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Big West update


The University of Hawai’i basketball team is still undefeated in the Big West Conference, but is now chasing UC Irvine in the standings.

UC Irvine moved a step ahead of the Warriors with a 73-63 road win at CSUN on Wednesday. The Anteaters are now 17-5 overall and 6-0 in the conference.

Mamadou N’diaye, UCI’s 7-foot-6 center, shot 7-for-7 from the field and scored 14 points, and point guard Luke Nelson added 14 points and eight assists.

Hawai’i, which will host Long Beach State on Saturday night at the Stan Sheriff Center, is 17-2 overall and 5-0 in the conference. UC Irvine will be hosting UC Santa Barbara on Saturday.

UC Santa Barbara could actually do a double-favor for Hawai’i this week because the Gauchos are also playing at Long Beach State on Thursday. The UCSB at Long Beach State game will be televised on Fox Sports Prime Ticket (Oceanic channels 228 and 1228) at 5:30 p.m.

And here is the game information for Saturday’s clash between Hawai’i and Long Beach State, which is expected to draw a large crowd …

When: Saturday, January 30, 8:00 p.m.
Where: Stan Sheriff Center
Tickets: Lower Level – $26 for all available seats; Upper Level – $18 for adults, $16 for senior citizens (ages 65-older), $5 for students (ages 4-18). Parking is $6.
TV: Live on OCSports (channels 16 and 1016)
Internet video: Live streaming on www.bigwest.tv
Radio: Live on ESPN 1420 AM
Internet audio: Live on www.espn1420am.com
Live stats: www.hawaiiathletics.com
Doubleheader: The UH women’s team will play UC Irvine at 5:30 p.m.; fans with tickets to the UH men’s game can enter early and watch the women’s game.
Promotions: Pepsi will be awarding a year’s supply of Pepsi products during a halftime contest. Fans can register for a chance to participate at Gate A.
Theme Night: “Cartoon Character Night” – UH students will be dressed as Minions; all fans are encouraged to dress up as cartoon characters.

Screen shot 2016-01-27 at 9.06.54 PM

Wednesday’s Big West Results
UC Irvine 73, at CSUN 63
at UC Davis 69, Cal State Fullerton 64

Thursday’s Big West Games
UC Riverside at Cal Poly
UC Santa Barbara at Long Beach State

Saturday’s Big West Games
Cal Poly at UC Davis
UC Santa Barbara at UC Irvine
UC Riverside at Cal State Fullerton
Long Beach State at Hawai’i, 8:00 p.m.


  1. this weeekends game is huge..Long Beach always puts up a good fight..Every conference game has been a dog fight for us but Irvine seems to be coasting along ..Their toughest game was at Long Beach ..If we can get past LBSU next weeks road trip to UCSB and Cal Poly will be even tougher…anyone know the status of Valdes? Its been nice to win without our leading scorer but we need him back very soon cause the schedule gets tough from here on out…Go Bows!

  2. But don’t come back too fast if not healed right.

  3. You guys knew what to do.

    Hard-work pays.

    Hawaii are fighting with you!

  4. This game really is a big one! Irvine is stomping on everybody so UH have to keep doing the same thing to set up the true showdown and make it a two-team race. If UH lose to the Beach, its going to look like Irvine by themself at the top and everybody else going for second place.

    UC Santa Barbara sure got a tough schedule this week with the road games at Irvine and Long Beach. Lets hope and pray they can do a miracle and win both!

  5. Johnny White told sports animals maybe an Alumni game in the summer or other time. And apparently not for the fat or slow players. There was a gathering last night with Eran and some of the former players.

  6. islandman,

    another alumni game sounds good! the out of shape players were fun to watch.

  7. Tavs … Apparently, the coach wants the alumni game to be more competitive, maybe excluding the fun out of shape sloppy players. Maybe including only players like G Robinson, Martin, Standhardinger,Takaki, you name the others.

