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Nevels helps lead team to Drew League summer title


Garrett Nevels already knows what it takes to overcome expectations. He’s now hoping a championship in one of the nation’s most recognized summer leagues leads to success for his upcoming senior season with the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Nevels, a 6-foot-2 guard, was one of the primary contributors for the Houdini’s All-Stars team that won the Drew League championship last weekend at Los Angeles, Calif.

Nevels scored 20 points in Houdini’s 84-83 victory over C.O.A. in the championship on Sunday.

“It felt great to win it all, especially against some professionals, really,” Nevels said. “To still be in college with a young team, it felt great to beat some teams that have pro players.”

The Drew League is recognized as one of the top summer leagues in the country, and certainly on the West Coast. Current and former NBA players often join rosters to play in a game or two while in Los Angeles. Among the players who participated this summer were Paul George (obviously prior to his injury), Brandon Jennings, Nick “Swaggy P” Young, Andre Miller, Derrick Williams, Baron Davis and Metta World Peach (Ron Artest).

“We don’t have any pros on our team, but a bunch of our guys have been playing together in this league for three or four years, so we worked our way up,” Nevels said. “Our chemistry is excellent, and I think that really helped us.”

The Houdini’s All-Stars were a No. 6 seed entering the playoffs, but upset four higher-seeded teams en route to the league title. Included in that run was a four-overtime victory over top-seeded Cheaters, led by Baron Davis, in the semifinals.

“That game was huge – back and forth, like a prize fight,” Nevels said. “We were confident the whole time, but after we got that win, we felt like there was no stopping us.”

Nevels said he is hoping the summer success will transition into his upcoming season with the Warriors. He averaged 13.1 points per game as a junior last season, and led the team with 59 3-pointers and a .413 percentage from 3-point range.

“We had practices (with the Houdini’s All-Stars) once a week and I’ve been working out over here (in Los Angeles) on my own; I have a trainer I work with,” he said.

In between the Drew League games and workouts, Nevels said he found the time to complete two online courses this summer that will count toward his credits at UH.

He said he will return to Honolulu later this month to begin classes at UH on August 25. “Looking forward to it,” he said.

(Photo courtesy www.drewleague.com)

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Reminder that the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League will begin its playoffs this Saturday at Manoa Valley Recreation Center gym.

Due to weather-related postponements last week, the playoffs will follow an altered schedule, and four games are scheduled for this Saturday:

August 16
Wealth Strategy vs. Grantco Pacific, 3 p.m.
Solar Universe vs. National Fire Protection, 4:30 p.m.
Clark Hatch Fitness vs. winner of first game, 6 p.m.
Chosen Few vs. winner of second game, 7:30 p.m.

August 23 at Manoa Valley
Championship: Semifinal winners, 7 p.m.


  1. Mahalo Dayton for next topic~

    However still think UH Ben Jay and Gib have best counsel to bounce the NCAA to lesser degree boo boos!

    Garrett Nevels, ready to play some winning ball for UH.. G Money great job. The true fans support all of the guys, and ready for Sammis to get in, too. Come on Sammis, really work it!

  2. Lookin’ for Garrett to be The Edge,
    The Difference in The Close Games @ The Wire…
    Option One for The Win…with The Ball in his hands
    He (And Q, Fleming or Bobbitt) can Penetrate & Dish to the
    Hot Hand OR High Percentage Finishers:
    Candidates: FOTU, Negus, Jankovic…
    NOT Proven, but maybe: Bobbitt? Sammis?

    Nothing Like a Championship Run to BUILD the Ability and Reli-ability
    NOT That Radio Personalities are Necessarily Right
    But There IS Truth that For Championship Runs
    Champions FIND a Way to WIN EVERY Time
    Even if it Takes Four Overtimes to Find It…

    (EX: Maybe those ‘Impossible’ shots Over 7-6-ers, Li’Dat…
    Out-of-Towners: Li’Dat = Like That!
    Shame he left… BUT You Gotta Believe and Wanna Be Here)
    Do You HEAR That, No Clue At All?
    I Can Understand Waiting for Results…
    Lookin’ for Recruits of Good (Impeccable) Faith
    as well as Incredible Finishing Capacity
    The Next Paul George ? [PG-13]

    AND REALLY Likin’ The Birds In Hand…

  3. Newspaper said NCAA is looking at whether a player received an iPad and other benefits. They were getting different answers from different people.

  4. Man, UH basketball looks to be in deep kim chee. The longer it takes, the worse it will be.

  5. Hey islandman, just sometimes, getting different answers from different people, MAYbe a good thing. If, the differing answers are grounded in facts. All else are rumors. On the negative side, that’s the reason it is taking so long, the gathering of a preponderance of evidence, either for or against.

    Derek, if we take a positive spin on this, the longer it takes at this point, maybe a good thing. Evidently, the investigator did find something and the U of H did self report a possible violation. So something is there. Guessing, as investigator asked questions and answers were conflicting, one thing led to another. Also, memory is fleeting and time worsens recall and sometimes we choose the wrong words that others perceive differently.

    Let’s hope for the best outcome. We have one of our best teams in years. Let’s hope that the NCAA views its mission to facilitate the growth of sports and participants; in other words assist in fixing problems and forward with compliance.

  6. Derek: sound like you been around since the 1977-79 NCAA sanction/ probation. Difference now?
    The level of allegations. Infractions.

    2)extra practice time
    3)perks: maybe some one got more scoops of rice, or bento, instead of tuna sandwich.. jesting.,
    4)alter document by a Coach, letter intercepted, Ben self reported, they suspended Akana, that document never reached the NCAA office. However, UH has to be sure whatever they do in house,true.
    5)other minor things.

    Back in the 1970″s

    1) participate in TV commercial
    3)monies gifts,
    4)new cars.
    5)etc, to help out or entice recruits? don’t know, however at that time UH got BiG time recruits, ..

    UH not on level with North Carolina, USC, Miami, or Texas A&M violations, which for some , was handled by legal team from Alabama.

    Ben and UH, Gib wise to have the best counsel, soften the blow.

    Still speculation, what NCAA will allege in letter, we don’t know, neither does Dave Reardon.. could be more serious or very mild, UH will challenge the former.. I don’t think UH will get death penalty, the loss of Post Season play for several years..

  7. Really think law firm…by now briefed and ready to answer ncaa allegation letter.
    The just think …tako…accounts differ..ncaa trying to get best findings..

    still feel Reardon Lewis..star have gripe with jay and gib…
    they are really negative..gib remain silent…jay too..

    wallace ..chow would kick them out of practices ..

    gib and jay taking proactiive
    for best of mbb program approach
    we wait and see how plays out

    still uh mbb
    guys not given thousands dollars..cars..and apts..tv commercials
    not that level

    servante.. Eagle..comments?
    Appreciate both your observations

  8. I think Reardon is doing his job which is to get people to read interesting stories for the newspaper. I have no problem with his confidential sources since they have all been proven to be reliable in the past. Until he makes a wrong report than he will always have access to more information than the average fan. What DR is hinting at with “death by 1,000 paper cuts” is that all these small things show that there are no controls in place to get a handle on all these violations. Many small things add up to a big thing in this case.

  9. Pono, if DR was as objective as you, most would not have any problems with his “style” of writing.

    Death by 1,000 paper cuts does not have to be repeated a thousand times…that’s “torture” don’t you think? Also, I keep reminding myself that the ball got rolling by the U of H self-reporting the botched paperwork that was never submitted. These new allegations about the I-pad and additional
    stuffs, hope it is a misunderstanding or a lack of communication to clarify.

    Anyways, amid these clouds of events, anyone have any information on what the players think? How are the players doing and how have they improved themselves over the summer?

    Know lots of the WVB recruits played tournaments late into summer so they are ready to rock and roll.

  10. A Poor or Poorly-Motivated Auditor Who Does Not Feel Ownership of The Whole NCAA Program…

    May Simply Trump-Up [TRUMP In The Worst Orangutan-Donald VS Obama Sense Hawai’i People CAN Understand]
    the Possible Effects of The Never-Issued Paper and Error / Poor Judgement;

    And NOT Give Credit to A Program That Catches Its Own (Potential) Problems.

    An ACTIVE Program ‘Will Report’ MORE Issues.
    UHAD was Considered ‘Low’ on the Numbers of Self-Reported Issues,
    SO, Even Though i Fully Agree that an Internal (Not-Issued) Draft IS Technically a Non-Issue
    I DO Understand Why Ben Jay Self-Reported (VS 1976? Idiot BK Phone Call “Can BB Players Make a TV Commercial?”).

