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A statement from Davis Rozitis

The following was sent to WarriorInsider.com from former University of Hawai’i basketball player Davis Rozitis:

As a University of Hawaii graduate and former Scholar Athlete of the Year I believe it is my responsibility to stand up for what’s right. I believe the the University has done me, my team mates, and Coaches a great disservice by setting us up to fail.

The allegations I am accused of as well as Coach Arnold are simply not true and are blown way out of proportion.


The incident I have been ruled ineligible for further shows how the total lack of guidance by the University and the compliance office set us up to fail. Knowing I needed to move items into my dorm and not owning a car I specifically went to compliance and asked if I could borrow a friends car. They gave me permission to do so. A friend of mine had a car, but was off Island, so I asked his girlfriend if I could borrow his car to move stuff into my dorm while he was away. She let me use it. Neither he nor his girlfriend were season ticket holders or associated with UH. They were not boosters as explained to me by UH compliance.

The next day when I told Coach Gib I could give some players a ride to a team function he asked me whose car I had. I told him it was a friends and he was not a booster or season ticket holder and I had permission. He immediately held a team meeting and told us at that time that as student-athletes we have to be very careful as we live in a glass house and should even stay away from the appearance of doing the wrong thing. He was very adamant and taught the team that we needed to look out for each other and stay away from any possible situations that could endanger our eligibility. This is the meeting that the NCAA claims that Coach Gib told us to “hide” my “major violation”. This is not true. I was there and Coach was only making it very clear to be careful about what actions we take as student-athletes. There was never any kind of cover up to hide this incident.

After the meeting Coach met with me, and I told Coach that my friend was not a season ticket holder or a booster, as the compliance department had explained in approving my actions in advance. Coach then called my friend. My friend explained to Coach that he wasn’t even aware the car was loaned as he was not on Oahu. He further told Coach he nor his girlfriend were boosters just friends. Coach asked him to pick up the car as he did not want his players driving other people’s cars to avoid even the appearances of any wrongdoing.

This was a good lesson for all of us and a teaching opportunity for Coach Gib. Years later I was questioned about this incident by our compliance officer Amanda Paterson and the NCAA. After the meeting, I asked Amanda if this was a problem. She specifically told me that this was not a violation and I should not worry. Never In my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that my University, the school my team mates and I so proudly represented over the years would fire my coach and take away our hard earned victories to serve their own agenda. This is wrong! As I told Coach Gib, one of the greatest lessons I learned from him while playing for The University Hawaii was about Ohana and how in Hawaii we support our family. In this situation I’m saddened that The University of Hawaii Administration has not supported us and has made this decision that has negatively affected the lives of so many student-athletes and coaches who worked extremely hard for the people of Hawaii and its University.

Aloha nui loa,

Davis Rozitis


  1. Thanks Dave. Well Said!

  2. Battle of UH MANOA and taking them to task, whether whose side we are on, their IS AN AGENDA..take down what Gib , Benjy, Akana, Davis, Fotu, Christian, Spearman, and this year’s team did.

    Reap what the have sown.. for a very, very smart, guy, ,high academics, grad student, and problem Resolution major, to come out PUBLIC.. get ready folks.. the Battle line has been drawn.

    I have been patient too.. WHEN oh When would the athletes, who involved in accusation or misrepresented, whoudl speak up.. DAVIS.. the get from Latvia by Gib to USC then UH Manoa.. First man up.. And we ALL know.. Daivs is a stand up honest guy. !

    We just want things to be straight.. Go for it Davis, hope Fotu, Akana, Spearman, whomever, start following his lead, not scared. and set matters straight with Public, the ones against the 5 year past coaching regime, and UH admin, and ncaa.. That is All I want. this thing is horrible..Amanda let things go for years.. Then She, or Power or President, or Chancellor, Nails along with NCAA investigator, Gib and his program and team

    Now time for PONO.. get to truth, and Reversal, reap what they sow, UH admin, AD and powers that be that hurt a lot of team members their families, and fans.. who loved the last 5 years..

    MAHALO DAVIS.. go for it.. get things PONO.. right, ..UH has to get right too, not mandated, hit masters..

    Team of Gib, and staff.. get records together, and go for it.. fight for your REPUTATION..
    and fans.. .. This is ONLY the Beginnining.. !!
    Just make things better… no need trash Davis, Gib, Akana, Fotu and the rest,, not Pono at all

    Thanks Dayton, for posting the writeup.. THIS IS HUGE NEWS !!

