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Gib Arnold answers your questions

If there is a sport other than basketball that Gib Arnold has a true passion for, it is surfing.

Arnold, of course, is the head coach of the Hawaii basketball team. In the latest edition of “Ask Coach Arnold,” he revealed that one of his favorite pre-game activities is surfing with his children.

“How often do I get in (the ocean)? Not as much as I’d like, but more than you think,” he said. “I usually try to get out on game days. That’s the one day when I don’t come into the office early so I like to get out early in the morning and get a surf in. It relaxes me. It’s one of the times where I can gather my thoughts and only on a few occasions have I been recognized out there, which is kind of funny.”

The surf-related question was submitted by “azulie” and Arnold picked it as the Question of the Day. As such, “azulie” wins a WarriorInsider T-shirt (and it will be a new one — not the one Arnold is wearing in the video).

In this session of “Ask Coach Arnold,” he also responded to questions about the UH facilities, playing on the road, turnovers, and the NCAA rule that he would like to see altered.

Thanks to all who submitted questions (even those that were not selected), and congratulations to “azulie.”

— — — —

Fans interested in getting autographs from the Warriors can do so after this Saturday’s game against San Jose State. The players will be available in a designated area on the concourse level.

And if anybody would like to purchase a WarriorInsider “Year of the Warrior” T-shirt (same as Gib Arnold is wearing in the video above), please send me an e-mail at dayton@warriorinsider.com. It’s only $15 each. Maybe you can get it signed by the team at the autograph session.


  1. Thank you Dayton and Gib. Nice answers. Very cool way to relax and focus for a game. I’ll definitely hit you up for a t-shirt.

  2. Enjoyed that! Wonder if Coach has tried an expoxy longboard. If you’re going to go 9’0″ or bigger, that would be the ticket. I feel him on the shortboards, though. Once you have kids, those little paint chips start getting harder to surf for some reason…

    Hey, Coach, maybe if you win the WAC we can all chip in and get you a new board. Or is that already in your new contract? LOL

  3. Gib is a cool coach. I need to come up with better questions next time.

  4. Great stuff, thanks Dayton and mahalo Coach Arnold.

  5. way cool, coach and i basically ride the same boards. single fin all the way, well, on big boards at least.

  6. Hey Dayton, are you ever gonna post a pic of Gib from his Punahou playing days? Just wondering…

  7. Thanks, Coach & Dayton …
    I think it’s an unusual and special thing that through Coach Gib’s Travels, efforts and the serendipity (who really “planned’ that, Dad Arnold ? “Thanks again for making that tough choice…) of growing up in Hawai’i, that he can actually share some of Hawai’i’s uniqueness with his players …

    For the Next Ask the Coach:

    1) Can we get a general (i know, no names, etc.) summary of where he thinks the next batch of recruits are coming from, what they’re looking like and when ?

    2) What does Coach love most about coaching @ UH? What’s Worst ? (Budget? Facilities? Still-Empty Seats? SAD Negative Blog Comments?)


    Dayton — HOW do we order the shirts ?

    FOR News on Package Plans for the WAC Championship run March 7-10 @ Orleans Hotel LV (and Beyond); Contact: JO @ Panda Travel (808) 738-3363; < ~$800 3/6 – 3/11 includes Air-Hotel (w/Meals) (or adjust to suit); Tickets: Contact UH Ticket Office; Individual Games eventually @ Orleans Arena

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