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Prestige Worldwide in Utah

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The crew from Prestige Worldwide had the camera in hand to capture some behind-the-scene moments from the University of Hawai’i basketball team’s trip to Salt Lake City, Utah, last week.

In this episode, it is revealed that freshman Isaac Fleming was a little tardy for the early-morning departure from the Stan Sheriff Center, and he said a teammate/roommate was responsible.

Niko Filipovich also gets a brief pre-game interview with Aaron Valdes, as Valdes is watching a movie in the hotel room.

Lastly, there are some brief interviews with the players on the plane ride back to Honolulu.

The team’s next road trip is scheduled for mid-January, when the Warriors will play at UC Riverside in Big West Conference action. The Warriors will remain on O’ahu until then. The next scheduled game is December 19 against Chaminade at the Blaisdell Center Arena; that will be followed by the Hawaiian Airlines Diamond Head Classic at the Stan Sheriff Center, December 22, 23 and 25.


  1. Good for some laughs, Valdes, etc. Now we know Brocke’s part in something.

  2. Nice Young guys, if that was video of guys coming home , long flight from Utah, they sure are a balanced group, did not , or would not cause problems on road trips. Credit to team and the coaches once again. That high character represent ohana, University and Hawaii, still evident. When they say, Aaron Valdes’ quote, they are family, close on and off the court, IT IS FOR REAL..Still I am impressed with team, and sticking it out, and hope their finals grades are good for all 15, plus, NWC and Janks, and Jawato, that offensive firepower be ready BWC play time.

    islandman: You listen to On Point this morning? Interesting two callers: One,good suggestion..UH should start search for HC, or whomever it might be starting NOW( my thought, just extend Benjy and Que through 2015-16 better yet for recruiting and retaining current guys)… with provision, of retaining Coaches Taylor and Que, for that continuity, returning guys and recruits. Better than how Chow let go 3 guys from previous staff who were great Hawaii guys and coaches..

    Another, said, family connection to KC and big brother, big brother thinks UH had overreacted.. in GA thing.. Interesting.. whenever that letter comes out, we shall see.. Without public record for ALL THE world to see, including we old , time and newbie fans of UH sports, Then we know.. Guys having fun, do well in school young men !! And you all have great last 6 games of the year 2014 and then on to battle for BWC crowns !!

    In 50’s , 60’s , UH independent and Small College what would be today DII, , 70’s of 20th century, and including 80’s and 90’s where UH had some great Baseball, Football and Basketball success.. things a lot more crazy. ..2014.. Hope for the best.. moving into 2015 !!

    Go Bows Warriors !

  3. RunBows, who is KC ? i’m not good on some abbrev.

    Was it Artie who said there should be some UH connection with the coaches including some assistants for football, etc. ? It helps, but in basketball, it’s not 100 % required. Look at Riley W, except he was assistant to Larry Little here ?

    Then there was Nash, unfortunate it didn’t pan out. Then Laura Beeman, no connection to UH, but she has skills that are working out, so far.

    Before Wagner, there was Tomey and Dave Holmes.

  4. islandman:

    bigbrother(ncaa) my code name, KC is Kansas City, NCAA Headquarters. One caller, said, he has family involved with that entity, they believe up on the Continent, that UH overreacted with GA dismissal, Still , I don’t know how confirmed, I never heard this person before.. however he alluding to, how UH jumps to quick decisions without really thinking things out, which is obvious, whether counsel told them to do that, or if chancellor, BOR people KNOW for sure what the thing is, what allegations severity, I don’t know.. Remember, that letter was supposed to be in AD’s office maybe about a month ago, now almost end of 2014.. now what? Wonder if ncaa, if is not a priority, they have bigger fishes to fry, or more important things.. so UH case lesser, they take time.

    Who knows.
    We just support MBB.. The bright shining light.. I do hope that Laura and her girls can play big girl basketball and beat BYU-H WBB team tomorrow, you know those girls will play with no fear and start to bomb threes, get steals etc.. just that UH WBB has some big girls playing , physical ..

    MBB, just keep on being winners in classroom and on the court.

    islandman: Sorry, I have to be Politically Correct as AW says, so I call ncaa; bigbrother, and KC .. Kansas City, where NCAA headquarters is located.. If this caller, is correct, and ncaa feels that way. and lesser whatever things.. All the Better for All involved especially the MBB team..

    MBB and hopefully WBB, Men VB, W Softball, Water Polo, Baseball can have championship season, heck with polictics.. just do well in school, which to their credit they have better GPA then the regular student population and have chance to do well in sport programs.. Right? Right !!

