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Knee treatment with Zane Johnson

In addition to running, lifting weights and putting up thousands of shots every week, Zane Johnson credits one more must-do activity as a key to his success with the Hawaii basketball team.

ASTYM treatment.

Johnson said the unique treatment has relieved pain in his knees, thus allowing him to work out every day – during both the season and off-season.

“Honestly, I don’t think that I’d be able to play all season the amount of minutes that I did if I didn’t have this treatment done,” he said. “It just feels like it takes a lot of pressure off my knees and helps me to perform better – to run and make stronger cuts.”

Johnson gets his treatment done at Orthopedic Rehabilitation Specialists (ORS) in Honolulu.

Craig Nagata, president and director of ORS, said the ASTYM treatment helps regenerate soft tissue, promotes tissue healing, and helps to absorb scar tissue. It involves a non-invasive series of systemic strokes with patented instruments over the affected parts of the body.

In the case of Johnson’s knee, Nagata said he focuses the treatment on the entire leg – including the bottom of the foot.

“He has medial knee pain, but we work on his entire leg because the entire kinetic chain from the hip down is usually involved with activities such as running and jumping,” Nagata said. “If we just treat his knee, it might give him temporary relief, but it doesn’t last. That’s why we treat the whole leg.”

Johnson, who underwent knee surgery in 2009, said the treatments can be uncomfortable at times, but his legs always feel rejuvenated the next day. Last week, Johnson’s knees did not respond well to the hard court at Manoa Valley Recreation Gym, so he made an appointment to see Nagata.

“It’s amazing,” Johnson said. “My knee can be hurting so much when I come here, but when I leave I know I’ll be able to work out later that same day.”


  1. i wish i could get these treatments after working out…guess gotta be D1 athlete or have money

  2. Awesome insider video with Zane. Thanks for posting, keep up the good work. I heard about ASTYM treatment and always wondered what it was. Sounds painful but I wish I could get that kind of treatment too.

  3. I want one of those shirts!!!

  4. Sounds like a terrific treatment. Fix ‘um good. We need you in top shape for the upcoming season.

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