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A few highlights from “Call the Coach”


Here are a few excerpts from the “Call the Coach” radio show on ESPN1420 AM with Hawai’i basketball head coach Eran Ganot.

On how the players are adjusting to the new system:

“I think the guys are moving in the right direction … but remember, our system is fluid, as well. We want to be comfortable with their strengths.”

On his coaching staff:

“I think it’s the best staff in the conference, and there’s a lot of good staffs in our conference. They complement each other well.”

On Sai Tummala:

“He’s doing a good job so far. He’s unique because he’s a first-year guy who has a lot of experience (as a fifth-year senior). He’s just very professional in the way he goes about things. The last couple days, he’s gotten more comfortable and I think he can help us shooting the ball. We lost our two best shooters (Garrett Nevels and Negus Webster-Chan) from last year, so that’s one thing we’ll be looking for. Sai is a blue-collar player who can spread the floor.”

On his system being called “The Saint Mary’s System”:

“It’s actually a lot of people’s system, too. That’s today’s game — ball movement, ball screen, spread it out. Now you see that extra pass. If the ball is not moving and guys are just standing around, that’s easy to defend. The hardest thing in the world is to defend against ball movement.”

On forming good habits and eliminating bad ones.

“We’ve addressed it with Stefan (Jankovic) … I’ve pointed to the ground from where he shot the ball, and then pointed to the ground where he should have taken it. … From Day 1, we’ve stayed on top of things like that. It takes a long time to build good habits, but not a long time to fall into bad habits.”


  1. The season is getting close and the anticipation/excitement is starting to build up. Glad that the new coaching staff is detailed oriented and is on the path to running a tighter ship on the court. Can’t wait to see the team with Ganot’s influence on them.

  2. If we’re all going in the right direction, don’t be victimized by those trolls…

    Positive results are achievable !

    Let’s be accountable guys ?

  3. Wow, still can’t fault a thing he says!!! I hope this helps in the development of our players, take a good shot not a heave and prayer. Hopefull that this can translate to wins but the player need to buy in.

  4. Good teaching moments Eran… reminders to Janks and the rest. Ball movement.. proper, is effective, then the guys have to knock down shots..
    Wish you all the best season !!
    Go Bows !

  5. Ganot is trying to instill sound fundamentals and sensibility when doing things on the court and being smart and think out there. Example, why take a long two when you can step back a little and take the three. I like the ball movement aspect. Under Gib and Benjy I saw a lot people standing around and we got stagnant and lost good leads in the 2nd half. Remember Santa Barbara and Northridge. I remember.

  6. even the Rick Majerus/ Riley Flex Motion offense, when guys ran it properly, thing of beauty, created shots for all 5 on the floor.. Ball movement, and man movement, screens, … cannot stand around the perimeter and throw ball around for 29 seconds then launch..Last year, when team ran and transition,got some buckets off of steals great.. when teams made them play half court.. things bogged down.. However. what Eran wants to install.. will take time.by year two. unless team gets it down by BWC play.. can be good offense.. Defense..? we shall see. Zone with Rod at top getting steals? or man and pressure/ traps.?

  7. It’s always nice to read about what others are saying about the Big West.


    29 days away from our first game against Chaminade. Theme night for this night is Zombie Apocalypse night.

    Everyone bring your newspaper and read it during the announcement of the starting line up for the visiting team.

    Go Bows!

  8. Didnt hear Ganot talk about D. Did any one? With increased movement on O it is unlikely Hawaii will press as much as they did last year.
    I like the idea of ball movement and screens that is classic BWC basketball and Hawaii has been repeatedly victimized by that type of O in conference play. It will be interesting to see if our free wheeling players actually buy into it. It will be challenging for them to break what Ganot calls “bad habits”, meaning out of system. On the other hand, it would be fun to watch the ball move around quickly. REM, the clock has been shorted by 5 seconds this year per possession. Standing around will be fatal.

  9. In the old days there was no shot clock and 3 point shot. So you could take your time to work the ball inside which was your best percentage play. That’s why the bigs in that era were so valuable. Today quickness and the ability to shoot the 3 ball from the outside has changed the game of basketball. Although you still need bigs primarily for rebounding and defense, much of the scoring today comes from the back court. This team has all the ingredients to be successful at the back court. It’s just a matter of getting open and taking good shots. If you’re patient you will get your shot although the shorter clock will dictate your open looks. And everyone should have a few plays that they can run to free you for your shot. Practice makes perfect and good discipline is rewarded. 75% free throw shooting should be the goal for this team. How’s the shooting machine working out?

  10. Hey fellow Fans, UH starts their ball movement, using BB smarts.. we know going to take awhile to get it going..kimo brings up good point.. What type of D will Eran employ, that trapping, getting steals, the full and half court pressure to take advantage of Athleticism of last year’s team? However servante that is why even when Riley had Tony Maroney, or Troy Ostler , or Ahmet Gueye by the rim on D.. if the guards lost their man.. those BIGS would protect the rim, or definitely make them earn points from the FT line..

    I still remember when Tom Henderson led team along with Artie Wilson, Rod Aldridge 6’8″ PF/C and Melton Werts 6′ 91/2″ 235 pound glass cleaner, when not in foul trouble or losing the ball by holding it down by his waist. a great shot blocker rim protector,.. so was Haim Shimonovich, and even 6’8″ Mike Robinson great Rebounder on O and D, and could block shots too.. Yes.. need at least two, don’t have to be 6’9″ types, two 6’7″ 223 to 235 types who can protect rim, great hands to finish dunks, putbacks , make FT’s and keep guys out of the paint.. and guys on the side of FT lines.. get ready to Box out, on opponents or your own basket.. Fundamentals..hey. could be long year. so much teaching.. and Eran wants it the right way.. UH can win BWC.. tourney.

