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Sunday: Basketball doubleheader and Star Wars Night


A few reminders about this Sunday’s basketball game between the University of Hawai’i and Nicholls State …

• It is a UH basketball doubleheader. The Rainbow Wahine will host Washington State at 5 p.m. The Warriors will then host Nicholls State at 7:30 p.m. Fans with tickets to the men’s game can arrive early to watch both games.

• It is “Star Wars Night,” which has been one of the more popular game themes in recent years. The first 700 UH students in the arena will receive free lightsabers. Guests dressed in Star Wars costumes will also be present at the game for photo opportunities.

• The Warriors are 3-0; the Rainbow Wahine are 2-0 (and likely to be 3-0 by Sunday).

• Farmers Insurance Hawaii is the game sponsor, and will distribute 1,000 tote bags before the game, and other prizes during selected timeouts.

• The next home game for the Warriors after this will be December 2 against Arkansas-Pine Bluff. They will play a road game at Texas Tech on November 28.

Sunday, November 22, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Stan Sheriff Center
Tickets: Upper Level – $26; Lower Level – $18 for adults, $16 for senior citizens (65-older), $5 for students (ages 4-18). Parking is $6.
TV: Live on OCSports (channel 16 and 1016)
Streaming video: Live on www.bigwest.tv
Radio: Live on ESPN1420 AM
Audio Webcast: www.espn1420am.com
Live stats: www.hawaiiathletics.com
Doubleheader: The Hawai’i women’s basketball team will play Loyola Marymount at 5 p.m. Fans with tickets to the men’s game can arrive early to watch the women’s game.
Theme: Star Wars Night


  1. The UH starters came out with lightsabers when they were introduced last season during Star Wars night .

  2. UH good chance, even with Texas Tech road game win, they get that. be 8-0 going into DHC.. they play well SSC and maybe have chance for their only pre BWC road game of year.. lot of time to rest and get well at home with a lot of home games. Reminds me of past UH , Fab Five time.. loaded up with a lot of home games.. they were playing so well, they went on road swings. and would take 4 out of 6 over course of season…
    yes, fun that theme.. nice if In house. 6000 plus start showing up
    Go Bows. !! star wars.. this year anniversary.. ? 40 years.. ?

  3. If you’re going to Sunday’s game and plan to buy your ticket at the box office, consider this: I’m told if you get there anytime BEFORE the start of the second half of the Wahine game, you can buy a ticket for $10 ($8 for seniors) and see both games. You sit anywhere for the Wahine game, then move to the seat printed on your ticket for the men’s game. Get a 2-for-1 and save $8. Quite a bargain.

  4. Texas tech just beat Miss St

  5. Hey Clyde

    I goin do that. Thanks for the great tip.

  6. wonder if how MBB and WBB season ticket sales went? WBB LB says really great sales.. if they can average about 3000 in house or more. fantastic. should do few more double headers before BWC play.
    Must be fun.. man miss that in house SSC attendance, oh well , live stats, radio and sometimes TV..

    family entertainment.. if they keep on doing those promotional ticket. or even 10 minutes after UH MBB games start at SSC. the lower seats.. open up and let fans fill the lower bowl great spot to watch. and super loud fan noise. you all that go. ENJOY. a real special privilege. especially if teams are doing well

  7. BWC MBB team’s partial stat – FYI:

    Nov 18, Wed – @Orlando vs Florida,
    #1 Anteaters won by 61-60 (ot),
    * Mama scored fivepts in the game, all in the second half, his 3pts in ot for the last 1pts W,
    * Led 26-24 halftime but, down seven later,
    * Nelson 22pts, 3rb, 6ast,
    * Young 10pts, 4ast,
    * Best 10pts, 8rb,
    * UCF 7-6 freshman center Tacko Fall, dunk with 26 seconds left for 58-58 to ot,
    * Held UCF to just 2ft in ot,
    * Anteater (3-0) (0-0).

    Nov 19, Thu – @Charleston S.C. Classic,
    * LBSU beat Seton Hall into (2-0) (0-0).

    Nov 20, Fri – @Charleston again,
    * LBSU – beat #6 UVA into (3-0) (0-0).

    Nov 22, Sunday – @SSC, HI,
    * Our Warriors may beat Nicholls State for (4-0) (0-0).

    Feb 11, Thu UCI will be @SSC.
    Feb 20. Sat Hawaii will be @Bren Event Center.

    By then, who is #1?

  8. Long Beach St. vs Virginia game still in progress.

  9. Mahalo for the hint islandman.

    When saw UVA’s record was (2-1) (0-0), did not know it was pre-game.

    At 8:22 remaining for the game the #6 led by 34 as 73-39 –

    Should stand corrected as UVA (3-1) (0-0); ULBS (3-1) (0-0), gominasai!

