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Enos continues to impress in Summer League

Think incoming Warrior freshman Dyrbe Enos is destined for “token local walk-on” status in the University of Hawai’i men’s basketball program? Think again, according to one longtime close observer of UH hoops.

“I like Dyrbe a lot, I think he can be a special player,” said Artie Wilson, a former Hawai’i guard (1972-74) who has done TV color commentary for Warrior games for the past two decades. “He’s got heart, and he can play.”

Enos, a 5-9 guard who was a two-time All-State selection at Kamehameha, scored 12 points, grabbed six rebounds and made one assist Thursday night to help Solar Universe hold off National Fire Protection, 126-123 in double overtime, in Hawai’i College Summer League action at Manoa Valley District Park gym. He scored 13 points — including three 3-pointers — and made a steal in his Summer League opener on June 21.

“He’ll only get better as he becomes more confident,” said Wilson, the Solar Universe coach.

Although Enos was 0-for-4 from 3-point range Thursday night after going 3-for 5 from beyond the arc on June 21, he did display some explosiveness off the dribble and a knack for being in the right place to rebound. In perhaps the most impressive dribble-drive of the night’s doubleheader, Enos shook a defender with a razor-sharp crossover move near the free throw line, cut through the right side of the lane and scooped in a nifty double-pump reverse around two more defenders at the left side of the basket.

Wilson said Enos, who had to carry much of Kamehameha’s scoring burden this past season, still needs to improve on “seeing the floor as a point guard.”

“He needs to have the court vision to go right or left, and he needs to get to where he knows the players who are on the floor with him — what they can and cannot do,” Wilson said. “He already gets the ball to the right players, but now he needs to get them the ball when they are in the right spots, where they can do something with it.”

But Wilson said he already has enough confidence in Enos to make the right play with the game on the line.

“I trust him,” Wilson said. “I don’t mind him being in a close game at the end.”

Enos does have an above-average basketball IQ, since his father, Kai, is a former standout at Kaimuki and head coach at Radford and his older brother, Rykin, is a former All-State selection from Kamehameha and UH walk-on.

Enos has been working out with personal trainer Kris Yahiku at the Nu’uanu YMCA.

Enos also is learning from Solar point guard Derrick Low, a former three-time State Player of the Year at ‘Iolani and Washington State standout who is entering his fifth season of professional basketball in Europe. Low scored 21 points — including six straight free throws in the final 36 seconds — to help seal Thursday’s victory.

Enos finished 5 of 11 from the field and 2 of 3 from the free throw line. Former Hawai’i wing Bobby Nash led Solar with 32 points, including 21 in the first half.

In the second game, former UH standouts Julian Sensley and Geremy Robinson scored 39 and 36 points, respectively, to help Grantco Pacific defeat Wealth Strategy Partners, 112-103.

League play continues Saturday with Central Medical Clinic vs. Flipbooks Hawai’i at 6 p.m., followed by Solar Universe vs. Grantco Pacific at 7:30. Warrior guard Jace Tavita plays for Central Medical, and Flipbooks features UH forward Christian Standhardinger.

Photos by Brandon Flores. To view more photos from the Summer League, please visit out Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WarriorInsider.


  1. Way to go Dyrbe, definitely you are fearless! Continue with personal trainer, get stronger, work on cardio, and keep shooting the rock! You are really on a quest towards helping UH MBB! Great addition, hope you get PT or be a great part of team to help everyone get better! Really proud of you!

    Mahalo to the Enos Ohana! Thanks to Rykin for encouraging your younger brother,he will be a good college basketball player. great shooter, handles and finisher!

  2. Nice job, Wes. Didn’t expect to see a video, too. Dyrbe has made a serious commitment in trying to secure a spot on the team. Wish him the best.

  3. enjoyed the video, WI+, may we have it every game?
    good reporting, Wes, we certainly need it, too.

    keep it up at this rate, even at the regular season TEAM practice, PT will be increasing accordingly;
    if you can perform with the big boys under the light, Ohana applause will be louder appropriately.
    take advantage of your finesse & speed, with newly acquired strength & skill, go to spot where no opponent presents & your teammate waiting..
    otherwise, Dyrbe,its your chance to shine brighter still.. we are waiting!

    by the end of next Summer League, if coach Artie said that you desert a TEAM scholie, coach Gib may be obliging!


    ps: we’ll be delighted to see a ratio of 2+ steal to 1 TO per game.

