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Hawai’i Summer League opens Saturday


The Hawai’i College Basketball Summer will open its 2014 season on Saturday, June 28, at the Manoa Valley Recreation Center gym.

Two games are scheduled for Saturday: Wealth Strategy Partners vs. Clark Hatch Fitness at 6 p.m., followed by Grantco Pacific vs. National Fire Protection Co. at 7:30.

None of the players from the current University of Hawai’i basketball team will be in action on Saturday, though several of them will be joining the league in the coming weeks.

The only returning UH players expected to be in action at Manoa this summer are Dyrbe Enos and Mike Thomas. All other returning players will remain in their respective hometowns until the start of the Fall semester in late August.

Among the incoming UH players expected to be here for the summer league are signed recruits Isaac Fleming and Roderick Bobbitt. Walk-on candidates Zach Buscher, Tyler Harville and Brock Stepteau are also expected to be on summer rosters.

Among the former UH players who will be on summer league rosters this summer are Christian Standhardinger, Julian Sensley, Bill Amis, Phil Martin, Miah Ostrowski, Jace Tavita and Geremy Robinson.

Games will be played weekly (Thursdays and Saturdays, and some Tuesdays) through August 9, and admission is free.



  1. Hey fellow UH MBB fans, doesn’t matter, let Sammis do what he has to do. at least now, Basketball summer league starts. Hoops talk. those can make the games and playoffs can have fun, Should be interesting watching the new guards, and development of Enos, and Thomas.

    Have a great time, wish I could go, however hard time with care of elderly mom. Enjoy!
    Thanks Dayton for your write-ups and video updates. appreciate you moderating a family, fan and Hawaii people friendly site, for young and old, a lot of outstanding discussion, debate, and everyone here, wants UH MBB to do well.

    Mahalo fans, too for putting up with my comments as well, I don’t know everything, except love the UH hoops MBB team, and Gib trying his best!

    Go Rainbow Warriors, have great summer and new season!

  2. s/o Licensed to Shoot Hawaii #drewdoyle

  3. man just cannot get enough UH MBB hoops talk, discussion, search internet, sportshawaii still has Keondre Dew, he of the home visit with Gib in April. One site, discussion, Keondre 6’9″ 230 SG/SF born Cali, went to prep school in Florida, graduated this June 2014. Taking time on commit to school. Wonder, if he might be late, late qualifier, possibly even visit Hawaii, and commit, don’t know, interesting if you search internet, Hawaii was on his social media tweet for home visit, which was done I believe. and he still hasn’t decided, a lot of big school late interest, sort of like Sammis, man if Gib could sign a Keondre Dew or similar, would help UH, in frontcourt definite. If you have the time, search or Google Keondre Dew, he is not committed yet as of June 2014. Would be huge get, really any 6’9″ late good get, would be huge for Gib and UH MBB!

  4. Someone on another board said sammis be coming in after two weeks ? Maybe, maybe not .

  5. If Sammi comes in two weeks that’s good news, although, not in sync to what was previously reported. Need to consider the source. Can anyone verify?

  6. Brian Mcinnis beat writer, very close, in fact even our WI insider Dayton calls recruits to see what is up…You figure, if Sammis since he graduated May 27 or so, if he went Summer school to get ncaa compliant and core coursed to get into UH summer school, he could be heading into second week of July, and have had that Six Week summer school college prep course, he with help of tutors, or if Sammis, and his heart seems to be REAL, he wants to be here badly..

    .He hits the books, just burns the midnite lamp…Possibly he could be here…Believe, Brian Mcinnis, report. still left question mark, probably he Will Not make summer session..however, he mentioned Gib and staff will go all out to get Sammis here, make sure, communication with prep school or whatever courses taking, ncaa compliance, that guy or gal better be doing their job!!..And maybe Sammis here second week of July, and just misses a few games summer league, and can make up few days summer school.

    The gib man, the eternal optimist,..would not count out Sammis..Interesting what he tells people about ncaa, and Sammis situation, recruiting another big at NEAL BLAISDELL EXHIBITION CENTER SAT> JUNE 28 2014 from1000am to 1100 am, with Rozitis, Standhardinger, Miah and coach Gib..hey for those that can go, it is FREE…ask Gib the big questions..you think you will be battling for NCAA bid? One more athlete recruit for this year? How about Sammis, will he be here shortly, rumor, or will he be here in August? Finalize great 2014-15 season? How about new coaches, and your contract..whatever Gib can answer..you know Gib, if he knows his MBB program is good to go, after the ncaa findings pau, and they correct, he will be smiling ear to ear.

    Great if video of Gib and latest Dayton, thanks if can!

