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Thomas impresses again at Summer League

College Summer League

Mike Thomas’ immediate impact in the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League continued on Thursday night, as the University of Hawai’i sophomore scored 28 points, grabbed 12 rebounds and blocked six shots to lead National Fire Protection Co. to a 105-103 victory over Wealth Strategy Partners at Manoa Valley Recreation Center gym.

Thomas, a 6-foot-8 forward, is averaging 30 points per game in two victories this week for National Fire. Without him, the team was 0-5. Thomas sat out the early games due in part to burn injuries on his hands and legs suffered in a kitchen accident.

Thomas shot 11 for 19 from the field, and also had two assists and a steal. His breakaway dunk with 15 seconds remaining sealed the win, as it gave National Fire a 105-101 lead.

Chris Summers added 23 points for National Fire. Dean Viena led Wealth Strategy with 28 points, followed by Waly Coulibaly with 23.

The second game featured a post battle between two former UH players, who also happen to be the top two scorers in the league. Chosen Few, led by Bill Amis’ 19 points and 11 rebounds, defeated Christian Standhardinger and Grantco Pacific, 83-77.

Standhardinger, comiing off a 49-point performance in his previous game in the Summer League, finished with 24 points, 14 rebounds and five steals.

College Summer League

Amis and Standhardinger defended each other for much of the game – and each did a relatively good job. Amis shot 7 for 18 from the field, while Standhardinger shot 4 for 23 (but connected on 16 of 17 free throws).

Former UH point guard Jace Tavita added 12 points, nine rebounds and two assists for Chosen Few. Caleb Spencer scored 18 and Kyle Pape added 14 for Chosen Few, which is in first place with a 5-2 record.

UH walk-on guard candidate Brocke Stepteau scored eight points for Grantco Pacific. He shot 4 for 9 from the field, and also contributed a rebound and an assist. Recent Maryknoll School graduate Josh Burnett added 18 points.

The Summer League will continue with two more games on Saturday at Manoa Valley Recreation Center.

For complete game videos, please visit http://basketballsummerleague.blogspot.com/

(Photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)


  1. Big Mike Thomas Mannin’ Up!


    Big Welcome to Man-Mike

    i DO Expect All Four Three-Stars and Roderick to be Solid This Coming Season…

    (Plus Depth and Talent in (Eight) Returnees, Nevels and Fotu;
    And All the Boo-Birds can confess their Lack of Vision and Foresight
    Extend the Coach’s Contract Now instead of after a Money Year…?)

  2. Who’s the four three-stars ? Thomas, . . .

  3. islandman: Out of HS / prep school….Negus Webster-Chan, Stefan Jankovich, Michael Thomas and
    Isaac Fleming. Plus Roderick Bobbitt a very high 2+ out of HS California. even our 2 star, some are becoming like 3 or 4 star athletes, developing like Aaron Valdes etc.!

    Go Mike TnT Thomas, explode and fly high.

    You all notice his athleticism and more control displaying itself, more maturity and toughness. he learned battling Christian non stop hi motor, and competitive last year in practices. All Mike has to do , do it in practice to show Gib and on the floor in real games, HE WILL… Mike is ONE OF FOUR, and a host of other 2+ BB athletes , a making of a really good athletic team(Nevels, Smith too, very athletic and getting better!)

    Eagle, islandman, and all WI fans, UH MBB going rock the BWC and win that thing!
    At least if everyone works together, grind everyday, play together, live together, and WIN BABY!
    Go Bows!

  4. Eagle:

    JMO(and a lot of truth to it)commentary… sure, with the supposedly austere times at UH, except for contracts for Gib, and he did go to two Pay to Play , which UH Athletic AD’s supported in 4 years, however they want, a lot of people , that Gib went to an NIT or NCAA, or won more games in BWC tourney, however, they realize too, and Ferd, Reardon, there is some jealousy there, Gib running a good program, made some mistakes that will be handled… Ben doing right thing, even the families

    of new and returning players want to make sure their sons coach will still be their when they graduate. So Ben extends contract, bold move, .. Shows, how much of the POWERS that be in the State, back up Gib, they can see HE is getting better student athletes, and now, they are poised to win more, and go to NIT,NCAA’s….let the Boo Birds Boo, I would rather have a HC, producing exciting BB with great athletes and good people, with experience as coach, staff and now the players. The Big Dances will come.. and soon!

    Let the Boo Boo go Boo! Just joking, a lot of people, never can please, whether HC is here or gone. I like Gib, he said he was going to recruit athletes and he did!

    Go Gib and Go Warriors, Bows! Rainbows!
    Same Mantra, same theme folks, support the Bows!

  5. And Mike and Team, keep grinding, know that Sammis, the guys away for summer all want to come back to Hawaii and win big this year! Sammis , young man, I really hope you get in this year.. will make UH awesome!

