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Advisory committee announced by UH


A “search advisory committee” — yes, another one — has been announced by the University of Hawai’i to aid in the selection process for a new head basketball coach. Not sure what this means for any of the candidates, other than business as usual from UH …

The official announcement

University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman has formed a four-person search advisory committee to select the new men’s basketball head coach. The committee will work closely with incoming Athletics Director David Matlin and Chancellor Bley-Vroman.

The committee members are:

Laura Beeman – Women’s Basketball Head Coach, UH Mānoa Athletics

Amanda Paterson – Director of Compliance/Eligibility, UH Mānoa Athletics

Stacey Price – Director of Student Affairs, UH Mānoa Athletics

Dr. Ronald Cambra – Assistant Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate Education, UH Mānoa

“Our expectation is that the process for hiring our head men’s basketball coach will be quick and seamless,” Bley-Vroman said. “I am looking forward to receiving a recommendation so we can complete the search and ensure our basketball program continues to move forward.”

Paula Nishimoto, Human Resources Specialist, UH Mānoa Athletics, and Carl Clapp, Associate Athletics Director – Administrative Services, UH Mānoa Athletics, are providing administrative support for the committee.

No further comment will be made until the selection process is complete.


  1. Interesting selections, but makes very much sense. Beeman provides the basketball expertise and the others each area that have probably been or are concerns regarding the sanctions the NCAA brought to UH.

    Hope Benji gets a fairshake. We really need stability and someone who can create a new culture. If not, Benji will be a great get for another mid-major (hope we won’t regret it with whomever we hire, if so).

    We don’t need a huge name (nor can we afford one) but someone who’s been a part of a great program who wants to start a legacy for themselves here, and understands the limitations here. We are no Duke or Kentucky, but who says we can’t be a Gonzaga or Wichita State. GO BOWS!

  2. Well for Benjy, without question all 4 on committee familiar with Coach Taylor.
    I believe Benjy can get head start on interview, he knows staff.
    Okay Beeman wants to keep her program going, now chance to help Benjy keep the WarroWarriors program going.
    Disagree, have to start with mid major assistant, Riley Wallace was exception.
    He was successful seminole JC head coach. Handpicked by Stan Sheriff.

    Benjy, people hope they get it…he dedicated, sacrificed, gave everything for team and university.
    top of list should be Benjy, if not, the ugly rid of GA connection rears its’ head again.

    Beeman and Paterson heavy input
    if Matlin AD official..he selects
    shows that chancellor BV no clue..
    without Benjy , mbb will take major hit
    parents have to chime in like Bigdaddy94

    Benjy another hoop they make you jump through…wait a minute, since October , he has overcome every obstacle
    think…if fair…Benjy gets job
    Darn poltics!!

  3. LOSE MONEY! A waste of time but my guess it’s all donated time and may be needed to look over all the applications. I’d like to know who are on this advisory board and their credentials related to UHbb or just bb in general.

    Tomorrow’s Good Friday and I hope the board will be in session.
    Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows! Let’s Go Bows!

    and if this board is/ain’t working tomorrow it’ll show all of us how serious they are in helping to choose our next bb coach.

  4. lol, I need to read the whole article before using my keyboard. “sigh”

  5. the only person deserving on the selection committee is Beeman. The rest are side-shows!

  6. Poch…bruddah
    you hit it on the head…Waste. time money
    should have hired benjy in january…something wrong..can always redo

    uh nuts…waste time
    eh they no rush

    Maybe let benjy be acting coach till next april 2016 already!!

  7. Since they got in trouble with a previous coach, i don’t think Amanda is a side-show.

  8. Roger that RunBows. UH should have offered Taylor acting hc till the end of 2016. Not a temporary hc that could be replaced at any time during the coming season.

  9. to me Amanda has no bearing who the next coach should be. She’s in charge of keeping the AD clean and in which the NCAA found many big/small infractions. If all those infractions went under her nose what makes anyone think she knows the record of any of the coaches applying for the job? We all know the academics side of the Sports Programs so the others … .

    We need people who knows the game to choose a coach that may have the best recruiting prowess to get recruits to the Island.

  10. Runbows is feeling the vibes that his man is not going to get the job. Don’t sweat it, man! People are trying to do a good job here to get the best coach for the State of Hawaii for the future. Character, Integrity, Recruiting and X and Os. Good that UH have many good qualified applicants. No matter what the nationality. If it was me I would want the Filipino, Eric Spoelstra, but he not affordable. We have to trust Matlin’s selection and we will roll with however gets chosen. Sit back and relax Runbows. We don’t want you to get a heart attack. We’ll get a good one, whoever.

  11. I can see why UH Admin. would want these 4, like one each for every criteria that’s a part of the job. But that doesn’t bring in the ball players so to say, the academics, the compliance and Student affairs don’t add to the type of recruits we need for the W’s. Of course Compliance, Student Affairs and Education are part of what’s needed but that’s already understood what’s needed to be done in each of those categories.

    Gib done wrong and under whose nose?

  12. As previously reported by Ferd Lewis, Amanda has the chancellor’s ear. She’s the compliance director … read into that what you want as far as what they’re looking for in the next head coach. Search process just got even more interesting. Thankfully, it could be over in a week or two.

  13. Derek,

    no wonder Chow is still the coach of UHfb. Low pay, integrity, etc. … and the Admin. is satisfied. Let’s find another AD to churn up money as the truth hurts, cause he’s given up and at a dead end with no idea how to make it work just like his predecessors. If Dave turns the AD into the black IMO he’s a Governor candidate and then the President of the US of A.

  14. Whoever the coach I hope we can get some good players to complement the returning ones. At this late date we must get lucky for some sleepers.

  15. as we read, the Chancellor has made the decision to… . Doesn’t look like Dave made the decision of who’s on the board. It looks like his hands are already tied behind his back, lol.

    Man, you gotta take the bull by it’s horn and tell em it’s your job, your decision, it’s your job and that you hired me. This is reminiscent of Jimbo’s reign

  16. Derek

    I hope so….better as pocho says let benjy have at least one more year
    it is turning into circus
    stan sheriff called riley and sais I Want You as head coach…in a few days riley was the man

    Derek…only bad part one or two guys go or do poorly in school apr hit
    and more damage. Are they afraid benjy going to do be involved in ncaa infractions? Or is guilty, if I were benjy , I would hire good civil rights lawyer just in case

    Mbb going backwards..
    that is okay , always look forward to football!
    Give benjy fair chance..
    now I kind of hope couple of young guys move on if not happy
    let local 808 guys walkon play a lot

  17. The ones hurt by delay? Team and families
    I hope Bigdaddyy94 let’s UH know, and all ohana

    No Aloha
    Beeman might as well be head coach mbb not good

  18. Pocho, I agree. Looks like Portnoy will continue pulling the strings of the athletic department….I hope that Matlin can prove us wrong, but he is not getting off on the right foot. Regardless of who he hires as coach Matlin needs to make the person his hire not Portnoy’s hire.

  19. RunBows, yeah I’m in the same thought of having Benjy be the hc but even so I’d rather have the best coach that have applied for the job, even if it means someone else.

    UH is so Mickey Mouse, the Admin. is running the AD show. Now I see why it has turn many UHSports fans off. You have UH Admin. trying to put the blame on the Legislature not funding the AD but in fact the Legislature funds UH to disperse the funds where UH wants to because they are an autonomous entity. As we read, the Chancellor is running the AD making the call on the bb hire but yet, they won’t put the money at the UHAD. Kinda sad the Admin. calls the shots for the AD but won’t put up the money to keep it afloat. UH seems to be playing with the Legislature for the failure at UHAD finances. Just all my opinion, maybe a far off one but that’s my feeling how this is turning out.

    If UHAD or UHbb fails they’ll blame it on everyone but themselves, if their choice turns out good, they take the Glory. Dave is in a tough spot

    okay all my hot air is out of me for a minute or two.

  20. I didn’t want to believe some of the talk that Matlin was hired to be a pawn for others in the administration but this is not a good sign. His first order of business should of been to make sure that the decision would be between him and the chancellor and that’s it. As some of you have already stated, this is kind of a obvious and familiar move to some of us who follow UH sports closely over the years.

    There was also a lot of talk on other sites about personal problems between Gib Arnold and the compliance officer being a big part of how this whole thing blew up in the first place. Whether thats true or not, I dont think she should be on this committee but should be doing investigative work on the compliance history of the candidates. That would make more sense, no?

    The last line of the story is sad and typical of what we expect from UH already.

    “No further comment will be made until the selection process is complete.”

  21. amazing if beeman doesn’t choose taylor

  22. Me?
    I’m happy.
    Go Bows, baby !! Go Bows !!

  23. Maybe Artie Wilson should have been on the committee too. He makes a lot of good observations.

  24. what about Tony?

  25. I’m not sure why people are making Patterson out to be the villain. If Gib didn’t break the rules or lie to the NCAA we wouldn’t be in the predicament. She was just doing her job. If Gib did his job and followed the rules we would not be where we are. I think people need to get all the facts before they start a witch hunt.

  26. ^^^ I actually agree with you that she was just doing her job and it is Gib’s fault to blame. Thats why I saying that the program still got NCAA sanctions coming down so she should keep doing her job and working on that part of it to keep the sanctions as light as possible for the future of the program. Plus she should be investigating the compliance history of all the candidates instead of going over resumes.

  27. Some good selections with Amanda and Laura , I would liked to see Tomey and Shoji also on the committee, they all stand for integrity ,humility, and character.

  28. Tomey is coaching at South Florida so forget it for now.

  29. It is typical fans …UH Athletics is Major joke…so obvious blind one can see…Matlin should have listened to his
    instincts. ..not wife and not taken job…
    must be connection to chow and gib hire…too close amemiya not hired…he attorney too smart get involved in this mess…if amemiya given stan sheriff authority..first thing two weeks ago..hire benjy or extend acting coach to end of 2016..like pocho says
    and no, I disagree, pocho, UH Not smart,0 save time money and bull lies…benjy desreves job..witout question..never heard of in my life, a 22 win season coach, hugh durham award winner, black coaches of america standard bearer..and makes bwc championship game…and has to apply..with deck stacked against him..he should file complaint with hgea or dept of labor, aclu, I tell you in a heartbeat UH will back down and benjy given fair interview..those creepy power that be..hate that benjy won big..if he made ncaa tourney..you know what, UH power would still make him apply
    I will not support chancellor of linguistics and IT guy president who want to doom mbb..because they want to destroy what gib and benjy built in 5 years..

    WI fans…you happy?go support chow when they getting, and I feel for team their butts killed this year ..
    why, he compliant not gib related..
    Next: gib going to battle UH brains and ncaa…dawg of attorney…he will walk away happy with UH athlectics chancellor and president grinding teeth..gib and UH will reach settlement…he isn’t stupid..he has a case

    extented a losing baseball coach
    extended football coach big loser
    even beeman, talk big, right, she cali gal speak like gib…3 years , great sos and rpi
    no ncaa appearances, and one and done in watered down WNIT..That is what she brings, ability to out talk benjy, poor country boy from north carolina, borders on class warfare

    So much shibai bull speak..bunch of poo..disgusted..next ..ige or kim…political giants? Not

    Rid UH of president, chancellor, and anti mbb faction
    they going do same crud to nexr coach..

    Shining beautiful person in this bull speak? Benjy and his family, children and team..their ohana

    Nothing I can do..mark my words islandman , clyde, derek, pono, pupule, akuhead
    the next coach if not properly made benjy..in a year..big losing season..3 guys leave team..UH APR ncaa big hit and uhmbb then real bad probation like u.conn..syracuse

    UH institution of higher learning..more like chicken coop of doo..pilau it stinks
    I am backing you benjy!

    Parents of team..talk over with admin..maybe better move on from this mess
    if uhadmin..chancellor has cajones to listen to families and team …hire benjy..
    this could get ugly
    5 decades ago grad and worked for same dept..much better, fair, and fun

    This anti benjy thing borders on bias, prejudice..
    however..wish shoji, wags, tomey, were on selection committee and dang chancellor get his nose out of athletics
    beeman? Why don’t you recruit athletic fast guards that can shoot ball, take care of the ball
    know you want benjy out…I hope you prove me wrong

    This old man is sick and disgusted,,making benjy feel like crud..horrible!!

  30. Get rid of chancellor, not athlete
    correct, just for show advisory team
    chancellor receives recommendation of benjy he overrides decision and hires
    alika smith, which would be okay however alika no head coaching experience or long time major assistant

    Backbeat…you know the politics
    I am judge in court, award benjy head coaching job what he did through hellfire
    if he went 2-33..Okay look for another one

    Now UH athletics cannot handle 3 milliomillion dollar deficit. .
    they going pay 5 year contrat for 2.5 million?
    Not akamai..lolo..they would pay Young inexperienced assistant or Jackson’s former friends
    only going to screw up unity of team
    I hope..some young sophs and frosh think about it..
    if happier away from BV and his darling WBB program losing million dollars a year
    go for it
    benjy make sure prepared with agent, attorney, and get notes vision together
    take on these anti mbb people..get rid of wbb.. save million a year..title IX cannot

    Beeman..Patterson..fair..benjy cannot speak like you all however he has better hearts than you all
    he a real man..admits mistakes , imperfections , yet this year No ncaa infractions No team members we know of suspende..
    team finish well in school ..hope beeman , chancellor and amanda have heart and hire you.
    then that is pono..fair
    WI you all think I am joking, just going off? No..just telling truth
    power want to kill gib/benjy mbb program

  31. You know what…still think they going end up hiring benjy when he signs 6’6″ guard and 6’11” banger april 15th..
    I bet…all smoke screen..why make coach, team and families sweat
    no class
    benjy you go get your hugh durham award and sign in week or so 2 jc guys..they going hire you
    if not completely foolish..laughing stock of ncaa mbb nationwide

  32. Besides Beeman what do the other 3 know about coaching and specifically winning basketball games? What are they planning to do—find the most ethical of the bunch? This is the most hilarious committee yet. I guess just to please the NCAA. What? Politics? Goodbye. I goin home watch 3 stooges.