  3. anderpops:

    AMEN.. Davis , IS A REAL MAN.. Will get this thing straightened out.. I am sure. UH Admin, and counsel, are scrambling for counter .. Watch one by one, ones come forward set matters, straight, never thought Davis or Fotu or Akana,. or Gib were major felons. and misrepresented. and Davis naming a Name.. wow .. Davis well said !!

  4. “and now we begin to hear the rest of the story!”

    Davis…so well said!!

    Although it may be too late to change the minds of Public Opinion, I believe that those who follow this site do recognize Your Voice and to hear your side of it means a lot.

    What we hear and is leaked to the SA by Captain Bley and his underlings has already poisoned the drink. I, We, thank you for you input and I would not be surprised that this is only the first of many insights to what really happened.

    Captain Bley needs to be fired WITH CAUSE!


    we been waiting.. what the heck went down, Gib remained silent, for long time, NOW for Davis, and That guy is the Poster BB student athlete, spent 5 years under Gib, and LOVES Hawaii, I don’t know how he feels about Bley, Lassner, BOR, and the Power, Amanda. man this opens up a lot.. Davis, saying basically.. this Agenda, threw the past 5 years. of coaches and team members under the bus? Why, I gather, because, whatever SOS, who cares, this group over 5 years, with Benjy/ Gib as coaches, and Davis and other great guys hard working student athletes that made excitement come back to SSC.. they WON near 100 games.. 94 to be exact over 5 years. and last year, 22 games, and so agonizingly close to win and NCAA appearance, which , I bet, NO.. just my opinon. maybe certain ones Did Not Want them to win..

  6. I would like to see Davis take this to the NCAA hearing and explain his side. Maybe this may help soften the blow and the sanctions wouldn’t be too severe.
    Of course, the situation with Gib and his termination as a coach cannot be overturned but if Gib was clear of wrong doing, its only fair that his name is cleared and will be able to coach another team again.
    There are other stuff that Gib have done that is probably not subject to interpretation…like his practicing lasting too long, not being forthcoming or let DOO do coaching.

  7. Captain
    Bley? or Black? just irritates me, for ones in power to take advantage, to do damage to ones personally.. it Hurst Spearman too, he mentioned it.. and Shamburger, Christian, Dyrbe, Garrett, Fotu, etc.. we seen the Beach Battle Beach King, the guys so locked into Hawaii culture, and love for Hawaii and University.. hope their is resolution.. This letter will go viral..

  8. kahuna:

    I think the practice things, more manini, … Yes truth will come out, Gib and his team, and he collecting his witnesses, I bet current and past staff and team members.. the agenda of Gib counsel I believe, challenge, and correct, battle every or about every accusation..
    This puts the Eran era on hold.. really.. have to clear this up .. sure we did not like some X and O or style of coaching from bench at times by GA, however.. the agenda, to foul up him and The Team..Gib go get em.. and Team be Real Warriors.. fight for right, your names, and the vicotories, you all won.. UH wants to vacate them.. either that, .. or what if, what if.. NCAA comes down hard on UHadmin, or get counsel, to find collusion? wow.. Reversal, and that would be nice, Gib and Benjy back in the saddle, .. don’t think will happen, however that would be REAL PONO.. true justice.. kahuna, think what you might, no coach, not even Wooden, Rupp, Calapari, or Coach K, or Roy Williams, are not guilty of minor DOBA stuff and practice extended. cover up? how do we know.. unless, the guys they questioned, can counter , and blow away the ncaa guys ?

  9. I have always wondered why the UH Admin has not backed Coach Gib.

    Could it be that after they discovered their own mistake in his employment contract that upon termination he would receive a cumulative amount of what he had earned to date?

    Kinda makes you wonder…talk about a cover up. I wonder how high up this went.

    Fire Captain Bley With Cause.

  10. Davis Rozitis is the GREATEST !
    That’s for this statement.

    … And if you think we forgot the contributions to the website, Mahalo again for all those !

    Go Bows !!

  11. Well…Gib’s hired was by the previous regime and had different people in power at the time. Maybe this group doesn’t like Gib much and do have the right to NOT back him if they don’t want to. Doesn’t mean they can deny him his money or what he is due but the fact that the new regime on upper campus does not like Gib is not something unprecedented.

    Look at what USC did to their Men’s volleyball coach. The let him go after they went to the final four of the MSPF and also beat #1 Irvine. Pat Haden just wanted to go in another direction so they let Bill Ferguson go. Nothing wrong with that.

    As much as I like Gib as a coach, I sometimes think he was a little bit too arrogant and maybe the new administration is not fond of him. Sometime arrogant people push the line too far and get some administrators nervous. I think Gib is that way.

