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Bobbitt tops final stat list for steals


It’s official, Roderick Bobbitt finishes the 2014-15 season as the NCAA Division I leader in total steals.

The 6-foot-3 point guard completed his junior season with the University of Hawai’i basketball team with 100 steals. The NCAA season was completed on Monday, when Duke defeated Wisconsin for the national championship.

Bobbitt’s 100 steals was one more than CoreyWalden of Eastern Kentucky. Walden finished the season as the national leader in steals per game at 3.1. Bobbitt finished third in steals per game at 2.9.

Bobbitt is believed to be the first player in UH basketball history to lead the nation in any statistical category for a season.

Bobbitt’s 10 steals against Hawai’i-Hilo on November 19 was a season-high for any player in NCAA Division I.

2014-15 NCAA Division I Total Steals
1, Roderick Bobbitt (Hawai’i) 100
2, Corey Walden (Eastern Kentucky) 99
3, Gary Payton II (Oregon State) 95
4, Kris Dunn (Providence) 90
5, Kevin Hardy (McNeese State) 85


  1. Congratulations Rod!!
    Historic record..and next year you get more triple doubles
    however, like whole team, personal stas second to wins and ncaa bid..

    Rod see if can keep team strong together, and whomever coach, support them..if can
    Dayton benjy accept his Hugh Durham mid season coaching award?

    Eagle..hope whole team, program intact..

  2. Congratulations, Rod!

    Captain, Do Your Best
    To Keep Your Team together…
    Inspire them to Even Greater Defense….

    Up Your Three Percentage
    Then Lead Your Team More Ways
    to even more success!

    Have an Awesome Senior Season!
    (We’ll be along for the Ride)
    Go ‘Bows!

  3. Congrats to Bobbitt. I didn’t realize that Gary Payton’s son was third in the nation. Bobbitt probably caught his attention then started to pay attention to Rainbow basketball.

  4. This is a subject referring only to Rod B. Congrats to him on great defense.

  5. …and G. Payton SR liked what he saw, enough to join OUR Banquet …

    GREAT TEAM Defense, NO Less

  6. Looks like the coaching search scared off Pope. BM says he has decommitted.

  7. PONO.. that is a bummer.. because..not knowing coaching hire..

    well, hope they know now, importance of getting things done, with urgency.. right way, right person, however, with urgency, could lose out on some guys this spring.. Now,. have to get those Bigs, even 2 star. any star, a need.

  8. Interesting just my observation, the bigs, 6’9″ to 7’0″ in final four and championship game, they are very athletic, and can move.. not back to basket strictly, like Janks, yet stronger.. Jankovich, could be real good one, along with Fleming, Bobbitt, Smith, Niko Dyrbe in backcourt, having 6’11” guy can step out to hit threes, or drive to bucket.. that is a skilled big.. Jovanovich,.. he work getting stronger and lateral, vert quickness, a Very good Big Big.

    and congrats to Whole team, just enjoyed all out effort on defense..

    Man oh man, losing Pope that hurts.. however Rod and Team, first things first before honors.. do well super well this semester.. key.. then MBB move forward

  9. I think we are comparing apples and oranges here. Duke had high school all Americans and their big guys Okafor and Winslow are top 10 picks. Kaminsky was the national player of the year and Dekker is also a first round NBA guy. UH would be lucky to get a good rebounder or defender in the post. Well rounded post players are sucked up by the blue blood programs.

  10. PONO.
    . have to get those under radar, 2 star, even overseas bigs… not the top 100 in USA..
    Jovanovich big, physical with good shooting touch inside and good FT shooter. Jankovich, all around skillset, like Kaminsky, however that guy, is Player of the Year.. Like AC Carter who made himself into a good PG and defensive NBA guard for about 14 years.
    Senque, if only had time to develop the guys on team. And maybe a Bigs coach to develop the Bigs. or another, big, under radar guy.

    Will we ever know? How Benjy Que, Brad and Brandon, could have done if here for 3 more years?
    Getting really, iffy.. we don’t know.. New Coach, new direction, fast or slow, or combination.. can they deal with sanctions, even limit to scholies, and practice recruiting windows, similar to St Marys if any handed or self imposed.. Limits a brand new coach and staff, if they are Thinking they going to get 3 and 4 star, bigs, and athletes to come to Hawaii..Benjy, think what ones might. he and staff and team.. at least they know the system. PONO you are right, ,I don’t think UH will ever be ASU or Arizona St.,maybe, St Marys or , Butler, maybe Gonzaga, still takes monies..and great backing.. of admin.

