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How tall is Hauns?

Hauns Brereton insists that the 6-foot-7 height he is listed at is accurate.

Zane Johnson will go with that – because it might mean that he is actually taller than the 6-6 he is listed at.

“Hey, if you’re 6-7, then I’m 6-8 and I’m going to the (NBA) league next year,” Johnson said with a laugh to Brereton.

After a recent workout, the two players for the Hawaii basketball team stood back-to-back to see just who is taller. Teammate Pi’i Minns served as the height checker, and he thought Johnson was actually taller than Brereton.

“I’m definitely 6-7 – I checked that too many times,” Brereton said.

What is certain is that both Brereton and Johnson are good shooters, and both will be expected to play key roles for the Warriors this season.

As head coach Gib Arnold likes to say: “I don’t care how tall a guy is — a good player is a good player.”

Click on the video below if you want to judge for yourself:


  1. WITH SHOES or Bare Feet — i think football players take advantage of their cleats…

    Based on what i saw tonight @ Manoa Gym (NCAA Summer League) Hans looked like one or two inches below Julian Sensley IF Julian is really 6-9 …
    but this was from a distance…

    What was encouraging to me was that Hans, Shaq Stokes (Two Steals and Three assists in the last three minutes leading to halftime), 7-0 Davis Rozitis, Joston Thomas (Three Threes in a row looking improved), 6-9 Tyler McDaniels, Brandon Jawato, Bobby Miles, all looked good, all took good shots and shot well (made most shots, made some tough shots, all in rhythm and with good balance, maybe better percentages than our Alumni) all played under control and look like smart team players who reglarly / continuously move without the ball, FIND and pass to the open man, finish their shots and make their free throws — winning traits all. For me (and the wife agrees — she’s kinda basketball smart) All Very Encouraging …

    [Less Than Effective Old Traits? Commentary: “Maybe” the ‘ol U.H. alumni on-court were so used to being the go-to guys, but they clearly were passing up numerous opportunities to pass to a team mate with an easier or more open shot and often with a higher game/career shooting percentage.]

  2. Rozitis showed good quickness for his size. Used a lot of pick and rolls which worked well. He did a reasonable job on Sensley who is difficult to stop when he’s making his 3s like he did last nite. Liked the way he communicated defensively. Noticed coach Hicks was encouraging Rozitis to play down in the box.

    Joston Thomas only played a half. With his size, I hope Joston works on his low post play to mid range game rather than being satisfied with 3s. UH looks like they have enough consistent outside potential this year without Joston depending on the 3. Love to see him make the mid range his money shot and to rebound much like Amis.

    Hans Brereton has a beautiful shot although he didn’t shoot as well last nite during the game. During warm ups, he hits about 75-80% of his mid to long range shots. This usually translates into about 45% or better during game play.

    Shag, what can one say. He looks like he has some cold bloodiness in him. When the game was still in doubt last nite, he just put down some shots.

    McDaniels, Jawato, and Miles are good players. Not sure they could crack into the UH starting lineup at this time but could see considerable playing time in backup roles.

    Last nite, I believe only Robinson and Sensley were the only alums from the prior summer league. They both showed well. Geremy still has his hops and scoring ability. Last nite was the hardest I’ve seen Sensley have to work for his points. This is a compliment to Rozitis.

    Last nite’s Army vs Grantco game was an excellent game and well deserving of the applause they received at the end.

  3. Thank you for the excellent (and exciting) reports, Eagle and Owen.

    And perpetual thanks to Dayton for this stellar site.

    Some stats from the Scoreboard section in today’s S-A:

    Stokes (30); Rozitis (26); Jawato (17); Brereton (13).

    Lots of typos in that section, so please correct these numbers if necessary.


  4. Yes, a big mahalo to Eagle and Owen for the reports. Great job guys.

  5. Zane had High heels on! haha And I still got him!

  6. Is it just me???, looking at the pic straight on….they look dead even; when I tilt my head to the left, Hans looks taller, then when I tilt my head to my right, Zane looks taller??, hmmmm????

  7. theyre both 6’7
    Zane has a big head though so that might be why.

  8. Forget who’s taller, these 2 guys can fill it up for us and that’s all that matters. We’re looking good for next year!!!

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