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Summer League update: Playoff dates changed

The Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League concluded its regular season with two games on Tuesday night at Manoa Valley Recreation Center gym.

Solar Universe upset first-place Chosen Few, 72-68, in the first game. University of Hawai’i sophomore guard Dyrbe Enos scored 16 for Solar Universe, which also got 17 points each from Kona Makaula and Leif Rodney. Kaipo Pale led Chosen Few with 17.


Clark Hatch Fitness defeated Grantco Pacific, 103-87, in the second game. Kaunaoa McGee led Clark Hatch Fitness with 31 points. Joshua Burnett led Grantco Pacific with 20, while UH walk-on guard candidate Brocke Stepteau contributed 15.


Chosen Few and Clark Hatch Fitness both finished the regular season with 7-3 records, but Chosen Few received the top seed for the playoffs due to its 2-0 record against Clark Hatch Fitness.

Both Chosen Few and Clark Hatch Fitness will receive byes into the semifinals of the playoffs, and that could be a crucial advantage under a new playoff schedule revealed on Tuesday night.

The playoffs were originally scheduled for this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, but are being pushed back a week due to the impending adverse weather conditions this weekend.

Here’s where it gets tricky. According to the Summer League website, the first round and semifinals will all be played on August 16. That means the winners of the two first round games will have to play a doubleheader, while Chosen Few and Clark Hatch Fitness will just play in the night session semifinals.

The championship game will be played a week later on August 23. All playoff games will be played at Manoa Valley Recreation Center gym (not Maryknoll).

(File photo courtesy Matt Osumi)

Final regular-season standings
Chosen Few 7-3
Clark Hatch Fitness 7-3
Solar Universe 6-4
Wealth Strategy Partners 5-5
Grantco Pacific 3-7
National Fire Protection 2-8

Playoff Schedule
August 16 at Manoa Valley

Wealth Strategy vs. Grantco Pacific, 3 p.m.
Solar Universe vs. National Fire Protection, 4:30 p.m.
Clark Hatch Fitness vs. winner of first game, 6 p.m.
Chosen Few vs. winner of second game, 7:30 p.m.

August 23 at Manoa Valley
Championship: Semifinal winners, 7 p.m.


  1. Nice that Dyrbe scored 16 pts for Solar Universe and Brocke Stepteau scored 15 pts for Grantco Pacific. At least they had fun.
    Wonder what happened to Isaac Fleming? Hope he is healthy, and no bugs.

  2. Congrats Dyrbe on your summer success that charmed a fanbase.

  3. Way to go Dyrbe and Brocke!

    I’m a little curious about the doubleheader format on August 16. Is this a permit issue and the league couldn’t find any other open dates? My question is how wise is it for a guy like Mike Thomas recovering from a back injury to play twice in the same day? I realize his team is in last place and it may not happen anyway, but what if it does? Not worth the risk, IMO.

  4. Kona makaula is really a rising star in this tournament

  5. Whats your thoughts on Makaula?

  6. Is Makaula looking to play at UH? Nice Summer League player, but wouldn’t consider him an impact guy on the D-1 level.

    Just occurred to me that with the new playoffs schedule, some of the UH players could be in town by the championship game. How funny would it be if Artie Wilson’s team came walking in the gym with Negus, Nevels and Valdes in uniform. I wouldn’t put it past Artie to pull something like that!

  7. ChuckCheese, are Negus, Nevels, and Valdes even on the roster? If not, I don’t see how Artie could do that.

  8. That would be something adding in AV…NWC..and. ….GN….QS…split them among the remaining teams..don’ t know if league allows “ringers” last minute..however would be lot of offense..!

    On Oleo tv statewide,…at least the finals I think..?

    very soon fans. The boys back in town!!

  9. I think Makaula could be a great player for Uh if not Hpu and Chaminade need to pick him up . I can see this kid become a very good player for any team.

  10. I think he’s a better player then Jawato, one of the more athletic guys in the summer league that’s for sure.

  11. Sorry, did not meant for that part about the UH players joining the playoffs to be taken seriously. I’m sure they didn’t sign up as there was no way to know the playoffs would be extended by two weeks. If the league added them just for the championship game that would ruin all credibility for the league and probably piss off and chase away all the other guys. Hmmm, maybe that’s not such a bad idea after all, hehehe. Regardless, I would still not put it past Artie Wilson to try and get them on his team.