    The NCAA IS Violating That TRUST By Now Blowing it Out of Proportion.
    WHY Should ANY Program hand them a Non-Issue IF they Threaten to ‘Blow-it Up into a “Coulda-Resulted-In” [Unauthorized/Illegal Funds or Benefits] — you Can Do That with even the smallest issues; a Responsible Leadership Organization Exercises SELF-Discipline and Restraint, Can Go-Ahead and do a “Sky-Coulda-Been-Falling” Write-Up,
    Then Responsibly “Reward” the Good Behavior, such as with a Noted Down-Graded Finding Level (For Responsibly Self-Reporting) and Broadcasts That to its Constituents To Increase The Benefit and Increase the Subsequent Likelihood of Increasing the Desired Behavior (of Self-Reporting);

    After the Last Seven Months, Do You think BJ is More or Less Likely to (EVER Naively) Self-Report to the NCAA again?
    AS iʻm SURE some of his own people told him; To Force UH to Protect its own interests at this expense level,
    even Before having to hire the ʻBama boys…

    [Comment Based on The Partial Info we have: Certified IDIOTS, still NO CLUE AT ALL.
    Will Make Sure to Withdraw That Assessment IF i see Signs of Long-Term Vision or Higher Intelligence.]
    (Opinion: I Actually think Gib foresaw much of the NCAA stupidity…)

    As Greedy and Self-Serving as they probably are,
    Can you really blame The Big-Five Conferences for threatening to Break-Away?

  11. tako, Eagle, and soon to hear from servante… maybe warriorhaw, FUHA, TAVS, a lot.

    However appreciate your reasonings both tako and Eagle. Ben Jay, as a proactive AD, trying to aright a very ailing financially and ONE big time FB program to win, promote HC, he did what he had to do. Show NCAA, we are going to run a Clean Program. Gib with experience USC thing, and the allegations of too hard practice by a immature BB player his first year, whose allegation was dismissed handidly..

    I give Ben a lot of props and kudos, new for him as AD, running a program that now he admits, must be the hardest one to manage in the USA.. without question. Trying to promote the young student athletes. The athletes as a whole, tako, they really do like Ben. Always smiling and supportive of them, They in kind, have done tremendous job in classroom, outstanding, and on track to graduate.

    1)Gib brings in athletes,and work with them to do well in school,.. build a fanbase on campus and through out the state, they are trying to recruit 3 and 4 star athletes now. =Good job Gib

    2)A proactive, though he takes a lot of hits from fans and media, Ben Jay, doing the best for program, and showing his support for coaches by extending contracts. At least they will be eventually , even Laura Beeman is up , along with 10 other UH coaches.=good job under circumstances Ben!

    3)tako: side note, and huge, of the 3 LOI athletes, Reyes, Bobbitt and Fleming, none, nada, zero have decomitted. All on board with Sammis awaiting clearance from NCAA, that would be the real seal the deal, ncaa waiver and Sammis in for this year eligible! All the guys we had video on, Smith, and Garrett Nevels just burning up that Drew league with NBA or former Pro BB talent, older guys, historic, G Money going have great year. Read tweets of guys that do have social share, AV, NWC, I Fotu, Sammis still with Warrior cap and SSC in the background photo, Nevels, and Smith, ready to rock and roll. AV ready to return to THE ROCK and rock the house with 47″ standing vertical slam dunks off of the backboard, grab a dime off the top!

    NCAA, billion dollar, bullies,,… Eagle , tako, servante.. and all WI UH MBB fans, it is a classic case of a bigger money wise, and ones that call the shots, enforcement, bullying puny, tiny, small program, money strapped program barely surviving.. what do they need to prove by “thousand paper cuts” death penalty.

    I used to like Reardon, when younger guy, now, he is like Pardon The Interruption, or just a shock jock like Howard Stern was, when younger,.. just stir up the pot, and believe this, HE HAS THE FULL BACKING OF THAT rottern Star Adv. agency.. really classic, Pilau, journalism… look for the blood and guts.. If UH bleeding, fish in the ocean of NCAA MBB ocean, like a shark Reardon, who looks like he hasn’t slept in 20 years. … goes after Gib and Ben Jay, and he is hurting the families, the fans, and young ones of UH MBB program, by saying: Sheeets, I told you jokers, you little pieces of sugar cane molasses, that Gib, Ben and the program, are going death penalty or post season play ban, IF, that is what NCAA determines.. however UH going to fight, I would, ban Reardon from stepping onto UH campus, he never goes to practices, or has good relationship with BB office or staff or players. just and op ed , dead head.

    Reardon, no fan of UH, not even a grad or the Aloha spirit.. man , support the UH program, not bury it.. sheeesh!

    Servante… sir, whenever you are ready, tako, Eagle, comments like gold and balanced, now what say servante?

  12. Actually Norm Chow worked things out with Reardon , he is football guy, the basketball part, I remember, Wallace had run ins with Tsai and Houge, he would not talk to them at all, he told them to leave some things alone, and let him run program, they crossed the line, and where never covering in person UH BB again. What a strong person Riley was!

    Don’t think Gib would ban Reardon from practices, however, don’t think the athletes, the fans, the families would ever grant him in person interview. PURE SPECULATION.. source, a little gal, grad student secretary part time, that did not get to go to Anaheim, filling his ear, and Pacheco with hearsay.

    Hey, the legality thing..let the Prosecution present case, let Defense present their defense, with Alabama Dream Team, they are very, very good… bet that NCAA backs down… that is where it stands now.. and good that Gib took private counsel… he really loves UH, the school, the athletes, his family and fans, he will fight to keep UH MBB on the upward spiral.. will learn from this, so will Ben Jay.,,. live and learn, and UH MBB will be perhaps, in the NCAA tournament come March 2015..

    Key: Dave Reardon, Josh Pacheco, and others, let the facts, the findings, come out, all the evidence and allegations, then let UH soften the blow, settle with the DREAM LAW TEAM.. UH will be alright.. however Reardon, do not jump to conclusions.

    Sheeets, that UH ready to get death blow, and calling us a bunch of idiots, for saying we don’t know everything and the extend of investigation… sheets, if Reardon knew, and HIS SOURCE KNEW, back in March, expose UH, get the people fired, and HELP UH MBB get new HC and team, why, could Reardon, Lewis, Pacheco not do that… THEY DO NOT HAVE ALL THE FACTS< SECOND HAND INFORMATION< Take it even to the smallest court of law, or Neighborhood board hearing meeting, they would throw Reardon and his cohorts on their rear ends out the door..

    UH, Ben, Gib and Alabama Law Dream team, win against the NCAA, soften any penalties, keep playing for Post Season, and move on.. NCAA, and some of media, no clue, and no class, sheesh.

  13. The person leaking the information, if found out, UH should pull them into office and say, are we on the same team? Keep NCAA investigation under wraps, until ready to release, .. bet they will show true colors soon.. What a rotten apple, a griper, and probably a niece of SA writer?

  14. When you’re an $800 million company with little or nothing to do in the off season, they need to show the public that they are working. Remember about 90% of their revenue is generated during the NCAA basketball tournament. So basketball is their bread and butter, and thus, they need to show the general public how hard they work by uncovering serious violations. So give them a few more months so that they can sound the trumpet. “Tontathedon.” Then all the people can say, “Good job NCAA,”

  15. I don’t believe I ever thanked Dayton and Schmidts for their fine work on this site that allows us to stay in touch with home while on the road. It is a wonderful site that I have enjoyed from its inception. Mahalo nui loa.

    It is great to see our only returning senior do so well in summer league play and enjoyed hearing that he even has a trainer. Nevels is a born winner and I can’t wait to see him play his senior year.

    Those who read and comment on this site would do well to know that prospective recruits are looking in and reading this site. My momma always told me that, “There is no reasoning with Idiots, they should simply be Ignored.” I am referring to those who work for the Star Enquirer that like reporting on, “The Sky is Falling,” type of journalism. Ask yourself, have they ever been right about this program while Gib was manning the boat? I was happy to hear that instead of just playing defense, our Athletic department has finally decided to play offense. It was the right thing to do with such a Mega Power of an ASSociation.

    School begins in 12 more days…we will have a lot more good things to comment about soon.



    we echo your sentiments. How all started, with the document thing, very sure UH felt handled. NCAA wanted to go over for more possible things. If any punishment for these allegations, it has already been done. Put damper on the signing of two bigs this past spring.

    Sammis, heard from BM and Animals show, he is still awaiting the waiver to get in this fall. I hope he does, that would be terrific news!

    The guys coming back, just concentrate on doing well in school, stay in shape for a BWC run.
    This might be an all or nothing type of deal, or somewhere in between? Don’t know.

    Our major concern, and I am sure for Coaches, UH and the athletes, if smiliar to St Marys sanctions, probation, They still get to play for NIT/NCAA berths, that is the key. Even if UH only has 10 scholarship and 5 walkons, they would still be competitive this year. That is my hope.
    I give credit to Dayton, write-ups interviews, editing the videos, he still keeping site with sponsorship of Schmidt Ohana going.

    In less than 2 weeks guys will return and start school, except for Fotu who will be in Spain , FIBA world BB championships.

    Voiced concerns for the day, I think majority of fans, concerned however hopeful, that UH MBB team will be playing for that NCAA berth this March 2015.. I have a gut feeling they will..
    Just that ONE OHANA.. feel, great student athletes, who have worked so hard, in gym, court and in class to represent Hawaii. A shout out to the MBB team!

    Go Rainbow Warriors! Have a great season! Don’t give up! We love and appreciate the UH MBB program for years, and it will become even stronger.. just live and learn.


