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Warriors drop an OT heartbreaker to Northridge

Hawaii takes on Cal State Northridge in the fourth game

An up and down game ended way down for the University of Hawai’i basketball game.

Cal State Northridge hit a 3-pointer in the closing seconds of regulation, then scored four unanswered points in the final 19 seconds of overtime in an 87-84 win over the Warriors on Thursday. The quarterfinal game of the Big West Conference Tournament was played at the Honda Center in Anaheim, Calif.

The Warriors rallied from a 16-point deficit in the first half, took a 13-point lead in the second half, then limped into overtime after Northridge’s Josh Greene drained a game-tying 3-pointer with 11 seconds remaining in regulation.

The Warriors seemed to be in control with an 84-81 lead with 24 seconds remaining in overtime, but then it went awry. The Warriors fouled Greene with 19 seconds left, and he responded with two free throws to cut the Hawai’i lead to 84-83.

On the ensuing possession, Hawai’i turned the ball over immediately, and Northridge’s Stephen Maxwell made a difficult driving shot to put the Matadors ahead for good, 85-84. On Hawai’i’s next possession, Isaac Fotu was called for an offensive foul while trying to set a screen.

Tre Hale-Edmerson hit two free throws to give the Matadors the final 87-84 advantage. Brandon Spearman missed a 3-pointer at the final horn for the Warriors.

Hawai’i dropped to 20-11, and its post-season fate remains to be seen. It could possibly receive an invitation to the CIT or CBI, though acceptance of such an invitation is still in question.

Christian Standhardinger led the Warriors with 28 points and nine rebounds. Keith Shamburger added 20 points, five rebounds and five assists, and Spearman scored 17.

The Warriors shot just 1 for 7 from the field in the first four minutes of the game, and fell behind early, 10-2. The Matadors increased their lead to 16-7 after opening the game by hitting 7 of their first nine field goals.

Hawaii takes on Cal State Northridge in the fourth game

Northridge increased its lead to as many as 16 points in the first half, the last time at 37-21 with 4:48 remaining. The Warriors got back into it with a 10-0 run that cut the Northridge lead to 37-31 with 2:46 remaining.

The Matadors eventually took a 42-36 lead at intermission. Northridge shot 60 percent from the field in the first half, while the Warriors shot 40.7 percent.

Northridge had a 46-40 lead early in the second half, then the Warriors went on a stunning 21-2 surge over an eight-minute stretch to take a 61-48 lead with 10:35 remaining. Standhardinger scored eight points during the surge.

The Matadors countered with a 15-4 run later in the second half to cut the Hawai’i lead to 72-71 with 1:53 remaining in the second half.

A driving shot by Shamburger gave the Warriors a 74-71 lead with 22 seconds left, but Northridge guard Josh Greene came right back with a 3-pointer from the wing to tie the score at 74 with 11.8 seconds remaining.

On Hawai’i’s final possession of regulation, Shamburger tried to drive in for a layup, but it was blocked.

More details will be reported as it becomes available.

(Game photos courtesy Brandon Flores / www.brandonfloresphotography.com)


  1. Tough loss. Guys came back , 30 point turnaround to lead by 13. Execution, Matadors, had it, UH did not. Cannot fault effort , the guys were exhausted. Standhardinger, should have had ball with the clock running down.

    No CIT. if invited, I would shut it down for season, and prepare for next year.
    Don’t know what else guys could do. Very physical ball game, Great college game, even Michael Cage the color analyst for TV said , If UH loss the game, it was the execution down stretch, and getting ball to Standhardinger, in final minutes. Keith did hit some huge shots too. Tough, tough loss.

    Good job on effort from game 1 through 31, the best in 10 years. Just came up shy. Would be tough game against Poly , however we will never know.

    See you all next season!

  2. coaching was and has been horrible since day one gib took over

  3. question execution by players not getting the ball to fotu/stan or coaches not setting up plays for them to get the ball?

  4. winbow, agree, heartbreaking loss! It is so tough on the fans, imagine, the guys on Team. Greene hit some huge 3 pointers, when it counted.
    Hope, UH can rebound and have a great 2014-15 season.

    Dayton, Schmidt Ohana and WI nation, thankyou for this site, and great comments…great season, best in a decade. Just could not finish some key games. Look forward to next season!

    Go Rainbow Warriors. Standhardinger, is a WARRIOR to the MAX!

    Go Bows!

  5. Like I said in the previos thread this game should have never gone into overtime poor execution in the end of regulation as they went away from there two 1st team all big west players. I feel for the seniors especially Spearman as they showed him crying.

  6. Also, Shamburger did help team to make comeback. He wanted to win real bad. Cannot fault his energy and effort. Tough breaks!

    Shamburger, Spearman, Nevels, Smith(great job running the point with Shamburger to get lead), Fotu, and Standhardinger, Rozitis, Valdes, Great Warriors!

    Go Rainbow Warriors!