  12. Our walkons are pretty good, really team guys and team first, Stepteau, Enos, Niko and Buscher..

    Verbal Committs, not always accurate. Real time.

    They still have as possible commit signee on Verbal Commits Hawaii BB.. 2 guys still possible, however, is it for real, or just an offer, that coaches made to them, and still have other guys, down to the wire in waiting. I think the latter.

    1) Quadree Smith 6’8″ 250-65, who did well in Peach Jam tournament showcase, July in Georgia.

    2)Jermiah Worthem, 6’6″ 215 guy, very talented, freshman starter for Robert Morris U. , he got suspended for internal problems, RMU, wants school he transfers to, to honor the one year suspension., so JMO, I think he could be signed by UH MBB, then be eligible, Jan 2015, for BWC play. He would be a soph. with 1 1/2 seasons to play. Worth the gamble?

    Senque, Gib, and Benjy have that recruiting motor going, I bet they will not shutdown, recruiting a late get Big for this season, until the start of school.

    As Eagle always says… That would be a late summer Gift from UH MBB for fans, and frontline depth. ONE MORE BIG GIB

    Walkons, Possible, Kona, ? Deante Hearn, Gerald Wright, Warren Onishi, trying out before season, to see if can win spot on UH MBB roster as walkon candidate, along with Enos, Stepteau, Buscher and Filipovich, who is a good 2 star PG. for sure, a real steal for UH MBB and Gib.
    That is a lot of walkons, and ALL GUARDS.. wish half of them were at least SF’s..

    Que, surprise us.. Big for Gib and UH MBB team?

  13. Actually if Jeremiah Worthem was signed by UH for 2014-15 , his suspension honored from RMU, would end Jan 2015, so JMO, I think he would be eligible for BWC play till BWC tourney and Post Season tournaments. Then, not 1 1/2 season, he would be incoming soph, with 2 1/2 seasons to play like Janks.

    However, agree with hawaiifan09..Gib has to get a Good Big, maybe Que pulls in a late, late get, would help UH depth frontcourt for sure.

    Sorry fans, a little off topic.. must be Hurricane Season!

  14. Gib Arnold should ask Makaula to come out

  15. 21 Kona Makaula 6’2″ Windward CC

    Why not, I think every year, guys in UH system, Kona would have to be enrolled UH semester, to try to walkon. One year Benjy’s 6’9″ son tried to walkon get in, he did not have academics..too bad, he could have helped UH.

    Kona.. just keep on having fun, and burning the summer league nets!

  16. Any truth to rumor NCAA checking into Fleming recruitment? Be interesting if someone asked Gib about that.

  17. Makaula is 6’4. They have that wrong in the summer league paper.

  18. gibnogood,
    What was the rumor? I have not heard anything. Do you know something we don’t? What is your source. Did the ncaa speak to Fleming?

  19. warriorhaw: BM reports that Gib is back in town. Senque was running workouts for guys. Very intense. Stepteau very tired, however still played as well as Enos. Fleming, and probably Thomas, remember happened last year too, the workouts supervised with the guys during the day, at times they skipped the summer league games to rest. Important thing, Fleming, Thomas, Bobbitt, Stepteau, Buscher etc, enrolled and set to go for Fall Semester.

    Here, the Gib Is Good Guy, the anti Gib, starting the rumor mill, here on the WI MBB positive site..
    Too, tired to get into debate. These guys, like to troll, and , no substance, start throwing out negative rumor. If any guys not qualified, or something up,.. They would be off team, WI or BM would report, because of certain reason Gib Arnold commented today.

    No such report.. If cannot back with substance, truth, just trying to start a fight.. well as Gib says, and his guys still on board, he still the current HC… let Gib Stand and Fight for Right.

