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Happy Thanksgiving

The Hawaii basketball team will be celebrating Thanksgiving in two parts on Thursday.

The first part will involve practice for Friday’s game against Pacific. The Warriors will host the Tigers at 7 p.m. at the Stan Sheriff Center, so Thursday will be a crucial day of preparation.

But the Warriors will also celebrate the holiday as a team later in the day, when they gather at head coach Gib Arnold’s home for a traditional meal.

Although the Warriors have a 1-2 record entering Friday’s game, they still have much to be thankful for. Some of them share their thoughts in the video above.

(Photo courtesy Brandon Flores)


  1. That was great! I’m sure all the families of all the players really love this. Can’t imagine there’s many other programs in the country with coverage like this. Thank you Dayton! Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. God Bless to Gib and team, staff, and families

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you-
    Coaching Staff family,
    The Schmidt Family,

    our warmest Mahalo for all of you being part of Hawaii!

  4. Great video, hope the guys put up a better effort against Pacific.

  5. Echoing what Zane said, thanks to Dayton for carving out time in your busy schedule to keep basketball fans updated with the latest. Have a nice one.

  6. I am thankful for many things but want to take this time to thank Hawaii Insider and all the people that made it possible: the coaches, the players, personnel, sponsors, and especially Dayton for his hard work and dedication. Prior to this site I had no clue as to the personalities of players. But now I feel that I know everyone personally and it makes watching the games that much more interesting. Basketball, particularly Warrior Basketball is my favorite sport, and have followed the teams since the fabulous 5. One day (hopefully soon) we will return to that era, and if anyone experienced that glorious 2 years you know what I am talking about. It got me hooked, forever, to the green machine. Good luck, God bless, and Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Thank You, Coach, Staff, Players and Players On The Way …

    Thanks Dayton, Staff & Pacific Risk Solutions

    Thanks, Loyal Fans …

    Thanks in General …. There is Always Something to be Thankful For ….

    Thank You, Dear Lord, for the Awesome Bounty we are about to Receive …

  8. Thanks Eagle. Me too. Amen.

  9. Thanks, Dayton!
    Great video…………….we DO have a lot to be thankful for!
    Go Warriors!

  10. Great job Dayton…..from Virginia to Latvia (Tyler & Davis), the SHAKA prevails !!!!!

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