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‘New’ Warriors shine bright in summer

Warrior basketball fans got to watch two of the many new faces on the 2012-13 team during Thursday night’s Hawai’i College Summer League action, and the duo did not disappoint.

Junior forward Christian Standhardinger scored a team-high 31 points, grabbed 10 rebounds, blocked one shot and had one steal to lead Flipbooks Hawai’i to a 102-85 victory over Solar Hawai’i at Manoa Valley District Park gym. Standhardinger, a 6-foot-8 transfer from Nebraska who redshirted last season, made 13 of 16 field goals — mostly from close range — and was 5 of 8 from the free throw line. He also drew a charge and committed one turnover.

Meanwhile, freshman guard Dyrbe Enos, a 5-9 walk-on from Kamehameha, scored 13 points — including three 3-pointers — and added one steal off the bench for Solar Hawai’i.

This was the second straight 30-point game for Standhardinger, who poured in 33 points (including 22 in the second half) Saturday in a victory over National Fire Protection in the league opener.

“That was my first game after one year,” said Standhardinger, who practiced with the Warriors this past season but did not suit up. “(Sitting out) was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do in my whole entire life.”

He played Thursday like someone starved from a desert trek suddenly at the front of a buffet line, constantly attacking the basket for points and rebounds, banging with Solar post James Williams and showing vocal emotion on every big basket or officials’ call.

“The biggest strength I bring (to UH) is I want to win,” said Standhardinger, still beaming like LeBron James even 10 minutes after the final buzzer. “I have a skill set that I know how to use, and I’m working on other things to be as good a player as I can be. I really, really want to win — that’s what it comes down to.”

Standhardinger said that in between summer league games, he has been training daily at UH with Warriors senior guard Jace Tavita, who also redshirted this past season after transferring from Utah.

“We take a lot of shots, we shoot and play against each other,” Standhardinger said. “We also lift (weights) and run. It’s easier when you do it together.”

Enos, a two-time All-State selection at Kamehameha, was 3 of 5 from 3-point range in the first half, including a 22-footer at the buzzer. He saw limited action in last year’s summer league but said he is more comfortable this time around.

“I’m a little more confident, I have the same teammates, so that helps,” Enos said. “The game is a little faster (than high school), but I think I can adapt.”

Enos said he has been working out with a personal trainer at the Nu’uanu YMCA this summer.

“I’m trying to get faster, quicker with my first step,” Enos said. “I’m pushing to get better (overall).”

Enos’ Solar Hawai’i teammate, former ‘Iolani and Washington State guard Derrick Low, led all scorers with 32 points Thursday night.

“I learn a lot when he’s on the court,” Enos said of Low, who set tempo and dished out several assists while playing at the point most of the night. “He was my No. 1 role model when it comes to basketball. He’s an outstanding athlete.”

Enos said his brother, Rykin, a former Warrior walk-on, also has been giving him tips about the college game.

Former UH guard Bobby Nash added 17 points for Solar.

Photos courtesy Brandon Flores. To view more photos, please visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WarriorInsider.com


  1. Thanks, Wes & Brandon…

    Good starts or Christian and Dyrbe…

    Hope it works out for Jace;
    As well as the rest of the team as they join their teams & the league…

  2. pleasant surprise; good win (historic?).
    right attitude & effort produced; right step in the right direction => dawn of 2012 MBB!?

    do feel good but, don’t get over excited or celebrate.
    competition will be stiffer progressively.

    they’ll out to get you! do you had the handle & finesse to meet your challenge?

  3. Most importantly, UH guys, got to play significant minutes..the league helps them to develop skill, game..Great job, and enjoyable for UH fans..Great reporting Dayton and Staff as always!!

  4. Thanks Wes. Good use of video and iv’s. Christian still has a strong German accent but sounds like he is enjoying his time here and taking advantage of his opportunities to better his game. Dyrbe will in time be a real crowd pleaser. He’s fun to watch and has the skills to play at the college level. Will really be fun when the other UH guys get in town.

  5. Raised some of Tunnel’s concern with Solar Hawai’i’i Coach Artie Wilson
    (and Wes asked Dyrbe Enos for his perspective above):

    Q: There’s concern that Dyrbe will be stuck on the bench stuck behind Derrick Low and Rashaun Broadus.
    A: In this league, you need three good guards; Rashaun won’t even be back until second week of July. He’ll have plenty of (court) tiime, playing point and sometimes at two. I told him last night you’re no longer in high school, you need to play a man’s game. If you need to get put elbow in a someone’s chest that’s what you gotta do.

    Q: Can you see Dyrbe developing into a Miah type point guard for UH, obviously a lot of work but it seems he’ll be surrounded by a lot of hard workers, so that’s a good work ethic culture.

    A: Dyrbe’s a better shooter than Miah, he can shoot it deep and deeper. He needs to take it to the basket more (Wes & Brandon’s video above and Dyrbe’s workout comments shows he’s on the same page); with a lot of hard work and dedication, he can get there. Dyrbe I’ll be o.k. He’s got to use his quickness, play defense, stick his nose in there and be a little tougher.