    No place on WI MBB forum, since so many family members of the MBB team view our posts too, for rumor, gossip,.. just trying to cause trouble, when there isn’t anything. as I have said before, in court of law, they would be thrown out, case dismissed. Too, tired to go there again. WI MBB forum keep it Positive, on the other Blogs go ahead and blast away. Dayton will say, keep it good, and accurate, affects lives of the young guys plus their Ohana. Gib Is Good opposite gal or guy, just go away. Let us fans of UH MBB have some positive stuff to comment on. Sheeesh!

  20. gotcha playhoopsa

    I like this kid Kona. Seen quite a bit of him this summer. Real team player. Nice hops. Maybe needs to gain a little weight, but don’t we say that about everybody? Haha. Anyway, he would make a good walk on candidate.

    Man its getting close.

  21. All of a Sudden, The NCAA Needs to be Detailed and Thorough…
    i’m SURE the NCAA had a List of Questions to Ask ‘The Recruit(s)’ that it was Reported they were questioning…
    AS IF Recruits are supposed to keep detailed Logs…
    What Days were you called ? Or Texted?
    What Kind of Team Workout did you participate in?
    Where did you Go and What did you eat on your Recruiting Visit… Ad Nauseum…

    From the Same Geniuses who could NOT figure out for TWO Years that IF UNC was running Bogus High-Grade (Easy-A) Classes to Help Keep Football Players Eligible, then “Maybe” those other Sports’ Student-Athletes were also Reaping Similar Benefits?

  22. You guys do realize that “gibnogood” is simply “jake” posting under an alias? Playhoopsa, I would think you woulda noticed by now. Same syntax and grammar, same hatred towards gib and uh…
    Please, jake, just go away

  23. Brokenhearted…yes..that is why not going waste time engaging him/her in debate. You know the more hate for gib..the stronger he gets..the attack people will make gib even better..even coming out of ncaa thing..gib and team getting stronger..ready to rock ..and make glad our hearts!!

    Go Bows!!

  24. Where the Attention Goes
    The Energy Flows

    That Would In Part Explain
    Why Both Negative and Positive Energy can Both ADD Up to More Net Energy…

    Yet Positive Energy Definitely “Better” (More Powerful)
    Positive Energy Disperses / Destroys Negative Energy…

    Bye NCAA
    Bye Neg

    This, Too, Shall Pass

  25. Is it Big Island Hank? on the Big Island? If so, fellow UH fan, stay safe!

    Hope the topography of Hawaii island helps break apart lessen impact of Iselle.I know the two Mauna, Loa and Kea, could weaken or help break that cyclone up. Also, how scientist say, that Vog we suffer from time to time, they will observe if it weakens the overall Hurricane, and spawns more lightning storms, which actually cause the storm to weaken more.

    Hope, the best. Any natural disaster, the storms, especially the big ones, can be a trial for any county in the State, Hope the best for our fellow fans and friends and family on the Big Island of Hawaii! Actually for the entire state of Hawaii.

    Safe. And we hope for a brighter day, after the two systems pass.

  26. Back from vacation and catching up on WI. A few thoughts. I am surprise and excited at Dyrbe’s performance in the summer league. Of course you can’t read too much into it but having a consistent game over the summer means he has surely matured more as a player and can be called on during the season. What a difference a year of experience can make. Same goes for Mike Thomas who I thought was a little too tentative last year. With his talent and a renewed confidence in his game, he should give us some real good depth and he is only a sophomore. Take care of the back Mike. That can be a game and life changer so be sure you feel right before resuming the fight. Haven’t read about any other injuries to the guys who aren’t hear so that is great news. I know they all are working on getting better and I can’t wait to see them again.
    Got my ticket requests yesterday and it was like Christmas come early. I think WI should have a countdown number to the first game somewhere on its homepage. What do you think? About the Diamond Head Classic. One rarely messes with success and Maui has done well by ESPN. Since ESPN owns both the tournaments they will eventually make the call, not us. UH needs to work to dominate any group of schools ESPPN throws at us. We have to put our brand on the tournament, be the annual winner and challenge ESPN to send us their best. So , that means we need to start going 3-0 this year and not 2-1 first.
    I was stunned to see no progress from the NCAA. I have a number of thoughts on this but probably the same the rest of you have and no need to go down that road. Great to be back in Hawaii and following UHBB.

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