  8. Is Mamadou a good F/T shooter? If he’s not maybe it’s time for hack a Mamadou time.

  9. islandman, I really hope the words like fat and slow and sloppy are your words and not the Coach. That would be a fast way to turn away the alumni players from helping out this team with anything. I agree with TAVS that it is more fun for us old time fans to watch all the alumni no matter what shape they in. Brings back some good memories. The guys you mentioned still play in the Summer League at Manoa Gym so anybody can just go there and watch them play.

  10. Chuck …. i would never use those words regarding past players. Those or similar words were from Johnny, somewhat in jest.

  11. Mamadou shooting FT’s at 62.4 % and has attempted 114 or 1/4th of Irvine’s total FT attempts. Nelson FT % 93.3, Young 73.8, Best 80.9, Martin 80, Wright 50 %.

  12. Derek,

    Mamadou’s FT% is .624. Not worth hacking him if it means our guys get into foul trouble.

    Highlights from the Irvine v Northridge game:
    Tre Hale-Edmerson’s (#11) dunk over Mamadou at the 0:17 mark was awesome. Looks like Mamadou committed a foul on that play too. When Mamadou is benched, players shoot less 3s and drive more. Seems like Irvine’s game plan relies heavily on 3s and lob passes to Mamadou. Hale-Edmerson’s fronting of Mamadou was very ineffective throughout the game. Makes me think we should go for a 3/4 front… or maybe double team.

  13. Saint Mary’s were great against Irvine:

    They dealt with Mamadou by going up the court quickly. You can see in video a lot of their points were scored before Mamadou could get into a defensive position. When Mamadou was in defensive position, player would drive to basket then bounce pass to other driving teammate. Defending against the giant, they had player front and another 3/4 front.

  14. This is where Fleming will be important. His passing in traffic under the rim is one of his strengths, and he may be key to attacking Mamadou.

  15. Got tickets today , it’s easy just go online plus kids and students $5 , cheap. Protect the house Warriors!

  16. Mamadou N’Diaye:

    He will play in the NBA.. barring his knees or feet permanently injured. plus his BB IQ is pretty good. Getting better at passing and the aforementioned FT shooting, he cactches the ball with 17 feet of the rim. and has space to take one step.. SLAM DUNK.. way better reach that Shaq ONeal.. , and better FT shooter.. should be fun game. he has a Great big loving heart.. hey, if Irvine ever went under.. and Mamadou had a free pass to play senior year in Hawaii with no penalty from BWC, he would be the perfect fit.. a really nice Hawaiian Bruddah,.. NO negative with Mammadou..I like the guy!

    Born September 14, 1993 (age 22)
    Dakar, Senegal
    Nationality Senegalese
    Listed height 7 ft 6 in (2.29 m)
    Listed weight 300 lb (136 kg)

  17. islandman, thanks for the explanation. That makes sense now because I bet Johnny was making fun of Hallums his TV partner. If you look back at your earlier posts you can see how I and probably others thought you were being disrespectful to the older players.

    Looking at all the talk about matching up with Mamadou and Irvine, we should be talking about Long Beach first.

  18. UH limiting student entry to remaining UH Men’s BB games to 515 per email sent to students this morning. WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG! Another stupid move by the administration! Jamie’s been working his okole off to increase student interest…WHY? Bought all those minion give-always for 1000 students…WHY? We’ve been getting 1000 students but now that “grownups” are interested who didn’t pay a student fee or tuition, who don’t scream and shout for their CLASSMATES, we make half of them pay an additional $18 IF there are enough tickets?!!! WRONG WRONG WRONG WRONG!! I will personally go out and raise corporate money or something to help raise money for these students. DON”T DO THIS!!! Send out an e-mail retracting this NOW!!!

  19. Ok, students only have to pay $5. This doesn’t make me any less adamant! WRONG! Lol

  20. KellO

    .. systemic problems to UH Manoa….have bandwagon jumpers wanting to be part of last 5 home games….limit student attendance, they will boycott games!! …collegiate atmosphere? Should be half of SSC attendees are students!
    From first game, UH should promoted game attendance, First to students, second to public..
    Includes Ganot..he should go dorm to dorm or pep rallies..
    Students do not know Eran since he has been away from Hawaii for 6 years..