    Watch out though, if Eran has guys playing a type of push tempo ball, after made and missed baskets, set up and score within 15 seconds. watch out. the other teams smart too. they will LOCK DOWN Zone, and dare UH to beat them in it.. if UH cannot drive the gaps get shots, or hit the open look 3 and midrange, and all the long shots, cannot get rebounds.. it will be like last year.. in fact. great zones, unless you opponent is knocking down 8 for 8 to open the game.. that is the EQUALIZER

    Eran, get together with the boys.. hey as Benjy and Gib said. just go out and HAVE FUN. we sure did last year. the guys having fun… without watching if they will get yanked. will do well.

  11. The more I read of Ganot’s coaching the more I’m beginning to like him as our new coach. But I admit it it has something to do with time passing by after Coach’s Arnold and Taylor leaving the program. Guess time heals

  12. Eran Comes Across as Very Confident, Very Self-Assured, within himslf, so that he doesn’t ‘need’ to try to change your mind; he’s comfortable with you having your own opinion, and by extension, and his own discussion, comfortable with his players being themselves and having their own opinions; he and his staff take responsibiity for ensuring those opinions / beliefs square with reality, with the facts; so Janks can take his threes from two to three feet closer and hit a higher percentage; so Isaac doesn’t dribble ‘stationary’ and give the defense a rest…And Adjusting their schemes and systems to what allows the players to be effective with their skills…instead of force-fitting them into a rigid system (none of that gotta make five / six passes before go / look to basket)

    IF the Results (Wins) match the Confidence, fans should warm up —
    and the Lack of Strength of Schedule should provide opportunities for Wins…

    he’s not as abrasive or argumentative as some of the previous coaches…

  13. It’s nice about the philosophy and strategy and everything, but the proof of the pudding is the actual execution, effort, and cohesion in real game action. You can probably tell after a couple of games if Ganot and staff is building a solid team, one that is organized, smart, play for each other. Mistakes shouldn’t be tolerated.

  14. eagle and Derek, Great comments.. and We probably ALL OLD SCHOOL anyways.. young BB student athletes.. especially the ones on Full Ride.. what a privilege, and to play in Hawaii? wow.. that is a great deal.. so special.. few get to enjoy.

    The more I listen to Eran.. the more I hear, Bennett, Kyle Smith, Riley Wallace, a little Larry Little, that discipline, with respect.. and showing love and care for the guys.. THAT has me very impressed.. However, as eagle and Derek, original WI posters.. correctly state.. All depends if guys truly buy in to Eran’s teaching/ coaching style and LISTEN.. and EXECUTE..Big change from last year.. though BT, had to do it. just to keep team together.. amazing success..

    however, Derek and Eagle.. I just hope UH gets on a run.. by DHC time , and into BWC play and peak at BWC tourney time.. we shall see. I think the guys.. they are comfortable.. Eran has made friends with team, and program.. Wish them the best.

    All we want. not just the high character, good guys.. which all 15 are. We want the wins and NIT NCAA bids.. that will come.. need to Work , Work, and stay together, play together for sake of Team, and Wins before stats !

    Go Bows.. hey.. Basketball first tipoff almost here. can’t wait. No koolaid.. just Real.. hope they get that first of many wins.

  15. I’m wondering if Ganot is planning to offer Kamaka Hepa a scholarship as mentioned in Artie Wilson’s show. He could be a good fit here being that he is Hawaiian decent. Maybe bring him in on a recruiting visit. I’m sure he’s got relatives living somewhere in Hawaii. Sometimes all you got to do is put out a little love. I heard enough stories where if only the school contaced the player he would have considered.

  16. like Derrick Low?
    All Poly UH MBB team? from Hawaii HS the best.. and the young ones will get better, focused from young age, ONLY on Basketball..from Tonga, Australia , New Zealand, Polys from the mainland USA..Plus local Hawaii guys roots from Asia, Philippines, Korea, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Taiwan.. Basketball seems to becoming the INTERNATIONAL sport, rivaling soccer.
    Isaac Fotu, was a REAL GEM.. what great hands, and footwork..

    Love the fast scoring of Basketball though.. soccer, tremendous endurance. running back and forth for couple of hours. cardio.. great. however not too much scoring, real challenge..
    BB. hey, you could get a 70 year old, make a 30 foot 3 pointer to win 100K prize at SSC? Yep.. see the basket, be the basket. . I know. some older late sixties to early seventies.. they don’t run, however. can pass the ball, box out. and nifty moves around the basket..

  17. islandman:

    Could this be FINALLY over.. and UH MBB and coaches move on?
    I hope so… really systemic of UH.. not getting it right with contracts.. or buyouts..
    Now the long show.. NCAA hearings whenever that happens.. I think next week

    I really hope, and I KNOW you do too.. coaches can move on, get to coaching again, and We all can be proud of whoever is representing with their best UH athletics. and the University.

    All we want is pono UH and Hawaii. actually just the whole world pono !

  18. I don’t care where one stands on the feud between UH and Gib but this absolutely shows UH know themselves they screwed up Royally Big Time. UH played the situation in the media adamantly saying it owed Gib nothin!

  19. UH was so into itself that they were right so why would they even come to terms with Gib? UH losses money every time and even wastes fighting this out with Gib from the start. Gib probably spent a ton of money for his lawyer to defend and getting his money. I really don’t believe Gib would be satisfied breaking even on this but it’s all a guess till we hear the outcome, the UH payout to Gib and Company.

  20. UH sure did screw up. Maybe that’s why the AD and lead attorney are gone. They need to fire whoever else is costing UH this type of money.

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