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Big West season is complete for 2018-19

The Big West Conference 2018-19 season came to an official end on Sunday, following UC Irvine’s 73-54 loss to Oregon in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Three Big West teams combined to go 1-3 in postseason tournament play, and the one victory was a big one. UCI, which was a No. 13 seed in the South Region bracket of the NCAA Tournament, upset No. 4 seed Kansas State, 70-64, in the first round.

That two games played by the Anteaters in “The Big Dance” are expected to result in a payout to the Big West Conference of more than $3.4 million dollars, spread out over six years. Each of the nine teams in the conference – including the University of Hawai’i – gets a share of the payout.

The other two Big West teams in postseason tournaments did not fare as well.

CSUN, which was the unexpected guest of the College Basketball Invitational (CBI), got bounced out of the first round by Utah Valley, 92-84.

Cal State Fullerton was eliminated in the first round of the CollegeInsider.com Tournament (CIT) by Cal State Bakersfield, 66-58.

Here is a final look at the 2018-19 Big West Conference standings:

Here are the final individual statistical leaders for both the full season and Big West regular season:

Scoring (all games)
1. Lamine Diane (CSUN) 24.8
2. Terrell Gomez (CSUN) 19.2
3. Deishuan Booker (Long Beach) 18.8

Scoring (Big West games)
1. Lamine Diane (CSUN) 25.3
2. Deishuan Booker (Long Beach) 23.3
3. Terrell Gomez (CSUN) 19.9

Rebounding (all games)
1. Lamine Diane (CSUN) 11.2
2. Jonathan Galloway (UCI) 7.9
3. Jackson Rowe (CSUF) 7.9

Rebounding (Big West games)
1. Lamine Diane (CSUN) 11.1
2. Jonathan Galloway (UCI) 9.5
3. Jackson Rowe (CSUF) 8.7

Assists (all games)
1. Drew Buggs (UH) 5.4
2. Darius Brown II (CSUN) 5.2
3. Deishuan Booker (LBSU) 4.4

Assists (Big West games)
1. Drew Buggs (UH) 5.8
2. Darius Brown II (CSUN) 5.6
3. TJ Shorts II (UCD) 4.6

Field Goal Percentage (all games)
1. Amadou Sow (UCSB) .564
2. Callum McRae (UCR) .554
3. Matt Neufeld UCD) .547

Field Goal Percentage (Big West games)
1. Jonathan Galloway (UCI) .646
2. Mason Riggins (LBSU) .609
3. Callum McRae (UCR) .578

3-pointers Made (all games)
1. Terrell Gomez (CSUN) 117
2. Max Hazzard (UCI) 93
3 (tie). Jack Purchase (UH) 77
3 (tie). Eddie Stansberry (UH) 77

3-pointers Made (Big West games)
1. Terrell Gomez (CSUN) 58
2 (tie). Joe Mooney (UCD) 42
2 (tie). Jack Purchase (UH) 42

3-point Percentage (all games)
1. Ajani Kennedy (UCR) .464
2. Brocke Stepteau (UH) .446
3. Dikymbe Martin (UCR) .442

3-point Percentage (Big West games)
1. Brocke Stepteau (UH) .486
2. Dragan Elkaz (UCR) .478
3. Joe Mooney (UCD) .457

Free Throws Made (all games)
1. Deishuan Booker (LBSU) 250
2. Khalil Ahmad (CSUF) 149
3. Kyle Allman Jr. (CSUF) 144

Free Throws Made (Big West games)
1. Deishuan Booker (LBSU) 153
2. Khalil Ahmad (CSUF) 87
3. Kyle Allman Jr. (CSUF) 67

Free Throw Percentage (all games)
1. Deishuan Booker (LBSU) .912
2. Brocke Stepteau (UH) .889
3. Terrell Gomez (CSUN) .877

Free Throw Percentage (Big West games)
1. Brocke Stepteau (UH) .939
2. Deishuan Booker (LBSU) .927
3. Terrell Gomez (CSUN) .887

Steals (all games)
1. Khalil Ahmad (CSUF) 55
2. Lamine Diane (CSUN) 50
3. Evan Leonard (UCI) 48

Steals (Big West games)
1. Khalil Ahmad (CSUF) 25
2. TJ Shorts II (UCD) 24
3. Austen Awosika (CSUF) 23

Blocked Shots (all games)
1. Lamine Diane (CSUN) 72
2. Elston Jones (UCI) 58
3. Jonathan Galloway (UCI) 38

Blocked Shots (Big West games)
1. Lamine Diane (CSUN) 29
2. Elston Jones (UCI) 25
3. KJ Byers (LBSU) 20


  1. Congrats to the UH players!

    Now recruit! Recruit! Recruit!

  2. This is where the proof will be in the pudding! Lack of ability to recruit will become very evident in the months to come.

    Everybody better get their brakes checked as we encounter this downhill slide.

    We need to level the playing field and loosen admission requirements similar to other major colleges/universities. Can’t see how doing so will have any major impacts on the university.

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