  7. SRJC….one of the ALL TIME heartbreaking losses. Spearman, takes it very. very hard. Matadors, hit some huge shots, UH could not. I thought from beginning of game UH would lose by 15-16 pts, in a blow out, however they came roaring back, like all season. SRJC…really junk loss, feeling, Have to move on Warrior Nation!

  8. Good, Even Great, Comeback…
    NICE Step-Up by Keith Shamburger
    Gotta Get Over The Garrett Over-Reactions to CSUN & Josh Greene
    GREAT Standhardinger and Spearman SENIOR Games
    TOO Bad We Threw Away the large second half lead…

    ‘Probably’ BAD Coaching: (With The Lead)

    Yes, You Want to TRY to Activate a Struggling Player by Giving Him the Ball…
    BUT IF You Want to Win
    You Keep Going to Your HOT Players
    Whether it’s Volleyball or Basketball or Soccer
    RESPECT The Streaks
    Go With The Percentages
    GO With What’s Working
    ‘Til The Opposition Proves They Can Adjust or Stop It
    Very Few, Very Rare is the Coach whose Instincts Can Beat the Odds
    SO Most Should ‘Almost Always’
    Go With The Odds…

    Season Over?
    Unless Donor Steps Up
    OR Ben Jay Sees The Investment in a Better Tourney Future
    You GOTTA Play Post-Season Ball to get Good At It…


    Next Year Wanna SEE Negus or Aaron Valdés (And/or Others) Blocking And/Or Shutting Down Josh Greene Types

    Yes, Love This Team
    Planning to Honor @ BB Banquet
    And With Donations, Fundraisers, etc.
    Whatever WE Can Do to Help Keep Building This Good to Great Momentum…
    Sure “Earned” the Right to Play Tomorrow
    Or Next Week…

    Go ‘Bows!

  9. Reffing pretty much handed the game to Northridge. It’s undeniable, They got away with totally faking a foul call AND the ball going out of bounds, which was a 4 pt turnaround and enough to give them a fighting chance.

    On the other hand, I thought it was absolutely foolish to foul with a 3pt lead with 17 seconds left in regulation. Sorry Gib, but you blew it. What a disappointment. Now we have to settle for the Riley invitational, in which coaching will surely and inevitably once again be our downfall…can’t wait.

  10. Eagle-good comments. UH had 20 win season, best in 10 years. From Coach on down to players on bench, great energy , maximum physical effort. Seems like Keith, either instructed to, or wanted to win game. he really helped team to make huge comeback.
    That turnover at the end was huge. If the got ball inbounds. Probably Keith fouled, he hits 2 FT’s game, over, however hindsight is 20/20. Next year, should be no problems executing down the stretch. Quincy played a great game.
    Don’t know if UH will get viable C.I.T. invite. would have to be road game I think according to Ben Jay. Ben might end season. However, too bad, and feel very bad for Seniors. They played great. Rozitis, Spearman and Standhardinger!
    Bows will always be great warriors as winbows and hoopsa say!
    Thanks to WI and the fans, and Dayton Morinaga, and the sponsors for fantastic coverage and following of UH MBB team for this year. Look forward to next season!

    Shout out to all great fans, including from New Zealand, Fotu Ohana. Great Warriors, all feel the loss, however, they gave their very best!

  11. Agree Isaac, those fouls, very physical game. That last one, TV I think showed Sham stepping on end line, however WAS he pushed? Should not have come down to certain crucial foul calls to end game. CSUN hit some big shots, UH should have got ball to Isaac Fotu or Standhardinger in final minutes of Regulation and OT, however, just a split second and the double was coming. Still think, Shamburger could have dished off to Fotu, of Standhardinger when Sham took the short layin that fell short, however, Shamburger, without him, UH would have loss a in a big way. Great effort by all the guys. Will Gib learn? I think so, however, he is not the guy on the court. It is the players who win or lose games, However, Coach makes the call, ..aaahh, tough loss, however, will Always love these Rainbow Warriors. Remember before Gib, that 7-8 year period when UH MBB was not exciting. Now it is!
    Go Warriors, get better,and have great 2014-15 season!

  12. No sense over reacting to coaching errors and poor decision making by the PG at the end of the game. Gib is not a horrible coach and the program is the best its been in a decade and only getting better.

    Remember, this would have been a 20-30 point loss, like what happened to UCSB vs Poly, if the coaching staff doesn’t light a fire and make a few adjustments.

    This game never gets to OT if Quincy doesn’t lose awareness and back off Greene for the game tying shot at the end of regulation. Up by 3, you absolutely cannot give space for a 3. If you must, give up the easy 2 and hit the free throws when they foul off the inbound.

    I think Sham got caught up with trying to go shot for shot with Greene late in regulation and OT. Sham has a big bravado and Greene going nuts the final few minutes of regulation and OT got into Sham’s head.