  6. Michael Thomas: Is he the one to emerge from the bench and have a break out year? We definitely can use him this year either to start or 6th man. Wonder what they will list him this year in height? That long arms of his will definitely reject those cheap nickel tosses to the basket, That was one of our true weaknesses last year. Guys would just swoop right to the basket and softly lay them in. This team gotta have the mentality not to let any cheap shots come through the paint. You either block it or make them alter their shots, Even a hard (legal) foul—to remind them that they will pay for taking it to the hole—is better than watching them sail in for two. There aren’t too many Alan Iverson’s that will come back for more abuse. You take away guard penetration and then they are forced to put up bricks from the arc. Sometimes they make it. But most times they don’t and you got them sitting in your hands. If Thomas got game we are on our way to plugging up one of our weaknesses: athletic bigs that can play defense. And when you combine that with a decent offensive game they won’t be able to double Fotu all the time as they got to watch the other big too. Hawaii you gotta get mean to see green. And this year Thomas definitely got some hair standing on his back.

  7. Playhoopsa,

    oh, on one ESPN site, Negus was rated 2 stars, but 88 grade. Jankovic 3 stars and 89. Michael Thomas 3 star, but 70 ?

  8. islandman….it was on the Yahoo rivals.com class of 2012 negus senior year out of huntington prep they had him 3 star..good rebounder..handles.need to work on strength…listed SG..
    Online site comments about 2 to 5 star rated athletes…hs..they could have been..at ncaa d1 level would have to prove..nevels and smith 2 star out of hs..however..much better bball guys st d1 level..so ratings comes down to who steps up
    I don’teven know if they have 1 star or no star rated athletes..just a gauge..I guess prove self on court help team win championships!

    With the 11 scholarship guys now..if all healthy..uh mbb 2 or 3 or no star..grinding..potential be very good..
    same message?
    Why not? Promoting uh mbb!!

  9. islandman better information on Negus via two routes: (1) believe there is a site that evaluates foreign players. The evaluation on Negus was very positive and (2) check video from last year’s summer league it’ll provide a hint of what he is capable of. IMHO: Over this past year looks like he got bigger and stronger. If BB skills wise, he has developed proportionally, he’ll be a player on the watch list. Foremost though and something yet to be seen is his “attitude” as a team player, If all the pcs fit, he’ll surpass the watch list and be a first teamer. Any insiders that have seen more or less?

  10. try negus Webster chan draft express

  11. I like the shooting info provided by the writer too. Says a couple of things for Thomas, such as he is being aggressive and not just a wallflower like the typical UH big man. As for Stepteau, he got some points but needed a lot of shots. Oh well it’s just one game, and he knows he’s not starting at the top of the UH guard rotation, I am sure he’s working on improving.

  12. Mike and Fleming , and workman like young frosh walkon Stepteau, Enos hitting some 3 pointers, playing with more confidence, we as UH MBB fans have to like. Too bad about Bobbitt, however speedy recovery.


    thanks on the star athletic rating system site. Never paid too much attention. Back in the day, Nash, Freeman, Davis, Holiday, Henderson, I don’t know if they had the Star rankings? maybe so maybe not?

    A bunch of good athletes and ballers on UH this year. Just have to put it together, or as tako and servante…..always say, WHO WILL STEP UP…? Mike and Fleming have that extra gear athletically, just TEAM guys, UH will win ball games.. And the returning guys, Niko, Jovanovich, Janks and Negus, wonder how they have improved? I bet a lot… This bunch they are on mission,.. get to THE DANCE!!
    wish them the best! Go Bows!

  13. shoots , getting older!! always forget VALDES… Airon… hope he grew to at least 6’6″ 215, we need him on the glass. He can be another help down low, blocking shots, altering shots, take charge, as servante…..brought out… UH the guys by the rim, including Fotu, have to swat, or challenge anybody going to rim, no matador defense.. That is why getting shot rejectors was such a big, pun intended priority for Gib this year…. too bad with that other thing.,..slowed it down, the recruiting.. oh ..well Janks, Jovanovich, Valdes, Thomas, and hopefully one more big have to stop guys going to the rim.. UH would have won easily 26 games and probably went to NCAA, if they got D stops.

    and it is repetition, however, offense is good, however, you miss several shots in prime time, and the other team starts getting hot, and scores 3 or 4 in a row, from trifecta line to the rim.. your team will lose….Have to GUARD THE PAINT.. sound like coach Gib, however, it is true, DEFENSE.. Thomas can help, he has all the tools play 3, 4 and rim protect.. what an athlete alongside Valdes!

  14. Negus did commit originally to Louisville his junior year but de committed when the coaching staff was changed up so that can kind of gauge what type of talent he was in high school.

  15. Lee: thanks, wow Louisville!

    Negus has that swag, working out to get bigger, more explosive, going to need his help too on the glass and defending the rim. He has lonnnnng range on 3 ball… can play PG or SG, SF… need to step up. He really seems to love his fellow UH MBB guys, in fact this bunch, these 11, they have that IT.. factor.. we shall see. should be exciting year!

    BYU, Pitt, and Washington St. on the road, will be huge games, as well as winning outright or 2 out of 3 in DHC…probably good gauge after DHC to see how team doing..
    Getting excited already warriorhaw and Tonganator, we will never forget ISAAC FOTU, the Mighty Warrior, going against the world’s best at FIBA Spain BB world championships!