  17. Wishing the men’s basketball team a great season with a happy ending from this NCAA investigation.

  18. Possible a coach could be suspended maybe say 5 games, also a player. Possible reduced scholarships and reduced practice time. I don’t know how probable these penalties are. That was from B McInnis on radio today when pressed by the sports animals. I didn’t hear the whole interview.

  19. No Football, or Wahine VB yet, another couple of weeks, ncaa thing the newsmaker, I guess,.. wonder if All of us, and I am super guilty, apologies, love UH MBB so much, whomever the coach, has the talent this year to be really good.

    NCAA has yet to make their decision, and UH ready to handle, so MBB program is set to go. Some less harsh penalties if any. Wish that UH has some 6’7″ local HS, Community college walkons, just in case, squeeze for Sammis..

    Hey, Dayton, have to turn the page on this topic, UH MBB is a very passionate thing for the WI MBB fan nation.. who leaked the pad thing? And who is the athlete, we will know one day..

    I think, and true, UH recruiting for this year shutdown, until ncaa thing is pau, and over, uh mbb and we fans move on. Still say, they play NIT or NCAA post season if they win BWC or Tournament… Seems to harsh, the Death Penalty.. Sorry, BackBeat… we trying to backup the boys and program…sad on the recruiting front… We all have to be patient and see the outcome.. I , JMO.. think some restitution, suspension of games sit out, and maybe loss of scho.. really don’t know.. AS LONG AS UH MBB can play NIT or NCAA like St Marys and coach Bennett, 4 year probation.. that would make a lot of us , and team very happy!!

    Let’s Go Bows!

  20. Will this roster work if reyes not eligible?

    PG: Q Smith, Roderick Bobbit, Nikola Filipovich, Brocke Stepteau

    SG: Garrett Nevels, Isaac Fleming, Dyrbe Enos, Zach Buscher

    SF/Wing: Negus Webster-Chan, Aaron Valdes, Brandon Jawato

    PF: Isaac Fotu, Mike Thomas

    C: Stefan Jovanovich, Stefan Jankovich

    if this is it for 2014-15…everyone lot of playing time..team something to prove to ncaa bb world to go ncaa’s..

    when back to wall..with talent like Nevels, Smith, Jawato, Valdes, Webster-Chan, Isaac Fotu, I Fleming, Jovanovich, Bobbitt and Jankovich mid december eligible..actually with 10 scholarship guys and 4 walkons to play those first abot 10 games or so…or even 9 scholarship guys..and 4 walkons…uh mbb team will bond and ready to rock..

    hey we support uh mbb team through every thing come what may!!

  21. Eagle-agree with your assessment of the situation.

    Islandman- they were talking about level 1 penalties; if so, I would think the penalties would be more severe. Although, I think it’s ridiculous with what we have heard so far.

  22. BigFan: probably over reacting..both media and fans..myself included..
    would love to see video interview with Gib ..update recruiting and how returnees doing..prospect for upcoming season

    bet he is calm..let things play out..still think Reardon shows too much contempt for Gib and program..bet team is calm too..have conference calls and guys here talk with AD and staff..they are going to be ALRIGHT!!

  23. I don’t think you will see Gib on camera for a while. The last time he gave a statement about the investigation made him and the university look like fools. I’m sure he got executive orders to shut his mouth and let the PR professional release statements. With 11 days remaining til school Reyes is looking doubtful and it would have to be one hell of a hail mary to get a recruit enrolled in time.

  24. PONO: that is why, I agree with you, unless miracle, and you are correct, Gib to be prudent, and even Jay, the less they say, and let things play out, let counsel address letter the better.

    As for the ncaa long investigation, it really had impact I believe on recruiting and signing Riak Bol or Jaleel Cousins, two 6’10” shot blockers. As well, as what is going on now… you are right 100%, it would be a MIRACLE 50 foot 3 point shot at the buzzer , if Gib was to sign a last minute big.

    There must be a protocol in place, right now,…with the staff… they continue workouts with Buscher, Enos, Fleming, Thomas, and Stepteau… inform the guys away, and their families what is happening.. I think BM hit it on the head, with the flurry of activity, very sure ncaa is going to wind down this thing. With UH lawyered up and hoping for the best, UH can play Post Season, with whatever other penalties… that is the key for the TEAM.. current guys, so important, I think the Firm, will soften the blow, if any, to settle with ncaa,..that is why they get the big moola!

    PONO, yes, you are being more objective, and balance, I know you love UH MBB program as much as all of us here..and you are probably saddened too, for Program and the athletes, that is who I feel for, the players and their ohana.. Weather the storm, learn and come out stronger.

    Still, like yourself, a Bow, Rainbow, Warrior fan of UH MBB for always.
    Go Bows!
    Thanks Pono, for keeping it real, all we can do is wait for letter from ncaa, and let the legal guys go to work to help UH MBB program out. One thing, side blessing, if UH ends up with only 11 scholarship athletes for this year, and only 10 available till Jankovich eligible Dec… They will have a LOT OF PT…
    Go Rainbow Warriors..
    I am just curious, what Dayton will have as topic after all these posts.. seems like number one news.. soon , I think we will all know…Not death blow, I am sure!

  25. Listen up all you do-gooders and whistle blowers. Better mind your own business next time and stop allowing Gestapos from breaking down your doors. The NCAA is a cancer and once you give them an inch you have opened up a can of worms for them to come into our university an act like tugs. Now they are throwing books and paperwork everywhere looking for that .01% of infractions that 100% of schools possess. Who’s perfect? No not even the NCAA is 100% perfect. Yet they come here with their holy cap and condemning every minute thing—yes even meals! This investigation has got to be the most ridiculous thing I ever heard of; I got no respect for this organization called NCAA.

  26. At least a timeline in this: Sept. 19 2014, UH gets its ducks in order, with The Firm, see what levels, strength weakness , thing is WI UH MBB fans, if ncaa is slow on this, the LETTER..UH could be and probably will be playing out their 2014-15 season, already..and battling for championships.

    Think that team members told just keep on grinding, in gym, on court and in classroom, let UH and counsel take care of the rest.
    Do not think the worse. We do not even know what specific, or whom specific allegations are or against.
    NCAA dealt out significant punishment already.,… slowed down, if not shut down, recruiting of some guys for this year, final ones, and the wait, wait, wait..

    I will be very happy to see the UH guys returning one by one, and they will say,… all we are concerned with is having GREAT BB season, do well in academics.. just keep on grinding..

    UH MBB team and your families, friends, we support you all, hang in there, things will be resolved for the best.. confident of that…
    Eagle and servante…..you know your ncaa and mbb business, respect your observations too, new area for me and thousands of other fans.. different from the Seventies thing..

    Go Bows!
    As soon as they come back, pre season workouts and conditioning, do not know if King of the Beach, since several guys recovering from injury, just run, and lift , shoot, and grind to get better..

    UH MBB team.. you have WI MBB fandom support!

  27. Wish this forum, the topic would change to something more positive, how is the uh mbb 3rd camp going for the young fans. Supposedly when some of the old guys start returning before school starts.
    How is Senque Carey doing in finding place to live?
    Any word on new DOBA?

    Dayton, … just my opinion , and greatly biased towards support of team, however, kind of stress time for program, and team.
    However, a good leadership, Gib, Benjy, Senque, even Jamie Smith when coming back to town, and team manager, secretary Omoto, could help a lot, and help and communication, which ben is good at with the student athletes , assure them, UH is on their side.

    As Pono says, kind of agree, unless miracle, Big for this year, last minute, unless, some guy willing to sign last minute scholarship non binding agreement, 6’8″ or taller, just in case Sammis not in.
    And, that gag order.,

    If Dayton, you did interviews with Gib and staff, generic, how is health of Bobbitt, Jawato, Thomas’ back problem, are you, Gib still going to Spain to watch Fotu in the FIBA BB world championship games. that would be like us watching the 1972 Munich Olympics with Tom Henderson, and later the Dream team, first bunch.. a lot of interest and great diversion.

    Dayton, You The Man, all things Insider source for WI UH MBB team and program.. surprise us with your next writeup and video interviews…

    Possiblity, that even, down to 10 scholarship athletes for this season , we don’t know unless, Gib tells us, what is up, I think, JMO.. he will speak, strictly about the current recruits, will soon have to address Sammis situation, hope he gets in.. please.., and shutdown of recruiting is so, for this year, leaving possibly 3 scholarships open for 2015-16… Surprised on the really highly rated, SG and PF that were offered, by UH, for 2015.. Gib and staff, still trying to recruit.. Hope the best.

    UH , once again did the right thing, any of us would.. if knew their might be some heavier things coming down against person, family or business, organization. Still, they are allegations, and Law Firm, will do best for UH MBB this season. Just hope , really being optimistic, fans.. that in March selection Sunday 2015, that UH will be announced as being in NCAA regional. that would take away any sting of learning process… of this ongoing thing.. Hope for the best.. UH MBB, that is the excitement engine for BB , love Laura B. and her program, they can do well, however the high flyers, and 3 ball launchers are the MBB team.. Go Bows.. stay positive, and as the song goes, “every little thing, going to be alright” Hang in there fans, families , coaches and team!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, dig in , and grind, do well in school and get better, this challenge will prepare you all to win championships..

