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Memphis Backyard Workouts II

One year ago, Hauns Brereton introduced the “Memphis Backyard Workouts.” He’s back in Memphis this summer, which means it is time for the sequel.

Brereton, a 6-foot-7 forward for the Hawai’i basketball team, is preparing for his upcoming senior season with a series of unorthodox training activities in his hometown of Memphis.

“Working hard every day, getting ready for the season,” Brereton said.

In the above video – “Memphis Backyard Workouts II” – Brereton can be seen working out at his alma mater, Bartlett High School, as well as in his family’s backyard. Brereton said his family members helped with the filming of the video, and he edited it. Just like last year, he makes use of anything available to assist with his training, including:

• Sawing a tree log to serve as a weight for running drills.
• Pull-ups on the crossbar of a football goal post.
• Push-ups on a laundry line post.
• Handstand push-ups along a fence.

“Those are a combination of workouts from the time I’ve been here,” said Brereton, who has been in Memphis for the past month.

Brereton also had access to the Bartlett High gymnasium, thanks to his friend and former teammate Wes Shappley, who is now a coach at the school. They often trained in the gym late at night and into the early morning. As can be seen in the video, one of the workouts ended after 1 a.m.

Brereton has also been playing in the Bluff City Classic, which is the premier summer league in Tennessee. “It’s been pretty fun, some NBA guys have been playing – Rudy Gay showed up and Thaddeus Young showed up,” he said.

Brereton is averaging around 17 points and nine rebounds per game through the first two weeks of the Bluff City Classic.

This will be his last week in Memphis. Brereton is scheduled to return to Hawaii this weekend so that he can start summer school classes at UH next week. He said he will also play in the Hawaii College Basketball Summer League.


  1. Working hard and having fun at the same time. Great piece.

  2. Great Article Dayton. Keep up the good work Hauns! Looking forward to a great year!

  3. Hauns: great hard worker, you will reap what you have sown.I think with your maturity alone, it will help the team, it appears half of the team is a RS freshman and 4 true freshman, so your experience, leadership and all out work ethic will help guys..Maybe be the vocal leader too..You will have a great senior season, stay healthy my friend!!

  4. Hauns’ regimen looks more basketball oriented — more coordination, quickness and fast-twitch drills, along with some of the movement/resistance power drills — Great to have two guys helping to pull in opposite directions! ? No pushing of cars/trucks up and down he street? Looks like Coach Heffernan and Coach Gibs’ Staffs helped in developing a regimen to develop more quickness, reaction and coordination for the faster, quicker game (that many of us hope to see more of this year…). Although some of it might be editing, the three point shot looks way more consistent this year, both from running and standing starts…

    Keep up the Hard Work Hauns –
    – The Potential Reward is a Great Senior Season …

    See you next week in the NCAA Summer League !

  5. Sorry ‘ bout dupe — (please delete either one)

  6. big Mahalo to Dayton & ‘King’ for the video sequel — it’s such thrilling & enlightening;
    my grandson probably will said “cool, unreal!!”.

    felt so sorry for you that foot injury prevented you from really performing last season, was pulling for you all the way none the less.
    was so happy to finally see an ESPN hi-lite ‘dunk’!

    no other Warrior has fortitude, attitude, dedications.. altogether, yet down-to-earth ever. a true ‘Hero’!

    you’ll be ‘King’ again; play for #21 will be call a lot; plus that if your scoring, handle, defense proved consistent,
    so is your chance of starting every game this season.

    ..later the best: the first one to be hanging your jersey in Coach Arnold’s office.

    we all be happy & proud of your accomplishment!

  7. Way to go Hauns! Hard work,dedication and a baller in every part of the game.
    As your Uncle Al said in his show ” The Best is yet to Come!”
    Good Luck this year Warriors!

  8. Memphis: Hey a big shout out from UH MBB fans..Hauns, love his maturity and dedication..brother has skills and he WILL HAVE A MONSTER SENIOR YEAR;…Hauns is ready!!