  12. I meant to say “almost beat #1 Irvine” instead of ALSO.


    You have been called out by Davis…what say you girl?

    We all know what it means to be to be employed by UH…CYA.

    Why play on a field that is filled with poison? Free your conscience and soul and just tell the truth…the truth will set you free!

    Fire Captain Bley

  14. I (Personally) Would NOT Call Out AP
    (I’m O.K. that Davis with the Facts he Knows to be True, Does…)

    I SUSPECT She (Eventually) Began FOLLOWING ORDERS
    So that UH ADMIN’S “STORY” Would FIT The NCAA’s

    Sometimes IT SEEMS Easier to BE A Sheep
    and Follow the Company Line
    BUT TRUTH Always Smells Cleaner and Rings Louder
    For Those Who Listen with Open Hearts and Minds

    ONE Of My Smartest Early-Career Guides Taught Me:
    “Never Take a Job you cannot Quit To Do The RIGHT Thing…”
    He Was The-Most By-The-Book Guy i have ever worked with….

    THIS IS PART of WHY The NCAA So Often LOSES in Court
    Those “In Power” FAIL to Listen
    FAIL To Recognize ‘Truth’
    AND WORST, FAIL To Serve Their Constituents:
    The Student-Athletes (and i think Coaches, but since many get rich anyway it’s harder to feel for them, unless they are “Wronged” as is Highly Likely in this case as Good as The Hearts of This Staff Are (Brandyn, you kidding me?) YOU Cannot WORK As Hard as they do without their Hearts Fully In It… SMART, Talented Players like we have been fortunate to have CAN Follow Any One they want… EX: Davis, Spearman, Nevels, Janks…etc…

    THIS FORUM — Thank You, Dayton
    Better than Ever —
    I Wonder IF Others, Will Publish DAVIS’s Truth (OR Version of Truth)…


  15. “Double, Double, Toil and Trouble.
    Fire Burn and the Cauldron Bubble.” As heard from upper campus trying to get ahead of this.

    Amanda, ck. Need to get SA involved to hush this story. ck. Let it be known that NO ONE at UH knew anything about Gib’s cumulative payoff upon termination until after he was fired. ck.

    Yes…thank you Dayton for this site…we all need to forward Davis’ words.

    Fire, (Recirculate), Captain Bley.

  16. Here are some items from the violations report. The 3rd item, i assume, is documentation of the booster’s contributions. There are about 8 interviews of student-athletes and four of them allegedly said they were told by Gib not to discuss the matter with anyone.

    FI40: May 7, 2014 – Interview transcript of Scott Fisher (Fisher), then assistant men’s basketball coach. This includes, but is not limited to, Fisher’s statements that (1) ______ told him he was driving ____Porsche; (2) he reported the matter to Benjy Taylor (Taylor), assistant men’s basketball coach; (3) Taylor said _____ driving the vehicle was an NCAA rules violation; and (4) the men’s basketball staff instructed ______to stop driving the vehicle.

    FI44: June 10, 2014 – Interview transcript of Taylor. This includes, but is not limited to, Taylor’s statements that (1) Arnold and the men’s basketball staff learned _____was driving a booster’s vehicle; (2) Arnold instructed _______ to return it and admonished him not to accept such things; and (3) he believed the issue could have been an NCAA rules violation.

    FI52: Documentation regarding ______ financial contributions to the institution’s athletics program.

  17. hmmm… “documentation regarding __ financial contributions to the institution’s athletics program.” This is troubling. But wouldn’t this be the due diligence of the compliance dept. Really the whole institution. But maybe we are getting ahead of ourselves. Does that documentation say, “no financial contributions were made”?
    Seems like we would be still out of the loop. But Davis says to the effect, at least in this case, “…they were not a contributor.” Do student fees count ? Is that what this is all about?

  18. UH is really a s8hip without rudder..islandman , could be collusion? Power , ncaa, against Gib and program?
    This thing. stinks from beginning.
    Davis is the go to guy, Conflict Resolution major..

    Lassner? Bley Vroman? BOR?
    AMANDA..yes, just tell the truth.
    DAVIS got you in a misleading not pono situation
    Isaac F. When you ready.
    give em heck..
    UH retain chow and blow off winning program
    islandman no wonder Gib willing to fight everything..he and Davis and others
    will get resolution..or at the least take down this weird overthrow of Gib /Benjy program and usher in so far unproven Eran

    Feel sorry for families of team..however ohana of team..if your sons have case support them, do not be afraid of uhadmin agenda..truth pono more important
    Davis, Garrett, Spearman know was supposed to be ALOHA UH?