  28. Tonganator:

    Is Isaac ready for FIBA championships in Spain? How does the Tall Blacks look? Isaac , appreciate the links, the write-ups, he is great 3 point shooting, and strong Power Forward… hope he does well. Going against the best Basketball players in the world, including NBA players.

    Look forward to possibly following FIBA tournament with NZ Tall Blacks if we have cable or internet feed, even delayed, or write-ups and archived videos!

    Tell Isaac , we are wishing him a great FIBA showing to help NZ go far, you must be really proud of Isaac, we are too!

    Go The Mighty Warriors!

  29. So is the rumor true about Fleming and ipad? If so that is stupid. In this age EVERY student should receive a nice IPAD at the start of school.

  30. Aloha Playhoopsa

    Isaac and the Tall Blacks won all 6 games in China, and they moved onto Lithuania for a 3 games tournament against Lithuania, Slovinia and Greece. Big bird, Davis will be meeting up with Isaac to watch game on Sunday. Maybe put together a Froduction piece for Dayton haha.

    They then move to Serbia for a couple of games before getting into Spain ready for the World Champ (30th August – 14th September). The team will be base in Bilbao, Spain. Isaac been having some solid games but will be a real test aginst the European teams, but good hit out before the tournament.

    I haven’t taken much notice of the NCAA process, just hope that it won’t have much impact on the players too much. Isaac is just focusing on the world Champ at the moment.

    Keep the positive vibes going playhoosa and rest of the die hard supporters: FUHA, TAVS, servante, tako and the rest.

    Good news the bad weather didn’t hit the Island. Hurricane season will pass and better weather ahead, hopefully likewise with the BBALL programme.


  31. Hey gibisgood for you..we do not go on rumor…if follow law..solid evidence..all this ncaa stuff allegations..gibisgood or scout eastern..jay..uh mbb..university and gib got great legal team..ncaa scared as hello of colleges and athletes getting lawyer help..will sort out..

    would predict..and it will be true guaranteed. ?

    1)Gib will still be coach another 3 years

    2)uh mbb team will still be eligible for nit and ncaa’s

    3)uh will correct and self address selves compliance

    4)maybe some sitting out games for some

    5)if ncaa work in favor of helping young guys get education and athletics..sammis in just in time.

    the rumors are for little grade school children not for grown adult uh mbb fans

    uh mbb will battle any unfair rulings..only if found guilty one make amends,,

    gibisgood..take that to the east coast bank

    we do not deal in rumor or second hand sources..we deal with solid facts..and unless gib is good proven wrong ..gibisverygood..
    soon over..uh correct and battle for ncaa’s. ?
    no rumor monger..that is for gossipers..

    go gib and bows!!

  32. Tonganator, thank you for the update on Isaac! Good to hear that NZ are doing well ahead of the FIBA World Cup! Also good to hear Isaac is focused solely on FIBA and not worrying about what’s going on here with the investigation. I hope all players are focusing on themselves and continuing with their off season workouts – just going on about everything as if nothing is happening. A wise man once said you shouldn’t waste your time stressing about things that are out of your control.

    It would be so awesome if Davis and Isaac did one last DaBeast Froduction! Even if it’s just a quick shout out done on a camera phone! Cool to hear they’re still in touch.

    Really don’t know what’s going on with the NCAA investigation. Don’t know if UH was guilty of securing a recruit (Fleming?) with an iPad. Shame that UH doesn’t give iPads to all incoming freshmen just like many, many colleges and universities all around world do. It’s a little ironic that – if rumor is true – the NCAA is making all this fuss over an iPad when they’re the same organization currently considering allowing college athletes to get paid.

    If I remember correctly, Coach Gib said a while back that the issue stemmed from erroneous paperwork and that the error was self-reported. This iPad rumor definitely doesn’t sound like it fits in with erroneous paperwork. So is the iPad just a rumor? Or is it a combination of erroneous paperwork and free iPads? Only time will tell.

    I wish all the best to the players. I’m really looking forward to seeing the team play this season. It’s definitely shaping up to be one of the most exciting teams in school history. I just hope it can stay intact.

  33. TAVS:

    I appreciate your calm demeanor. I think star advertiser going over the top with investigation. UH lawyered up. Good thing. I really believe Gib was and is running clean program. UH staff have meeting to update about latest ncaa compliant rules. Everyone jump to conclusions and rumor mill going full bore.

    Still await what hard working Super WI MBB insider Dayton Morinaga will present as next topic..I look forward to news on returnees and how they have improved..still say sammis making it in to uh mbb would be huge..if not 10 scholarship and 4 walkons will have lot of plaing time

    TAVS absolutely certain ben and gib keep athletes and families informed…just focus on school and getting ready for great 2014-15 season..

    TAVS..Eagle..servante…mahalo..as well as warriorhaw and everone for keeping positive for uh mbb team..keep fighting guys..ncaa tournament still goal for this year..

    Go Warriors Go Rainbow Warriors!!

  34. Tonganator:

    Mahalo..thankyou for update on Isaac..he will be battling nba talent soon..tell him Warrior mbb nation cheering for him and the whole Fotu ohana..!!

    Shout out to Ella and Daniel ..more Fotu ohana great basketball talent..

    Very sure uh mbb team solid and united…they look forward to seeing Isaac in September!!
    Go The Mighty Warriors!!

  35. gibisgood..opp..that is reason do not assume or go on second hand rumor..paper quote source ..member of last year’s team alleged to have ipad..uh must be strapped financially not like private local schools all have tablet or laptop..we do not know all..have to wait until resolved..best wait for true facts come out complete picture

    that is why not good to mention specific names..could backfire..

  36. playhoopsa,

    Yeah, Star Advertiser sports columnists are always so pessimistic. I don’t know why they have to be such downers.

    I really hope UH has a good law firm handling the situation, however big or small the infraction or infractions, because I have a feeling the NCAA only has a lot of speculation and heresay but not a lot of cold hard facts.

  37. TAVS…NCAA confused too..hard to sort out facts ..while trying to interview 20 or more(?) people..everyone has own account….That is why probably so long maybe justify as some very akamai warrior insider veterans have posted..I believe Eagle and servante..have lot of smarts regarding the hunt for poo investigation. ?
    Still believe UH MBB , Gib ..athlectic director ..uh legal counsel have great help to resolve this..come on ncaa..I cannot agree even believe uh mbb program anywhere near P5 conf. Teams type violations..confident..legal aid will help uh mbb still continue to play for bwc title!
    Aloha TAVS..keep the faith!!
    GO BOWS!!

  38. I see in the newspaper that USA basketball team will be playing against China on ESPNU. I wonder if we will get to see New Zealand play in any of their games.

  39. servante.

    ..would be awesome to see Isaac on ESPN network..we all pulling for him..this high level experience will make Isaac elite ncaa bb athlete…he will have great junior year!


    The Drew league is really an excellent league.

    Hope there is no significant downside, especially that affects the players, from the purported NCAA violations.


  41. akuhead2:

    Absolutely. That is what the UH MBB fan faithful hoping. Whomever responsible for transgression/s, they are held accountable. Whether suspension for game/s or restitution. Also, classes on compliance. Even if staff or those associated with program, or an athlete has to sit out game/s. For the young guys that are compliant, and working hard, follow rules, doing well in school, etc. , Let Law Firm from Alabama, see what can do to lessen any blows. The big one is , let the team still play for Post Season, NIT/NCAA’s.

    Congratulations to Garrett Nevels, a young man who has really matured and grown in one year! Taking and completing online courses, credited towards his degree, that is good too.

    Hope, before, the Basketball Season starts or sooner, UH with legal firm counsel and NCAA work out what is best for MBB team, and the team can still compete for Post Season Play, that is my, and thousands of other MBB fans wish, I am sure, akuhead2 , you too… that UH MBB athletes can still compete in Post Season, despite whatever, penalties might be dealt.

    This group of guys, Nevels, Smith, Valdes, Thomas, Jovanovich, Jankovich, Webster-Chan, Fotu, Bobbitt, Fleming, Jawato, and hopefully Sammis Reyes, really determined young men. Wish them the best. A really athletic group, with ONE GOAL in mind, making the NCAA 2015 tournament, I really hope they do.. they deserve it, the young guys, they have put in the work!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  42. akuhead2:

    Also, the very hard working Walkons… Dyrbe Enos, Brocke Stepteau, Zach Buscher, and Nikola Filipovich, 4 very nice and great effort guys, who are doing it with support of their ohana. Those are the unsung heroes, the walkons. Who, might have some PT this year, if UH team a little shorthanded.

    UH MBB team, hang in there, the core, MBB fans, we support your efforts, on the court , in life and working towards your degrees. It might take awhile, however, just my heartfelt feeling, that Things will be worked out, just concentrate on studies, take care on getting better and focus on being good young student athletes. UH MBB fan nation, guys, we got your backs.. !