  4. The WarriorInsider.com Report is Better than all others combined and like Clyde says Reports Complete with videos and player and/ or coach interviews … The highlights may be better (for sure, more efficient) than ‘broadcasts’ of the game… Thanks, Wes, Dayton!

    Dyrbe, Like Coach Artie said, get the ball to the right guys (already doin’) and get it to them where they can do something with it And since you’ve got one of the best frontlines in the league they can do a lot –> high percentage, winning ball + toughen up and play tough D + Hit Your Shots = WINS and PT …

    IMUA…Keep on Keepin’ On…

  5. Miah was great: we always said , what if he played entire 2 seasons with MBB team, probably translate to maybe 5 or 6 more wins over last two seasons possibly! Miah, brought, energy, leadership, maturity, ball handling and a pass first mentality, get it to the guys that could shoot or dump into Vander

    Advantage Dyrbe has over Miah: He is going to be with UH BB for WHOLE season. And Dyrbe is preparing himself for rigors of D1 ball, so he having Artie, who played very well as D1 guard with Tom Henderson is excellent coach for him to have. Artie has been there, seen it , done that..and correct, to other posts , is Dyrbe does that, maybe in a year or two , he being battle tested, and physcially and mentally full D1 major contributing, competitive college guard…point ,combo whatever..he would be a local boy , deserving of a full ride scholarship..especially if he contributes as a walkon to the team going to post seasons and winning championships!

    So, Dyrbe, the ball is in you hands..,shot clock..5,4,3,2..1!! 3 pointer at the buzzer, Hawaii wins , Hawaii wins, Enos hit the game winner ! they are going to the dance..dream big Dyrbe, and work towards that dream and goal: reality =hard work,end result ..great success..

    Have a great summer Dyrbe and have a great fall camp with MBB team!!
    Aloha and much mahalo for your effort!!

  6. Thanks to Bryan Barr, Pat Tanibe & Staff for Providing this Great Developmental and Fans’ Preview Opportunity …

    Good Chance that Schedules & Scores make it into the daily rag as soon as tomorrow …

    It’s for the Rest of The Fans who haven’t found This Site, yet …
    (Sorry IF You’re Bothered by the Larger Crowds — But it is Good for The Program)


    HSA – Basketball Summer League Schedule Attached…for “Sports Today”

    Bryan — Thanks for Taking Lead and for Working to Resolve This …
    The FANS Really Appreciate the Opportunity You & Pat Provide for the Developing & “LEGACY” Players,
    as well as getting Refs in shape and up to College Game Speed !

    From: Bryan Barr ; Date: Friday, June 29, 2012 12:59 PM;
    Subject: REQUEST FOR: Call-In of Scores/Scorers to HSA: 808-529-4321/22/23

    Sorry for that, Pat Tanibe’s wife was doing that for us but she has been out hurt and Pat had just forgot to do it. Attached is our game schedule if we could get that in the paper under sports today would be great and we will try and get you the scores and leading scorers starting tomorrow.

    Thanks, Bryan

  7. Eagle: great job , and thanks to Bryan and others for making it available, another poster on OTHER forum, says no real interest in UH MBB, the continued talk, just we fans, wanting to ask questions and post to ourselves..it is a forum for that, both sites..and legitimate ones..If you like UH MBB , and want to discuss, why not..and the response has been historic, since the onset of online message boards..MBB huge interest STILL..\

    Thanks Eagle..nothing wrong with being a fan of UH MBB and having something to muse about!!

  8. Dayton: On other forum, a confirmed , or unconfirmed source Andy Boogard saying that Aaric Armstead did not make it SAT grades etc, so going prep jc route,..Andy cites Bullard HC as source..

    Do you know or have access to Bullard HC via text or email.: anyway to confirm , we know Gib cannot, though he could generically say kid they were awaiting, didn’t work out, so they are going searching for more TALENT.

    Thanks Dayton, if can confirm..otherwise, the conspiracy goes on!!!

  9. Chatter, chatter chatter, click . . . Orel will not be back – Vander will not be back and sorry to say but UH will wind-up in the middle of the pack (BW Conference) winning maybe 19 games. Please stop all the speculating and wait until November when the roster is announced – then you will see who is and who is NOT on the team! Mahalo, have a great summer watching Rec Center ball!