  19. Why Davis Neva speak up earlier ? Coulda spoke up to the media. He was already out of UH.

  20. Probably under counsel
    …main thing backseat..p…po…uhadmin going have battle..
    high character? Just opposite , no character..no aloha!!

    More team guys speakup !!
    Take down high character veneer of UH
    summer camps?
    Wonder why more uh mbb team guys help?
    They getting ready!!

  21. Maybe not a booster ?

    ” … Bickerton said, “There is no evidence that she is a booster, so no violation occurred. Moreover Brian Uy’s own alleged booster status comes from him having once bought two $100 tickets to a UH dinner, where the net charitable contribution was $30 per ticket after deducting for the food, beverage and services. Even more significantly, the $60 donation was to the University of Hawaii Foundation, not to the athletic department. Thus he was not a booster either. The UH is throwing away all of the wins of Davis Rozitis, Scholar-Athlete of the Year, based on their own mistake of not actually studying the evidence. Given their past errors this is hardly surprising, but nevertheless disappointing.” ( SA 5/18/15)

  22. Davis response letter covers most serious allegations..Coach telling guys coverup..no..
    booster loan car..nope..
    Amanda on top of everything ..nope..
    do not trust bley..
    how can UH fans be united with buyouts, poorly written or not signed contracts and wonder blunders..
    Davis strongest language “agenda” set Gib and his team, program to fail..punish them

    If I see Eran and staff, I will not congrtulate them
    they are part or horrible coup..Eran/ Riley take back UH MBB..
    young ones..go to another school, one not poltical assasination and defamation of character

  23. can davis and friend show proof of plane ticket and which car he borrowed?

  24. and now with future recruits….they won’t wanna come here

  25. hawaiianfan09..seems like coverup..huge political, unethical conduct

    You are right …good recruits, and their families..red flag…UH does this to their own staff and student athletes

    Why come here?
    With COA stipends, they go best and safest schools..

  26. Always respected Kanoa’s input
    says this letter puts Gib situation in different light view
    wonder what DR , FL will spin?

  27. There are many sides to a story. Very interesting story from Davis.

  28. What about the permissible and impermissible evaluations ? Sample: On-Campus Evaluations—Basketball. In basketball, an institution may conduct an evaluation
    of a prospective student-athlete on its campus or at a site at which it normally conducts practice or competition,
    under the following conditions: (Adopted: 1/14/12, Revised: 1/19/13)
    (a) For a high school or preparatory school senior, the evaluation may be conducted only after the conclusion
    of the prospective student-athlete’s season and after he or she has exhausted high school or preparatory
    school eligibility in basketball;
    e. Between September 21 and 22, 2012, Arnold conducted an impermissible on-campus evaluation of _____ ______( then men’s basketball prospect, when he and other men’s basketball staff members evaluated _______during a basketball scrimmage. At the time of the evaluation, ________had not exhausted his high school basketball eligibility. Additionally, Arnold required then men’s basketball student-athletes to play in the scrimmage but did not record the time associated with the activity in the men’s basketball CARA logs. [NCAA Bylaws, and (2012-13)]

  29. This should be immediately forwarded to the NCAA and UH.

    Was Davis not interviewed by the NCAA during the investigation? Why didn’t Davis release this statement last year?

    I read the NCAA investigation and it seems that Gib committed a lot of infractions, even per his former coaching staff and players.

  30. Tavs, i think this is Rozitis here:

    FI35: April 28, 2014 – Interview transcript of ______. This includes, but is not limited to, ________statements that (1) he borrowed _____ 2004 Porsche Cayenne for approximately two days; (2) Arnold learned he had the vehicle and said he was not allowed to drive it; and (3) Arnold addressed the men’s basketball team about the issue.
    ( _______TR_042814_Hawaii_00202)

  31. Would not expect anything else from Davis or the gaggle of Gib lovers still out there. We shall see what happens when NCAA meeting takes place. And Backbeat, “what say you GIRL”? Sounds like a question from a BOY. UHF1, a “coup”??? Get a grip man! This ain’t some kind of CIA spy thriller. Turn off ur tv, take ur meds, and get a good night sleep. I don’t think Eran gives a rat’s a$$ whether you ever congratulate him or not. Altogether now, Gib fans, “Gib is Good”, “UH Bad”. New moniker for uhf1, GAF1, gibarnoldfanzonly1. And that’s a fact jack!

  32. I remember a time a few years ago now that the entire state of Hawaii walked around feeling so proud of themselves. UH Logo shirts and hats were flying off the shelves. We were just one of two teams in the nation whose football program went undefeated. Hawaii was the little train that could.