  9. Good to see that Hauns is working out and training hard for next season.

  10. Hauns… Vander, Standhardinger, Fotu, Rozitis & Dressler give you height, length, physicality, scoring, rebounding, shooting, depth and numbers … Best(?) probably in the Big West, ‘maybe’ second only to Long Beach State in athleticism and shooting range…

    Tavita, ‘Roop, Spearman, Lev, Jawato, Jefferson, Harper, Enos provide size, physicality, Defense, shooting, Range and More Range, athleticism (Spearman, Lev, Jefferson)…. (versus speed, overall athleticism, and Inexperienced, Not Proven, SO gotta count as Question Mark…?.)

    …probably one of the Biggest Teams in the Big West, should be among the Best Defensively, potentially good shooting (but this is a pretty good shooting, up and down the floor, bombing, league)

    … and the Tourney is at Disneyland (Anaheim) …Make Plans…

  11. Great to see you putting in the hard work and dedication Hauns. I see an array of skill and athleticism through the video. You’ve made a ton of fans here in Hawaii through your contributions and efforts last season. Looking forward to your senior season. Make us proud.

  12. Dayton, any truth to the rumor that Lev is not returning to UH basketball?
    What the hell is going on at UH ?
    After one semester and all that scholarship money, he not coming back.
    I know he has to serve in the military but if a individual is in college they
    give those individuals a waiver. I think Haim got a waiver to leave his military
    service 6 month early.
    Also, did the player out Fresno qualify? I think I read he didn’t get a qualifying test
    scores. It seem UH go after players who are borderline students ( Spearman, Fotu and Roop)
    How can Coach Arnold say he is building a championship program with the recruitment of bad students,
    and players leaving the program at an alarming rate.
    He is a self proclaimed, Top National Recruiter, but our fans haven’t seen any Top 100 signees.
    All the players he signed his first season should be resigning with UH this fall, because of the
    relationship he has builded with those players and their parents.
    Come on UH get it together.

  13. Rumors. Gotta love them

  14. TunnelRat: agree with that , anyone, and it appears this what is happening…can create rumors..Gib just has to go out and win, get to post season every year, and stabalize program, ..sure , work towards retaining players and graduating them..That is a given..

    Jim, a rumor is that: unconfirmed speculation, …funny how it just appeared before, the returnees and new signees are just about to starty 2nd session summer school..Ah, what the heck, Gib and team just go out and win that BW title, let the naysayers say what they want..Winning cures a lot of ills!!

  15. Apologies: I meant, and I have been typing this wrong for awhile..I mean Stabilize..program..Gib will get it done, and he is doing it..some people don’t like the turn for the better, why, who knows?!

  16. Sorry, Jim

    WHO are you talking and listening to?

    Doesn’t seem it’s the coaches who are the ONLY ones who regularly receive FIRST-Hand information (transcripts, current & previous HS, AAU, International, JC, previous D-1 coaches, players themselves regularly & parents, Clearinghouse, Admissions, etc.).

    This site provided answers to ALL those questions in the past week …

    Read the Site Updates – I can understand there IS A LOT Of Info @ this site, and it might be a lot to find or digest:

    Dayton & Co. Reported that Orel Lev (as well as Vander and Davis) are not expected back ’til August as they’re playing for their National Teams…(also earlier that Israeli Military Service was not expected to be an issue for Lev; that was likely mostly misunderstanding/ taking too serious a luncheon joke or flip remark);

    ?Borderline? Qualified is Qualified… Some start out with stronger credentials/ numbers which form the “basis” for “predicting” greater likelihood of success in college, which admissions administrators have long used as a basis for preference in academic admissions — I know guys with great stats (that’s all they are) who never lasted through to a degree; coaches still got to make sure they’re attending classes, turning in assignments, passing exams, scoring above 2.5+ gpa every semester…

    This site reported last week that Spearman, Fotu and ‘Roop are all expected in next week (or so) to attend second/bridge summer session (“starting school early”) as well as already ‘assigned’ to NCAA Summer League Teams… All three are D-1 qualifiers –
    – although Spearman is a JC recruit he qualified D1 and played @ Dayton;
    – All NCAA teams, all UH teams struggle with NCAA Clearinghouse Quals for International Students — it’s like comparing ‘Apples and Oranges’… I find it relatively amazing that curriculum from other countries meet and exceed NCAA standards, seems even some of our own “Top Colleges” can’t… (UCONN put on probation last week)

