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Warriors also training outside of gym

It’s not all about dribbling, passing and shooting for the Hawaii basketball team.

In addition to their daily gym sessions, the Warriors have been preparing for the rigors of the upcoming season with workouts in the weight room and the on the track.

“It’s going really well, actually,” said Chris McMillan, the team’s strength and conditioning coordinator. “The beauty of it is, because we went to China, most of the guys are already in shape. It saves you about three or four weeks as far as having to get guys in shape.”

The Hawaii players are not exactly fans of the track workouts. During one recent session, the Warriors were required to complete several laps around the track, and each lap had to be completed under a set time.

“The guys hate it,” McMillan said. “The track mainly is just a mental gut check. After you run that first 200 meters for a time and you’ve got that back straightaway and you know you’ve got to get another 200 in in 30 seconds, it’s just a mental gut check … it’s a matter of pushing through.”


  1. mwahahaha…sorry couldn’t help but to laugh at the end.

  2. love it.

  3. Good to see they’ve (reluctantly) bought into what McMillan’s regimen. Work ’em hard, coach!. And thanks for the video, Dayton.

  4. Congratulations TEAM (Gib,Chris, Players..).
    This has to be the first team working as a TEAM and working hard (physically + mentally.. you will be remembered).
    Run & Shoot, Run & Defend.. Hawaii going to be crazy!

    Watch out guys, someone will be drafted!?

    Multi-line for tickets.. start counting sold-outs.

    Warriors will be one of the hardest TEAM to get in.

    Enjoy it everyone!

  5. Like da shirt Gib– SOLID brah …lookin good

  6. Coach McMillan is a huge asset to this program, and has a bright future. Great pedigree, presence, and technically skilled – all the elements for success. He has got the boys getting after it and bonding. I would think he has a very bright future in this game.

  7. Training That LAST Push …

    THAT Translates into Running Harder, Faster and Smarter On The Court …
    Beat ‘Em to a Loose Ball, Make an Extra Steal
    Beat ’em downcourt on The Fast Break
    AND THE FOLLOW because Now the Whole Team is doing it …

    i’ve played on teams like that … RUN ’em into the ground …
    @ Some Point (Sometimes, More often IF you win A LOT)
    You Destroy The Heart of The Other Team …
    And Put the Game Out of Their Reach …

    So MAYBE FEWER Last Second Wins …
    BUT they should also have More Energy all 40 minutes …
    Late in The Game (We Saw SOME of That Last Year — Like Jackson said Last Night, The Fans don’t Like it .. BUT for WINNING NCAA Basketball, Half Court is Key in Last Five Minutes … THAT Extra Energy & Discipline should also create a Difference … Blocks, Rebounds, Steals and Break-Aways …

    At its Base, the Whole Team knows they always have more energy, more to reach down to … Should Rarely, if ever, Quit … What For ? Creates “Unlimited” Potential
    (Before they even realize it …for some maybe by their second or third year)

    i think Hans Brereton already knows — that’s why he works so hard…
    and probably Vander Joaquim — that’s why he improves so fast …

    eventually should help create Mental Toughness — that gut check coach McMillan was talking about– and later even Mental Discipline …

    THEY DID It … The Do It , even through ‘all the complaints and resistance…
    Surprised (but it allows them to grow versus how Riley would’ve barked back) at how Patient and Tolerant Coach Gib is with the guys and there’s no in-fighting or ‘broken spirit’ … HE Cares A Lot … and sees a Bigger Picture (BUT NO One should be surprised with that?)

  8. Aloha, TEAM,
    Took it for granted that you’re following this comments along with the admirable videos.
    Have you paid closer attentions to EAGLE’s insightful comments? He really could be your trusted personal adviser in time of need!
    Hope your continental families do, too.
    You’re making histories in Hawaii, just as you had intended. (Pleasantly, sooner than later!)
    Now, sack the Zags.. two NCAA wins, 24th Rank could be yours!

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