    Go Bows!
    And KellyO, you have taken mantle, or spearheading charge to get UH fair and balanced!
    You go girl!!
    Admin..listen to KellO..!!
    Go Bows/warriors!

  21. The team DOES go door to door to the dorms. I bet nobody even warned them about email. How disheartening is that for them? Last night they’re at dorms, taking their personal time to do this, convincing their classmates to come watch them play, then this morning they get this email? That’s total BS! Argh, it really boils my blood. At U of Arizona, they have a limit, it’s 2290 written into their POLICY with an online system for students to be able to log in and reserve a ticket, and even unreserved if they find out they cannot attend so that the seat can be used! Wow! Go figure! UH is so bassackwards!!


    2015-16 Roster

    NO NAME HT WT POS Year EXP Hometown (Last School)
    0 Levin, Gabe 6-7 225 Forward SO TR Oak Park, Ill. (Loyola Marymount)
    1 Payne, Evan 6-1 190 Guard JR TR Akron, Ohio (Loyola Marymount)
    2 Faust, Nick 6-6 210 Guard SR TR Baltimore, Md. (Maryland)
    3 Blackwell, Noah 6-2 190 Guard FR HS Roseville, Calif. (Woodcreek HS)
    4 Yussuf, Temidayo 6-7 250 Forward SO 1V Oakland, Calif. (St. Joseph HS)
    5 Riggins, Mason 6-8 255 Forward FR HS Whitewright, Texas (Whitewright HS)
    10 Shropshire, Quentin 6-6 210 Forward SO HS Los Angeles, Calif. (University HS)
    12 Rifkind, Alex 6-1 170 Guard RS FR RS Boca Raton, Fla. (North Broward Prep)
    13 Ogalue, Barry 6-5 200 Guard/Forward JR JC Elk Grove, Calif. (Yuba CC)
    14 Jones, Branford 6-1 195 Guard JR 2V Missouri City, Texas (Elkins HS)
    15 Spencer, A.J. 6-3 210 Guard SR 1V Shawnee, Kan. (Hutchinson CC)
    20 Moye, Anson 6-0 185 Guard JR 2V Thousand Oaks, Calif. (Oaks Christian HS)
    21 Bibbins, Justin 5-8 150 Guard SO 1V Carson, Calif. (Bishop Montgomery HS)
    22 Williams, LaRond 6-9 200 Forward FR HS Long Beach, Calif. (Price HS)
    23 Prince, Roschon 6-6 235 Forward SO TR Long Beach, Calif. (USC)
    24 Hammonds, Travis 6-6 235 Guard/Forward JR 2V Columbia, S.C. (Gray Military Academy)

  23. KellO

    Confront admin, management at SSC..
    for the ” betterment of UH students” reason uhadmin fired gib,..
    Well he and jamie smith worked hard to get students to games..manoa maniacs set a 800 plus record 2 years ago!!
    They want a 3000 student secton only for sure!
    Would be okole forward..
    UH mbb hottest ticket in town..
    Admin..if you have to give students 10 dollar food tickets, do it!!

    Making us proud…diversity speaking, never moderated!
    Go warriors!

  24. KellyO…..sorry typo..give em!!

  25. You need to take it to Mamadou and let get in foul trouble. I recall last year he got into foul trouble and was pretty much ineffective after that.

  26. Let’s focus on a LBSU team that has some momentum after shutting UCSB out in OT.

  27. You take Mamadou out of the picture and they’re just an average team. Actually it’s just like David and Goliath. Kill the giant and everything else comes tumbling down.

  28. Bombs away…6’6″ Maryland transfer Nick Faust launches a lot of threes, plus he draws fouls and makes them
    Had 34 points in OT victory UCSB..
    UH vs LBSU.. live by the three or free throws. And … by the 3 or not making free throws..

    Good game, maybe best of the year, just have that feeling!

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