  7. source Star Advertiser beat writer Brian Mcinnis Court sense about Sammis and working to get qualified..it seems to leave a tiny leeway, that he could do something, in that 6 week summer time school period to qualify, JMO..guess. here it is verbatim from Brian and interview with Sammis:

    received a tip that Reyes has some work to do before he can make it out here from prep school. So I asked him on Thursday if he’ll still be able to make it out here for July second session of summer school and the summer league.

    Reyes replied, “I don’t think I’ll be able to,” and that he still has NCAA paperwork to complete.

    He later qualified that the amount of material he must get through to be admitted into UH is “a lot, actually,” but that he’s “working on it right now” and is still optimistic things will work out. “I’m really excited to go out there,” he added

    Maybe there is that sliver of hope, because he says lot to do, however he is WORKING ON IT RIGHT NOW, must be summer school, And is STILL OPTIMISTIC things will work out..He is REALLY EXCITED to go out there…he added…He is working the books hard..not like North Carolina, he is dong it Prep school for college way, the compliance person for UH, is he or she doing their job? Should let Sammis know by January, so he could have buckled down..maybe that is why Sammis huge late get..Still confident, unless Gib save last scholie, Benjy, Akana and Gib will surprise us with a workhorse, not all world, 6’9″ big, who can D up, protect rim..bet 10 bananas and a papaya!

  8. fellow fans, just knowing Manoa College summer league, with the possibly 8 new guards, and 1 Super Sammis, will be rocking gym…Hoops fever UH MBB style is getting to us..slow, unless following CFL, arena football league, or world cup soccer or great run by Wie, UH hoops fever is starting to burn..Hoops heaven gang!

  9. I meant new guard, Bobbitt, Fleming, Buscher, Harville, walkon hopeful Deante Hearn 6’4″ SF, wing, Stepteau, a total of Six new guards, two returnees Thomas and Enos, and one Superman Sammis! if he can squeeze in, maybe maybe not, however, most important, qualifies for fall semester, completely compliant, compliance office UH, make darn sure, right:

  10. yes..finally went back to Dark Side blog so see what is up with Sammis even comments about Tyler Harville, still the same objective, positive fan is fighting for clear evidence of Gib not doing right way, or Sammis issue, not being A Grade thing, however, ncaa paper work thing. That is where the ncaa compliance officer office comes into play, have to agree with…a…….e The foreign guys, and in particular past for UH with compliance after the fact with their foreign kids getting in, just could be, hopefully ncaa compliance and plenty of paperwork to fill out. Whomever can help him, whether UH compliance officer, or guardians on his side, please do..Sammis very, very earnest, he wants to be in Hawaii as soon as possible.. Love that a……..e….he give HC and program, always benefit of the doubt, he might be on THIS FORUM under another screen mane.. great UH MBB supporter, in fact all sports..If have chance check out reasoning, from a……..e…on the Dark Side…and bright side, blog. which I used to be part of a lot. in past. glad that a…….e still fighting for fairness and truth..Sammis working on ncaa paper work to get into UH and USA college, could be, maybe not summer school or grade issue!
    Stay tuned, maybe , if Sammis, and Brian alluded to Gib and staff pulling out all legal stops to get Sammis enrolled. Sammis big part of this year’s recruiting class. huge guy , tremendous upside!

    Go sammis, get ncaa paper work or whatever done, ncaa compliant, all above board, and hopefully see you in Hawaii in short while. hope, hope!:)

  11. Jake:

    Tyler has a shot. with 2 preferred walkons transferring out who were 3 ball shooters. Tyler of course get bigger stronger, use quickness, to get steals, courage to take charge, etc. play passing lanes, have PG skill besides 3 ball skill. I am sure, as a PG/SG, Tyler has apparently more skill than Manroop, who is a great, nice kid at Seattle U.I Tyler in workouts and practices, can shoot , run offense and play team and individual defense as well as take care of ball..he could be another Dyrbe Enos, preferred Hawaii walkon who had lot of PT last year!
    Looking forward to Tyler Harville, being the Hawaii Marville!


  12. Playhoopsa. Just saw a text from Harville friend saying family driving from Lexington to Cincinnati to board plane. Going to Atlanta then Hawaii. Arrive Sunday 1:30pm Ohahu time. Hates he misses tonight’s summer game. Ask for updates on this site. Coach Bennett at St. Mary’s said Harville went thru a workout for him earlier this week and at one point hit 42 straight 3s. That is hard to believe even for me. I know they still want him to walk on. Since he is leaving for Hawaii in the morning I don’t see him going elsewhere. Will play next Thursday and Saturday. Said family is going to Pearl Harbor for 4th of July fireworks.

  13. Jake: Coach Fish must have really sold Hawaii! You are right, have to get those mature, I did not know so many are 20 years old! Northeast prep talent, even if need work to start pipline to UH MBB. You know with Gib’s experience, the scramble and gamble, and the epidemic of guys transferring every spring, he might have a list, of guys, he wants, however the right fit.