  11. I’m reading Pope de-committed and why it’s o late and not reported here.

    Ahhh, Mahalo to UHAdmin., It never fails and I shouldn’t be one bit surprised. Great!

  12. probably got word benjy not going be the coach

  13. Dave’s was supposed to be back in town today. No News is Bad News

  14. It is sad that Pope de-committed. At the same time, any recruit has to WANT to come to Hawaii and play B-ball. Any coaching situation is tenuous at best even if you are coaching at
    Duke, Kentucky, U-Conn, Louisville, if you are NOT winning, etc…

    We need a QUALITY coach in ALL aspects of OUR program. When we do….. all current players will stay and quality recruits will come.

    IMO if we get players here that are only drawn by a “coach,” we’ll be trouble. A part of the draw has to be the “mystic and allure” of Hawaii.

    Hoping we get a coach “like” Shoji that has been able to keep a program relevant going on 40+ years and able to DEVELOP players. Marcus M. recommends that we all dream BIG….

  15. Players come and commit and de commit coaches are hired and fired and leave on their own for greener pastures That’s life Change is always happening. Adapt Again Bobbit had a good year looking for bigger and better from him next year.

  16. no doubt about that. Need I mention Nash. Same strategy as June Jones, we want players who want to play for Hawaii. You need not apply if you don’t want to play for the Warriors. I mean, that goes without saying. lol, CRAZY but he took UHfb to the promised Land!

  17. It’s strange that Pope changed his mind. He had player friends here. But now that the administration is taking their time in choosing a coach he probably got wet feet. It’s a loss but not as great as losing a 6’10 athletic wide body. Each day passing the noose gets ever so tighter around the new coach’s neck. And before you know it he’s hung up to dry as far as recruiting is concerned. But the administration goes about their merry way asking candidates thousands of daffy questions such as have you ever stolen anything or lied in you life? Suffice it to say the new coach needs to be squeaky clean in more places than just behind the ears. Then the 1001 question starts off with can you coach basketball?

  18. servante good question, from BM blog, the OTHER clean candidates, they are hopefully bright enough, even if former UH assistants or players…. UH Is not and never will be UCLA, or Kentucky, Louisville, even at this point Gonzaga, Butler or Wichita St. AND the Question they asking Matlin, what about your response to ncaa, what if any are self imposed penalties and sanctions. .You tell me, would Eran Ganot, who had to sit through 4 year ncaa probation with Randy Bennett, would not be careful taking job,? Phil Handy, has secure job in NBA, is he willing to face the constant Noise, and Admin fumbling, and bumbling? Kyle Smith, leave Columbia, prominent educational institution, to play in leaky old Practice gyms ! and II and be subject to our Forum scrutiny

    If Benjy not made coach, and unless otherwise, with Pope decommitt, something is up maybe by Friday, what happens to Benjy his staff, Jamie Smith and team and program? go backwards.
    heard Animals, some call Bobby, Brian’s blog, must be about 85 % or more, out of callers bloggers, support, or at least say give Benjy 2 year deal for continuity, and I know it IS not our bloggers, they know their stuff, almost sound like boosters, season ticket holders.. if they get ticked off, just wait so long and making this drawn out, and recruits, not willing to touch UH with 10 foot pole for 4 years, or whatever.. we blame, you got it, an AD who is not even officially an AD and Matlin..

    Why spoil a good thing, unless coach or coaches are felons, I mean, make mistakes, however, why make Benjy go through the circus.. that really hurts and is Not first Class, If I were Handy, Kyle Smith and Eran, I would say, if Matlin you can assure me and my staff and team, full support and no behind the scenes things…upfront honest, maybe.. However, as I counted about 50 callers to several talk shows.. 49 out of the 50 say just give Benjy a chance. the way it looks, for the loyalty, and I hope Matlin and Bley Vroman change their minds, . keep Benjy in some capacity as HC or continued Assistant with Que, Brad and Brandon. man they dedicated a whole lifetime of stress and the Team and their Ohana, for Admin.. don’t they owe them a reward for this season? keep team together.. If Benjy not hired, I want to hear what he has to say.. the Reason WHY he was not made Coach.. bet UH admin will try to gag him

  19. sorry forum.. just had to get that off my chest.. I feel really sorry for Benjy , the team, his staff and the families..Like, Admin, just does not care , at all.. ..