    Above, if anybody else heard this morning On Point, and heard the Two callers, chime in to clarify, ..
    Thanks.. I thought It was interesting.. especially that guy with family connected to .. the oversight org. of collegiate sports DI…

  5. I did not listen to radio this morning but that is a interesting call about UH overreacting by firing Gib right before the season. I wonder if this had anything to do with Ben Jay decision.

    Anyways, I just wanted to add that this team keeps surprising us even off the court. I think these guys are very close and you can see it in the videos. Even after the loss at BYU, everybody still upbeat and staying loose together on the plane. Good job Warriors!

  6. islandman:

    It Was that first caller, who suggested UH start HC interviews NOW, and for UH to tell New possible HC about retaining Que and Taylor, since current guys know them and I ADD, for recruiting purpose…So would not be like a Chow thing, letting Rolo go etc.
    It was just his suggestion, whether UH does it, well we know how that goes, with the late, late hire of Nash, even Gib hired late and he scrambled and gambled to bring in , it was something , one of that first year’s top rated recruiting classes, Joston, Salter, Vander, Barnes, etc, that won near 20 games, with Amis, and Thompson from Nash time. That was a good team..

    Yes remember , Bob Nash was assistant to Larry Little ?, Frank Arnold, Riley Wallace, and of course he was eventually HC.. he was a retained Assistant, the Hawaii former player and knew Hawaii and the guys on roster before new coaches.

    At this point, just wish UH MBB has great season, AND UH does due diligence gets it right with new Hire for HC next year, .. as Benjy said in previous thread, he and Que, basically handcuffed in what they can say or do in regards to recruiting, same thing, in Limbo, not knowing if going to be there next year. If I were Chancellor or BOR, .. guy, gal, making call, or a Power that Be, I would automatically see how Benjy and team doing first two weeks of BWC play, that first 4 games, if UH 2-2 or 3-1, and overall record of possibly 16-4, or 15-5, I would extend Benjy and Que, and current assistants through 2015-16, so those, And I know it probably is , a couple of Bigs, and a wing shooter, that would sign, must be guys that Fit, good students, Want to be in Hawaii, and high character defender shooters… I would guess, ONLY GUESSING MY OPINION.. probably JC guys, or HS/prep players, under the radar, that Benjy has been in network with for some time.. As they say, there must be several dozens. of these under radar good athletes, that would jump at chance , full ride scholarship to come to Hawaii for 2-4 years, They just want to be Certain, coach recruiting them will be here next year.. Well just my thought.. It Makes Too much common sense, however, don’t want to get BACKBEAT, or Chuck Cheese, or Eagle, or myself started on that, UH protocol and how they do things.. sheesh.. by now, they should know, Who knows, maybe interim Chancellor will really be courageous, and go ahead, or maybe he is waiting for letter from ncaa, however, I think AD and chancellor and JP of BOR know what basically the allegations are, however, ncaa, could always adjust, because of different factors..

    I love how UH MBB team has bought into just playing ball and going to school, however they must hear it too, the whatever uncertainty, .. Go Bows Warriors !!

  7. I get off of that topic,,,. Hope resolved and that Benjy and Que have shot for next season staff, .. definitely will help current team and those couple of recruits awaiting to possibly sign in March.

    Now UH MBB guys that might read posts.. GREAT JOB.. what UH Athletics fans, appreciate, the NO Quit, The Battle for BWC crown, the One Ohana, .. You guys,are really A Family, with great MBB talent on the court, and doing well in school, Brandon J Jawato on track to grad this May 2015, and team working toward 3.0 or better GPA , all the 15 guys.. that is fantastic.

    Go Bows Warriors.. Make sure you all battle the Silverswords.. in coming, quickly, next week Friday at Blaisdell,.. Hope that NWC is ready to play at least some, he is rehabbing like crazy, or by DHC where Janks and NWC, with that Mizzou/Toronto, /Virgina Prep school, connection will elevate the offensive punch, ,make UH even better.

    Good Job guys.. don’t listen to The Noise .. Listen to the positive support by a couple of thousand solid die hard, live right Fans of UH MBB !!

  8. Basketball experts, how do you improve your team’s shooting in a game ? Coach Beeman had the Wahine run, if a player missed a layup or didn’t make enough shots within a time limit in practice or a certain percentage, providing some pressure. Per Shawna-Lei in today’s newspaper, work on technique and conditioning, shoot at game pace in practice.

    They also want to improve on defending against 3 -point shooters. Their last three opponents shot 28 for 52 or 53.8 % combined . If you go out to defend, you open up the inside areas though and could allow the opponent to drive around you .