    We all heard from friends and family from the mainland who wished us well, were in the national sports news and the entire state awoke each day with such a sense of pride…and then what happened?

    I am a fan of UH sports and most of the people who take the time read or even respond on this website are too.

    Who would you believe: The UH Admin or Davis Rozitis? If it is Davis, then why would this simple part of the allegations be so corrupted. Could it be that the Admin is trying protect themselves and if they are doing that, are they actually giving into the NCAA without a fight just to protect their wrong doings? If they are doing that, then why in the HELL do they have a job there. They are not doing what guardians of our only Division 1 school is supposed to do to protect and promote our sports programs.

    Sex and Scandals sells papers…I challenge the news media to get to the bottom of this…better strap yourself in Mr. Portnoy, as a Reject you have to be a part of this.

  33. Holy sheet! I am just reading this now and can’t believe that none of this came out before. There were so many “rumors” out there it was hard to believe what was true and what was not. I am so glad a player finally came forward to give a different story to what we all been seeing in the papers.

    As TAVS and others have said, this really needs to be seen and heard by the NCAA. I hope and pray this gives other players the lead to share information now.

    Davis, AKA DaBeast, you have shown much courage by coming forward like this. Mahalo, mahalo, mahalo Davis!


    Hey , more than you think, not a half dozen or so here or other forums agree, UH Admin has morphed into agenda driven, self serving, insider dealing, not even knowing how to manage academic and athletic entity.
    A lot of those read periodicals and blogs yet do not chime in, are disgusted.

    Hawaii News Now, KHON always investigating, quiet but effective do not get involved governor, better get involved.
    I am peeved, …so evident this ncaa manhut, and UH not backing up Gib and team..really no aloha..
    no way do thousands believe Brandyn, Davis, Isaac Fotu are criminal. .or knowingly want to ruin mbb that was just getting started
    I cannot give support to admin, and their handpicked mbb staff, whom bypassed Benjy..
    remember in November when Benjy accepted interim HC job? He was told UH would fight for mbb?
    Well, they were not concerned with Davis were they?
    hope it comes back in spades to BOR, JP, JW, bley, lassner
    they get justice served
    what 2, 3 or no star bb star wants part of this?
    Watch, this Davis letter will go national..
    UH never learns..
    hope Gib and whole team past 5 years gets cleared..even restored, compensated

  35. Da Beast ! Goes National !
    Too Good.
    Go Bows !

  36. Eagle, UHfanzonly1

    From Davis statement it appears that what you were saying all along was true—that Gib and company got thrown under the bus. And kahuna you too are correct in saying that Gib might have been a bit too arrogant for some people. That’s why if they don’t like you they fire you with no cause irregardless of your achievements. That’s why they invented this absurd contract for ATP employees—so they can fire them if you don’t salute them. And that’s why they want to do away with Civil Service workers because they need JUST cause to fire them. If you never worked for the university you probably have no clue (or won’t believe) as to the inner workings of this imperialist dictatorship. The public, via high paid directors, assistant directors, PR personnel, compliance officers, and other waste of taxpayer money is shown how clean and dignified their hands are. But for those in the know, they will wring your bloody neck like a chicken and flush you down the toilet if you don’t line up in formation.

  37. I think supporters of both sides tend to jump at every little story. I don’t think the average joe can tell what the accurate story is unless they know all of the details. We need to understand all the personal dynamics (who has an agenda) like who might be trying to sink the Gib boat because of being let go or fired. Amanda Patersen-should we believe everything she says or is she covering her behind or following admin orders. If she is doing either, I would be really disappointed Does Davis have a agenda or is he just trying to get his story portrayed accurately? Maybe stories were interpreted incorrectly? (like the Gib just educating his players on do’s and don’ts or trying to cover up?)

    So many instances of misunderstandings to occur or just plain forgetting what happened. It’s like cya but at the last company I worked with, we tried to always have a paper trail by using email. That way everything is documented. Humbug but necessary sometimes.

    I don’t know how the NCAA can determine who to definitely believe. It almost seems like you need to get everyone involved in one room and hash out the situations.

    Let Eran do his job and let’s support him unless we definitely find out he was part of the problem.

  38. BigFan:

    Takes a REAL MAN to step up, and comment first, to get his side of story out. In contradicts UH, and the misleading, well I might as well say it, no Honest statement by Amanda, saying that Everything was Okay, should be No Problem, Then YEARS later, Davis, and All of us were shocked, when Davis, was implicated in major NCAA violation Alleged.