  33. servante UH admin, chancellor, Power that be , BOR, AD not Ad, ITIS A JOKE..

    In past, man I wish it was when we had a Paul Durham or Elroy Hirsh, or Ray Nagel, and Of course that Man’s Man, Stan Sheriff..

    Let AD call the shot.. it is so political. and people covering their butts… PC correctness, ncaa compliance person.. IF Amanda KNOWS Benjy is part of infractions. Or This committee, chancellor and Two AD’s , Jay and Matlin… figure that Benjy not part of the Plan.,. just tell him so.. So Shibai !

    No class. the NCAA MBB programs around the country must think this is a joke.. No MAJOR super star up and coming coach is going to come here, unless they were NUTS..

    used to work for State and that “dept”., probably, I guess you too.. work for that crazy agency, The government.. Once, President Lassner, got snuck in as Pres, when school was out during summer, something fishy, then the Interim Chancellor for Betterment of Student Athletes.. Bull Speakers..

    Okay, get rid of, Gib.. People, , They JUST DO NOT GET IT.. BENJY DID THE JOB.. HIS PERSONAL ISSUES benching guys not on board during the season, THAT IS CHARACTER and DISCIPLINE>. .. what Benjy , the personality assasins, allude to a messy and terrible thing.. that is and Was Benjy’;s business. And he taking care of his guys and little girl.. I don’t get it..

    I Ain;t going to support a new coach, Rigot, Wagner from BYU, or Boivard from Chaminade, or Mickey Mouse from New Jersey Community College because they were an eagle scout.. I am talking about wins, and coach and team ARE NOT felons.. that is what I am talking about.. And that is what Benjy accomplished.
    as BigDaddy 94 , Isaac’s dad said.. Benjy saved a lot of people , the MBB program when their backs were against the wall. why not, OR HE SHOULD BE GIVEN CHANCE be permanent head coach.. HE DID HIS JOB>> He Far Exceeded. the anti Benjy people, I do not understand.. let the selection committee, and Chancellor explain exactly why they would Not hire, Benjy. if they choose some one else. stinks pilau.. UH.. soon IT WILL BE ONLY BB IN PAKI PARK…

    HIRE BENJY TAYLOR.. and they, the fans will come..if not.. YOU WATCH , a couple of key young guys will leave the Team guaranteed
    sad, I hope that does not happen.. HIre Benjy and keep this MBB program moving forward not OKOLE, Butt backwards !!

  34. servante Lassner, Bley-Vroman, and Matlin.. Larry, Curly and Moe Howard?

    I think those guys would do better job.

    Benjy Taylor, the guys KNOW HIM.. they love playing the uptempo style..
    So much interest generated, and not knowing if He can issue 4 or 5 scholies, he has to limit. some of those, or one, might have to walk on…
    National Hugh Durham Coach award winner, All the Major Sports Networks and writers, recognize, he had a helluva job to do. and he did it.. NBA ex star, on BWC title game broadcast.. Corey Magette, when asked.: does Benjy deserve the HC job permanent,? His answer, Yes, he deserves it.
    At UH, and in the State system, you know how it is and was servante who you know.. not like C & C which does have some great workers, joke is Sitting and Counting.. I former employee, we call it the State of Stupidity.. Lolo City..

    Wake up, UH and Hire Benjy.. I bet , the pressure will get to them.. remember we the taxpayers, and the power people at legislature the governor and other major players have the say.. just 3/4 of that entity back Benjy and pressure which is What is Happening. that is why this crazy Another Search committee, and 3 gals , not prejudiced or sexist.. What do they know about UH MBB NCAA DI. one compliance ncaa, that is good, NO baskeball playing experience or coaching, One successful JC women coach, and NO ncaa appearances in 3 years.. , and One Priceless one, and one guy never heard of and Captain Bley, Larry, Shemp, Moe or Curly calling shots.

    soon.. servante maybe we give up already,.. let the crazy guys run the zoo, they going lose a lot of mbb fans guaranteed. if they don’t hire Benjy Taylor!!

  35. This is a message board but take it for what it’s worth but I’m hearing from people in the AD that it’s over for Taylor with the formation of this committee. He isn’t thought of very highly by a bunch of people in the AD and by putting these people on the committee is going to be an uphill battle for BT. I hope they give him a fair shot but some opinions have already been formed.

  36. If it is what your saying. I feel for Poor Coach Taylor as to not seeking another place of employment or is it what some say that no school wants him because of his baggage?

    Coach if you reading this, I guess your at the Final Four and hope your looking for another place of employment. Mahalo! for helping the team complete a successful season and very exciting one at that.

  37. It shouldn’t be just a Hawaii thing but it’s even more prevalent here since everyone is connected somehow, that you should treat all people with respect. I don’t know the exact details but BT really treated some lower level people job title wise poorly but those people are closely connected to people that matter.

    On another note why is NWC still hanging out in Canada when school was back in session on Monday? On instagram he’s just living the life lounging and hanging out with buddies while classes are going on.

  38. Pono,

    thanks for the updates. UHbb all over. BT would be a fool staying committed to UH. He has to be looking elsewhere

  39. oh but wait, he still got time to catch the next flight to Hawaii. Even could miss a day or two of school and still be good. lol I don’t know. Since you follow Webster-Chan’s instagrams or whatever service. Did NWC give any hint he ain’t coming back to Hawaii? Wouldn’t you think he be at his new school of choice if not coming back to Hawaii or maybe he’s turning Pro? Keep it coming Pono, any news is better than none

  40. PONO and Pocho…..PONO.. is you are absolutely sure, not rumor or speculation. BECAUSE , we know team and their families Look at Our Posts, all The More so, Bigdaddy94, Isaac Fleming’s dad, the one that Benjy was point man on getting to sign, and to stay this year at Hawaii. He better tell administration..IT SHOULD BE PONO FAIR.. remember Pono, from outset, saying UH MBB would implode, UH should Self Impose Post Season, Ban, Gib this and that.. , UH team would struggle win wise this year..?

    All of that Was Not True.. If Chancellor , AD, President.. KNOW that THEIR IS PREJUDICE against Benjy ALREADY, and the problem or problem were true, seems like MANINI things, just handle in house during the season.. PONO that is a very serious charge if you Saying Benjy is Hated at UH .by key people,.. That borders, no.. IT IS BIAS , PREJUDICE.. I Really Do Not Believe You would Make such a post, it opens up possible slandering Benjy.. Benjy should get an attorney, go to the HGEA, and the Dept of Labor, He will have even better case than Gib to go after UH to be fair..If that 3 gal stacked against him..already.. and Bley Vroman KNOWS THAT.. that is a gross violation of hiring practices.. and PONO. it is just rumor, or negative bombs you have been AND are still throwing at Gib before, Now Benjy Taylor.

    IF THEIR IS PREJUDICE Already, Nothing to do with his qualifications as coach.. just some bumping of heads.. , I THINK IF HE WERE THAT BAD.,. several guys on team would have walked out during BWC season.. NOT ONE..not even injured Jawato walked away..

    Benjy… anyone slandering you.. SLANDER..you go after them.. clear your name, and make those ones apologize, or correct problems..if that 3 gal committee has an AGENDA.. that YOU HAVE NO SHOT ALREADY… That committee is EXTREMELY prejudiced, biased, and those alleged little people PONO.. they should quit gossiping to you..and HOW DO YOU KNOW… unless you are the chancellor or Jackson or Jeff?

    DON’t start gossip., or border on SLANDERING Benjy.. Benjy will win legally and every which way.. All he wants.. opportunity for one or two years. to guide this team to NIT or NCAA’s.

    DO NOT SLANDER BENJY…Benjy get your attorney, call, the right organizations.. and take UH and their mice to court.. IF UH ATHLETICS is going down, the ones who slander, and throw negative crud on you and your family, WITH NO SUBSTANCE.. like Gib.. Take em down.. the whole institution..


  41. If what PONO and others are saying is true that this committee is looking for hire anybody but Benjy then that is just sad and more of the same old same old at UH. I will give Matlin the benefit of the doubt because I think he might still surprise us and pick Benjy himself or at least pick out a big name coach who we haven’t heard about yet. All the other names of coaches that came out so far and any other no names are not going to make sense to me and will show that Matlin was hired to be the new puppet for administration.

  42. ChuckCheese unless official from UH we encourage benjy to move on….and benjy agrees fine

    Pono throwing slander out there..that is not same old same , that is worthy of benjy suing UH
    I hope does,,if rrumor, slandering true

    UH should be taken down brick by brick …or benjy take abwc team job, his guys follow him and he kicks uh mbb new coach’s okole, butt , kick em hard

    Benjy sue em, if they are slandering or unfair hiring practices

  43. NWC hasn’t given any clue about not coming back. Just posting a lot of pictures of himself in Canada hanging out with friends with no hint of when he’s flying back to Hawaii.

    RB I am just passing on things that I am hearing from the Ath Dept. If no one shared knowledge and voiced their opinions these boards would be boring. I know you only want to hear things that are in BT’s favor but I am just telling you what I am hearing. Personally, I hope that he gets a fair shot and we hire the best coach who can do the job. BT is a decent candidate but it’s hard to say hire him without knowing who the other candidates are that he’s up against.

  44. I am hoping High Character huge part of resume…as Bigdaddy94 says
    Benjy stepped in…appreciated trust of Ben Jay and helped team stay together.
    Another high mark. Question on his administration ability, he got brandon hired as full time assistant, and brad autry…grad assistants and support staff.
    you just talk to and meet bb secretary bobbie omoto, she knows, always great supporter of coach and team.
    like a mom to team

    Benjy get together with agent, practice presentation, Matlin never interviewed benjy before.
    if pono…and pono..has to be fair not obvious bias..

    I have feeling benjy is Number one cwndidate for job..he IS the men’s basketball coach and for next 10 years.

    Just do not show prejudice, shibai, otherwise sue UH
    I hope not..
    just hire benjy..it is the pono thing to do!!

  45. Pono,

    ok then, you just threw that in as bait for us. lol
    Can’t think of much underlings under the hc than his Staff, the coaches, secretary and players. Who’s doing the whining in the bb department? Mutiny?

  46. Coaches deal with a lot of ath dept staff not just the basketball Secretary and AD. Marketing, sports information, hr, compliance, finance etc.

  47. Wise words from servante as usual that this is a hilarious committee to pick our next men’s basketball coach.

    For those backing up UH administration and saying this is a right and useful committee I hope you remember it when they pick the same committee for our next football coach. UH is setting a standard with this and now they should follow it to be fair. Would the football fans and supporters be cool if there were not one person with football experience on the committee? I am wondering that.

  48. Bigdaddy94, it is a sad, unfair, not right, and HUGE SLAP in the face to Benjy Taylor, if agenda alleged that He is NOT going to even have chance to be Head Coach.

    I don’t know how athletes feel

    Benjy admit imperfections.. if HE is guilty of Felon, or ncaa infractions, or UH protocol and conduct violations.. I am sure UH would not ask him to apply.

    Benjy too much of a gentleman, to go low class, not taking the High Road.. He has Built that High Character Resume. over course of 4 or 5 months.. One game, 3 minutes away from NCAA tournament.

    The anti Gib/Benjy people, must have been having ulcer, when UH MBB team had good lead on Irvine in championship game of BWC tourney.. However, we know.. and Bigdaddy you were there in Anaheim.. fans, including families, yourself, cheered on team, and gave them ovation even after the loss. I could not see on TV any lack of discipline or players. fighting with coaches.. the team emotional young guys.. JUST WANT TO WIN.. heard it was an ANGRY locker room, because, team felt they let that game get away.. and THEY should have been in NCAA dance.

    Bigdaddy94.. just keep on letting your feelings known to AD, UH president, Chancellor, even Laura Beeman, whom benjy has supported all year..who is on that advisory selection committee.

    Give Benjy Chance.. Have Fair Interview, not biased, not contaminated by rumor, speculation, .. however WHAT HAS BENJY DONE FOR UH RECENTLY..and give him chance to explain, past stops.. Pocho….AD Jay and Chancellor, President. Lassner, when UH MBB hit that 18 win mark, they should have given Benjy guaranteed 1 year deal, so he could recruit.. If next season they do just as well or exceed extend another 2 years.. after April 2016.. simple.. Don’t have to do this expensive search, and so Politically motivated… Amemiya in as AD, with Tomey, Wags as AD, Benjy hired in January 2015 already.. No fooling, they would hurry, and put Benjy in as Head coach, soon. for continuity.. and pono.. other manini things and gossip from office, or water boys girls. that can and probably has been fixed.. otherwise, if SO SERIOUS.. Benjy would have been suspended !!