    Next season, I guess I follow, what ? UH Hilo?

  20. Maybe Pope is decommitting because his friends here are leaving. I hope not. He said it’s something beyond his control on his twitter.

    Or maybe he changes his mind a lot. I thought I read an article that seem to indicate he had a lot of mind changing out of high school.

  21. A conspiracy of sort.

    NCAA tells the UH higher up to let go of Arnold. Put Fotu on suspension. We will allow you some continuity in having Taylor be the interim HC. However you are not to hire him for a period longer than 1 year. Due to our findings it would be in UH’s best interest to not rehire Taylor due to his connection to the prior coaching staff. This action will be sort of being a sanction due to it hindering recruiting. However after all is said and done we will have UH lose only 2 scholarships this coming season 2015 to 2016 and some other manini sanctions like practice time and recruiting visits.

    Could it be a very well orchestrated conspiracy?

    Maybe not but this process of UH and the NCAA seems fishy and as time goes on one day those who got “smelled” from these 2 organizations will have their day in court.

  22. Apologies to Bobbit using your article of acknowledgement. Congratulations on a good season. I believe you will have a great senior year and if your playmaking ability can be shown that may help you get a ticket to the pros like our past great guard by the name of Anthony Carter.

  23. Not an Expert: You know the 3 contacted finalists, Ganot, Smith and Benjy all no comment, the gag order, and they are being interviewed by a guy not even official AD yet. Heck Ben Jay and Chancellor if wanted stability, and I really do not think Benjy implicated in any ncaa wrongdoing, just read the letter. Gib, Akana, and Fotu, part of alleged infractions.

    Not an Expert, it would be almost comical, pitiful, if Gib, Akana, Fotu and Benjy just HAVE their Day in Court, and launch a class action suit. I don’t think they will , however UH admin track record, Matlin, must be getting major ulcers, and should have listened to inner voice, saying.. DO NOT TAKE UH AD JOB.. it is a killer, real burnout job.. ask Ben Jay and Jim Donovan.

    Weird. Maybe this Friday, if they announce Kyle Smith or Eran Ganot, real possibility.. a LOT of young and old fans, will be upset.. If No Explanation why Benjy did not get job

    Or Not An Expert, what if Benjy , what he says is true, JUST LET THE process take place, be patient, and He is the New permanent HC, I would jump for joy.. Team continuity.. does new AD and Chancellor, remember, NBA, MLB and other sports after success, breaking up teams, by trading guys.. Keep the winning train MBB, all the hard work, and sweat, and the guys having to read our blogs, and listen to radio, and other venom.. I really feel sorry for them..they do not, and coach Taylor does not deserve added stress and dirt.. Just hope, though it does not look good that Benjy retained, OR Eran and Kyle are smart and offer Benjy and Senque, major assistant jobs, although, they might be looking last week already ..

    Wish that, that dream of mine comes true, Friday. Benjy Taylor new Head Coach 3 year deal.
    with UH admin, and no experience in hiring BB coach.. maybe not..

  24. as some other mentioned. You want players who plays for the school and not he coach. Next

  25. For discussion,if not Taylor, which one would you like Kyle Smith or Ganot ?

    Smith has experience as a Div I coach; i think Ganot has a realistic idea of what it takes to be a Hawaii basketball coach.


    Retain Some on Staff
    At Least One or Two for Continuity? OR Consider ‘Guilty by Association’?

    To Be Fair to NEW Staff
    Gotta Give ‘Em a Chance
    What CAN they turn up for THIS Recruiting Season?
    (OR Has Bley-Vroman Already Blown It?
    AND Hired a puppet?)

    New Coach ‘Share his Vision’
    Retain 60-80% of Players? [5, 6, 7?]
    Typical “Talk” ‘Bout Up-Tempo Offenses
    And Slow it Down (Only Reggie Theus Types Really Run & Gun)
    Defense ‘Should Be’ Intense for One Season (Rod-Driven)
    Then Typical Up and Down, Game-by-Game

    Get Excited ‘Bout Two, One and No-Star Recruits?
    [Jovanovic-Project 2-Years, 4-5 ppg Versus Jankovic 10-15 ppg 1st Yr]
    Develop ‘Em ‘cos Can’t Recruit All-Skills AND Size Players]
    One More Player-Short Season
    Until a B-Money Person shows up
    Still NO Money, Declining Facilities,
    ‘Second or Third 65’ (#120 to 200?) Mid-Major Mediocrity?