    There are reports RE: a highly regarded Fresno/ex-Chicago recruit qualifying or not; we’ll know soon enough. But for me, after watching a video report on why their parents smartly moved their (total four) sons to Fresno, away from the ridiculous violence and shootings of their old Chicago neighborhood, I’m just glad all four brothers are still alive and should get college opportunities of any kind — JC or D-1…maybe one day one or more of them get to experience D-1 basketball In paradise…

    I think most of the fans at this site would have preferred that things worked out here for All Four out-transfers… We also know they were the “best available” at that short-fused time AND the current staff is still on a very short fuse again as demonstrated by other UHAD coaching changes…

    P.S. I try to see or hear ‘everything’ this coaching staff does or says — I never heard them proclaim themselves as “Top National Recruiters”; although they clearly “do the work” of National/ International recruiters…

    Uhfanzonly1 — Thanks or “Stabilizing”… And keeping it humming’ here…

    I don’t think I’ll spend this effort re-capping too often, but if it also saves Dayton, Wes, Clyde and the rest of us some time or aggravation, once in a while is good… What happened to the tracking by subject that used to be available?

  17. Eagle thanks once again. Dayton thanks you too I am sure. This site is or should be very fan and family(yes a lot of young ones read these posts)friendly. I think that was and is the aim of Dayton and Insider. Also, the hands on and up to date video interviews with coaches, players, even walk ons, is first hand, you can’t get any more accurate than that..and you are correct, I never read anywhere, where Gib said that he was THE PERFECT recruiter or coach or person. He would be a recruiting coach, something he loves to do, and he is doing..the growing pains of a new HC and a program that is starting to have success again is self evident, …we live with it, and groan with its ills and exult with its success..I think in a few years , this MBB program can be a very good one..no one said, perfect or national title contender one, just a STABLE and fun to watch team with players, fans and coaches having a good time working for and playing for the University, the State of Hawaii and its great fans..

    You know Eagle, I have been searching high and low, I still can’t find any solid confirmed report or evidence of Aaric Armstead not qualifying, as insider last update reported, and that is what Dayton and Wes and company do an excellent job with..Gib says it would take a few weeks to see if everything cleared with HS athlete they thought really highly of..now it is approaching that “few weeks” we should know definitively soon, would bet that Dayton and insider have report from Gib himself, if that athlete(whom NCAA does not allow them even to mention name)did not make it academically and whether they go after another athletic wing player..

    Eagle, you do a great job and service for we fans of UH MBB and regular viewers and posters of Insider..you are concise, objective, realistic and honest…thank you, you save me a lot of time too, so I can spend it with my family..Well, 2nd session will be here next week, and look forward to Isaac, Caleb, Brandon S., Manroop, Hauns, Garrett, and company having a great time in summer league, doing well in school and putting UH MBB in good stead heading into, a possible very good season..I still think they can win that BW title, it will be a challenge, however, Gib has recruited guys who can compete, and with their bigs who probably exceed the other teams in terms of talent..Go get get em guys,,,,and let’s all just enjoy a beautiful life in Hawaii with a MBB program on the rise..

    Mahalo Plenty Eagle!!

  18. I’m asking the questions about the status of a player from Dayton who is close to program. I ask the question as a true fan who want the program to be successful. But I do question some of the moves by the UH.
    I want Coach to bring in recruits like he did at USC and Pepperdine is that too much to wish for?
    One of the reason he got the job was because his recruiting ability.

    “As one of the elite recruiters in college basketball, Arnold’s efforts were crucial with the infusion of top-caliber talent at USC. Gibson was the lead recruiter for former Trojan standouts DeMar DeRozan and Taj Gibson, both of whom were selected in the first round of the 2009 NBA Draft.
    Arnold has also tapped into the global basketball talent pool. He has worked with numerous European and African National teams and conducted clinics in more 20 countries. In his final two years at USC, no less than four international players were lured to the United States by Arnold.”