    Go Benjy.. I have strong Feeling, your thoughts. words, presented flawlessly.. and your Record, and your references.. YOU will be New Head Coach !!

  49. maybe Coach wanted the Good Ole UH Staff to make a move as We all know how that place is run. lol, for all I know Coach got on their case while the fan enthusiasm was high and they needed to get things done. You could only be displaying one side of the whole story. If it was that bad, I don’t think AD Dave and Admin. would have asked Coach Taylor to stay on as hc next year even if only temporary as their are many others who could have taken over.

    Pono, what were some of the complaints

  50. Tomey is Associate AD for Sport Administration at South Florida, overseeing the football program.

  51. Pocho…history of Pono on this site.. anything anti gib and sadly anti benjy.. just a lot of speculation,
    Pono is the one saying NCAA going to come down hard on UH..then BOR chair Jeff P, says, it will not be that bad at all. Team might win 9 or 10 games, 15 would be fantastic, UH with Benjy as coach they win 22 and almost make ncaa tourney.
    The thing in riverside.. No player suspended publicly if any.. must have been handled privately and taken cared of, NO felony crime..

    I DO NOT TRUST any Post By Pono, who could be pupule, gibno, jake, and all the anti Gib./ Benjy faction.

    You watch,in Hawaii not pono, really truth honesty, it the NEGATIVE,.. ONLY one says I know this guy, I know that girl.. some insider I cannot mention like gobo.. from other forum.. IF THEY KNOW so much.. They should run UH right?

    I DO NOT BELIEVE PONO AT ALL.. ALL HOT AIR AND SHIBAI.. unless he can post link, or he or she gives us all heads up to written link to someone, a REAL person, complaining about Benjy,.. It blows pono right out of his Los Angeles home.. Just talking Mean Smack.. and bodering on prejudice. extreme against Benjy, that is the fear.. In Hawaii.. prejudice bias, like what we see in Mainland..

    The Time has come to day.. the end of badness. soon.
    and then World will be Pono.. right. truthful

    Be careful Pono, slander very serious charge, very serious..

  52. I recommend that Warrior Insider go on vacation until the new Head Coach be named. No sense speculation at this point anymore. Let this whole sage play out. In the meantime, play golf today, play with our kids or grandkids, enjoy the Final Four tomorrow and watch the Championship Game on Monday.
    I have Michigan State winning in my only bracket that I put in. But, I’m thinking whoever wins the Kentucky/Wisconsin game will win the whole thing. I don’t like Duke, but I admire Coach K. I don’t like Wisconsin because Bo Ryan is an old gruff grumpy man and he likes to play a slow discipline style which I don’t enjoy. But, he wins. I like Kentucky because you can see all that talent, and I like Michigan State because of Tom Izzo and because Magic Johnson went there and beat Larry Bird.

  53. ChuckE are you saying that the idea of having a committee is wrong or the people on the committee is the wrong mix of people?

  54. islandman,

    that’s good to hear for Tomey. He probably have gone completely bald here as an AD. or is he already? lol

  55. Pocho I can’t get into too much detail without possibly tying things back to specific individuals. In regards to this year BT was the only option really as the interim coach. There is no way they could have brought someone in mid season.

  56. RunBows thanks for filling me in on Pono. I’m trying to squeeze more specific info out of him as you can see. As the saying goes, you never know

  57. Pono,

    why did UH offer BT a temporary extension for next year that BT wanted no part of. The pieces don’t fit into your puzzle

  58. PONO, I actually think both ideas are wrong for this given situation. UH administration came out and said they had to wait to hire a new athletic director before moving on the basketball coach position. I not sure if was Vroman or Ben Jay who said it but somebody did. Then when they hire Matlin, they said this was going to get done as soon as possible.

    I dont think naming a committee after these facts justifies any of those statements and basically slows it down to standard UH pace. Naming this committee also shows that there really is no new sheriff in town and things will be done the same way as always. If Matlin wanted to prove himself, he should of turned away a committee and say I can handle this, that’s why you guys hired me!

    As for the wrong mix of people, I would say so. I totally get it that Gib left a bad impression and they want to clean it up, but sheez talk about going overboard. Maybe I missing something on the backgrounds of these people but there is not one person with experience from a D1 men’s program or anyone with business world experience. The top two things most people judge a men basketball coach is how much wins and how much money they bring in to the program.

    This committee obvious was assembled to look for other things, mostly the “do good” stuff about character and getting A’s in the class. Nothing wrong with that if thats what the administration looking for. Just a hint, most of the coaches like that on this level don’t win that many games. We had one before Gib came in and the wins and the money went down.

    As the saying goes those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

  59. Pocho…good questions..put HIM PONO(which is Not the write screen name moniker, he or she is not true Hawaiian pono)

    He or she, from Mainland, cannot give facts..just like that gobo..on other forum, you and others question he or she.. just says he knows. people at UH…like who? what are there names? How are you privy to it? And any UH administrator or insider, leaking on forum Warrior Insider,and they were told to gag their comments. and be careful, don’t open UH up to ligitgation.. would NOT post on social media forums, blogs..

    I only count 4 now.. out of maybe 60 different screen name posts that are totally anti Benjy and want someone else.. or go after his off court concerns.. anything to damage.. HIGH CHARACTER.. me back in old moke, or wild kid days,… we give em the one two.. boom.. now we don’t do that Take High road, mature, You can tell Pono is not a 50 year old or 60 or like some of us near 70 and above.. NOT PONO at all..

    Pocho give em.. Pono, going to melt away… No substance, and No AD, chancellor, legal counsel, or admin, custodian, or basketball office, Compliance officer would post on these Forums.. it is not official , except what comes from Dayton’s write-ups and his real time interviews..

    Love the caller to Artie’s On Point show, the last caller.. Why go through this search for another, coach.. when Benjy has the athletes here, He Has coached them already. Give him TWO year, deal, something myself and others have said since January..let him recruit over 2 years see how he does.. can he land similar or better talent right fit,high character.. And if he is successful according to a well written contract acceptable to UH and Benjy , it is a Win Win situation.. NO NEED for this national Search.. If Benjy his MBB program.. if given a One year chance to develop, recruit and instill his half court better sets. and continue what fans love the uptempo D and transition O.. that IS the best case scenario.. shows that Ben Jay.. and to his credit and Apple.. maybe seeing Benjy do that.. that is exactly what Ben wanted to do.. however.. a one year deal was proposed however, Benjy wanted to see it. and UH retracted it.. Benjy would have signed a guaranteed one year deal, with 2 year extension rollover, if he did well.. Then UH could monitor his progress , the team and academics.. giving, Benjy a Fair Playing field.. tough.. absolutely unfair, to judge EVERYTHING.. even the minor hiccups or on or off court things in only 5 months..

    I like what that Final caller said. and makes sense, He almost sounded like Keith Amemiya !!
    And ARTIE agreed, he heard about that 2 year deal to, sitting down with lunch, and talking UH bb coaching job, and Benjy.. his friends said same.. give a 2 year deal… since has 2 year great athletes who know coach, love Hawaii. and can only get better given 2 more years together.. Then in 2 years. Benjy is NOT HIGH character, good coach, or cannot change a light bulb? Look for next coach.. Here we go again Pocho, servante eagle, ChuckCheese and BackBeat.. UH does things donkey butt backwards.. only going to set back mbb team, and confuse them more.. if All guys come back

    If 3 guys leave.. give opportunity for those couple of 6’7″ HS bigs to come on to team as One year preferred walkons, they would more than be able to contribute, and if they are strong and quick, good BB IQ , see PT time.. why not.. IF Power that Be, destroying gib/benjy ball…Have team made up of more Local 808 bigs.. .. they work on weights.. and quickness,.. just beef up and beat up guys on court..why not.. 808 more guys get to play…

  60. Pocho UH offered BT an extension as the interim coach. He could have been replaced at any time and he still would have had that interim title I believe, which is why he turned it down. They were also not willing to pay him a permanent HC salary so it was basically a slap in the face. I thought I read that that offer was for $180K when Gib was in the $300s. The underlying message was just keep running this program so it doesn’t sink while we find someone to replace you essentially. Seems like that is what is playing out except much sooner than if he took that interim extension.

  61. PONO: bruddah or sistah.. Chuck and Pocho and myself, and others. going to blow your ill reasoning back to LA county.. Pono, truth, for MBB program, HC pono.. NOT..

    Simple, 2 year deal for Benjy Taylor, do the background check.. Is he up to date, history of whatever personal, has he taken cared of those matters, do his 3 sons and daughter here living in Hawaii love him? Yes.. Do the fans love him ? Yes.. Did he make mistakes? Yes. Is he willing to correct them? Yes..

    PONO:=pupule, gibno,jake, horrssse, etc.. doesnt’ help this Warrior BB fan forum at all.

    Benjy , has fair interview, and he can question too, sir, or 3 madams, Why are you asking me that question..oh we want to know why you took your 3 children out of Midwest inner city.? Well better for them, in 5 years,they are doing well, kamaaina, great kids and great students, lab school.

    What else.. did you speak to All of your team, and tell them YOU WANT everyone as team, selfless. for team and Hawaii first before personal stats.. Yes. and what did they say? well 22 wins, and almost NCAA tournament, Bobbitt DPOY, and national steals leader, Aaron, Bobbitt, Janks, Fleming got recognition, Fleming DHC all tournament team, etc, Hugh durham award.

    IF I WERE CEO of company, and Benjy asked to step in for fired supervisor of large dept.. and HE far exceeded the previously Fired coach.. What, in All honesty does that tell me? Plus, no crime, or abuse, or innuendo.. nothing.. some minor hiccups.. however. dept.. stronger and they want that interim Overseer come back. .. what would I do as CEO, now of Private Sector.. check with HR.. and they clear any background check.. what? he clean.. And hire him contract him for 2 years.. and let go.. he does good and better in 2 years.. then.. 5 year deal. etc.. UH and Pono, Derek.. some, they just do not LIKE ANY PERSON connected with gib, however. when gib fired.. NO CONNECTION and style of ball, coaching philosophy, rotation of players, timeouts, limited practices. letting guys play to strengths, not short leash.. guys loved it.. some well, maybe not the all in effort, so Benjy high character and discipline, organized, benched them, short while, they back on board.. all 10 guys played that last game.. they gave 1000% for Hawaii

    Benjy Taylor should and will be the Next 2 year deal, at least HC for MBB..anyone else, it is not exciting.. you take 8 guys with a lot of ego, smart, social media, video game, type of young men, though good guys.. that coach, man or other. will have hard time winning 5 games all season, mark my words.

    UH do the right thing, chancellor and Jeff P… Hire Benjy !!

  62. RB everyone can state their opinions. Thank you for being a hypocrite by taking the high road and continually trying to attack me. I’ll continue to state my opinions and information that I get.

  63. I will support whoever is the new full time Head Coach for UH and give him or her the rope to see what he/she can do. Most people will be fair and most people in the State of Hawaii will agree with me that once decided we all get behind the new coach even though we may disagree with the selection.

    People complain because fans are powerless. There is nothing you and I can do anything about it. Everybody has made their own opinions already. So , stop it! It’s really is sickening. I just want the best coach that we can get. Hopefully, Matlin makes the right one. If Taylor is the one, we roll it. If it’s somebody else, we roll it. Got it. Good!

  64. We know Benjy can coach…but can he recruit? With the exception of Beeman, I have zero faith in the ding dongs picked for this committee. I just hope they do the right thing.

  65. Winning solves everything. If the new coach wins people will come to the games. Win and they will come.

  66. All I can say is thank goodness RunBows has no say in the decision making process.

  67. ONLY Coach Laura Has ANY Concept of What it Takes — TOTAL PICTURE — to run a Clean WINNING BB Program — The Others ONLY Know Problems and Failures — You Have to Do a Thousand Things Right — They Just Focus on The Five to Ten Wrong –And That Does NOT Equal SUCCESS — Only Avoidance of a Problem or Three…

    OUR Alternatives?

    Put Your Faith in Matlin — We Already KNOW the Level of Ignorance of the Rest of The Admin “TEAM”


    P.S. FAITH in The Compliance Office ?
    Didn’t “They” Tell DAVIS & Co. it was O.K. to Borrow the Sports Car for the Weekend?

  68. Pono, yes, plus integrity and class. Common people, let’s be civil. Calling people ding dongs is disrespecful. Agree to disagree is healthy. Dialogue is healthy.

  69. Second on Compliance — AND Either Sent An Inadequately Written Original Brandyn PRELIM Document Report to NCAA that Was Summarily “Bounced” As “NOT Interested”… THEN RE-SENT A Second ?”Trumped Up”? OVER-Written RE-Report that Kicked Off the Whole Investigation — When You Look You WILL Find (As Ye Seek, So Shall Ye Shall Find)…
    [I interpret Reporting to NCAA As Wholly in the Scope of Compliance Office even If AD makes Final Decision]

    When YOU Generate TWO of The FIRST Problems,
    Even IF The NCAA tries to Save Your Skin By Writing “Nice Things ” (Mitigating Factors) in their Report
    YOU HAVE TO “Earn” Your way onto a Team…

  70. Fyi, here’s the 5 member advisory committee in 2010, from an old Reardon blog item, which worked with Jim Donovan to hire a new coach. A story was that Jim at first wanted someone other than who eventually got the job. Nash was released on March 8 and interviews took about one week, with Gib being hired on March 20, per an Advertiser article.