  43. About 38 years ago, when the TV car commercial harlem globe trotter, Bill, reported is that okay thing started NCAA slide. I would assume, UH had local, or UH legal counsel at their side.

    Now, nearly 40 years, later, for we UH MBB fans, seeing the NCAA coming to town, and checking things out, compiling whatever allegations of alleged infractions… wonder how in the 21st century, that Alabama Law Firm, and lead attorney King, will handle case. He has much expertise in dealing with NCAA, and perhaps soften blow, or work things out, between UH and NCAA. Or even appear before hearings.

    Like that he had some High Profile clients and schools he represented and helped out.
    A real David vs Goliath affair, If you are student of legal matters, and how attorneys deal with NCAA and helping schools affected, should be real interesting.

    Bet it will be front page news, within 45 days from Aug 5th when Firm hired, they inform UH how they will proceed, possible infractions, consequences I guess, I don’t know..just guessing..and what UH should prepare for, the strengths and weaknesses of NCAA vs UH infraction alleged violations.

    Should be interesting… I am tired of it, however, confident, this Firm, with King taking the lead, will work out what is best for UH MBB team.. that is the key, fans, that UH not banned from Post Season, a serious Level One, death blow,… I don’t think so, really looking at case, more and more, unless. someone knew about everything, as they happened, I don’t think so.. Shoots, just have to wait and see. About a month or so till Sept 19th, when Firm presents to UH, their findings and recommendations, and hopefully ncaa letter arrives at UH , BJ desk sooner.

    Well, we learned from past, David defeated Goliath, so here we go.. like UH MBB team defeating Mamadou and UC Irvine at Irvine last year!
    Hope for the best.. Alabama law Firm, go to it, and win some for UH fans and the good student MBB athletes..

  44. Garrett Nevels getting 2 classes done, … That is impressive. Good student! Serious player!

    Indeed, we hope for the best with respect to the legal matters. I am only able to keep up with it all by reading these blogs. Mahalo for posting.

  45. Do players go back home after summer session? It looks like Issac Fleming is back home in Delaware per his twitter.

  46. BigFan:

    yeah saw that too. Did say he had 3.0 for his first college semester(2nd summer session UH). I guess if you have the plane fare can go where you want before Aug 25 school start fall.
    BigFan… well, just have to see…that is why, important, even though Gib cannot address NCAA investigation.

    Just come out with short statement, and say, well soon all the guys coming back for school, Fotu in Spain FIBA, be back in Sept., and all the guys in summer session did well. IFleming be back after taking care of thngs back home. Otherwise we hear from SA again.

    Hope for the best, if matter of health or family or other. Staying Positive. However, Gib should say something about team, how they are doing, just to ease everyone’s minds. Don’t know, however, do know that guys go home if something happens in family or personal, happened before in all sports. Plus he did well in summer school, and now is that break period before fall semester.?

  47. Maybe summer league write-ups will mention? How guys doing in the playoffs. Writers will state who from UH played. That would be good.

  48. gibnogood
    folks like you i laugh at starting false rumors fleming is legit any and everything he needs i provide and a ipad is not on his wish list but a Mac Book i will purchase for the fall semester im his dad.

    fleming and teammates went home for a week before fall semester starts they will return by the 24th ready to rockin role and bring Hawaii a BWC title

  49. Big Daddy what are your thoughts on this investigation? Is it affecting your son at all?

  50. haha.

    gibnogood must feel soooooo little about right now.

  51. bigdaddy, wish we could see Isaac play in summer league semi tomorrow night. Proud that Isaac was able to adapt to his older teammates. Will he be available to play for the finals next Saturday? Providing that Clark Hatch wins tomorrow?

  52. pono
    The investigation we haven’t gave it a thought were just staying in our lane and looking forward to the bball season.

  53. bigdaddy:

    Mahalo(Thank you) for information about Isaac. Wish he has great time back home with his folks in Delaware. All type of rumor going around, when you, Tonganator(Isaac Fotu’s dad), or TribeV(Aaron Valdes dad), adds to forum, the real facts, it shoots down the gib n good people.

    bigdaddy, looking forward to seeing Isaac Fleming your son, and the team have great year.
    I am sure all of the team, that is what they are concentrating on. Just school work, working out, and ready for preseason!

    bigdaddy, shout out to Delaware!
    Thankyou for setting record straight.
    Better than rumors started by people that just want to cause news..or non news!

    I guess fans and families from Delaware to California and New Zealand follow WI MBB site. Great, and we appreciate the great families, parents and friends of the UH MBB team!

  54. PONO:

    That is why on 3 different forums, I have stated, let’s see how play out, NCAA, or Star Adv. or zealous fans like yourself and myself , we don’t know what is finally going to happen.
    Get the facts first. We try to guess, like that gib n good gal/ guy… just trying to add seed of negativity.
    Very sure UH and families, team, are kept up to date, and that is FANTASTIC don’t you think PONO,… super fan of UH MBB.. that the guys, Bobbitt, Fleming, Thomas,Stepteau finished summer school, they go home for break, and are returning Aug 24th ready to start school?

    Positive, the guys are on the right track. That is Pono, correct, right, good , truth accurate, pono, righteousness….

    I am not going to jump to conclusions, or guess.. can speculate, however, not presume, and assume like gib n good, eastern scout, still with us,…. sheesh.

    TribeV, Tonganator, and bigdaddy, waiting to see your sons, rock and roll the BWC and go after the NCAA bid March 2015!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  55. bigdaddy: Thanks for setting the record straight. It’s unfortunate that someone feels it’s OK to post rumors at the expense of student-athletes. Props to Isaac for doing well in his summer classes, and also showing a nice skill set in the summer league. Hope Isaac enjoys some “chill” time at home, and returns refreshed for his freshman year.

  56. Sammis says he’s Hawaii bound . . .

  57. islandman: You are super fast online check social! I am NOW OFFICIALLY GOING TO FALL OFF OF MY CHAIR….BOOOM!

    Great, great, great, great NEWS… Sammis Reyes, the Super Man, the hulkamian, the skilled yet super buff ab, grinding SF/PF.. shoots….gibis good, gibis good, gibis good, for going after and landing Sammis!


    Super, super, super NEWs.. Good kind!

    Muy Bueno, muy bein!
    Eagle, servante….tako.. TAVS..warriorhaw, clyde, anderpops, akuhead2, amazing! Sammis said to wait, he got ncaa waiver.. soon in town to rock that SSC rim, bring it down son, bring it down..

    Back to calm now. Great job Sammis for hanging in there.. you never took down your background photo of SSC, and wearing your warrior cap!

    Aloha, Hola!,,and From Chile to Florida to Hawaii to NCAA championships!

    Wow… islandman, great news amidst the other thing!!


    Eagle, servante… Hooray for Sammis!

  58. Whew! This is the perfect upswing news that we needed. In this time of neg reporting, this may be the one piece of info that turns it around. Now we just need it to snowball the good news.

    Can’t wait for all our guys to touch down. Just feed us one item of pos per day and we be happy.

    GO RAINBOW WARRIORS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Re: Reyes. Maybe y’all should wait for confirmation.

  60. clyde true: however, good to think about. Sammis had to wait, until the ncaa waiver thing. He must be close, or knows it is going through, would not be prudent to tweet if he knew he was shutdown.

    If everything in order, BM and even Dayton, will probably have write-ups interviews, on how Sammis had to work real hard this summer to get cleared to play.

    Sammis on his site, he always had the goal: Hawaii Warrior, Hawaii Warrior, working to play ball in Hawaii, it would be his dream and ours for him to be part of this year’s team. Will know certain, real soon… school starts Monday 25th of August.. Star likes to report, maybe blog,some good news for a change, that is all we are talking about clyde.

    However, we wait, for BM, DM or other .. however, check out his social..Hawaii bound.. really hoping to see him in class start of school and eligible for this year!

    Go Sammis, and fly high and slam that rock!
    Good news, any good news, is good for UH MBB now!

  61. clyde

    yep, i need to temper my enthusiasm. But just looking for anything pos lately.

    Guess will wait til his wheels touch ground.

    But damn!!!!!

  62. Hey…. saw Sammis site, he tweet, working to get ready for college ball, Hawaii bound.. pix of him grinding, working weights, okay… so far so good, right?
    Then, a return tweet, from… a certain coach.. KEEP IT UP.. Good!…
    Wonder, if you follow islandman, or others, it appears, someone is telling Sammis keep working get in shape, and get ready?

    Interesting! And Exciting!

    Sammis keep working, and get ready for College classes. if you had to do, a lot of work study wise, or other paper work, to get cleared, that is a ton of work, and we congratulate you.

    we await, GA, BM and DM for confirmation official, who will be coming back and in this fall. If Sammis officially in and eligible, those 12 scholarship guys, probably the most athletic and talented UH has had in 30 years.. Go Bows!

  63. Might should give the investigation a thought…..just saying….Plus question about ipad was simply being asked at a local bar downtown. When someone ask if a rumor is true that doesn’t mean someone is saying it is. Get real people. A rumor is continually saying without a doubt you know Gib is clean. I haven’t seen that proof. Sounds like a rumor….:)

  64. gib n good: Took Isaac Fleming dad to blow you off. Get real. Deal with facts. Gib not in jail. Still HC, right, is that rumor, fact right.
    gib n good go back to eastern scout , boy scouting..