    Why all the hating, I’m asking a question and offering an opinion. If there is no problems answer the question and stop the rumors.

  19. Here is more evidence of the top recruiting I was expecting from coach:

    While an assistant coach, Arnold was named as one of the top 25 recruiters in the country by Rivals.com, and one of the top 10 assistant coaches in the country by Athlon Sports Magazine.[1] Arnold served as the head coach at the College of Southern Idaho, where he posted a 57-14 record (2003–2005).[2]

  20. Jim — No Hating Here…
    Life is Hard Enough without Adding negative emotions…
    (Some Experts estimate “we” waste 80 – 90 % of our energy on obstacles, self-generated or otherwise…)

    I’ve spent many years being “hated” as the Head Of several “Internal Affairs” type organizations that ‘always’ or “had to” ask and get the answers to the ‘Tough Questions’, even if it meant hurting people I might either respect as among the best or consider trusted friends, so I’ve got no problem with asking the tough questions…

    Obviously, you do your homework and probably even have pretty reliable sources…
    You also came to Dayton, as one of the most reliable sources,
    (I think because he Will check with The Sources, either the coaches or the players themselves)…

    God, I hope you don’t have a ‘better’ source RE: Orel Lev — I am (or was) really expecting him to make a pleasantly, surprisingly Bigger Impact Than any of us had any business ‘expecting’…with his shooting, athleticism, defense and Leadership…

    Just a Suggestion: With New Info or Rumours, maybe suggest the level or type of source (as earlier bloggers were listing the website for Armstead); should help to track down the info or sometimes as important, mis-information, to extinguish… (in that other job we also had to extinguish mis-information before it got to people who had the power to make decisions but were sloppy in doing their own research/ homework / due diligence)

    I’m aware that many others recognize the track record, talents and efforts of Gib and his staff;
    I’m just pretty sure he wouldn’t set themselves up by trying to claim titles that they haven’t yet won…

  21. Eagle and Jim and all posters: This is an excellent forum for all things regarding UH MBB. Dayton and crew do a great job, and most importantly they are , as Eagle , you would say.,,Insiders or Internal investigators..Gib and UH has allowed Dayton a lot of personal and first hand access to players, coaches and other matters regarding the program. It is very transparent. Now Gib, and you are spot on Eagle..after what went down past two years..would not, and Gib has agent, maybe legal advisers as well, put himself or his staff or players in a situation to implode, or do damage to selves, University or State of Hawaii or even we fans..

    Hey, Dayton, being the Insider and having the trust of Gib, will certainly get THE MOST ACCURATE, and latest on any player(some which he cannot name.,,i.e. one they are , or are in the process of recruiting)situation. In Orel Lev’s case, as well as Davis, and Vander..what I have seen, read and heard from Insider ..is they are with their national teams for summer, will not be back until they enroll for Aug 2012 start of fall semester..if any changes being now and then, Jim or any other fan, including myself…Gib and UH will let us know.

    Thanks again Eagle , great job on being , the guy to speak up, and clear up things, yet honest enough, if don’t know, well we have to find out the latest..i.e. the sports scores for Summer league,,I am thinking, maybe not a priority with SA..well minor..we can see how UH guys are doing on video and reads from Warrior Insider..

    Mahalo Plenty to great input and questions from Jim and Eagle and all other fans..!!

  22. Hauns finished last season strong — remember the ESPN top-play dunk in the WAC tournament. Hopefully, he will build on the confidence he gained and carry it over to his senior year. I can see him taking more of leadership role … maybe as a captain. Looking forward to watching him in the summer league.

  23. Chatter, chatter chatter, click . . . Orel will not be back – Vander will not be back and sorry to say but UH will wind-up in the middle of the pack (BW Conference) winning maybe 19 games. Please stop all the speculating and wait until November when the roster is announced – then you will see who is and who is NOT on the team! Mahalo, have a great summer watching Rec Center ball!

    Eagle – don’t forget about my charity!


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