    –Peter Ho
    (President and Chief Banking Officer – Bank of Hawaii
    Director, ‘Ahahui Koa Anuenue Board)
    –Bert Kobayashi
    (Senior Partner – Kobayashi, Sugita & Goda
    Former Chair, ‘Ahahui Koa Anuenue Board)
    –Ernest “Ernie” Nishizaki
    (President – Kyo-ya Hotels and Resorts
    Director, ‘Ahahui Koa Anuenue Board)
    –Maryann Sacharski
    (Director of Sales – Oceanic Time Warner Cable
    Director, ‘Ahahui Koa Anuenue Board)
    Past President, UH Letterwinners Club
    –Tom Schroeder
    Professor & Director of JIMAR, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
    (Former Chair, Faculty Senate
    Member, Athletic Advisory Board (2nd term))

  71. That advisory committee looks to be heavy on UH boosters.

  72. Nobody is taking about Gib since Benjy started winning. It will be the same thing if the next coach starts winning. Hawaii supports winners.

  73. What happened to the fans this year ? Somewhat thrown off by the controversies ?

    ——————Turnstile —– Tickets——Revenue
    2014-15 —— 4055 ——— 6159——- $905,123

    2013-14 —— 4208 ——— 6417———998,164
    2012-13 —— 3971 ——— 6231———954,727
    2011-12 —— 3938 ———6454———918,318
    2010-11 —— 3958 ———6531——– 885,037

    (unaudited figures)

  74. Hawaii is also quick to stomp on losers and withdraw support. Our football coach is the last example. The basketball coach before Gib was an absolute legend in Hawaii and still is but people were more than happy to show him the exit door even though he had high character and players who were good students.

    What I’m saying is we have a coach who showed he can win here so just let him ride it out for at least the next two or three years. If that fails then you can move on and I bet you all the same candidates now will be the same candidates two or three years from now.

  75. Say what you will, I love MBB, WBB is really way down there. Great girls, Beeman, has had some success, 3 WNIT’s, a BWC conference championship, which is good. Speaks too much like Gib Arnold for me. Not enough the tita talk. They should hire a sistah in her place,. Even with Goo, maybe some games they had 3000 in attendance, still remember watching on K5 and seeing only the girl and boyfriends of the team in the stands and the relatives.. UH MBB even with losing teams, were outdrawing them. No Knock on Laura, however, she should dig out soon.. UH is a stinking circus.. Derek, Pono, eagle, warriorhaw, Chuck, Backbeat, aku, clyde, you all know it.

    UH athletics within 3 years will be down the tubes guaranteed, not because of the fans, because of politics and mismanagement.

    Hey, fellow Warrior Insider Fans.. Right thing to do, AND REALLY.. NO ONE listened to Arties’ show today? that last caller, sure sounded like Amemiya.. he suggested, the best way to handle MBB situation.. and it MAKES TOO MUCH sense, does not punish Benjy, his family, the team or their fans. Benjy and Bows had great year. The anti Benjy by association with Gib, former assistant, that political faction, Benjy KNOWS they Want him out.. IF this was really Hawaii, and true Aloha, what Paul Durham, Elroy Hirsch, Stan Sheriff or even Hugh Youshida would have done , for loyalty, and success through adversity,..Reward the entire MBB program.. Give Benjy 2 year deal, with all the contingincies in place.. let he and his staff recruit, even if they only can offer 2 per year . which now, it sounds more and more.. more of We told you so, by Gib Arnold Faithful.. NCAA. will get acknowledgment letter from UH. UH stated they fired Gib and Brandyn, got rid of Fotu, and Sammis left.. NCAA responds.. Hey UH.. you kind of went overboard yeah? We just wanted to state what we found., and the case was so convoluted.. we thought you would appeal, and gladly we the NCAA would through out all the allegations.. you would win, and Gib back as coach, Benjy associate, Senque, Brad, Brandon and Jamie and staff all in tact.. and everything okay..

    However, since you all made such correction. and we don’t want to look like fools, okay.. we take away one scholarship per year for 2016-2018.. and the sanctions penalties are Pau over. Now with Gib. well we got a king sized battle on our hands.. wish us the best.. He going to rake us over good.

    Instead of all of that drama, UH acknowledge, that Coaches responsible, counsel advise fire the 2 coaches and suspend Fotu.. so there.. and you all satisfied? NCAA.. Yesssir.. The only thing limit practices. recruiting window, lessen 1 week in fall, and Go to NCAA protocol rules and regulation class, , that probation will last 1 and 1/2 years. then pau.. And , I don’t know why, Hoopers talk went buggie on you all.. we were never going to BAN your MBB program from ANY post season play, because, as an Institution You did, maybe a little too, much however ENOUGH.. not to warrant Post season bans for 2 years.,. Jeff , guy from Hawaii, BOR .. guy.. he was right.. ncaa penalties from us at Indianapolis. really nothing to bad.

    good job.. Now just , got a letter from a poor old country boy and his thanking us for correcting things and having good communication with Amanda, and Jay and that linguistics guy.. Tell you what, YOU ALL HIRE BENJY TO A 2 year contract, he keeps his ears dry,and his nose clean. extend him another 3 years.. that is one good Country boy from North Carolina.. the least you can do.. you all hear ? Okay… we don’t want to investigate you, UH, for unfair hiring practices,.

  76. If they don’t hire Benjy Taylor, I wish, the whole team, remember they can transfer a step down to DII and play immediately..They Love Hawaii right?

    The team hears.. Benjy gets screwed.. does not get hired.

    Well they transfer to UH Hilo
    and HPU
    might be another year or so for BYU, for the Jrs and Srs.

    Best of both worlds. and Benjy and staff, split amont 4 DII schools as associate or Head coaches.. will be Awesome the Best Pac West DI conference in the nation.,. and one of those teams WILL win a national title..

    That is what I would tell my grandson to do.

    However. fans.. crazy as it might seem, and seems like everybody, except for few, now, don’t want Benjy,.. crazy.. he won, he kept team together and out of jail, team did well in school, fans love him, and they made nearly a million in ticket sales..

    Benjy Taylor, just sharpen up the P’s and Q’s, have excellent Folio, agent, and attorney, and secretary.. and go to work, Benjy Grind.. You will get job.. If not.. .. plan B..
    Destroy the UH MBB program.. down to the ground..
    they can do it.
    for not being fair. actually ONLY 2 scholarship guys leave without graduating or in good academic standing go pros.. APR hit hard, and UH MBB in the toilet.. I hope it happens..

    If they UH, are not pono and hire Benjy…. Hey I fought for Gib, and he going to win millions from UH, so I fight for Benjy, the brother, gave his all, and true NO Aloha, rodent type fans, they want him to get lost.. PILAU

  77. Dayton love the forum, I count the polls, disregard the guru know it alls at sport forum scout.. however everyone I talk to, including legislators representing our district and UH insiders.. they fell Benjy has the best shot.. one UH student, grandchild, feels it is super Jealousy, a simple country boy, who does not speak like Beeman, not getting fair deal, However with the committees, and this and that monkey circus,, it KILLs the interest by students. look if New coach and system, the Maniacs will dwindle down to a handful.. they loved Benjy Ball and were stuck when dumb UH admin did not expedite his rehire two years in a row.,

    Dumb, dumb and dumber… UH get your act together,.,. well the end is soon.. the end to NCAA DI athletics, I hope in another year or two.. then go intramural..
    dumb, dumb and dumber..

    Hire Benjy Taylor, NAACP, ACLU, HGEA, Dept. of Labor, NCAA fair practice compliance officer, get ready to go after UH hiring discrimination big time..

    UNLESS.. they Hire Benjy Taylor !!

  78. I really think Beeman, Amanda, Price and the Guy, they really like Benjy and appreciate what he has done, so in reality, the deck will be stacked in Benjy’s favor. Very sure at this time going on his 6 month in program, bugs worked out.
    Team insulated. and concerned parents, want stability , very confident, if EVEN one parent wants his son to play for Benjy as HC for another 2 years, The Chancellor will consider,.
    You know why, ? He when questioned, why not hire Benjy or take off the interim title., he never said we are hiring others. he and lame duck AD, both said for Public Record, Benjy doing great job, they are very happy with him. During BWC tournament, Jay restated support for Benjy and the Bows. very proud of how they stayed together. Was bummer they did not accept donor money to have team play in CIT or CBI.. however.. They publicly like Benjy.. it has been about six months since Gib and others let go, moved on or whatever. and UH MBB , if They stay together will be good,
    I cannot blame a few, if the uncertainty and the slowness of hiring, causing the sophs and freshman to think of transferring or going overseas pro leauges.. I would. too, much stress,. fans we think of ourselves and Kyle and Eran, however what about the team and their dear families.? do we say, heck with them, that is a Big Big Island of USA thing, NOT IN HAWAII.. very sad, reminds me of how power, dumped, Rocha, Wags and Donovan, and Jay.. they had to appear at their own lynchings by the Power Mob Mentality.. that Mob has to go.

    However. so much pressure, politically, for Benjy and nationally, I bet Benjy, they make him sweat out the hire process. HE WILL GET THE JOB.. because, he signing the 2 JC guys on April 15th, and working out a better SOS, RPI schedule with Matlin.. Chancellor will hire Benjy.. if not…watch out.. UH MBB falls, waaaay down the tubes

    Benjy Taylor will be coaching through 2020 season with a lot of championships under his belt, and that humble country boy, never I, I , I , Me.. always the guys, the team , the school, the fans, Hawaii, the families.. that is North Carolina Humility and high Character at its finest..

    Benjy Taylor will be the next Head Coach, guaranteed.

  79. Back to the unnecessary committee because they are all employees of UH. I have some questions that I don’t know about the process so if anybody knows…

    1. If this committee meets during work hours, how much does it take away from their real job and does this contribute to more slow poke movement for every day duties in their real departments?

    2. If this committee meets after work, who is paying for the overtime? The legislature is rejecting support for UH athletics so any unnecessary OT is just piling on to the deficit.

    3. If this committee is volunteers, who is monitoring? Such as are they authorized to take private HR documents home if that’s where they do the volunteer work? If they doing volunteer work “after hours” are they allowed to do so on UH property?

    Somebody get Gina Manjieri on this!!

  80. Runbows, I think it’s time that you chill out and relax a little. You are contradicting yourself left and right here and are losing credibility fast. You now want Beeman ousted to that a “tita” can be hired because she speaks too much like Gib. Last time I checked you were one of Gib’s biggest backers. You want a fair process for BT but now you want our women’s coach who has won a league title and been to the post season ousted because she is not tita enough. That is blatant racism. You also claim that you have spoken with people in the legislature who are supporting Benjy, I call BS here.

    It’s fine to express your opinions but they are all over the place and now you want things that you were firmly against not too long ago. Since you guarantee that BT will be hired I would like to make a friendly wager that is not the case. Loser has to stop posting for a month.

  81. ChuckCheese… same old same in Hawaii UH Manoa, used to work there, It has gotten worse, red tape, agendas, politics..

    simple, let AD, a guy that should know Athletics.. Benjy should get a pass, and head to top of the list as incumbent.. He cannot do better than he did.. Which is amazing.

    Ask, the AD can, the families and team, and staff, what do you think about we retaining Benjy as HC?

    Boom. If it is okay, he meets the basic , and really above and beyond the requirements.. and forget digging into his personal things.. Stick to winning, revenues, fan interest, and MBB future immediate success.

    The advisory committee, maybe weed out 80 applicants, and Benjy is at top already, then come down to 3… interview 2 times the 3.. then present to Chancellor,.. and Bley Vroman makes the choice, if, the committee does their homework and not just trying to get rid of Benjy. some agenda, to get him.. Benjy Taylor will emerge at top.. If Not Chuck.. guaranteed one or two, or three of sophs and freshman will transfer or go overseas pro.

    Then, new coach, should recruit offer scholies, to 808 local HS and community college BB athletes.. at least 808 will make up majority of UH MBB team

    Yet.. it is so stupid, dumb of guys with doctorates, Masters, double Masters… and they cannot see the forest throught the trees.. Hire Benjy Taylor !!~

  82. This website has two main players pochogee and Runbows with 90% of all blogging Time for insider to just report and not allow any comments from anyone. just report newsworthy items

  83. there we go with the name calling. lol
    LOSE MONEY! hahahaha, There’s no guess your loss for words

  84. Somebody called in to the Sports Animals and said that there were about 80 applicants for the Head Coach position. That’s a lot, a lot more than I thought.

  85. I would guess not all 80 will make it to the consideration point for the job. lol That’d be a lot of background checks, I mean UH is really bearing down on a Good character, trustworthy coach 1st and foremost. They don’t want to hire an applicant that has some unknown about him.

    Hope they are burning the candles!

  86. People who use words like stupid and dumb, etc. should be moderated. No need for that kind of talk. Runbows should apologize. People are working hard to try to do a good job to select a good Head Coach for us. I’m sure there are a lot of excellent applicants.