    This is a Positive for promote UH MBB for fans and families, and athletes, All you want to do , spread negative, rumor, you heard in a bar?
    You should be in a Pub. Bub.

    Happy that bigdaddy, blew you away, go away and drink your root beer.

    We, WI fans, sure we want the truth and facts, see how play out, ONLY you, and maybe another, negative nancies.. what , rumor, NO FACT..

    Go Rainbow Warriors, hey cheer on the guys, why bring junk for they and families to read, YOU ain’t NO fan of UH sports, maybe a Boise St. troll for sure..rumor,? or fact?

  65. gib n good, you know you are trying to Bust up Dayton’s great site and loyal fans, just because we want to get excited about the program and the athletes. What is the deal? Stay positive good example for your family and friends. Better for your heart.

    Take care. And will see you in Anaheim. Actually you will be there, you can fly and are a season ticket holder!

    Go Bows! Hey gib is good, just having fun!

  66. Wonder what happened to Jeremiah Worthem or Quadree Smith. I guess if Reyes in, they might save scholarship for next season.

    Eagle, servante, TAVS, warriorhaw, clyde, FUHA, anderpops, sorry never can remember all the MBB fan faithful, Should be great season of BB for Men’s team. Look forward. warriorhaw, yes, when the guys check in, one by one, and interviews, write-ups, with BM or DM, will be fun.

    Having fun again. Go Warriors Go Bows! Hope for the Best.

  67. Aloha ! Just checking the site out and noticed Playhoopsa comments! He is absolutely right. If you do not have anything good to say about Gib and program then GET OUTTA HERE! Gib is good. Gib is great. Sky is blue with a beautiful rainbow and all is Pono, right, good, wonderful and amazing. Nothing but sweetness and light allowed. No rumor spreading here. Playhoopsa and his minions never speak with forked tongue. Truth will out and no one need go further than Playhoopsa to discover it. Wake up people and see the light! Listen to the man in the know and pay no attention to these other noisemakers!

  68. I totally agree. Truth will soon come out. Good luck with that.

  69. Actually WI direction..be careful what you say..young people and family see posts…hoosier..you are on wrong forum ..wallace kicked bob knight’s team years ago ..kicked them right out of ssc..gib is good and the people with hearsay things that have no bearing on investigation. ? If in doubt leave it out..

    moniker from gib n good just to be the counterpoint guy..
    he/she..no reliable sources..said he hear rumor at bar..

    hoosier and gib n good if nothing to help families, team and majority of fanbase get excited and pumped for season
    just a bunch of poo poo..might as well go back to highschool cheerleading squad…or debate
    you gib n good and hoosier..and one more want uh mbb to fail..look wallace and wheeler..nash long gone..

    gib not perfect however brings exciting bb to ssc..thousands love it..

    the truth will come out..the ipad…is at the apple store..legal will work with uh mbb..get some crrection..
    and as bigdaddy isaac’s dad says all team wants to do win bwc title..nit or ncaa tourney bound..

    hoosier or gib n good ..gib will be good to take uh mbb to ncaa this year..

    then you can jump into the magic island lagoon..

    you no like my posts ..ignore..
    I just promoting uh mbb
    you 3 promote uh mbb failure
    so no one take you serious

    bigdaddy, Tonganator..TribeV..if we have their support that matters most..

    hoosier and gib n good go to chaminade site..they have good team..your level

    gib n good ..gib nothing to prove to you..however do best for family, team and true fans..
    yes truth will come out and uh mbb will truthfully be winning several games in ncaa tournament this year, guaranteed!!
    Go Bows..and blow your noses hoosier ,, gib n good and one more gal/guy!!

  70. Here’s a rule thumb that I’ve found helpful. Don’t judge a person by labelling. Identify the wanted or unwanted behavior (nothing personal). Stick to the facts. Stay away from rumors. Stay away from perceptions.

    Believe this site is about being positive and supporting the MBB program. It is about sharing information. IMO: if anyone has information (facts) even if it’s negative, please share.

    Don’t believe anyone reading or participating on this site is in la, la land or in denial. Do believe the big picture is to support OUR team as fans and with ALOHA.

    A statement(s) of allegations will come out soon, not necessarily the truth or facts. IMO: until then and until resolved, recommend we exercise patience and whatever the outcome support the team.
    These are still young guys representing the U of H, State and themselves. Be Pono and not lolo.

  71. tako..no..you are right..when things good beginning last season and historic road win at irvine ..positive comments galore..true fans ..stick with young guys and their ohana through good and hard times..guys need our support..gib n good ..nothing good abot possible 16 guys including walons..not one positive..true statement..take them to uh fan hearing..they have no cajones or other gender things..

    gib n good and hoosier living in the junk past that even you tako recognize is gone..wallace/nash era..
    gib exciting offense right tako..upgrade in talent..sure..good guys students and parents definitely..

    the poop poo people add nothing to this forum..
    I only count 3 who hate mbb team and staff..thevrest super supportive

    no one lolo..just joking around..much older than you tako and longer fan from klum and bloch arena days..
    however we all share along with anderpops..akuhead2..TAVS..warriorhaw. .servante..a real love and aloha for team

    uh mbb might take some hits..no one knows..
    however legal work out..that is why they are paid well

    and no not calling anyone lolo or stupid..would not go that low..however..love this mbb program
    stand and fight gib will be alright..he responsible for 16 young guys

    no don’t call anyone stupid..entitled to opinion however don’t diss mbb athletes and staff they represent the 50th great 808 state..
    gib n good no one take himor her seriously. ? gib n good have a rootbeer and oyster on me..joke!

    Go Bows!!


  72. No worries playhoopsa I still read u posts. Keep grinding Bro. Stay pos like u do. I personally look forward to your posts. Keeps the pos vibes going. And believe me, the fams of players appreciate 2.

  73. Nevels and Fotu , bring it on Warrior time !!!

  74. Got tired of too much battles. Only a game that we love, not life and death. More serious problems in world. So to have fresh start, and less battles, still promote and love UH MBB hoops.

    Change….. Playhoopsa now: RunBows…same person, less typing.

    Thankyou for support, and kind words from bigdaddy, Isaac Fleming;s dad, Tonganator, words of wisdom from TribeVx4, Valdes Ohana, and warriorhaw, anderpops, and others. Don’t mean to take over any forum site, I do not own them, and others entitled to opinion. Yet we can always stick up for honest and clean UH MBB program whomever at the helm and doing good job.

    Once again: Playhoopsa now: RunBows….Fresh Start!


  75. warriorhaw:

    KEEP the faith brother. UH MBB will be back and strong. This year’s team so focused and will do well in class and on the court. The other things, as bigdaddy said, Isaac Fleming, they stay off of that track. Must be families and athletes told , just let HC and UH handle, and everything will be alright. Plus shout out to servante and Eagle who know more than some about BB situation, it will be okay, I know.TAVS, Tonganator, anderpops, akuhead2, everyone, and wise clyde!

    Aloha and Mahalo to the great Schmidt Ohana, must be Valerie seeing or reading some intense posts, however we love the forum, and passionate interest in UH MBB. Hope Gib is okay and UH ready to battle for BWC title as bigdaddy brought out.

    Mahalo Plenty.Signing off, and much more calm and peaceful. Go Rainbow Warriors!
    RunBows(former Playhoopsa) Thank you Dayton, very soon, hopefully official news about Sammis. man I hope he gets in official for this year., would make UH solid!

  76. RunBows
    Mahalo to your former self. Name may change, but passion remains the same. A rose is still a rose brother.

    UH MBB must feel good knowing that you have their back.

    playhoopsa: nice knowing ya
    RunBows: nice to know ya

  77. Mahalo warriorhaw:

    Hope UH has great season and everything settled., Glad they have help, great legal counsel to sort things out. They will. Those firms very experienced, then we can get back to cheering the Rainbow Warriors. Yes, the new name, play on the old Let’s Go Bows, and what Frank Arnold former coach and dad of Gib wanted for his UH team back in the day, called them the “RunBows” they wanted to run like Gib , however did not have the athletes.

    Take care, and we hope for better news ahead. Or NON news!
    Have a good evening, and hopefully summer league has some great games with Dyrbe, Brocke and maybe a healed hopefully MT!


  78. Playhoopsa.

    Link for Isaac games: http://www.livebasketball.tv/live/event/949835 hope you can watch.