    I think I learned more from my own great teammates; we shared some challenges taking on the same teams, defenses, often the same players; so I’d learn what worked for them as well as what they could glean from me…

  6. Eagle: Thanks so much! Great communication with Artie..we see now..Artie wants and probably Alan too,, the guys out there to produce , work hard, get to that next level..Hey man you did a fine thing in behalf of players and for we fans , to clear up any misunderstanding!
    Mahalo bro.

  7. Thanks Eagle for the update! Dyrbe’s gonna be a great player and a fan favorite. I can’t wait for the rest of the players to get here. Anybody know why theres nothing about the summer league in the paper? Usually they have scores and point leaders from each team.

  8. I agree TunnelRat…in the past both papers Advertiser and Bulletin had scoreboard scores of NCAA league,now I only see NCAA Baseball summer league scores..Maybe SA doesn’t have monies to send someone to cover..heck even we fans could call sports desk with scores, or just text to SA..Brian Mcinnis..I wonder if Brian is even at the games? Strange…back in the day, they had small kine articles of summer league too..Different now?

  9. So many people have been asking about the game on Thursday June 21, 2012 @6pm. I’ve taken it upon myself to see if anyone here would be able to provide the stats to all of the games. These guys are great Dyrbe, Standhardinger are well trained players; although the top guy i enjoy watching is D-Low.

  10. Just a thought drehaskins33 and TunnelRat: Maybe Dayton and Insider does such a great job in a concise video coverage of games with UH guys, and Hawaii college past and present players..that SA , and local TV media, leave it be..sometimes, on KHON, I see Kanoa featuring video of MBB that Dayton shared with them..I think Dayton might be THE MEDIA site for all things UH MBB and associated Hawaii players..Just a guess

    Nice of you, to find out though..pretty sure someone is keeping stats..that is why Wes could write and compile report on scoring by Dyrbe and Christian..
    Thanks once again for finding out!!

    And D-Low is a great point/combo out of Hawaii, one of the very best out of Hawaii…so far…!

  11. i’ve ‘always’ tried to be supportive of League Directors, and moreso after the last time i had to take one over…

    IF no news media coverage, League Director usually has someone call or send in scores, leading scorers; or as suggested we could call in…

    Brian Barr 808-391-5003, barrb@hawaii.rr.com took over from Pat Tanibe; so left voicemail message for Brian that several (many) of us DO Look for the scores and leading scorers in the Star Advertiser …

    i’m glad WARRIOR Insider.com provides scoring updates for UH players … i’d rather have THAT AND The Videos than “who won”…..

    MAYBE someone can Track UH Stats since we’re going to have so many to watch… Summer League provides Awesome Previews !

    …Thanks All, for the props …


    Congrats to MIAMI, Lebron for knocking the 1000 pound Gorilla off of of his back,, Shane Battier (Now with Both NCAA & NBA Championships) and Juwan Howard the First Michigan “Fab Five-er” to Win NBA Championship, in his 18th NBA Season…

    We’re ALL Chasing Championships ….

  12. All things UH MBB and other sports, great insight and hands on information Eagle!! Great job, I know I could not do it..In behalf of , I mean there ARE still a lot of fans and interest in MBB, Mahalo plenty, you and your wife are big time fans, and very astute!!

  13. Why are they showing Bobby Nash highlights again?

    Anyways, I like what I see from Standhardinger. He’s going to be our main scorer next year and his game shouldn’t interfere with Vander’s post presence. He’s not as athletic as Joston, but Christian is bigger and more polished.

    Hopefully UH can have someone step up and run the point guard spot effectively, that’s going to be UH’s achilles heel next season because of Stokes and Miah’s departures.

  14. Matt
    Why are you hating on Bobby Nash? It is a summer league game for all local players, if you just want to see only current UH players, go to UH and watch summer workouts with only Chris & Jace.

  15. Looking Forward to Tonight’s Write-Up for Summer League…


    Credit to Stephen Tsai’s Warrior Beat: Reporting that…

    “Remember former UH basketball player Tony Webster?

    After his pro career ended, he remained in New Zealand, where he has lived for 22 years.

    Webster’s youngest son, Tai, is 17 and recently was named to New Zealand’s national basketball team. Tai has played on the same team as Isaac Fotu, a UH recruit.

    Tai has received offers from Wake Forest and Pittsburgh, but his father said: “Hawaii is a lot closer to New Zealand.”

    [Additional Photo @ http://warriorbeat.staradvertiserblogs.com/2012/06/ ]
    Coach Gib and Isaac Fotu together ought to be able to pull Tai Webster maybe with his Dad’s help, to Hawai’i versus Wake or Pitt ?

  16. Eagle: Yeah remember Tony very well, real athletic guard, got a ton of steals, and run out dunks, lay ins , had unorthodox jumper ,however went in..He was the type of athlete Gib would like. Now his son, wow,,if that New Zealand/Australia pipeline recruiting wise opens up , look out..I think UH MBB can be competitive with half team from that area..Thanks for Tsai’s link

    Right on Eagle, you have taken flight!!!
    The Eagle has not landed, yet, still in great form ..UH MBB!!

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