  87. Derek,

    what about JJay and Pono. I notice your kinda one-sided on things and I’ve only been here seriously like for a couple of days, less than a week.

    if your gonna call out RunBows why not the rest if your that fair about it.

  88. Benjy will be coach mark my words
    his heart is with guys and hawaii
    5 year kamaaina
    no applicant man or woman can match
    within 2 weeks or less Benjy named new head coach
    pope …and jc big take to permanent head coaching position
    Benjy has lot of love and support

    Benjy…no candidate can match Benjy resume
    ask: what trials have you endured, and how overcome
    welll,….the 2014-15 season

    Guranteed Benjy will be coach!!

    I know it..inside source!!

  89. Really I don’t care how hard the board is working on the coach selection. We feel 3/4’s of it are the wrong people to making the decision.

  90. jjay, Pono, Derek = Runbows, Eagle, ChuckCheese, etc. lol

  91. Guaranteed somebody will be a Head Coach here. Inside source.

  92. Pocho….agree with derek no matter our passion and UH in big mess top to bottom..heead coach will be hired soon..

    my reasoning why benjy basically has head coaching job?

    1)His award at final four
    2)all 3 local tv stations hilite constantly what benjy accomplished through adversity
    3) honor and praise from espn
    4)team loaded , if he coach coming back
    5)2 jc guys locked into sign april 15 2015..the key..if he is head coach
    6) great staff
    7)great finish in school thiscspring
    8)season ticket holders love he and team
    9)his kids love him..better dad now..cherishes every moment with them

    he is a lock,,,

    basically , selection..advisory committee would have to prove him wrong on 8 of 9 positives..they cannot

    pocho..as derk says no need get heart attack..only sports..not life and desth
    I love uhmbb.however will support team even if benjy and que wereretained as assistants
    could go that way too!!
    Go Bows!!

  93. Question:

    Beeman, Amanda, Price and Cambra Kids, grandkids?
    Is Beeman married or divorced? Amanda attached? Price, in relationship? or Cambra breaking out of one? And how do they handle marital problems, or raising of kids?
    Are they stellar in that regard toward their husbands and or wives?
    Have they gotten into arguments, big ones, with Mr. Beeman, or Mr. Paterson, or Mr. Price. or Mrs Cambra? Have they been attacked by the media? Have they ever been given a negative report card on their previous jobs, even minor?

    You all say NONE OF MY BUSINESS.. not pertain to Head Coaching MBB NCAA DI job, they going to advise on, just the Character, of MBB coach, and standards.. how he or she can handle or has handled, right, right.. Same with Benjy.. he had every type of manure dropped on him. and according to BM and Dayton’s Video, he handles, publicly very well. the Admission to not being perfect, and becoming better and learning and adjusting, and loving family better, become better dad, coach and person, in last 6 months or so.. it is like an eternity.. Benjy has come through with an A-… in my book..

    How that advisory committee is going to judge character on 80 applicants, I don’t know.. they should weed out the losers.. last year, fired and losing season past year or several.. and the ones no experience DI NCAA ball coaching. No dealing with athletes of different nations or color.. those that come from Cold Weather climate, and HATE hot humid climates. weed em out.. those that don’t like Poke, and spam musubi, loco moco with rice, and tobacco on top.. don’t know how to pronounce Kalanianole Hwy. Those that think we all live in grass shacks.. those that have never visited Hawaii before.. Those that were let go or fired from Hawaii jobs before.. Those that think that they are Better than Benjy.. weed em out.. will leave.. probably Eran Ganot vs Benjy Taylor, I am not and never was a betting old makule person, however.. I would go with Benjy, 5 year Kamaaina, he saved his kids from the inner city violence, drugs, gangs and attitude of the wild streets in mainland.. That takes a Real man..

    It really isn’t that hard.. No way can they interview 80 applicants, before April 15th, no way, and they all get even shot.. have to weed out the losers.. and 99 percent of them are… only 2 are not.. Eran, Benjy, Senque, Brad, Brandon, Jamie Smith.. instant Coaching crew. with an Eran Ganot 7 footer from Australia that plays like Andrew Bogut..and a PG who plays like AC Carter… added to hopefully 7 guys coming back. Team would be awesome..

    Committee, and David Matlin.. That is thinking really Akamai,.. weed out.. and Benjy is finalist already.. definitely.. a combination of the Two.. Eran and Benjy as Associate.. or Phil Handy and Benjy as Associate.. that is the Akamai thing. if Chancellor goes with Eran or Phil instead of Benjy, and I am being realistic, IF BENJY not made head coach, which I still believe he will ., too many positives, far outweigh the negatives if any.. a combination of the Two.. Old and New.. however.. there will be banging of heads in offensive and defensive strategies.. Does UH currently have motion or flex motion athletes? I don’t think so.. would have to recruit a NEW team that is the Keeper for Benjy as new Head Coach.. The winnah fans.. . Flex motion, NBA style, with No real 3 ball consistent for now shooters, and not good screeners.. or the full on pedal to the metal athletes. that can learn, a higher, smarter octane, and effective, NBA style half court attack against zones, and to be able to defend zones, You have to have the athletes. for that style, I think Benjy does, with the 2 JC guys he will sign april 15th, that is the trump card. he signs the 2 JC guys on spring signing day….HE gets the HC job.. otherwise, decommits and 2 or 3 guys leave UH MBB, 2 sophs and one freshman.. MAYBE.. if Beeman, now listen.. since you are BB guru, not…. Key to MBB success, the physical high flying super quick long athletes. that are good students and citizens, fun guys who enjoy and can bond with current team , like Pope and MT , AV and Q.. that is 4 /5 of a starting 5 right there!!

    Benjy, remember, script out, and thing out your interview.. the best you can… get help from agent, professors.. communications instructors.. all how you present yourself and vision.. the RESUME plain to see. they want you to Say it to them.. kind of funny,.. I don’t think any of them on that committee have played or coached UH MBB NCAA DI style under the firestorm.. they come out looking good.. by giving Benjy Taylor a chance, even 2 year deal. .. man only 2 years and can see if can recruit, retain athletes.. and keep team in order in class, on the road, and in the dorms.. .

    Benjy, Go Get It.. and Team if You read this.. Voice your support for Your coach.. will help so much.. Benjy gave his lifeblood for you all !

  94. Hello Derek. One sided ? You better check and read this blog I’m all for hiring the best coach available so I’m not plugging any one coach constantly. There comes a saturation point when it becomes a bit overbearing Another blog siite you might enjoy reading is warrior sports network Full of info on and in game comments Goodnight everyone and have a happy Easter.

  95. What Benjy has that none of the other 79 applicants have?

    2014-15 22 win season under hellish conditions.
    Undercurrent to destroy MBB.
    And backhanded slaps by hoopstalk Jackson.

    What ace does Benjy have, actually 2 aces in hand?
    1)The signing of JC guard and JC big April 15 2015… and he knows it, UH admin knows it too. that is hard to beat, if Two stellar athletes, Still want to play for his Bows. despite the messy things.

    2)The Hugh Durham Award. His second such award in past 12 years or so. The previous at Chicago St. with limited access to high end athletes and monies resources, was named Independent Coach of the Year, playing 20 body bag games a year..

    None of the other 79 candidates jjay, pono, Derek, pocho, eagle, warriorhaw, clyde, Chuck, Back, none have had to deal with a hatchet to head, just hanging over him and his program. it borders on bullying. .. I wish I were a pro bono lawyer.. that kind of verbal, and emotional abuse, to endure for season. man that is major league Administrative and Agenda driven Bullying,..Benjy has a good case if he wants to pursue that. Civil case. Litigate . He would win big against UH guaranteed, However he will take the High road, always has this season .. and that Beeman, Amanda, Price and Cambra, is SUPERIOR HIGH CHARACTER compared to any of the other 79 pretenders.,,. they had to endure what Benjy and the Bows and their families for One year.. the horrible noise, op ed attacks, question on lack of discipline of team, which questions families, and coach.. Coach addressed each and every problem quickly, and to this day NO suspensions. No team member in jail and No additional NCAA investigations, allegations.. UH MBB under Benjy Taylor in good shape.

    It will be a slam dunk.. IF THE INTERVIEW IS FAIR., if not Benjy.,.. one word LITIGATE !!

  96. The news last night mentioned Erin Ganot has emerged. There will be others.

  97. I’m with a lot of others, select the BEST coach available within desired parameters. To be fair need to evaluate ALL candidates. Big picture wise, its healthy for all sports when Coaching vacancies happen, ’cause you want the BEST candidates to APPLY. That’s how Coach Beeman was selected and it has led to a rise in the women’s program.

    Who knows, maybe Senque Carey may be a better candidate, his resume speaks for itself. I sure hope he applied.

    From what I am hearing and reading, AD has a sense of urgency. At the same time he is looking for the BEST candidate. Believe if there should be any talk of litigation it is because due diligence was not performed and process was unfair.

    For the returning players, believe their focus should be on improving their strength and skills for NEXT season regardless of who the Coach is. Check out the NCAA tournament and skill level of those players and teams, IMHO, think our team has a ways to develop to be able to play at that level. So DO the work and dream big….don’t sweat the things you have no control over…and if you love B-Ball improve your level of play so you can play with the BEST.

  98. Tako, good observations.

    Good article by Ferd today. He referred to Arkansas Pine Bluff, Southern, and Prarie View and Division II Hilo and Chaminade as pastries. You can at least add Delaware St., and Cal Bakersfield. I laughed so hard I almost spilled my coffee at McDonalds. Pastries! That’s a good one. That 22-13 record last season somehow doesn’t seem so impressive now. On top of that, Fullerton and Northridge were terrible. That’s an additional 4 wins.

    The best games were Pitt, Colorado, Nebraska, UC Davis twice, Long Beach twice, and Wichita St. In a loss. As Josh Pacheco said on this show the 2014-2015 season to him was so-so. Looking at everything and 8-8 in conference I’d say that’s pretty fair. Calling a spade a spade.

  99. Runbows talks too much we get it you want Benjie Taylor you don’t have to keep repeating yourself a million times smh

  100. bowsoverhoes: That is how I roll.. for the little man, the underdog..

    majority want another coach, fine… I will vote for Benjy, I am not alone.. and as long as Dayton allows me too.. I will keep on voicing my opinion.

    I tell you bows, Derek, tako, clyde, eage, jjay, Back, Chuck, pono, pupule, gibno.. and all the forum.. They will weed out the 80, and probably TWO will be finalists, maybe three, Phil Handy, Eran Ganot and Benjy….Benjy WILL BE THE NEXT HEAD COACH…

    All this committee, things, advisory, and lame duck AD and not yet AD, chancellor, general counsel, etc.. THEY KNOW already… will be huge backlash, ALCU, HGEA, Black Coaches of America, Dept of Labor, the local Meida,The Basket Ball Boosters, ESPN reporters.. etc.. HUGE.. because this is not local, moco small kine hiring.. this is NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL story.. a little guy, NOT PERFERCT.. and overcame overwhelming odds.. And helped team AND always defelects recognition not To Self, but to the Team and their supportive Families..that is Why UH KNOWS he is the Best Candidate.. if they pick another.. HUGE PROBLEM FOR MBB.. defection of some key young guys transferring, lack of attendance, booster non support, and ESPN not showing their games as much.. BECAUSE as Benjy likes to say… IT WOULD NOT BE PONO.. right, Good thing to do , Hawaiian thing. Aloha way..

    Benjy Taylor, like it or like it.. it is a WIN WIN situation for Matlin and Chancellor , reward excellence. You all talk about Benjy not being able to Recruit, or have successful team on court and in class, or discipline over years..Well he did it in 4 or 5 months !! And the recruiting aspect? How about getting Isaac Fleming, one of the BEST Freshmen guard In the nation? Plus he HAS 2 and as many as 4 JC guys ready to sign.. IT IS A WINNER FOR BENJY, however as HE SAYS IT IS THE PROCESS.. the show, satisfy state labor laws, UH protocol, Have to post and interview candidates.. You telling me that 79 of the applicants, even 49 of them are highly qualified to coach DII ball? I doubt it.. only about 3 will be finalists.. and conclusion WILL BE….BENJY TAYLOR… mark my words..
    If UH wants more disruption, lack of interest, and team hitting rock bottom again like the seventies, scandal with NCAA. go ahead and hire another, UNLESS deal with Eran or Phil.. and allowing Benjy and Senque to remain for 1 year at least on staff. that would be the compromise..

    However.. Now the leader.. and Best, and only qualified guy to lead the same team to get better, Benjy plus Senque, Brad, Brandon, Jamie and staff..

    BENJY TAYLOR.. unless a lighting bolt, strikes the AD’s head.. will be the Next 3 to 5 year contracted coach.. HUGE REASON.. use your common sense fans.. HE is signing in 11 days two huge JC gets.. a great guard and a good physical Big man !!

    Benjy Taylor, .. we getting ready to rock and roll with You at the helm for years to come !

  101. It is a wonderful thing, that nameplate on his office, HEAD COACH- Mr. Benjy Taylor, till 2025, I like it !!

  102. Why isn’t Runbows banned already? His blatant racism is not a good look for this forum, especially because parents and SAs read this forum. This “fan’s” psychosis just might turn some recruits off.