    Read Servante’s above post, what he says sadly is true, the way things are done at UH and within the State system, I should know, I retired from there as well. However when going to school, being alumni, things were different, not that agenda, driven.. This case, definitely, Gib would not go ALL IN.. his whole bank account to battle, and Davis, waited, until right time, Then Had to come out and say something. HE IS ALL IN.. Takes a Real Man, and Davis is…What Gib and Davis need now, More of the guys, not fearing, and that is the thing that is very very bad, retribution by UH on student athletes, their families, or other ways they might get back at them. So .. they might refrain from saying anything.. Wonder why, Isaac Fotu, Sammis Reyes, Negus and whom else might also leave, after this letter.. It Actually Calls out Everyone involved..UH will say No comment, or get together with counsel to figure out how to quell this firestorm. I hope BigFan.. If You have sense of Justice,.. Davis, Gib, and he admitted he made mistakes no angel, however not felony, And other guys and guys step up. I think With Davis taking the lead.. Remember the Scholar of the Year. and Conflict Resolution Major, super smart young man.. The Consciences of others will move them to step up. Just Davis doing so.. Watch, Major impact, or UH try to sweep under the table.. Davis The Real Man.. Really.. Mahalo Davis. We the fans, and taxpayers, who pay those UHadmin people their salaries, even if fed grants, our fed tax monies. we deserve and Gib and Davis, Akana, Fotu, Negus, deserve better, and Spearman too, he is quite sad.. to vacate 37 wins when he played. that is not PONO..

  39. Davis is the Honest Man of legend. Everyone else, NCAA, UH admin, Riley Wallace, Ganot, Portnoy, Wheeler, Reardon, Lewis, Bley Vrooman, Amanda Patterson are all co/conspirators to besmirch the honor of Saint Gib and his apostles. The REAL MEN posting here should organize a massive protest to object to such a dastardly cabal. Of course, that would mean you actually have to stand up and stop hiding behind your keyboard. I say bring back Gib, Benjy and staff now!!! Put gib in charge of UH cuz it is PONO. Fire all administrators and give UHF1 BIG gold star for speaking the truth to power!

  40. Geez, CHILL out….already..

    Don’t believe its honorable to talk stink about people or an organization before or after the end game. Whatever the outcome, someone will have to answer and pay the piper….. let’s leave it at that, the process is running its course.

    What’s happening with Summer League? How many U of H players playing?

  41. Tako – No one playing summer league if up to Uhf1 and others here. They want all players to leave now and let program be damned. As UHF1 says, these people are the “real fans”! Sure and I am the King of England! Agree 100 percent with you. We shall see what happens. Did anyone expect anything different from Davis? Of course not.

  42. Summer League draft is supposed to be on Friday.

  43. Time to shut down this site for summer Valerie Schmidt. Once again mr. Mulitple Personality is overtaking this forum with his repetive anti rants about the program. Paragraph after paragraph if this same ole krap is getting overboard.

  44. Davis deserves courage award. Davis is courageous to stand in the face of unimaginable hatred and seeks justice.

  45. islandman: He used a Porsche Cayenne for moving stuff? This doesn’t normally happen.

  46. Horssssse — someone in wsn mentioned he could have used a Corolla. Don’t know which model he used, but I checked some specs and one comparison says the Cayenne actually has more cargo space than the Corolla. It’s also about 6 times more expensive.

  47. Courageous???!!! Unimaginable hatred???!!! You must be talking about Caitlyn Jenner and not some college bb sub whose main contribution to men’s. BB was making funny little videos for Dayton. Why do you think no comments from Schmidt or Dayton? Maybe an agenda of their own to regain favored status like they had under Gib. Who knows but this airing of proclamations of innocence does nothing but stir the pot. Davis got what he always gets from WI, LOTS of publicity. Good job by Davis. Knows right where to go to get the most mileage in denying wrong doing. Now I wonder if he sent the SAME letter to the NCAA. If not, then WHY NOT? Just want truth to come out.

  48. UHfan, you may be repetitive but you have more information than some of those who may make a mockery of your repetitiveness. You do have some inside information apparently. I myself will speed read through your comments and pick up the interesting information.

    I applaud you because you are one who will stand up for what is right based on your comments made.

  49. Davis= relatively smart. No common sense.

  50. Not an Expert: Yes, exactly why I do it.. the repetition.. remember, Repetition the Mother of Retention. to the Few, and really Only a Few, who question, or mock me, there are thousands, who do not blog comments on SA, or scout, or WI forums, that are disgusted.
    Not an Expert… Whenever I saw, or read, interviewes on this site on the TV news, or peridoicals, I remembered them..one thing stood out Davis Rozitis, , probably the nicest, funniest, love Hawaii Kamaaina now, young man you could meet. Same with Isaac Fotu, very nice young person. Brandyn Akana, and The Arnolds, wife and 5 beautiful kids..when something is not right, We have the right as taxpayers, alumni, and contributors to University, to say, or type comments.. So , I don’t care what the FEW others say, or mock, or change their moniker to mock. just juvenile , that is what they are, just childish.