  79. Just joking, run bows. Just like you always say. Just having a little fun

  80. Warrior Insiders
    Mahalo, bigdaddy
    Isaacs And Team, Families, Coaches and Supporters Are Focused and Steadfast
    Have their Eyes and Vision Focused and Lasered On The Goal

    NOT Distracted and Diffracted By the Obstacles…
    Which are Assigned to The A-Team, Experienced, Successful Experts
    Like a Potential Hurricane of Chaos
    The NCAA, All Big Wind and Rain, Trying to Break Up Good Things
    But Whatever Track, and Arbitrary Escalation of Winds to Categories 1 thru 4 they pursue
    The A-Team IS Already Tracking them & Prepared to Minimize their Damage and Contain their Stupidity

    While we Look Forward to Confirmation of Good Things
    Sammis! Sighting in Manoa Soon!(?)
    AND Gib and SenQueʻs NEXT Big Get…
    24/7/365/No Days Off

    Before, During and After “The Season”
    ? Is THIS The Season to Begin All Seasons ?
    I have Started to Like International Soccerʻs Extended Play
    Play On, ʻBows!
    Deep into The Post-Season
    Have a Great Season, ʻBows!
    Fast Start, Quick-Strike, D-Intensity and Depth, Finish Strong

    And We Get to Enjoy this Team every Building, Working Step
    Along the Way (I can hardly keep up)
    Better Coverage and Access Than Ever
    Mahalo to Dayton & Co., The Schmidts, UHMBB ʻOhana
    Gib & The Masterminds, The A-Team
    and to Bringing Our A-Game

  81. The best way to support our team would be for each of us to talk up the season to those interested in BBall and get some new fans in the stands. Players want to hear their fans cheering for them. That is the most positive thing we can do now since nothing else is going to happen until late Sep/Oct if we are lucky. Let’s support our team by getting more new season ticket holders to step up.

  82. …Get Them Watching on TV …

    And into SSC…
    Talk Up the Students, too…
    Train In /Build the Habit & Commitment…

  83. Hopefully the students can do their part. With the new configuration for the Manoa Maniacs, does anybody know how many students this would accommodate? Is Jamie going to be part of UH still? If not, there has to be a Maniacs leader.

    Anybody have info on this?

  84. Tonganator:

    Mahalo in behalf of many, many Warrior Basketball fans, we will really enjoy seeing Isaac on international stage!

    Just to Change it up a Bit, get new start, NEW SCREEN NAME: RunBows… like run the court fast break Bows, or Rainbow Warriors.

    Anyways, people still call me hoopsa, no problem I like the RunBows name, playhoopsa, whatever, just remind me when the first game of season starts!

    Eagle on the Sammis watch, , Sammis really focused on getting into Hawaii, that is for sure.. very certain we will hear soon, since school starts next week. Still wonder, if he could enroll, ala Aaron Valdes and await NCAA clearinghouse decision while attending UH. Remember how Aaron first year, waited awhile, then finally..NCAA cleared him however they decided to RS him. Now he is going to have great soph . year.. Just guessing, you know who would know. ..WE are all cheering for Sammis Superguy Reyes to make it in. he is working super hard! Sammis enrolled and ready to rock SSC , the UH MBB fan nation would shout: ALRIGHT!! 🙂

    Hoosier No Problem , used to read your posts on MBD Scout all the time!

  85. Runbows. My opinion does count regardless of what u or Bigdaddy or warriorhaw say. I pay for 4 season tickets every year since 2001. Do any of you? I doubt it seriously. It is very bad that Gib and his staff has put us in this position. PERIOD!!. Please quit spreading the rumor that Gib is clean. Obviously he is not clean or we wouldn’t be investigated for this long. Come on. That doesn’t pass the common sense test test.

  86. Yeah… Season Tickets Since the ʻ70ʻs Multiple Sports
    Worked/Volunteered on the sidelines
    Donations to Koa Anuenue, Fundraisers, UHMBB & Other Sports
    As Well as Warrior Insider.com

    Accuracy Counts…
    (i think you Asked A Question & It Was Answered In Spades–
    Woulda Been BETTER IF You Donʻt Throw Around A Studentʻs Good Name Without KNOWING For Sure…)

    A Lot of Little Stuff Can Be Blown Up to Something (even out of Next to Nothing)
    Some may be Minor — Have NOT Even Heard a Single Serious Rumor worthy of a Two-Week Investigation, much less Months… It should Not Be Common, But for NCAA they are Rife with Politicism, Money-Driven Decisions and Poor/Questionable Judgements and Paradigms That DO NOT Pass the “Commmon Sense Test” NOR Hold Up in Court Challenges; Really Bad Track Records from Penalties, to Video Games to Student-Athlete Payment and FairTreatment…Thatʻs Why the A-Team IS Such a Smart Move — They Should KICK NCAASS…

    HE Was Specifically Cited (even by NCAA) as ʻCleanʻ w.r.t. USC Investigations
    Maybe Not (?) This Time, BUT You Donʻt Know Either…
    And IF You Did, You Shouldnʻt Be Telling Us…

    Institutional Control (even NCAA) can only Oversee and Control so much…

  87. Point Taken

    (Iʻve Driven Audits — BUT i think (More) Fairly, Definitely More Timely,)
    that have Driven Grown Men to tears…)
    …Changed/Ended Careers…

    All the “Leaked” Info Does NOT Add Up to Much of a Hill of Beans
    There is Likely More…But THAT should have been leaked…

    We Will See…

    YOU USED His Name — Repeating a Good or Bad Rumor —
    YOU ASSUME FULL Responsibility as opposed to Inquiring Without the Name…
    (although i personally do not take offense –i read it that way,too)
    BUT Thatʻs what drew bd in…

  88. Eagle. Point taken. We r on same page. Paying what u pay for 4 tickets gives me the right to state an opinion and I sincerely hope Fleming makes all BW team. But I also state I do NOT believe GIB is clean. We shall know soon. Take care.

  89. Okay. We understand. That is why coach and UH lawyered up with the best counsel they can afford, and will pay even more if have to. We want what is best for program. All of us, no matter who is the current coach. Some on this Forum, been going to UH BB games since 1964, so we know the program pretty well. As you say, gib… we have to wait. Either way, hope best for the young guys and their families. If there is penalty discipline, make sure the right ones receive it. UH MBB learn, clean up, and move on to play for NCAA championships . Met or know of, most of guys on BB team. Really high character , good people. Student, academic wise, outstanding.

    gib, we hope for the best. You must be a super fan of UH MBB too. WE, on WI forum, want the team to do well. This thing will wind down. The true facts will come out. And as bigdaddy says, I believe it, The staff, the office, the compliance person, AD, the athletes and ohana, were told.. certain they were… Now in the hands of legal, let them handle the matter.
    gib, we have to be patient, one way or another, just be patient, and UH MBB team will be back in town, working hard for that BWC crown, that is all They Care about.
    Have a good one!

  90. gib, one more thing, and that is what Eagle alluded to, if familiar with hearings, judicial cases, have to be very, very careful, even if rumor on the street … to name SPECIFIC person’s name. Could open up a whole can of worms, or more pilikia, … I have been through that, been instructed, make absolutely sure, especially if you have attorneys’ involved with case on both sides. If mention specific names, whether athletes, coaches, manger, trainer, and it is not true, or cause defamation of character, not too good. Be very, very careful, even if RUMOR.. about naming specific names..would want to be prudent and safe for all concerned. Old saying yet wise, when in doubt, or consider the source, if not the real deal, speculate or rumor, IF IN DOUBT.. leave it OUT.. You could be generic, without mentioning names… could be problematic, and we want all fans of UH MBB and athletics be okay. okay gib, just words of wisdom, from one been through judicial and hearings.

  91. Instead of laughing at me I highly advise bigdaddy to learn much more about investigation since he is a patent plus I advise he works on sons right hand. Have to be able to go right even in big west

  92. gib… WI , the fans, families the young ones, you have to be careful with profanity, not sure, well I think so, Dayton will post, watch the F… word the F bomb. Haven’t heard anyone in near 5 years of this WI site, use profanity. Maybe substitute other words. Not the F bomb.
    Think of your kids, you ohana, and the young kids in the BB camp.
    Wow. Just words of wisdom, from Eagle, servante,… myself, ones that might be older than you, or younger.. be careful.. stay safe.. want you to be in SSC cheering on UH to win the DHC and the BWC tournament in Anaheim.

    No F… Bomb Zone, WI UH MBB site. Very clean. banter and exchanges.

  93. Parent. …not patent

  94. Runbows. Buy season tix for 4 people for 14 years then tell me eat to do. Until then just shut the he’ll up!!!

  95. Know the rules for this site, keep it clean, accurate, no profanity, abusive talk or threats. gib you are violating just about, if not, ALL of those No, No’s..Are you a good example NOW?
    There are dozens, maybe hundreds read the posts.. I have been warned, keep accurate and tone down, can express opinions. Dont’ care if you have bought 1000 season tickets. Even other sites, they don’t go F….ng.. NO F bombs or veiled threats. NONE…

    Now, you have to clean it up, I am not threatening you, and not telling you to shut up. gib you are getting to emotional.

    Dayton: What do you say.. I know Dayton takes the weekends off, so maybe Monday he might reply.
    What about other WI fans, of forum contributors, don’t think proper, that gib says the F bomb word, never, ever heard, even critics of Gib and team, use Profanity… never.
    So, gib cool head,… whether you are , 70 year fan of UH, or booster,.. be careful with threats and language. Be Pono, be clean and good. It is a privilege to be part of the WI Nation family, and forum, the Schmidt family has a young son too, a fan of MBB team and probably views site, maybe.. Keep it cool and clean.. We don’t want to be like the other University forums across the nation.. We want to be more respectful than that.