  103. Runbows record:
    1) Loved Gib Arniold – strike 1 (another fine mess Ollie)
    2) Loves Benjy Taylor because he was Gib’s Asst. – strike 2
    3) Loves #3 – Who’s the next one?

    Many people want Taylor off of one season last year. Many people don’t think in terms of his overall record as a Head Coach at other places. Most people don’t analyze the games closely. Most people don’t know if Taylor is a good recruiter. I asked on this forum who did he recruit that was good? Nobody has said a single thing.

    Enough of this madness with Taylor. This is not March anymore. Go Rainbow Warriors!!!

  104. Phil handy will in all likelihood not be considered. He is a skills trainer and dits not have any coaching experience college or pro. No recruiting experience. Derek is correct never fall in live with a head coach they are hired to be fired or quit for better pastures it’s all about the $$$$$$

  105. Isn’t Valerie Schmidt monitoring this website along with Dayton? Gibs psychopath relative or Gib himself or Benjy may be the person called Runbows. Sorry to say but he needs psychiatry help.

  106. I don’t have a problem with Benji being coach, as long as he is the best coach we can get after going through the process. That being said, I think we could probably get someone better, who has the character and integrity that the higher ups are looking for.

    Jjay and derek = spot on.

  107. I’d like to know if any of the applicants with HC experience at the D1 level had 20 game win drains

  108. I am Not Racist…The land of the Rainbows, the diversity, all I am saying.. is , Benjy very diverse, has a huge network of coaching friends who have seen what he has done. He belongs to Black Coaches, MBB of America, , or friends with them, THEY are NOT RACIST. they support each other, from Jackie Robinson to Steph Curry, and Barack Obama- who is HAPA..

    RunBows.. Racist? I am mixture of black, brown, white, Asian, Caucasian, and cosmopolitan..Go easy on Calling ME RACIST..
    Just calling out, Benjy, wants Fair Interview, Not stacked against him, his statements on video and to Media,, he has nothing to lose, the agenda against NOT JUST HE, be the MBB program circa GA and not Acting HC BT…

    I am a man of the Heart , our whole family, we have legal background, know the law, worked for State, and the entity, BT involved, in… He has a lot , more than this forum, of a FEW that view, who want another coach, without even giving BT an option for ONE year guaranteed deal.
    However, he respects the process, HGEA, the State Law and Posting, Interviewing etc, and He will follow it.. I love what Benjy and Senque, AND absoulutely Love and see compassion and coaching mentoring by Brad Autry and Brandon Loyd.. plus an international super Sports Performance Analyst in Jamie Smith.. I identify, in background, our family with NWC, however with Dyrbe too, and Niko.. So DON’T call ME RACIST.. THAT IS BEING RACIST.. or bigotry, because I am avid fan of MBB and seeing what Benjy has done.. just Asking for Fair playing field, and First choice at HC job.. Nothing to do with color or culture or nationality or ancenstry, SO MUCH TO DO WITH THE HEART, COMPASSION.. and THE GRAVY.. as servante mentioned.. THE WINS..

    I still feel when all plays out, and not because of his skin color or mine or yours.. Benjy Taylor, with his RESUME, and just tremendous support in 808, will be next HC.. guaranteed.. If committee, AD and chancellor want another.. NO problem if they RETAIN BENJY and SENQUE.. yes, a Eran Ganot, or Jackson, just kidding and BT and SC.. would be awesome too.

    You all lose perspective, Dayton, a lot do.. and THAT IS WHY YOU DO THE UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL INTERVIEWS.. no other media outlet, pundits, reporters, get as close to team and staff as you do.. YOU ASK THE GOOD QUESTIONS..and Benjy HAS ALWAYS BEEN OPEN AND HONEST.. What I learned, is that Benjy took a horrible, bleak situation , and with the Team buying in ONE OHANA, and EFFORT…They won, and came 3 minutes short of NCAA tournament.

    Will Dayton BAN ME from this Forum for supporting Benjy, whether he is white, green black, brown, purlple, yellow, blue.. I don’t think so.. NEVER been vulgar or attacking. a lot of my posts with humor. However, This is a Season, and the ones that go negative on me ARE NOT the old timers, some young jump on bandwagon, so called Fans.. I support whomever selected as the Right Choice, and all evidence in MY BOOK, my opinion , is Benjy Taylor hands down.

    I believe UH screening process, they will see Benjy’s resume, and he knocks it out of the park in presentation, yes Benjy has to do a good selling of his vision , then He will be next HC..
    If you don’t like my posts.. don’t read them.. .
    I love and thank Dayton the Schmidt Ohana, Ameriprise, Pacific Risk Solutions and the other fans, who let me have a say..I am not the chancellor, however, I KNOW how, things have changed up there.. sometimes NOT for the better.. Just Give Benjy Fair Interview, and if Chancellor goes for another younger coach, fine.. however, he or she the new HC if not Benjy.. smart to retain Benjy and Senque if they are willing.. and That is My Opinion..
    Hey, when NO news MBB, slow time past 5 years.. where were all of you, ? the ones come out now.? glad to read your comments too, keeps MBB rocking, I love it !

  109. By the way, I am old, near 70, disabled, cannot see, read, or type so well, Home bound, so forgive my long posts. Better half say to cool it. Just be concise. few paragraphs. I will listen to My Ohana. There you go. I support Benjy , he did excellent job, Hope he gets it. Team will only get Better with the 2 JC recruits awaiting to sign soon !

    RunBows, never Racist, never was, never will be , under the skin and in the heart, we should all be brothers and sisters of planet earth, and better world to come !

  110. Common Derek, let’s be fair. True, we all wonder how good a recruiter Taylor is but when you say nobody has mentioned who he recruited, that is not a true. Just a few comments before you, RB mentioned that he recruited Fleming which is a pretty well known fact (it’s been written about and comments from Fleming himself were noted).

    I do agree that RB tends to dominate the blog and is very long winded and half the time I don’t read his comments but that doesn’t call for his termination from this blog. We can find issues with many bloggers on this forum but most of us that comment helps to make this blog interesting. I find it a little less negative than some like the scout (wsn network). Of course, it’s more focused so we don’t have all that Chow bashing.

    What I would miss about Benjy is his style of defense which seems to be his MO. I also agree that we should look for the best coach available but going with Benjy is pretty safe as the players like him which helps keep any of them leaving and because most are young, we should have a couple good years. It also lends stability to a shaky program which should help long term. After that time, you could always let Benjy go if he has done a bad job. Still, we should hire the best coach available. I know just looking at the win/loss record of Benjy, it doesn’t look good but he has been associated with some really bad programs historically. It’s what he’s done with them and what he had to work with that should be analyzed and here’s an article that looks at that.


    Anyway, I will cut it short before I get accused of being long winded. lol.

  111. btw, Benjy did also get the commitment from Austin Pope who seems like a good get.

  112. BigFan: Mahalo, never wanted to Dominate the forum, eagle, n2joy, al, and clyde, maybe only 5 or so, were regular contributors when forum first started about 4 years or more ago.
    I love UH MBB, however, I want to see, and not someone using 5 different monikers, or ones that mock one another,. we want integrity and high character forum, because young ones, families like BigDaddy94, Isaac’s dad, who I think will have a big say in hiring of Benjy, the ohana of team, let their voices be heard. Isaac being over 6000 miles away, and loves Hawaii, he is big part of team

    And unless, there is a word count limit on this forum, go for it.. I appreciate, because, maybe 30 or 40 read this forum , I am guessing.. I don’t want to post 50 times, however, those silent, different fans of MBB and Benjy or other coach, should chime in. Dayton’s site the best. I really Believe, that Dayton, he being fair and balanced, will cover whomever coach, giving Benjy a Fair chance to voice his views. BigFan, Appreciate, it.. even Aussie Mum, Ozi Mum, they appreciated my posts, and Tonganator.. So go ahead fans, Dominate, write things that will help UH MBB team, And Do Not Forget feelings of families and Team, that matters to me and coach Benjy !

    Aloha. Go Bows.. RunBows.. says. IMUA get the best whether Benjy and Que, or new HC with Benjy and Que top assistants ,would be my second choice. We HOPE not even One guy will leave….they might, destroy APR going forth, UH MBB program cannot endure anymore APR hits.

  113. Eh! Don’t get distracted by the fans.
    Watch the game !
    Go Bows baby ! Go Bows !

  114. Hope Valerie Smith goes thru these posts above and ban all the poster that did the name calling. There’s no need for it! Makes the WI site lose face having these small childish play here

  115. Runbows–I am sorry about your ailments, but that still doesn’t excuse your comment about Beeman be let go because she’s not tita enough and because she is from Cali. Nor does it excuse your homophobic “lol-ing” from awhile back. I guess the more appropriate word might be prejudiced and biggoted. I really hope you retract your statements as just passion gone wrong so that families and SAs don’t get the wrong idea about our fanbase.

  116. Kudos to Beeman brought Her team to multiple NIT tournaments not buy ins. And she is sharp, well spoken and a caring person.

  117. I agree, unbelievable

  118. Beeman as far as I’m concerned is the only member of the Coach search board that’s meaningful as to knowing personally what it takes be a coach. Student Grades, Compliance, etc. comes with the Job of being a coach and they should instill or better yet have the Athletes read the rules. As I stated before many times, BenJay should have sent Gib/Staff to the a NCAA rule school if available.

  119. My apologies to beeman and committee , matlin and chancellor..used to work there..things were better 40 plus years ago…not as much red tape
    it is frustrating to all..even beeman. Uhadmin.. made her wait on contract…she gets good offer from pac 12 she will go…
    she speaks well like gib, that is a gift..she is hard worker and I was very pleased with her hire..
    better half tell me watch grandkids ..just relax
    my sincere apologies to forum..hope chancellor makes good choice and team stays..
    we see how plays out..however..to maintain and keep up with mid major mbb programs..have to expedite hiring process..benjy has good shot ..we wil see
    Sorry again fans aand apologies to Laura!! She is a good gal..
    Dayton good video interviews…makes me cry..seeing pain of benjy..just older guy emotions I guess

    Go Bows!!

  120. Respect to Runbows for the apologies. Laura Beeman is well-spoken, but by far is not like Gib. She actually coaches players up and seemingly has the integrity and character to run a program.

  121. No I did not mean Gib character. The public speaking ability. What made him good recruiter.
    I like the down home old country boy style of Benjy and shaka sign of Laura.
    Taking team country side, she gets it, hawaii culture. Just frustrating to all UH sports fans, the decisions and lack of insight and urgency in helping and retaining good coaches including beeman.

    State, county leadership, tuesday Carmageddon?
    Go Bows!!
    Love the team and their families, really hope, and maybe, little hint and glint in BT eyes, he can sign 2 jc good ones soon..then I go aurite!
    We backing the bows!!

  122. Aaahhh, good to see the apologies and willingness of bloggers to realized that sometimes we all get carried away on these blogs. I wasn’t a regular reader/lurker until a year or two ago but it is addicting!!.
    I enjoy reading posts from the eloquent/smart people like Boolakanaka on Tsai’s blog or the really passionate ones like Runbows even if he does get carried away at times and some who I read on many blogs like Pocho. Pocho, if you are also pocho boy on the scout board, you are one who tries to be balanced and fair. To point out that we all have brain farts, pocho you gave me a laugh when Flexible Flyer posted the name Janevia Taylor and you went ahead with your comments assuming she was related to Benjy. Flyer responded bewilderingly and asked do you know who Janevia is and you responded apparently not. Almost choked on my soup.

  123. BigFan:

    Yes, calmed down, myself too, old makule that I am !
    Thing is, when Warrior Insider made Forum available, maybe 4 1/2 years ago, it was only handful of us who blogged. Eagle, n2joy, clyde , al, I think Derek, and myself. Some topics, off season, or holiday greetings, Frotu productions, video by team, there were only 1 or 2 comments., eagle my man, told me from the beginning blog away to keep site going. I guess, when Gib had that first 19 win season with Zane, Vander, Miah, Bill Amis and Hiram, we went wow.. this is something. Comments were very supportive, some , like myself , are NOT the BB gurus, others, the Real

    Akamai sports guys and gals, smart they spend time on other things more important, and will comment in a long while, Former UH Athlete being one. Welcome to the board. Dayton laid it out for us, Keep it civil, welcomes different opinions, not vulgar, profanity or personal attacks a No, No, he was able to stop some of the more off color and blood letting rhetoric. Dayton great guy, and we thank him for this outlet to blog about, MBB that we All love . Somehow, after Gib , and even

    before, when Gib was not getting past the first round of BWC tourney, then the termination, even through last summer with a supposed preferred walkon, was he offered or not.? it got really wild, on 3 different blogs/ forum. Very sure, if a dozen or so of us with divergent opinions ever met, 100% very nice people, including yourself..Hope, Now, This forum, since it is rated G. for General family, youth, team, and possible recruits.. It can RETURN to that nice, civil site that it started off to be. I will back off, way off.. though I still appreciate and want Benjy to have fair chance, in fact first

    chance at HC job. If not, I hope he is retained or Senque, Important for transition and continuity. sorry, some will bet upset, however I am older, and have insomnia.. so I post away.. BigFan, You are a great fan, like jjay, eagle, warriorhaw, clyde, ChuckCheese, Pono, Horssse, Derek, Pocho, Valerie Schmidt and ohana, and Dayton Morinaga , who is hands Down the Best.. I can feel HIS emotion, interviewing Benjy, kind of sad.. like a farewell, however as Brian Mc…mentioned, Benjy handling the trying times, and waiting, and stress like a pro.. Wish him the best.