    However, I hope this gets resolved, Davis, very brave, to challenge UH on this.. I just hope more guys will have the fortitude to come forth too. It will make UH system better, maybe more fair, and take away any vemnon and injustice. Gib’s case, sure, he is not perfect, not the greatest X and O coach, however, I loved his theme for athletes. respect Hawaii, love Hawaii, the islands and its culture people, more so than the Basketball part, that is what sold good recruits on coming to islands.
    no, islandman, tako, mockers etc.. We will keep on commenting until this gets Fixed..People’s lives, their livelihoods, and reputations are involved, for we bloggers, .. our reputations are not.. however we want best for the UH and Especially the student athletes, and NOW their Ohana.. imagine, how they feel..? must be saying, for Davis to come out with his letter, if merited, . oh, oh..our sons are at that University, will they and whomever coaching them be protected, See comments by servante .

  51. I was trying to be sarcastic haha I guess to no avail

  52. JMO: the deed is done. Damage control is happening. The Process is running. Both sides have lawyers and both are taking statements. Davis has made his, public. Not saying don’t comment, just stay away from making judgements, unless you become what you despise.

    However, if anyone thinks that their rants are going to fix anything, have at it. Just saying there a host of people reading this blog; what kind of fuel is being added to the fire, hate, information, forgiveness, a solution……

    A point for reflection, all bloggers when they blog are putting their reputations on the LINE.

    Recently, on YELP, someone wrote negative comments and the business owner filed suit and was awarded monies.

    Share perceived facts…as an example Davis’s statement is his recollection of the incident. What’s needed is more statements collaborating his statement.

    Otherwise, just wanna know how the players are developing and seeing them play up, up in Manoa.

  53. Two weeks until Hawaii College Basketball Summer League (NCAA Mens Basketball) starts.
    “Established in 1976 by Toku Matsuda and Koko Mahukona. The summer league is a developmental program for players, coaches and officials.

    League Director: Pat Tanibe.”

    4 weeks until Summer Session II, if you are waiting to confirm who is coming back.
    (57 days until fall football practice)

  54. tako, I like your level headed comments. Toooo many inflammatory comments sometimes on this blog.

  55. Davis didn’t say that he checked with compliance about the auto, when the NCAA interviewed him ?

  56. BigFan:

    agreed, one thing, if UH admin, did their due diligence, Amanda, BOR, AD, chancellors, and all on board 4 or 5 years, ago, as well as addressed each , really minor NCAA things when they came about, NCAA would not have issued their investigation findings and Allegations.
    It IS NOT DAVIS fault, probably Not even coaches fault, going back to even Nash tenure,..The buck stops at the Top, and not the coach, the UH ADMIN..
    We fans and alumni, sure we want to concentrate ONLY on MBB or sports at UH, however, too, many sideshows.. I think with Davis Rozitis, coming forth and willing to step up.. IT will help UH to become Better, and That is What I , and thousands of other fans and alumni of UH want. PONO UH.

  57. Davis – Thanks for coming out with your statement and hope that many other players will share their experience too.

    UHF1 – From your comments, I take that you were a product of the UH system. Academically and employment. It appears that you also a big fan of UH MBB. It is easy to understand how there may be some animosity and I am sure that there are others who may share some of that too. My big point to you as a fan, I don’t think you should be encouraging players to leave the program. Provide them with more encouragement to continue their careers here despite the Administrative hiccups. Provide them with reasons to stay. Telling them to leave yet being a big fan of program is quite hypocritical. Don’t you think? A real fan would want to build on what we have returning and bring the excitement back to the State of Hawaii. Those days when a UH team was being talked about on ESPN, apparel was flying off the shelves, and the arenas or stadiums were experiencing high levels of attendance. Provide encouragement vs. hemming and hawing.

    Go Bows!

  58. Those of you that believe Gib had violated NCAA rules so be it. Those of you who think not so be it. There is apparently those on this blog with a vested interest in protecting those who may have wrong the basketball program from how you have negated information on Gib, etc., especially still making Davis seem to be guilty because he did not come forward sooner or put his side of the story in his statement with the NCAA. Was he coerced into not doing so?