  10. Go Rainbow Warrior basketball!!! Pack ‘um and Win ‘um.

  11. Wish more people would come out to the Wahine game. They’ve got a damn got a damn good product as well and a competitive schedule. They started out slow tonight but took it up a notch at the end of the 2nd quarter (the women have gone to 4 quarters this year).

    For whoever asked, yes, I was at the men’s game. I’m a season ticket holder men’s and women’s. And I’ve gone to the tournament the last six years I think. I love these kids. The celebration comment was just a personal peeve, but no big deal…geez…didn’t think y’all would get so bent out of shape over it. Just wanting these guys to know they’re winners.

    Ok…games’ getting close…gotta focus. Ha.

  12. KelleyO,

    during one of the media timeouts in the second half, a UH student was challenged to a task. State the task and state whether or not the student completed it successfully. Those who were at the game would agree this was a memorable moment.

    Just trying to weed out all the fakes here.

  13. Tabs, lol. Are you talking about tonight? OMG! I’m always on my phone during the breaks, I don’t remember them playing any games except a grocery game at halftime. I can tell you the stupid band started to leave at the end of the game and poor Megan Huff was standing there waiting for the Alma Mater to be played. She called the team over to line up, then the band lady saw them and called the band back.

    Are you talking about the men’s game? A guy had one chance to hit a three point shot, I think for a neighbor island trip, and he made it, swoosh. Is that what you’re talking about?

    Well…anyway, the Wahine won and the men should get with them to learn to shoot free throw shots! No stats available yet but definitely better than the guys.

  14. Oh sorry, Tavs not Tabs.

  15. Na Wahine hit 71% of Free Throws…. 27 of 38 …

    Recommend NOT Counting ROAD “WINS” Before Earned
    Most UHMBB Teams Struggle, especially Early in Season ’til Whole Team learns to Handle Road Challenges
    UHMBB Are Underdogs VS Texas Tech
    And Would Need to Elevate (ex., Above kenpom predictors) to Win
    I ould Welcome The Team ‘Stepping Up’ and Improving Faster
    So Far They are ‘Under-Performing’
    by that i just mean NOT Meeting Statistical Predictors
    3-0 is Good And Probably Improving
    But Dropped Off Ratings in Each of The Three Wins,
    From #93 Down to #107/104
    Texas Tech Currently @ 102 + Home Court Advantage
    (Even when UH was @ #93, Statistical Predictor favored TTech)

    UHMBB Fans… Please Go Early Sunday
    Na Wahine and Coach Laura deserve support
    AND i can tell it matters to Coach
    BUT despite Free throw apparent better percentage
    (RE: Wahine Ball IS Smaller)
    Expect Some Frustration with Unforced Turnovers
    Seems like recurring Issue with Early Season Pass-Catch-Attention-Communication Turnovers even by Returning Players
    Power-Five Conference Teams generally DON’T suffer so many turnovers
    So Likely Advantage to Washington State
    BUT Expect Na Wahine to Fight Through with Chance to Match Men @ 4-0

    GREAT That Experienced Point Guards like Roderick and Q just don’t turn the ball over…

  16. Nov 21, Sat college basketball –
    * #1 N. Carolina road to Northern Iowa, line=6!

    Dec 22 @ DHC 1st round –
    * Hawaii vs N. Iowa, line=?

    How worry are you?

  17. Watch Crawford of the Wahine, she has potential to be an exciting player.

  18. Just Numbers…Just Like What has become of Academics…
    One ‘Rating Service’ Puts Hawai’i @ #50 Smartest State
    We Just Lead the Country in Business Start-Ups and Millionaires
    And Per Capita College Football Player Awards (Manti 9 of 10, Mariota 8 of 10?) and NFL Players…

    # 20 Olivia Crawford ‘Could Be’ One of the Best Point-Combo Guards ever..,

    UH Wahine Programs having Amazing Luck with “Olivias”…

    Predictive Numbers for a Rainout Day:
    (ALL Three of My Project Sites Rained Out Today)

    One Guesstimate:
    REF: Kenpom.com

    UNC By Five: #5 UNC 77- #66 UNI 72

    and To-Date:
    #104 UH 73, #66 UNI 71
    56% Chance of UH Winning
    More Accurate than Weather Forecasts?
    Four Weeks and 12 Games Out?

    BUT LOSE to #110 Texas Tech 71-74
    With Only 35% Chance of Winning
    ONE of SEVEN Predictive ‘Losses’
    8 OR 9 with DHC

    GO ‘Bows!

  19. DHC opponent Northern Iowa def. No. 1 N. Carolina, 71-67.

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