    Eagle – don’t forget about my charity!

  10. Dallan: did Vander tell you that he will not be back? if so that is a huge scoop.

    You are right though, Hawaii can win the BW..the team, and they do, reads these posts, they , the old and new guys are going to prove it by there play…that is on the money..

  11. You Got something SOLID on Vander?
    he deserves better than pure speculation…

    Should “know” who’s “in school” (for now) by start of Bridge Session…

    It’s Not as if we have a lot of other great sports options this time of year (worst)…
    hope the Olympic team is watchable …
    Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh (not surprisingly) already out

    Some Charity ought to do well by March-April

    20 would probably be Upper Third of Big West …

    Can HE Miss Three Times ? (At a Target BELOW What i Bet he wants to “Average”…)

    BUT THIS is All Speculating …

  12. Eagle and other great posters: this is a great site, and Dayton must be smiling..it has been super active this summer and Dayton and staff providing a forum for us and excellent video coverage and written accounts of everything with UH MBB..

    I know Dayton and Brian would never confirm any SPECULATION or troll..

    Thanks Eagle: the voice, or poster of REASON,, mahalo my friend.!!

  13. Uhfanzonly1 –Sorry you can’t make the Manoa games …

    Great that WI.com provides videos and First Class write-ups of Our “REC Ball”…

    I’m Glad we have it …
    What we see in Summer Ball DOES Translate into the Next Season —
    Of Course, NOT 100% — there are More Minutes available (10, 20 to 40 minutes each for the ELEVEN players listed for “The Next” UH team…)

    AND Less Defense overall …
    BUT the skills displayed are what they have to call upon (so far) for the upcoming season… and The Gym where they develop those skills and The League (and Practice) where they get to test and work it into their games …

    maybe i’d watch more practices, still they don’t keep score …
    (If you don’t keep score, are you even playing?)

    IF some are tired of hearing the same comments, so be it …
    For me it’s preferable to “real bad news” like Orel’s

    OR Dayton, Wes can advise, moderate…etc.

  14. Eagle: Mahalo, I am just a great fan of UH MBB whomever coach since I was a kid, following since 1966..great job you do for all of us, and you and family greatly appreciated..it is freedom of speech as long as not abusive..

    Let’s look forward to guys coming next week..video updates and summer league hilites are viewed worldwide,thanks Dayton, sponsors , writers and staff and great fans..the best in the world!!

  15. spearman here on sunday!!!

  16. Brian McInnis just tweeted that Fotu will be here for the upcoming summer school session which starts on July 2. Just waiting for news on when Manroop will arrive! Summer league will heat up when these guys arrive!

  17. He also says Harper is here but Shamburger and Dressler wont arrive arrive until late summer/fall

  18. hawaiifan09,TuunelRat: Great job fellow fans! Now that is coming from a reliable source ..Brian and Dayton , both excellent.Brian writer and tweeter, Dayton video insider and great insider staff.

    Mahalo, here we go gang..exciting just to know Clair , Spearman, and Isaac will be here, probably the ones we would like to see the most, real athletes..!!

  19. Good Start…


  20. This might be duplicate question, sorry folks! a tweeter mentioned that Micahel Harper the comitted walkon to UH is playing in summer league, I think he is supposed to be on Artie Wilson’s team. Has anyone sighted Michael Harper at games, either on Solar Universe team or another, maybe he is riding the bench and PA guy never mentions his name..I know they don’t have names on back of jersey.

    Thank you.

  21. I expect he’s with the group coming in for second summer session —
    just like Dyrbe, Jace or Christian, I’d expect he’d get First Class WI coverage…

  22. Eagle: Thank you!

  23. I havnt seen him yet. I’ve bee to all the games so far. Maybe he will be there tonight.

  24. I am sure Dayton and staff are on it. Remember last year , warriorinsider did a video interview with Tyler McDaniels, Benjy’s son. he was trying to make team as a walkon. If Michael Harper is here, I think Dayton would have report or short video piece, maybe interview both Dyrbe and Michael if rules permit?

    Warrior insider will have the latest inside report!! and thank you TunnelRat!

  25. No Michael Harper sighting tonight. Maybe next week

  26. i wonder if spearman will average around 25 points a game in this league..should be the best player maybe behind low and nash?

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