    As this thing plays out and push comes to shove the truth will prevail. Something about the laws of nature and the human makeup. Sure some will get away with doing illegal things but sooner or later they will get caught. If they don’t living on this planet as a human with lies and doing bad against your fellow man makes life miserable.

  59. DaBoyz808 :

    agreed. Really my comments, years of frustration with UH. And you can see it too. It is up to the student athletes and their Ohana to make decision whether to attend UH or not.
    However, sad, as even servante knows, he a vested one, who knows UH system too, a lot more than I, the goings on., If good people like the coaches families, and the athletes and their friends , families, and their Reputations, and the Hard , hard work they put in to get those 94 wins over 5 years, if even One vacated, it is sad..
    I feel for the guys, and the families of coaches and team, that is bottom line.
    I cannot go on a one man crusade and stop athletes from joining UH athletics, their choice, however, this ncaa thing, it puts a pall on UH. The student athletes are great young people, they work hard, both those current and those who moved on. MBB, really special, because of the Fab Five era, then Henderson Eran, through this Benjy and The Bows year. !

    Go Bows !
    No problem with the athletes, UH Admin, they have work to do, damage control, that is PONO.

  60. Sorry, I don’t think had the Henderson Eran ! that would have been special , 45 years ago.
    Hope UH and parties, will resolve.. things.. get things straight.. maybe sign of the times, things around the world, internationally, locally, .things are really not the best..

    Ideally, All of us would like, UH athletes to come into a University free from a lot of problems.

    Hey, strange as it may seem? I am a Football UH FIRST fan, however, since JJ and Mack left, and the Norm Chow deal, gets more discouraging, I hope FB team does well, the coaches and athletes work very hard too.
    PONO UH, that is all I am saying !

  61. Handling of Fotu’s case in another blunder by the administrators. This also needs to be looked into. Mr. Fotu come forward with your side of the story for the sake of your ohana and those of your basketball brothers and your former coach.

  62. Reading the NCAA report, it looks like that Fotu eventually told the truth, i think ( on Oct 17, 2014), that he took possession of an iPad from the Akana family in Dec. of 2012. That he had use of the device until the spring of 2014, when he took it to an Apple store because the screen was broken and then purchased a replacement iPad because the Akana family iPad was irreparable.

    In the ESPN 30 for 30 show on the Michigan Fab Five, Jalen Rose said he told the truth to investigators, but that Chris Webber didn’t.

    “The NCAA ultimately faulted Fisher for allowing Martin access to his players (though his ties to Michigan dated to the Frieder era), but otherwise cleared him of wrongdoing.” (wikipedia)

    Fisher was cleared of wrongdoing, but Michigan vacated two 1992 final four games and also the 92-93, 95-96 and 96-97 seasons as three other players after the Fab Five were involved. Fisher was fired a week before practice began for the 1997-98 season.

  63. I am a product of the UH system too. I have supported the MBB for over 10 years and will continue to do so for the love of the sport, the excitement that is brought to the SSC, watching our players play their hearts out, winning games, and be proud of our program regardless who the coach is.

    Let’s see how this entire NCAA situation will end, but it won’t change the coaching arrangement that we have. If GA is found to be free of those allegations or some of them, then UH will need to settle with him and Coach Ganot will still be our coach. Coach Ganot is smarter then to step into a situation that will not be a good one for him, the players, the program, and the people of Hawaii. The NCAA will need to evaluate the recommended sanctions and see what would be appropriate. depending on the outcome. It’s not his (EG) fault that we are in the current situation that we are in and for someone to get up and leave what he had at St. Marys, does say a lot about him. He has the desire and commitment for a winning program.

    How many of you will be giving up your season tickets? Not many, I’ll bet. There are many people, despite our current situation, that don’t have season tickets that will be buying some or will be attending many more games this coming season. A winning season and watch what happens….

    Coach, bring in some more recruits that will only solidify our current team. A BIG or 2 will make us that much more in better position to win the Big West next season.

    Current players – don’t let these distractions steer you away from the program. Follow your dream of playing for the State of Hawaii and the UH MBB program.

    Here’s an idea – let’s think of how we can provide our players with meals during the summer school session and throughout the season. By the time they are finished with studies, practice and things, it is quite late and proper nutrition will be a plus for the players. Some of us most know of business owners who would provide for our team. At least a portion of it.

    If we want to continue the winning tradition, keep the players that we have, or entice other new players to a winning program. Lets step up to the plate. We would do it if Gib was here, so why not for EG?

    Matlin is stepping up and looking into stipends for the players of all UH athletics. Definitely a step in the right direction.

    Let’s get on it.

    Go Bows!

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