    OR Something Significantly Better?
    EARLY (1-2 Year) Indicators?
    WILL We Have a Coach that CAN Even Challenge for Top Three BWC? (Versus Middle-of-the-Pack)
    Without Playing Small or SLOW-Ball?
    AND “Chase Championships” (SIC)
    OR Get US An Invitation into WCC / MWC ?

    One to Three Years?
    Which ONE?
    I HOPE it Does Matter
    AND They Make The Right

    GO ‘BOWS!
    [Asking TOO Much?…]

  27. A cursory look showed that Columbia uses or used ugly ball offense, a delaying type one. However, Smith came from St Mary’s and don’t know what they used when he was there as an assistant. Maybe he uses the ugly ball to fit his personnel.

    St Mary’s, where Ganot is Assoc. Head Coach, uses rotating pick and roll or something like that.

    Someone can look into their defenses .

  28. islandman…… just being objective, as much as possible.. okay, these 11 guys that played this year, not counting Jawato, because of back injury..their whole scheme , uptempo.. pressure D and turn that into transition Offense, score as quickly as possible. This year, Benjy Senque, Brad and Brandon, were going to instill the half court, Better sets.. they Knew they had to improve in half court , on both O and D, on D have the Big to protect the paint, that is why recruiting that Big so important,.. and 3 ball shooters. when they would constantly be going against Zones.

    Now, I think, it might be one, two, maybe three? I am just thinking.. that could go pro, or go back home.. why? The system, the Ganot, , Smith, which is more the Utah old Flex motion, or motion , passing game variation, which is good if Your Athletes are that type.. when Savo, bunch, they high BB smarts for half court, Savo, English, Puida, even Campbell, Burneika, Mike McIntyre, could knock down the 3 ball, when open..that 27 game winning team, the last to go to NCAA’s, they ran that Flex to perfection, however, they were not the lithe, fast, high vert, lengthy athletes, that UH has now.. I am just guessing.. just my opinion.. Would theses possible 7 guys , who saw major minutes.. buy into a slow down game? We Know Rod wants to get up and down, Fleming too, MT, AV, they are ready to run….and in off season, develop better, more consistent 3 point shooting.. NWC, and Janks,..they will be better 3 ball shooters, NWC 41% , that is very good 3 ball shooting. however, will They Buy into a Princeton, or Flex motion, passing game offense?
    I don’t know, usually if New Coach, remember with Nash and Gib, they had team run gym with guys and see who fits their system.. going to be really a test for guys coming back… and can a New Coach, he would have to bring in the St Marys and Columbia type.. sounds like Riley Savo years type athletes.. not as exciting,.. however we shall see. I feel Horrible for Benjy if he is not named HC.. he will handle with class. how he held it together. without getting sick.. UH NO compassion at all, No loyalty.. I kind of hope SSC attendance numbers will go down.. just so fans.. can show they are upset with change..

  29. Pocho…. sometimes it IS THE COACH.. i.e. Gib , so Sammis and Fotu leave.. no Gib here,
    Coach K. and Coach Wooden, when started to really win.. all those elite athletes want to play for Coach K. whether at Duke or he is at Wake Forest..

    Hate to watch the Football program, love the kids.. they are busting their butts.. they have killer schedule.. and what if Norm only wins 4 or 5 games? what chancellor/AD going to do.. ? guaranteed. they will let Norm finish his 5th year, no buyout.. unless someone steps up to buyout final year. and Norm will retire at 71 years of age..
    So winning does not matter? How many stop going to games. when June left, and Mack dismissed.. then Norm, starts losing a LOT of games. .. winning games=Fan interest and more okoles, people buying tickets and in the seats.. doesn’t have to be sellout, however maybe 65 percent of arena, or stadium would be great. I hope Football, and I do like Norm.. great guy, Palolo guy and great HS local lineman at Punahou.. just has awesome chore ahead of him

    Wish, that UH. admin, chancellor know what they are doing.. wonder if Laura does go to a Pac12, remember, not only Utah job available, or another Power conference, would UH be in position to match that other programs, maybe 300,000.00 per year , 5 year deal? doubt it.. Laura, did good job..and I wish she goes to Pac12..better for her, and closer to her Family.

  30. Awesome Bobbitt!

    6’3″? No way is he 6’3″! He’s like 6′ at most.

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