on building skills/ eliminating weaknesses; as well as Dressler and Fotu when they arrive ….

    Looking Forward to Summer League Initial Team Line-Ups …

  5. Hey Dayton, do you know for what team(s) Standhardinger and Tavita will be playing in the summer league and whether they’ll be playing in Saturday’s openers? Might want to go watch ’em play. Can’t find schedule or rosters online.

  6. IF You Don’t “Hear” Anything By Friday Morning, Suggest Listening to Artie Wilson’s “On-Point” Radio Show 9am Fridays on AM 1420 ESPN Radio…Artie usually coaches a team AND Usually tries to take at least One or Three good UH Players …

    IF, as coach Gib calls him, “maybe the Best Player on the Team this year…”, then i would bet that Artie tries to scoop Christian — he also likes Hauns Brereton … AND three-bombers (Jawato?)… i think former players don’t count against the NCAA Rule (still in effect?) limiting three players from one school per team … so he might try to draft Bill Amis as well …

    Good That the League at least tries to start out more or less “Balanced” …

    Then they Carbo-Load heading into / in the playoffs …

    A PLAYER with a “Non-Stop Motor” like Christian is likely to drive up the overall level of league play …. and i think Artie knows having the only serious defensive team can get you to The Championship Game …

  7. Christian,

    everyone agreed that you are a handsome young man and,
    Rozitis said that academically you are right up there with him – credit to you.

    but, realistically we don’t see the muscles & stamina those that required of a strong PF
    whom the TEAM must have to achieve an outstanding upcoming season.

    your Mom probably right in that, now we got the good guards to do their job right, we also need a stronger front line
    to set the picks for them & rebound and, at the other end to protect the opponent from their drive and slashing & rebound.

    if you guys DO IT RIGHT then, you will see how the fans react.. like you haven’t seen before!

  8. Well, n2o4joy, you are right, Christian has to bulk up , get stronger..you can be wiry strong, like a Dennis Rodman, or even Kevin Durant..however those were elite athletes..hopefully Christian can do the same..remember coming out of High School in Germany, he was THE NO. 1 young BB player in that country I believe! Huge upside! Someone has to feed him! Bratwurst, potatoes, Pansit, Pork Gisantes, Rice, Lumpita..maybe mom can send him food, or his Filipino side family here will bulk him up I am sure..Same with Jace, what a blessing, both young guys have relatives in Hawaii!!

    With Christian, Isaac, Vander, Caleb and Davis, bulked up and playing strong and quick, look out BW…UH could be really something down low!!

  9. Hey, n2oforjoy –

    Don’t want to rain on your love fest, but NOT “everyone agrees that [Christian is] a handsome young man.” At least one woman in my office feels that he looks “kinda strange.” Not that it matters. What matters is whether or not Christian is capable of playing well, as well or better than Joston would have played had he stayed.

    And I surely don’t agree with the supposed opinion of Christian’s mom that “now we got the good guards to do their job right.” Actually, I fear that the backcourt for next season will be team’s Achilles heel. There is one guy, Spearman, who seems to be Division I ready in terms of talent and experience, and then there’s a bunch or other guys who may have some potential but are seriously lacking in either experience or athletic ability.

    Unless the front court players are so dominant that shortcomings in the backcourt are completely overshadowed, I’m not so sure the BW is going to be the cakewalk you are hoping for.

  10. Don’t Count on Any “Cake-Walking'”… It’s NOT As If We have ever ‘Dominated’ Any Body…

    Even IF we were better talent, physicality, or athletically (we’re not, at least, not yet), we still lt “East” on every road trip and “better” football, volleyball, baseball even softball teams fall when favored…


    RE: Guards…for whatever reason Coach don’t seem worried ’bout guards’ talent or experience … Jace and Spearman have D-1 Experiece; ‘Roop, Lev and Jawato have Range…Several have handles, ‘Roop may be best; Lev and Spearman have athleticism… Of course, the skills are currently scattered/distributed in the group instead of all in one or two ‘starters’

    Additional Experience should develop from dealing with Shamburger and Akana in Practice…

    Potential Weakness… Maybe…

    OR Maybe as a group, potentially a strength by mid to late season…

    ? ? ?

  11. “Strangely” amazingly handsome… Christian you are a very hard worker and loving member to your family. Keep up the motivation to be only the best out there. You got the drive, skills, intelligence, and passion to be something big. Don’t ever forget that. I see great things coming for you this year.

    Do work.


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