    Aloha BigFan.. I will keep it civil.. and This is just my late Insomniac Old makule MBB fan, last long winded report.. I get carried away with UH MBB, when Howie Dunham was going up against Artis Gilmore, or UH was battling Dave Cowens and Florida near 50 years ago.. Go Bows !!

  124. Rather Dave Cowens of Florida St ! Great 6.’9″ 230 center.. really one of my all time favorites, toiugh rebounder who pulled down 31 in one game, 1 more than Bob Nash’s 30 (!)in 1971 RBC !

    Go Bows, and Benjy if you can, it would be something, if Benjy, Que , Brad and Brandon Loyd, all got the 6’6″ guard, 6’7″ 3 ball shooter, 6’8″ PF banger, and 6’11” rim protector.. to commit, before or during April visits, or at least Two of them.. would really throw the whole thing into a quandary? Steve M. blogs, it would be weird, really weirdest Basketball Awards Banquet, if Another Coach was the featured speaker,…a New Head Man? I think Benjy would still go.. that is a good man now. very much respected.. and he will do well HERE at UH or otherwise, for his sons, and daughter, I hope he continues in BB as coach, HERE in the Aloha State !!

  125. Many good points of view.

    Matlin is already a puppet. As one stated the new AD nowhere stated by him or the Chancellor that this hiring will be his decision. If it was he would of said that I will submit my HC hire 2 days after the final four. That submission will be my choice.

    Seems to be the other way around. We will have our committee help in the process with the chancellor behind the scenes conferring with AD and let him know who the hire will be.

    So when a professor is hired by UH what is that process like? Clue me in.

  126. Not an Expert…

    yes… sad but true…at All the other programs big and small, hirings and firings, they let the AD or acting AD, or if none then the Chancellor do the hiring or firing.
    Just the urgency. Expert…Maybe, they just want to get the protocol, UH , state laws, union things right. Maybe we will all be happy. Hope very soon, Recruiting sigining spring period next week already !

  127. AD should select or recommend the new coach, but chancellor has final say. As to advisory committees, did anyone like the one that advised on the previous coach ? If you did, that one was heavy with UH boosters.

  128. islandman……..

    we can go back decades and see which coaches were good hires. June Jones, Riley Wallace, Dick Tomey, Charlie Wade, Dave Shoji, Bob Coolen, …however they do it, or who does it, .. remember recent vintage? Norm Chow? And before him the quick hire of Coach Mack for football? Seems that UH , they are going to do it, however they want. You can tell, their is a little tiredness on Dayton’s above written post, comment, another advisory committee? Like many have said, soon another committee to advise the advisory committee? I still like Stan Sheriff.. calls up Riley Wallac, I WANT YOU TO BE HC OF MBB.. and boom, Riley was for 20 years. Just hope they get it right, with boosters or not.


    WHETHER it is Obvious, Readily Apparent or NOT

    Have FAITH
    That, In Large Part, Because SO MANY of You Care…
    THIS Men’s Basketball Program WILL Rise Yet Again
    …Maybe, This Cycle…Not from its Easter Ashes
    Maybe We Don’t NEED To Crash & Burn It…
    Just Allow it to Keep Rising
    Similar to The Good Examples Out There…

    So Many Are So Addicted to Slowness and Failure
    NOT Necessary

    Have A Happy Easter, ALL

  130. Fyi, below was the advisory committee to hire a Football HC after Mack left. Ho and Kobayashi were also on the committee to hire a basketball coach after Nash left earlier.
    Although Jim D and three members of the football coach committee wanted a coach, ( Koetter) the UH president at the time didn’t like that numerous of the coach’s players had been charged with crimes, so the committee looked to Norm over Brian Norwood (hawaiinewsnow article, Dec. 20, 2011).

    So the UH President may have a say too on any hire, if he wants to.

    1. Dr. Rockne Freitas, Vice President for Student Affairs and University/Community Relations at the University of Hawai’i and former All-Pro Professional football player with the Detroit Lions.
    2. Peter Ho, Bank of Hawaii Chairman, President & CEO
    3. Bert Kobayashi, Jr. Partner, Kobayashi, Sugita & Goda
    4. Duane Kurisu, entrepreneur, owner, PacificBasin Communications and Hawai’i Sports Network, and the San Francisco Giants
    5. Dr. Edison Miyawaki, Cincinnati Bengals football team minority owner, Hawai’i Health I and II
    6. Jean Rolles, Vice President of Community Affairs, Outrigger Enterprises, Inc.
    (hawaiiathletics website, 12-7-11)

  131. Eagle, thank you for the good thoughts.

    I think like any business organization the head man always has the final say but how much influence the person below him has is dependent on that person’s competency. There’s like compartments within a company whereas the President won’t be bothered with okaying the hiring of clerks as that is left to the leaders for that compartment. If a Director were to be hired maybe the President will be in the loop on that hiring but it may be left up to the VP of that department depending on his competency.

    In UH’s case, the AD is new so maybe that is why the Chancellor is so active in this case. Weren’t they also trying to give the Chancellor more autonomy instead of involving the President on certain issues? The President than has more focus on the entire UH system instead of only Manoa.

    I think involvement depends on the case and situation. Being that we have new people involved, the public image, and the current state of the Athletic Dept., everyone is trying to stay involved to some degree.

  132. Hugh Durham Award winner was Brian Katz, of Sacramento St., per Brian M. Looked him up, and looks like due to their turnaround season in 2015 to 21-12,13-5, 3rd place Big Sky, 2nd Rnd CIT. Prior to that, he had six losing seasons, 10-10 in conference in 2014. (Sac St. RPI was 142, SOS was 277; UH was 152 and SOS 166) . Talk about patience, they stuck with their coach for six losing seasons, although the record gradually improved during that time.

    Their arena capacity is 1200. The students rejected a fee hike for a new arena.

    “Katz led the Hornets to a 21-12 overall record, a 13-5 mark in the Big Sky Conference, the team’s first postseason appearance in the Div. I era (1991-pres.), and the team’s first postseason win in 53 years.”

  133. Corey Hawkins was the MVP of the College All-Star Game. He was last place a day earlier in the 3 pt. shooting contest first round, if you saw it. This All-Star game is the one that Standhardinger played in 2014 and was the game high rebounder with 11.

    ” INDIANAPOLIS – UC Davis guard Corey Hawkins dazzled the crowd at Lucas Oil Stadium throughout the Reese’s College All-Star Game by scoring a game-high 20 points, on 7 of 9 shooting, to help the West All-Stars enjoy a 109-87 victory over the East All-Stars on Friday in front of 26,743 college basketball fans.”


  134. Avery Johnson named Head Coach at Alabama. AC Carter soon to follow?

  135. AC did he earn college degree?
    With 76 unknown to we fans , only benjy, smith, handy and ganot
    wonder who are those others ? Even top 10? We probably never will know….
    I guess if they should..chancellor..make hire new coach before next week april15 beginning signing period.
    that would be ironic if benjy signed two guys for team he wouldn’t coach?
    And as Steve M. says would be odd, like Rocha’s retirement, reassignment at 1973 april awards banquet…if chancellor present or other coach present awards and speech to team..
    well…eagle, bigfan , world dire conditions, need better world soon..
    take care fellow fans
    94 wins, averaging 19 wins over last 5 years not bad..no ncaa or nit
    maybe next year
    stay tuned for UH response and Gib to ncaa
    ncaa go really light on UH..More challenge with Gib..love the drama, see what happens
    spring football? At least MVB hosting guaranteed first round MPSF opening round , still number one in nation!

  136. jojo….if true,….there is going to be movement guarantee..

    kind of junk.. here we go again…..would think he would have to recruit, if retained, a lot more guys..
    if rumor true.. and I don’t like rumors.. have to wait for facts…

    might as well start from scratch.

    IN RESPONSE to jojo’s very last , the 30th post, from previous topic..

  137. always wondered if some of the post, the monikers , Are From the Team Members themselves? I think they jump in once in awhile on other forums.. ?

    Guys like Aaron, Mike, Stefan Jovanovich, and Dyrbe, have experienced 42 wins over two seasons.. what are the feelings of team? That is the key..no one speak up.. telling..


  138. Then I go back to Video 3 , Benjy post season comments.. his status, team, how they doing, his kids, the future.. it still brings me to tears.. man oh man.

    whatever, happens, Mr Benjy Taylor Thankyou so much, for this old time MBB fan, I appreciate so much, bringing joy and life to the fans of BB in Hawaii.

    Stength through Adversity..hang in there.. we wait till the final buzzer or your words to end season at award banquet

    Go ahead , soon next week lock up a couple of good JC basketball guys, a Big and a shooter, and an athlete !!

  139. True: Bobby C . conversation with Jeff P. this morning, there is a short list, Jeff AND Bobby say there should be sense of urgency hopefully, on naming a new HC by perhaps end of this week.
    Reasons: Contract, salary talk, etc, and We All Know about drawing up a Properly and understood, Basketball Coach contract. Still Bobby…doesn’t know who will be, AND Jeff P. does not know who on short list and WHO will be HC..should be kind of exciting. Whomever if Hard working and I think deserving Benjy or another , that sense of urgency, because whomever Benjy or new one bringing in , NEXT week UH visits, I think last video by Dayton with Benjy said, brining in guys, for visit, next week . Spring sigining period April 15-May 15…after that scholarship agreements signed up to Fall Semester starts.

    Go Matlin ! Go Chancellor ! Get it done! The team and families waiting, deserve to know to.
    Bigdaddy94, let UH know too !

  140. and eagle, thanks for kind thoughts for passionate forum !

    hey eagle, you me, and about 5 others, were first bloggers about 5 years or little less ago,
    now dozens join the chatter. UH MBB , doing well, cannot beat it !!

    Go Bows !!

  141. And When YOU Spin ‘Em Up…

    i ‘Consider’ that The Main Reason You CAN is…
    Because THEY CARE…

    RE: Diversity and Differences ARE OUR Strength….
    EX: Just Look at How Far-Flung our players’ / families Can or even Need to Be
    For ‘US’ to have enough…
    However Grating or Far-Flung the Viewpoints may be as well
    They Keep Our Heads on a Swivel, Eyes Open a Little Wider…

    Program TURNING The Corner?
    i Wore MY Big West Tourney Shirt Today as a Self-Reminder that we were Leading at Half-Time — maybe 20 minutes away from being PART OF This NCAA Bracket Dance that Completes Tonight (And LOUISVILLE Played into the Final Eight, in part, because they Grabbed the Last rebound of the Tied Game and made the ensuing free-throw(s) against UC-Irvine — “SAME” Team we were leading when we got ‘This Shirt’ …

    “Feels Like 50-50” — UHMBB Versus “The BWC Field”
    AND Maybe A Coach AND Signee or Two/Three can bump the ODDS up to 50.1- 49.9 or Better…
    NOBODY Has More Guys Potentially Returning:
    EIGHT With Major PT (Versus Only ONE Going into Last Season)


    Dave Matlin, Benjy Senque & Co.: Bring US Good Things
    So Far, THIS TEAM IS Getting Better…

    Keep it Going…
    GO ‘BOWS !

  142. Interesting comments by Bryan on McInnis’ site. That’s a curve ball and a half. Never saw that coming, but if there’s some truth to that that doesn’t bode well for Taylor. Who knows what’s going on, you don’t know who’s telling the right scoop. We’ll just wait and see what happens.

  143. Derek:

    I 100% agree with you and others. All we can do is wait and see. What is actually happening going to happen. I just hope, the people making the call for HC and MBB team, they really help the program. Want to be forward moving, keep team together if can, and sign some guys. I say, that is interesting, what if Benjy gets 2 more commits, and guys willing to sign April 15th? then what? We see how plays out, I feel sorry for team and their parents. the waiting game

  144. Taylor may be trying to please everyone but that normally ends up in perceived favortism. Coaches have to be fair not equal since different players deserve different treatment, but normally it’s tough to keep everyone happy.

  145. RunBows
    Your comment about whether the players are voicing their opinions—wonder if the administration sat down with the players and listened to what they had to say regarding who they want for coach?

  146. Things could have changed ? since the beginning of the season when players voiced support for Taylor to be acting head coach. Can’t please everyone, as Pono says.