    Just , NO F bombs, threats, or being abusive, .. just talk about the UH hoops program.. and promote the guys..

    Other fans, chime in.. never have I heard a F….ng… used, the F Bomb, never.. not to cool for a 14 year UH fan..

  96. Runbow. I’ve been a fan just as long as you and just able to afford 4 tix since 2001. Simply sick of u and others defending Gib. It is so embarrassing that he has put the program thru this. Period!!!. If u think this investigation is minor then u simply have your head in the sand. The f bomb obviously isn’t my norm but it expresses my contempt for all of u that are so naive. I hope all parents of current players are properly evaluating all options. That is what good prudent should do. Not “just stay in the lane”….whatever the hell that means.

  97. Re: post on August 16, 2014 • 2:30 pm

    A lot of programs have been investigated for a good length of time. St. Mary’s, Kansas, Syracuse, Kentucky, Connecticut, N Carolina, etc.

    Who were the coaches ? Randy Bennett, Roy Williams, Jim Boeheim, John Calipari, Jim Calhoun, Roy Williams, etc. All highly respected coaches.

    If you want to find a program with no NCAA investigation, look to Chaminade, HPU or BYUH.

  98. islandman:

    I guess life in the NCAA MBB landscape 21st century. Just like the annual transfer and movement of BB athletes every year.
    Have a lot of respect for BYUH, sad that they will end athletic programs, real sad. Chaminade and HPU. from NAIA to NCAA DII.

    You know , consensus of this WI UH MBB fan forum? We want the program to do well, whether MBB, WBB , WSB, BB, WVB, etc. And the student athletes are doing super well in school. Really taking advantage of , and doing well , on track to graduate. That is a good thing that NCAA should look a too, for UH progress, are the GPA and APR improved or doing well in all programs, I believe, UH did well, and that is what makes us proud of the young people, and UH MBB program, they are working well in school, on track.. for example Brandon Jawato… going to graduate this May 2015.. terrific Brandon! Then decide, if UH has his grad school courses.. awesome guy, has correct vision of NCAA scholarship, took full advantage, will , if healed well, a good 3 point threat for UH, no question, another Good Thing about the MBB program , and kudos props to his Ohana!

  99. randy nogood, roy nogood ( 2 times), jim nogood, john nogood, jimc nogood, tark nogood, steve nogood (Michigan) , etc.

  100. Mean no disrespect, Gibnogood, believe you can express your opinion regardless of whether you buy none or ten tickets. Believe the issue is the “tone” of your messages and moniker. The issue of Gib being clean has not been resolved, however, the fact is the MBB program self-reported a problem that has since expanded. Other then the self reported issue, all else are allegations.

    IMO, whether a person is a paying or non-paying fan, we are customers, NOT shareholders. And, as a paying customer if you don’t like the service find another.

    Sincerely, believe WI’s purpose is to share information, to grow more fans and to support the team.
    Hate to write this kind of stuff. More looking to read stuff about the players and how they are doing and how they might be playing this coming season. Stuff like Fotu, playing with the Tall Blacks and playing at the highest levels, then sharing that talent with U of H. Can’t wait to see Q and Nevels, both have stepped up over the summer. Man, if want to lose your sneakers during a game watch out for Negus because he is the real deal. IMO that’s why tickets are bought and why there are fans. -I apologize and intend no disrespect to anyone….

  101. gib_ogood nogood = gibisgood

  102. Still remember note to all of us from Dayton a few years ago..keep it civil..accurate…careful what we post because families of team and potential recruits and young ones.. read as well. In respect to the Schmidt Ohana…never want to be abusive,, profane…..that is where gib n.. over the edge..if we respond ..he or she loves it..so won’t reply..waste of time and life..

    JMO as several year fan of WI..there are a few who think we are too nice or not realistic with uh mbb..I don’t think so..we have opinions..and 99 out of 100 are very respectful..only ja..e. and gibn…really over the top..
    I have fun with it since that is all really can do older and ailments..love team..let lawyers handle ncaa..100 % certain university and staff told team and families..uh mbb will work out an agreement..we wait..team just concentrate school. Families and grinding to get better..tons of talent!!

    tako..our guy Dayton bet he has some great writeups and videos about team upcoming..
    Sammis watch..unreal ..if he in fall class!! That is the things we shuld be discussing and we were..until walkon guy and gibn..went south..negative
    gibn.. need to opt for the R rated forum..this site in respect to Valerie Schmidt and Ohana..we keep objective yet with aloha!!

    Cannot wait tako for guys return..team will be good..best in years!!
    GoRainbow Warriors!!

  103. Hey..couple of hours ..no you know who..
    we got our WI MBB FORUM BACK!!
    TAVS..anderpops. .tako. .FUHA…Tonganator..al..derek..warriorhaw..BigFan..Big island fan..akuhead2..Brokenhearted. clyde..Eagle…servante..and a lot of others..we want to talk post about team and recruiting..
    by online accounts and social guys working hard..remember subject of this topic? How G Money really did well in summer league..quincy too..negus..buffed up..Fotu playing with elite..only guys we don’ t know how got better
    Niko..Aaron..Jovanovich and Janks..bet they are ready to rock..they know..hopefully soon with sammis that uh mbb team will be good..very good this year!!
    I never tire of cheering on the guys..they need our support..much aloha to their ohana too!!

    GO BOWS!!

  104. No matter what I care for the guys on the team , nothing more, we are passionate Warrior fans ,through the good times and bad, whatever happens I will still continue to buy season tickets and support the program, it’s for the student athletes . Just like the football program, a lot of us don’t like Chow but we want the program to be successful and support the students most of all , a few more months and it’s Warrior hour, midnight madness!!

  105. Jjay…you are big time real fan..yes when younger and could go..had season ticket during old time..rough time for
    Mbb..only had 1400 in attendance for some games..team won 4..7…6..games whole season still cheer guys on..
    First few seasons with price coach..uh lost big time..we still cheered the guys on..
    von appen 0-12 season..there every game still cheer guys on..could if could..now ..guys in football and basketball give their all..we cheer them on..gut feeling..uh fb..stay healthy will win a bunch of games..play really well they can..play with swag..

    jjay..very soon open gym and workouts mbb team
    the mbb fans getting excited..I am..you have right attitude..big time!!
    Go Rainbow Warriors rock the stanley and hpe to see jamievsmith soon!!

    Jjay that what this forum for civil..aloha..and promote clean..mature..and fun discussion of mbb!!
    and open share opinion..not attack..swear..

  106. I am looking forward to a championship season in basketball,
    and I am looking forward to a bowl game season in football.
    Looks like things are coming together on both sides.
    2 Great coaching staffs. Truly excellent head coaches. And a lot of great players.
    All playing for the University of Hawaii !

  107. Congrats to Dyrbe Enos and Christian Standhardinger for their significant roles getting their teams Solar Universe and Grantco Pacific to the Manoa BB Summer League Championship Game Next Week — Both Teams Needed o WIN TWICE Tonight to Survive and Move Forward…

  108. Love that a Statewide audience that could access Olelo channel could watch the games.
    Interesting, and noted, how in the past, UH Basketball team, basically all the guys here for summer were part of the old NCAA summer league. I remember that. Now, guys are at home, playing in some elite summer leagues and doing well . Also, working out and getting better,

    Nice to see Zach Buscher hit a shot too! Dyrbe, not shaken , he can play with NCAA DI guys no problem . He can hit his 3 pointers, will not doubt coach uses him in games this year.
    That Derrick Low, what a PG, however even he can be cold from 3 line, however he just has that calm about him.
    Nice mention about, Negus, Nevels and Smith by Dash and Tony.

    The fighting Standhardingers vs. Derrick Low, Enos Solar Universe… good championship game, ..on OLELO TV!

  109. Apologies for my late response to this thread of comments, but yes, there are some rules to follow on this site, and some comments have thus been deleted.

    gibnogood – thank you for commenting, and you are welcome to share your thoughts and debate with other posters. However, profanity is definitely prohibited on this site, as are personal attacks at other posters (and yes, calling someone an “idiot” is an example of such).

    Thanks again to all for your support and participation.

  110. Dayton, thanks for all that you do and I know we’re on to newest but it seems like you censored my saying someone had an anger management problem. That’s a little too much as I’ve read much worse when playhoopsa and jake were going back and forth. Is it ok to call Gib dirty? He is the coach so maybe that’s ok. Gibnogood still has a post up calling out Flemings dad which is kinda inflammatory. That’s my opinion and not my blog but otherwise, I enjoy the site.

  111. Bunch of drama queens. I obviously mistook this as a forum for men. For the 10th time I never accused Fleming. Simply thought u very informed boys would know if some drunk guy at a bar knew what he was talking about. Period. Obviously the guy was very misinformed. Then Flemings dad chose to insult a longtime 4 ticket holder like me instead of reading my comment closely. So I chose to respond. Period. I love Fleming and his game. I look forward to watching him for 4 great years.

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