    Wahine not hitting outside shots too much nor the inside ones too . Better practice the short shots using the backboard, under pressure .

  9. What i agree with the Concept of that caller is that: WE Can be Smart Enough to Commit to (Some Level) to Our Assistant Coaches that WE Know have a level of Brilliance or Commitment to The Program – So Retaining and Developing Bob Nash was a Model of The Right Thing to do (Ultimately, maybe needed one more HC mentor? Say IF he learned The Recruiting Discipline and Techniques from Gib & Senque? I always thought Recruiting-Closure-Signing was a shortcoming, but also a learnable skill); A Similar Mentoring-Development Plan might have Retained a Rick Pitino, Jamie Dixon, Al Menendez or Pete Gillen, ALL D-1 HC’s in BB, or Ken Niumatalolo, Paul Johnson, Rich Ellerson (Miano, Rolovic, Aranda) in football …

    Didn’t Catch the KC Part — But IF TRUE from NCAA Side GOOD — Lends Creedance to Gib’s Focus on Clearing his name — AS NCAA Specifically Annotated for USC & Floyd case…Additionally, There are Mistakes or Errors in Judgement and there are flat-out cheaters (Bogus Class “A”s @ Kansas AND UNC? Remember: Each ‘A’ Balances an “F” to 2.0 GPA…AND The NCAA Knows this Practice was set up at Both Schools…)

    Good Discussion and Capturing of Ideas

  10. This site is for UH basketball, but Konawaena girls team beat No. 1 ranked Riverside Baptist (Md.) yesterday, 49-41 . The mainland team had a front court of 6′ 4″, 6′ 2″, 6′ 1″ and a guard at 6′ 2″ who has committed to Clemson. They went only 3 for 10 on FT’s though.

    The local team had no one over 5′ 8″, mostly 5′ 4″ to 5′ 6″ ; but they boxed out the bigger girls. Chanelle Molina, who has been recruited by coach Beeman, had 22 points.

  11. islandman: True we love Laura B. and the girls, this site is for MBB goings on, however, shooters just have to keep shooting. Even Trevor Ruffin, had hard first year, until second got system and really became an elite long distance shooter and NBA free agent signee.
    Carl English, when in slump, started to Rebound, a great rebounding guard, and got dunks and layups. Savo.. well I AM SAVO.. when he starts rising up 29 feet out, thing of beauty.

    Laura’s Girls, maybe she has to recruit shooters, or good offensive athletes, she has size, and the only Tested Scorer is Kuehu, in fact SHE is the only dependable one now…
    The thing is , heard it from coaches before, if teams missing shots from deep, move in a few feet closer, for UH WBB, make layups, and mid range… Seems to be a theme, for LB’s teams past 3 years, turnovers… poor shooting.. and being able to cover other teams, penetrating guards and 3 ball shooters.. Same thing UH MBB had to work on, however, UH MBB has become better on Defense.

    Will Be a Test, Just like UH and Chaminade.. BYUH WBB team, nothing to lose, they are able to hit 8 or 9 threes, and get UH to turnover the ball, and get to FT line.. WBB team could be in for long nite, if not clicking on O and D.. I think WBB will be ready BWC time..just like the MBB team.. that is the best time to peak.. BWC tournament, be playing the best basketball.

    And Eagle.. Darn interesting what will happen, or Not happen with UH MBB.. it just boggles the mind, if UH, did overreact.. maybe, why with counsel Fotu and Gib, willing to spend the dime.. to wait for Letter from ncaa, and prove that they are not felons.. mistakes sure,.. restitution maybe.. not knowing what compliant or not, I guess they are saying.. NOT guilty of what the ncaa was questioning them on.. Whether, misinformation or not forthcoming.. WHO IS GIVING THAT SPIN? The media.. and besides Dayton Our Guy, whom in the MEDIA can one trust.. ? They are trying to sell stories, and get readership.. and their 15 minutes of infamy, right around Dec 7th, sad..
    Just an honest opinion.. Caller, even suggested, if Reversal, like our friend and fan akuhead2 suggests.. if really kapkahi,….not done right.. will HC come back..Both Point and caller assume not, however, kind of strange.. like the X-Files… The Truth is Out There..

    Back to MBB.. .. Negus, trying to practice right now with sprained right ankle.. I think he testing it, to see.. I really believe he wants to play a little by Chaminade game..Wish Negus, and Sammis, that is an interesting thought, still No decision on medical RS .. wait unless emergency, need… Sammis and NWC just get healthy and be happy.!!


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