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DaBeast Films: Does anybody need a free-throw coach?

Disclaimer: Davis Rozitis captured this episode of Da Beast Films two weeks ago, when the Hawai’i basketball team was in San Jose, California, for a road game at San Jose State.

Given the recent issues at the free throw line for the Warriors, it seems appropriate to release it now.

The Warriors’ struggles with free throws have been well-documented this season. Through 26 games, they have a .668 free throw percentage.

For the record, that’s actually about average when compared to past Hawai’i teams. Those legendary “Fabulous Five” teams? They had a two-year free throw percentage of .668.

The record-low for a Hawai’i team’s free throw percentage is .581 set in the 1985-86 season, so this year’s Warriors are not even close to that. However, it seems that many of the misses this season have come in crucial moments of losses.

Enter the hidden star of this episode — Nicholas Milan, an administrative assistant on the Hawai’i staff. He recently converted 115 consecutive free throws by himself in one of the UH practice gyms. Knowing that nobody on the team would believe him, Milan recorded his free throw session on video (see below).

Could Milan become a late-season free-throw coach for the Warriors? Or is it too late in the season to alter something like free throw shooting?

Milan, who played basketball at Kaimuki High and Orange Coast College, attends every practice, although technically not in a coaching role. He also accompanies the team on the road trips.

The video above features Rozitis asking teammates about Milan’s free throw “record.” (Garrett Jefferson’s reaction is priceless). The video below is the actual proof of Milan’s 115.

(WarriorInsider.com file photo courtesy Charles Simmons)


  1. what a waste of time

  2. i think hawaiifan09 must not hit his free throws EITHER since he is so negative. To Da Beast…I think you should take him up on the offer for lunch and I think Garret should take him to dinner every day this week!

  3. For a mixed plate at Rainbows? Worth the investment. Awesome job, Nick. Hope some of the players take him up on the offer.

  4. 09 – Alternative Viewpoint – RE: Waste of Time

    Dayton, Davis & Co. provide this insight & info, which affords you the “option” of investing any of your time, or not …either way o.k.

    For the Players & Coaches —

    1 – Their Skill-Set, including Mind Control & Focus, Attitude and Approach to free throws and the game in general, directly affects whether they make a shot of not, maybe win some games or not. As Hawai’i is the No.1 Field Goal percentage team in the WAC (besides shot selection, assists, passing, all of which are available to all other teams including the ‘slow down’ get a good shot guys) it would ‘appear’ this team should also capable of performing better at the free throw line, so at least the topic is relevant;

    2 – The players, being playful, having fun (in smart, responsible ways), is actually a “higher skill”, usually reserved for winning and confident teams (which they are). Maybe better yet, IF they can have fun and actually enjoy the process as they go through it: 1) they’ll last longer, avoiding burn-out, always a risk for workaholics; 2) they’ll probably learn & improve faster — it’s well-documented that the mind and body respond better in an open & fun atmosphere; 3) they’ll probably respond and perform better in ‘pressure situations’ with a higher level of trust, bonding / friendship / teamwork; 4) Probably attract better recruits or at least team players;

    and possibly most important: 5) even on a bad day or bad year (which is hopefully less likely) they can still Have a Life and Have Fun (which is probably also good for their families, friends, all contacts. etc. …)

  5. At first I thought 115 was impressive until I googled “the most consecutive free throws” and he didn’t even come close. The record is something like over 2,000. It took the guy over 7 hours. Crazy.

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