    If Harville and Stepteau with their families support willing to walkon, even for one year, I think the experience is good! That is why, Tyler’s family coming for vacation too, check out city, sites, the campus, make sure Tyler is in good hands, the remaining coaches including Gib really sell Hawaii. And as I said, I lived in northeast for awhile, waaay too cold for me, that selling point, if Tyler likes it, even if he moves on to another program, he might tell friends, some SF’s, Centers, if you want to live in sub tropic climate where people are pretty friendly, a real melting pot. At summer league games, he will see, Samoans, Tongans, Filipinos, English, Scottish, Hawaiian , Portugese, Scandanvian, and some like myself have all of those bloodlines in same body.. Long history of inter marriage. His team members, Stepteau, Bobbitt, Valdes, Thomas, Fleming, Negus Webster- Chan , Q Smith, and Garrett Nevels have Afro American blood, and mixture too. Very friendly people, just be Akamai(smart) in Hawaii, hang with the good people high character, do well in school, have good attitude and grind, like all of the returnees are doing back home. I think Gib sent them back home to work out, and not be center of that other thing being resolved.

    Aloha to Tyler and your family. Harville Ohana(family)
    Tell Tyler relax, hope coaches, can get a little political, I don’t know why, it is just summer league, 30 years ago, UH MBB players were always the best athletes. This year the older alumni, some who are still playing pro ball in Europe, will battle, Amis 6’9″ , Sensley 6’9″ both who will mentor Tyler and young guys, especially the UH guys, Phil Martin, from 12 years ago grad, euro pro 6’8″ 235 from Canada, along with, don’t know if you heard of him, Carl English..who might still be playing euro ball. Tyler, will have older, stronger ,guys, who will push and shove, and try to score 30 points on the other guards..hey, it is summer league, like Vermont open gym, not too much defense, tell Tyler, work with coach and Bobbitt, get tight, might be Bobbitt dish dime to Harville in the corner, deep 3 ball, at the buzzer, UH wins, UH wins, and they are going to NCAA’s .. we can only wish, however hoop dreams always fun!

    Thanks. Finally went back to the hard core blog, and saw your posts hyping Tyler and defending UH MBB program, and encouraging UH to get pipeline from East, North east to Hawaii. hope Gib does…one day, you have to check out UH, they will have DHC on ESPN this year..!

    Mahalo Jake, a real friend of UH MBB and have a good prodigy in Tyler Harville the 3 point Marville!
    Tell the Harvilles have safe flight, beautiful though warm weather, great for the beach!

  14. Such a mix of hawaii residents,,..forgot..japanese, chinese..korean..vietnamese..thai..marshallese..chuukese..serbian..latvian..russian..german..australian..new zealanders canadians..became hawaii residents lmmigrated..tyler and uh mbb team have autograph sessions..all types young and old all cultures..foods interests..quite a mix.. things cost more than mainland usa..but hey..priceto play to work live and play in hawaii..uh athletes never forgot their 1..2..3 or 4 years and grad experience..many came back later ..and settled in hawaii..yes..tyler has to send photo or will have warrior insider video hilites espn hilites and the manoa college summer league youtube archive of summer league games..hope tyler and folks will like hawaii..wish tyler the best you say over 40 threes in a row workout with st mary’s means he has the three stroke down..bombs away..

  15. Here yo go Jake: 3 point barrage..the scorekeeper’s finger might get cramps!!

    Per Brian Mcinnis star advertiser..

    Incoming #HawaiiMBB walk-ons Brocke Stepteau and Tyler Harville have both been added to Grantco Pacific roster in summer league

    6:43pm – 28 Jun 14

    Here you go Jake:


  16. 42 three’s in a row…..and with a quick release…very intriguing. Along with that, JMO, hope Tyler plays with smarts and HUSTLE ALL the time. Believe you gotta EARN RESPECT. Playing hard all the time earns you the right kind of attention.

  17. tako:

    Yes tyler he work hard on all around game ..he apparently has the good form release 3 ball shot..uh mbb can use all the good 3 ball shooters they can get..harville might be that diamond ..he is a shooter no fear..we shall see..just relax have fun and hope coaches let stepteau and harville bobbitt play..no dumb politics..good the returnees went home workout..good competition and get away from ncaa guys..

    gib always surprise through uh mbb grapevine gib might still have chance to lock up a good 6’8″ or 6’9″” athletic big..amazing.. at sports fair ..could not go..bet gib all positive and ready to have good 2014-15 season!!

    Gib lock load and shoot down the bwc conference..got a good feeling summer will end up positive..tako..first practice in october very soon..go bows!!

  18. Phil martin actually graduated 2004 10 years ago..phil good forward and student matinee idols with carl english..that was great canada athletes..good if gib works toronto good talent and bigs need work

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