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Summer League starts this weekend

2015 College Summer League basketball at Manoa Valley District Park, Honolulu, HI on July 21 2015. Photo: Brandon Flores.

The Hawaii College Basketball Summer League will open its 2016 season this Saturday (June 18) with two games at Manoa Valley District Park Gym.

Clark Hatch Fitness will face Wealth Strategy Partners in the first game at 6:00 p.m.; Chosen Few will face National Fire Protection Co. in the second game at 7:30 p.m.

Players from the 2016-17 University of Hawai’i basketball team are on Summer League rosters, but most of them will be arriving in early July.

Several former UH players are scheduled to play this Saturday, including: Dyrbe Enos, Miah Ostrowski and Phil Martin for Clark Hatch Fitness; Jason Carter and Julian Sensley for Wealth Strategy Partners; Jace Tavita for Chosen Few.

CLICK HERE for more Summer League information, including rosters and schedule


  1. The coverage is getting better every year. We’re getting spoiled.

    Losts of Chaminade players. But no Austin Pope.

    Had to look up Maulia Lebarre, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006 —> Volleyball.
    Don’t know who Kamala Umu is, 6′ 9″ University of Hawaii. What year? What sport?

    Looks like we should add Larry Lewis, Zigmars Raimo, and Zach Buscher to the seven UH players noted in the ‘draft day’ notes near the bottom of the page. So total ten now.

  2. Umu is listed on 2010 football roster, DL 270.

  3. I saw that, but thought that this is a different Kamalu Umu. The one playing football is 6′ 3″, 270, yes, but this one playing basketball is 6′ 9″. I’m going to think it is a different one until told otherwise. Maybe our new 6′ 9″ walk-on!

    … unless he has been growing all along.
    This appears to be the only one playing for UH, as listed. But growth is good! You can’t teach height.
    Go Bows !

  4. On this roster page for 2015 it shows 6-3 for Umu, on the one for 2016 it is 6-9.

  5. I mean that list is for past players who have played.

  6. The listed 6-foot-9 height is probably a mistake. I believe Umu played on occassion last year; he’s a big, burly guy who is quite nimble for his size. So, I’m guessing same guy, wrong height, but I could be wrong.

  7. umu is only 6’1 230…i don’t believe he ever got up to 260 at most

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