  16. BM reports, Sammis still working on getting NCAA waiver to get into UH. Hope he does. So still hope that Reyes gets in. He is another, just super athlete, and takes care of his body, what he eats and trains, and grinds. If Sammis at 6’6″ 248 gets in, what a great help that is too, he can defend some at the rim too, and he has great BB IQ, that would be a huge gift, if Sammis makes it in by Aug fall starts. Sorry fans, have to keep pumping UH MBB hoopstalk, gotta love it!
    Hope the best Sammis ! Hang in there, hoping for the BEST!

  17. Islandman-

    ESPN grading system for basketball isn’t based on just Stars. The evaluation process is done watching games in person or on submitted videos or both. Our ESPN rated Players:
    Jankovic 89 (3 star)
    Chen 88 (2 star)
    Valdes 85 (2 star)
    Thomas 70 (3 star)
    Jovanovic 60 (2 star)
    Were all observed by ESPN scouts. The scouts that observed them are listed if your an insider to ESPN. These scouts make a detailed assessment of the players after watching them several times. Other sites give out star ratings but for some of our players they don’t do a full assessment on them. Look at the full scouting reports not just the star rating. For ESPN it’s the grade score. These guys will show up I’m sure, Gib wouldn’t have signed them if they were bad players. I’m looking forward to this season because we do have a good amount of good players. Fotu, Smith, Nevels, Niko, Enos, and Jawatto are all exceptional players too. You can tell who the players are and the ones that are happy just to be here in Hawaii. Flemming, Bobbit and Stepteau (like the guy) all seem very commited and look to be good players do far. Bobbit is proven.

  18. Baller4Life:

    Thanks for explanation. Really did not know all that rating stuff. Way back in the day, 40 or 50 years ago, don’t know if they had ratings, star and scouting services looking at the guys.
    know, that HC’s knew if guys were all city, league,region, state, all district, etc, or later, High School All Americans, honorable mention. I guess it is a late 20th and early 21st century way of evaluating talent.

    We have , don’t know his international rating, ISAAC FOTU, he won that 3 on 3 world championship competition at 17, and was part of the NZ tall blacks, national team at 17 or so, he must have been an international player ESPN, scout rated, 3 star at least..
    Baller4Life, whether no, 1, 2,3,4 or 5, if the guys can play, win games, championships of league and go NIT and NCAA’s every year key.. The Butlers, Gonzagas, Belmonts, etc..the mid majors, can beat the high majors, however, it has been awhile for any mid major to win NCAA DI crown, maybe one day it will be UH!

  19. Baller4Life –

    thanks for explaining. If you check the 2015 ESPN 100, the last one has a grade of 82, but four stars.

    I don’t know why one poster is down on Stepteau, around July 23 and 24 entries.

  20. according to espn, forgot, have to go to WI archives as well. Manroop Clair was a 3 star espn hs senior. I guess that, how is plays out for each athlete, no matter what the rating, comes into play.

    Have a team of great 2 stars, playing great Team ball can beat a team of 3 stars and above on any given day!

  21. it’s crazy but if Thomas can add 5-8 maybe more inches to his vert that could be scary

  22. Looks like the Wahine already getting together as they went to Diamond Hd, per Beeman tweet.

  23. hawafan09:

    during wallace ..ac carter time..like Erin “helicopter” Galloway..6’8″ ..45″ vert?
    Valdes.intell you fans can be just as athletic..be serious and grind!!

    Smith..Nevels..Thomas..Valdes..can get up rim level..lot of athletic hi flyers!!

    thomas all around can defend all 5 spots including perimeter!!
    Keep growing getting stronger MT..!!

  24. Manroop was rated pretty high. He was a good knockdown shooter in high school it seems. We’ll see how he does in Seattle next season. Sitting out a year may do him some good.

    Stepteau seems like a good small guard. Again we are seeing him this year in a summer league that is a little short (sorry about the pun) of D1 talent. He had shown some impressive and smart plays. Let’s see when everyone shows up in Late August how he looks.

    Wahine working out together is awesome. It will be interesting to see if Gib’s ” stay at home to workout ” system this year works out for our guys. I miss them in the summer league.

  25. Baller4Life..

    I enjoy your and all the posts..really super positive and fun…just a thought..Gib said guys..whole team scholie and preferred walkon did great in school..sort of a reward..I am sure they love seeing families..workout at homebase and some relief from other thing..
    glad Q and Nevels are playing in high level summer leagues eith nba guys..good competition. .

    negus..communicate ..he is ready to grind..wokout and be with his mbb brothers..

    august be here soon..guys coming back..hopefully all healthy..

    having reyes..bobbitt..also in summer league to see new guys would have been awesome!!
    MT..Brocke. .Dyrbe. .Buscher…and ..Fleming make it still interesting..

    cannot wait for all team together!!

    Sammis hang in there we hoping hard you get waiver!!

  26. Seattle has a lot of guards, around seven listed; three redshirt seniors, one RJr., one Jr., two RSophs, including Manroop.

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