  147. IF It’s a NEW Head Coach,

    HE/SHE Would BE A FOOL Not to Recognize and Retain Benjy AND Senque …
    AND Maybe even Jamie…
    (I HOPE They would also Choose to Stay)
    With ALL Due Respect to Our First-Year Coaches,
    THAT Would ALLOW The NEW Coach to Bring in At Least TWO of His Own…

    IF It’s a New Coach…
    AND He Retained Most of The Above Staff
    AND MOST Players
    i think even an “Average” D-1 Coach CAN “WIN”
    Maybe even a First-Time Head Coach “could” …

    Because Pitino, Little, F.Arnold, Riley, Nash Couldn’t Initially or MOST–EVER WIN HERE
    (Even O’Neil was Losing by Year 3; Neither did Bolla, Takahara-Dias)
    I’m Not Even Convinced BT Could WIN after 3 years without Senque…
    SO … ALL the Fairy God-Mother Well-Wishers who Think We Can Beat The Odds
    And Just Import or Promote a Coach and WIN
    Should At Least Consider Their Own Reality Check

    THIS JOB —
    “Dominating the BWC” (OR ANY Conference, Maybe even The WAC, MWC or WCC)
    From the Middle of The Pacific Ocean with Only a Manini Neighborhood Recruiting Base
    (I like Dyrbe, Zach and The Current HS Players… BUT D-1?)
    IS A Lot Tougher than MOST Realize
    Even The Coaches who Themselves Thought they coud (Getting Paid more than Most of Us)
    with ‘Chasing-Championship” Credentials Couldn’t Win

    BUT These Players (And Staff) CAN WIN NOW
    i Hope we Can Handle ALL the Check-Block Details
    (The ADVISORY Committee Part-of-Your Day Job Stuff THAT EVERYONE IS Supposed to be Able to Do)…

    AND RETAIN the HARD Part — WIN AND Play Well…

    Without a Bley-Vroman-Lassner-CHOW-Performance Timetable…

    Prayin’ Really Hard ….
    And Hopin’ Matlin Provides ENOUGH Management Sanity…

  148. A couple of guys leaving a basketball program seems like the norm these days. I would be more concerned with who is leaving and why they are leaving.

  149. What IS Last day of Semester?
    Final Exams: May 11-15

    WHO Rumored to be Leaving?

    We Might Never Get a Clear Picture WHY?

  150. Normally ADs do exit interviews to get the players perspective of why they are leaving. Seems like NWC is still hanging out in Canada which is concerning.

  151. Pono and eagle, servante islandman:

    If you checked previous WI topic.. that 60th or last post by jojo, was asking if anyone heard of discontent, guys wanting to say, but cannot say…

    I think every year, and this year too, always HC bumping heads with team, …Don’t think any Senior to be, unless graduating this summer, or Juniors, that burn RS might leave? Just speculation and Rumor Eagle and others. Man, it is like that Harville summer time thing, is he or isn’t he walkon..?

    UH… just get things in order and Hire the HC, whether Benjy or whomever. for sake of team and even the fans.

    I heard , Rod Bobbitt and Aaron Valdes were going to be part of Geremy Robinson;s summer league team, ? which is good. I think, guys, are respecting the gag order, just keep quiet until everything figured out , new HC and ncaa settled.

    Hey gang, I KNOW about as much as you all, Not Too Much.. maybe end of week if New guy or retained guy in place, then we can relax some.. wish whomever coach can sign some guys for UH, they need that Big and three point shooters. half court. and no scared launch!!

  152. eagle:

    Usually in past with UH MBB, from Larry Little, Frank Arnold, Riley Wallace, I believe the connection for continuity was Bob Nash, as grad assistant, full time assistant then Associate HC..

    To keep guys on team, and for familiarity. would be smart keep at least One. , two good too, Benjy if he wants, and Senque, heck, if it were a young coach.. and They Have to do their homework too, this UH situation, nice place to live, though very high cost of living, and horrible traffic, vog, etc,

    Best Arena in BWC, and challenges of Road trips.. well Beny been through the road and Hawaii
    living challenges for 5 years over, so he knows.. and how to deal with and tried best keep team on board. Senque, sterling resume, a Gib hire.. I Still would like to see, I am soooo curious ,

    Benjy said, I guess UH on ESPN as much as they were, and the style of play.. many good athletes who would fit UH MBB and style.. great interest.. If.. a Big.. that awesome Rebounder, space eater, that can jump and mover laterally, will sign, and besides Pope, a 3 point shooter Ruffin, Whitlock, Alika, Lojeski, probably the most athletic of bunch..would be wise, to Keep ONE at least top guy in staff.
    IF NEW GUY.. and Jeff P. says HE DOES NOT KNOW WHO.. top secret.. ? he should keep one guy for at least year, or maybe two, or three. to keep this train going.. Continuity..

  153. Beeman is a finalist for Utah women’s job, per wsn forum poster.

  154. One of the other finalists for the Utah women’s job reportedly is the Fresno State coach, who previously was an assistant at Utah and has beaucoup connections in the state. Hey, Utes, hire that one!

  155. islandman, clyde….as the UH athletics world turns, like a soap opera..

    What if.. Beeman, and advisory make their selection to Bley Vroman, he announces whomever that is, and Laura goes to Utah.. very sure Much more money, facilities, and dream job to coach, for any man or woman HC in PAC 12.. remember power conference..?

    Wow…think even Norm Chow, was considered for another vacancy last year or two ago?

    Spring time in Athletics collegiate style.. lot of movement.. with UH the way it is.. the uncertainty and with Laura, keeping her month to month and last minute getting her contract finalized. I would not blame her for becoming HC for Ute WBB team.. wouldn’t you? Closer to her family in Cali, and west coast. We shall, see, just shows that Laura did great job, in not so great University Admin situation. Bet she would be good AD or Associate AD for UH, however, she is a smart young lady!
    Wow.. Two New HC’s for MBB and WBB.. and new athletes? As THE UH Admin World Turns !

  156. Does she or her new school have to pay anything, if she leaves UH ?

  157. make more sense, if any, UH admin, keep two coaches in place , at least another year?
    Wonder if David Matlin, now regrets taking the AD job? What is Norm has a 2-11 season?
    Only saving grace this spring so far, the Men’s Volleyball team, Number One ranked and Number One RPI.. they could win, and rightfully so get back Two National Championship banners to hang in SSC.. would like to see, MBB and WBB hang BWC regular AND tournament, NCAA regional appearance banners in SSC, Stan the Man Sheriff would be very proud..

    Head gets dizzy.. so much will happen in few weeks.. just keep watch, and islandman, I expect you, mr. stats/metrics, all things UH sports to be a typing away…exciting.. yet,.. not as smooth as it should be.

  158. islandman….. has to be….Laura was contacted by Utah, did not withdraw her name.. she could have said NO THANKS.. she is interested in job I am sure… Utah, huge step up from Hawaii.. Hawaii admin, though the shoutouts, and good job girl.. they should have taken cared of her contract extension much, much sooner.. and with new AD.. wonder if some girls…from Islands will follow her if she is the NEW Utes WBB coach..

    this is a Big Story,.. kind of deflects attention a tiny bit from HC situation for MBB.

    wild..If Laura is making what, 130K? And Utes offer her, 250K guaranteed for 5 years? And Utes buyout her contract here, very certain Utah has more monies than UH.
    we shall see, just like MBB coach.. Matlin and Bley Vroman must be sweating.. or I was thinking, would Mary Wooley, she is excellent WBB coach, did a lot of X and O’s for team.. she would be good HC too, knows the girls. and good WBB mind and coach..?

    Back to MBB.. I want to see, at least 2 commits, and 2 signees, unless, Matlin and Bley will head BT off at the pass by getting another HC.. or , we don’t know.. BT let him continue for 2 years, I don’t think he is destroying the MBB program, to be honest.. did not make program go backwards..

  159. Our RPI ranking generally went down over the years, or just seems low. Indeed I recall the years when we were an Independent. Well, anyway. When Gib’s contract was structured, [and I am speculating], it may have been natural for the basketball team to want to pad the schedule with easy wins because there were incentives for wins.
    I would suggest that for whoever the next coach is, the coach’s contract might enlist the RPI ranking as incentive, rather than just the number of wins. Somehow. Does that seem right ?
    And if so, perhaps prospective coaches should be informed of this in the interview, as you would think these things would be in place prior to the process. And again, unless the NCAA has guidelines on coaches contracts that haven’t been discussed on this blog yet. I would think these are immediate concerns.

  160. Wooley for HC (women’s team) !

  161. RPI goes up if you win, i think. Big West isn’t going to get more than one bid ? each to NCAA or NIT, even if UH RPI goes higher. UC Davis had a lower SOS than UH, but won a lot of games, so their RPI of 75 was okay.

    UCSB had SOS rank of 96, Rpi of 87. Irvine had SOS 144, Rpi of 88. Long Beach St. had the highest SOS rank in the Big West at 80, but their RPI was 111.

  162. Sorry, the point was, that RPI goes up if you play better teams. If we schedule Div 2 teams, the RPI goes down. If we schedule low RPI teams, our RPI goes down. I am assuming the HC is in charge of scheduling, and that right now the contract calls for wins. I am saying, that has bad consequences. And we should schedule more ‘really good teams’, like the Witchita States, and Nebraskas’, and not the Prarrie Views and Campbell High Schools. (Although, Go Campbell !, You know what I mean.) All in all, we need to play a better schedule. And the contract should not work against that.

  163. What is the purpose in scheduling higher ranked rpi teams, if you don’t win the regular season or the Big West conference tournament championship ? A high RPI rank can come from winning most of your games, like UC Davis did with a weak strength of schedule.

    If you don’t beat the high ranked rpi teams, your rpi won’t go up, i think. Long Beach St had a good SOS, but they didn’t win that much, 16-17 overall record. A high RPI rank would be good IF the Big West had more than one NCAA and more than one NIT team per year.

  164. akuhead2

    Even if New coach ganot, calapari, pitino…not easy to schedule top 40 sos rpi games.
    balance. Coach whomever with AD working on now to better schedule
    UH not Gonzaga or BYU yet
    maybe few more years if UH athletics not financially strapped

    Go Bows …get stable, get or rtain staff and retain get good fit at UH MBB

    hope they keep benjy or new one and senaue benjy

    What say Bigdaddy94?

  165. islandman if UH were in Mountain West with 24 wins and good conference record and rpi they could get at large NIT and Ncaa invites…like boise st., sdsu, ones that don’t win conference tournament.
    Except UH will not be invited to that conference..know Ben Jay spoke truth change in college sports
    power conferences have edge or soon super conferences
    UH wonder if can survive thar change?
    If don’t join other high mid majors create their own power conference?
    That is why I think any success men or women teams , we better enjoy now..
    do wins matter 20 plus winning seasons for mbb and mbb , yes for fans and coaches resume.
    however for wbb and men win regular season bwc every year first goal
    feel for laura and benjy..so close to ncaa invite..agonizing..then maybe no talk of coaches perhaps moving on..
    man these are the golden years , enjoy every win, and esoespecially for bb over ranked teams!!
    Go Bows!!

  166. What we ging set all time record 200 posts?
    Unless Dayton turns to new topic?
    Love talking hoops, better than hoops talkers!!
    Will Laura be new Ute WBB HC?
    BT couple more years or other…just have to go for 3rd 20 plus winning season in a row
    historic, however nice mbb and wbb make ncaa’s!!

  167. Good observation about MWC, runbows.

    Okafor has to thank his teammates for winning the final. Wisconsin ran out of gas, after beating Kentucky.

  168. islandman

    …definite khon tv news.. and BM blog confirrmed Laura finalist for Utah WBB HC job
    differnce in salary…UH WBB $ 130,000.00. Utah fired coach made about $313,000.00
    New over 30 million dollar basketball facility, pac12 dream job And closer to cali family, with road trips to UCLA, Stanford, Cal, USC….Cali base
    if you were Laura and were offered nce again…she take job ?
    She would…UH cannot match that..we knew , Laura had good run in 3 years Pac12 would come calling..
    will UH match that? Don’t think so..now we have idea what a brand new young mbb coach will face..UH mbb stepping stone to bigger, more monies and facilities, competition.
    I hope Laura gets the job, ..UH keeping benjy , he isn’t going anywhere for awhile..

    Losing Laura huge blow to wbb if happens..Mary Wooley would be good replacement

  169. According to an article in the newspaper it said that UH is looking to play against marquee teams at their home court for a paycheck. Why not? Even a loss to a high ranking team is better than a win from 300 rpi type teams. Thats because they look at the strength of teams played and not too much wins. Crazy if you ask me. Hawaii is one of the few teams with 20 plus wins and poor rpi. Even if we won 5 more games from the lower rpi teams we might be around 120 rpi which is still not good. Plus if you want to make a statement you need to try and steal one from their home court. That’s the kind of win that will open the eyes of the NCAA world and give us the respect this program needs.

  170. The Fresno St. women’s coach may have the inside track ?

  171. Maybe Laura only 3 years ncaa d1 hc experience?

  172. servante uhmbb to be sucessful , maybe near 30 wins And upsetting couple of top 30 teams
    plus win bwc tourney..at large nit or ncaa…uhmbb near have to run table
    now, again I state , hope new coach, if uhadmin not retain benjy, how will he or she schedule?
    Not easy
    Plus…that coach..if not successful second year, where bolt to?
    BWC for mbb , not high rpi league
    MWC much better
    if uhadmin wants team…try to go on 2 year good run maybe consider retain benjy..maybe

    I know Matlin must be getting a grat bit of stress..hire head coach and possibly lose wbb coach
    football coach ? He be here till he is 71..pretty sure

  173. BENJY! JANKS!

    Q, ROD!

    Anybody Threatening to Come Up Short?
    REEL ‘Em In!
    Together.. Max the APR
    Save/Keep Max Scholarships And Eligibility…

    Discipline… The Great-Game Stuff
    AND The Everyday Mundane Stuff…

    GO ‘BOWS!

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