    I don’t think Christian or Fotu even had shot attempts in OT. Fotu was taken out by CSUN’s gameplan, but Sham wouldn’t give the ball to anybody in OT.

    Sham’s at his best when he’s around 10pts. Sham having the most shot attempts by a margin of 5 should never happen with the variety of scorers on this team. He had some big buckets, but when he’s forcing the issue, the offense gets stagnant as the ball never leaves his hands.

    WIth the season now over, and looking ahead…. Can’t wait for NWC, Jonkovic, and Flemings to come in… Hopefully UH won’t miss so many open 3’s like this year. UH missed a ton of open 3’s after good execution on offense. Fotu is now getting instant double-teams, which will lead to more open shots next year.

    My big question about next year’s team is, who of the starters are going to play defense? Offensively, UH appears to have better all-around scorers next year. Defensively, Sham and Nevels are spotty on D. Jankovic admits his weakness is D. Fotu is ok defending the post, but spotty defending away from the paint. NWC is an unknown defensively, so is incoming freshman Flemings.

    Thomas, Valdes, and Jovanovic will likely provide the defensive energy. The one element sorely missing this year was shot blocking. Unless somebody surprises, I don’t see any intimidators on next year’s roster also.

    It’s gonna be a fun team next year with what looks like more potent offensive talent, but like this year, defense could be an issue and teams that can successfully slow the tempo will give UH trouble.

  13. FUHA:
    Gib record 72-55 over 4 years. No losing seasons. Average 18 wins per season. Who would Ben hire if wanted to replace him, according to Boo Birds?. Gib is on the right track, has to recruit, athletic scoring defenders. The next level. This year uptempo, great fan favorite. Just in the paint , the shot blocking and another Big low post option, a tall one. Agree FUHA, ball should have been in Christian’s hands instead of Shamburger going the one on one battle with Greene, even GN got into it. That kid Greene hit some huge shots.

    Quincy Smith, helped team be competitive, if from beginning UH played like the start of second half, they would have won going away. However, now , too late, Gib has to learn, and team as well. From preferred walkons to scholie, great chemistry, 20 wins in any league, any level, great accomplishment. Better to win a lot then lose. i.e. FB ? Negus, Jankovich, Fleming, another athletic defender scorer, create and hit, A shot blocking athletic big, team will be ready next season. BWC pretty competitive a lot of Parity league. UH go get the BWC regular season and tournament title next year. Will be a lot of build up with NWC, SJ, Isaac Fleming, and returnees! Gib upgraded at guard, and team was really quicker, and uptempo on D and O, we fans really liked it. 20-11 is not bad, a lot of teams in the over 300 NCAA DI MBB programs don’t have 20 wins this year.

    Go Rainbows.! Next Year get that regular season BWC championship, and go get the title in BWC tourney, It is getting harder to do. However,I like next year’s team chances!

  14. Just witnessed, in person, the single worst coaching job I have ever seen IN ANY SPORT, AT ANY LEVEL (including anything norm chow ever imagined) here at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Gib Arnold, you are, by far, the worst in-game strategist on the face of the earth!
    Taking your teams final timeout, with a minute left after scoring the go-ahead basket was ridiculous. We were all saying during that pointless break in action that we hoped it would not come back to haunt them in the end. Gee, sure wish they had a timeout on that inbounds play at the end OR after northridge scored the go-ahead basket with 10 seconds left :/
    BUT the one that takes the cake, the move I have NEVER, EVER WITNESSED BEFORE IN MY LIFE, was giving an intentional foul with 19 seconds left, up 3, on the other teams best shooter, 65 FEET FROM THE BASKET!!! If you are that afraid of him hitting a game-tying three pointer DOUBLE TEAM HIM IN THE BACKCOURT AND MAKE HIM GIVE UP THE BALL. I have never seen that strategy employed with more than 5-7 seconds left in a game. There is simply too much basketball left to be played to give up two free points!!! Worst case scenario if you don’t foul is you are holding the ball for the last shot of the game , with the score tied…in Gib’s ridiculous strategy, you are going to be up 1, with 18 seconds left, and even if all goes well on inbounds play (with NO TIMEOUTS LEFT), you run the risk of missing one or two free throws (shamburger had just missed 1/2), and then a 3pointer can beat you!!! Just ridiculously bad strategy!!! 40+ years of watching all levels of basketball! and I’ve never seen such a horrific blunder.
    I am in shock. Yes, refs were bad, it happens. Yes, shamburger was pushed on that inbounds where he stepped out of bounds. Yes, team came out flat. But they fought back to lead by 13 late!!! Gib’s first mistake in this game, which he has made numerous times this season when having a lead late in games, was to try to slow it down and “nurse” the lead, rather than keep the foot on the gas pedal and putting away northridge. Northridge was about to fold, then Gib’s strategy of taking 30 seconds, then settling for a piss poor shot let northridge back in the game…if running, hustling, pushing tempo, and ATTACKING brings u from 14 down to 13up, why stop??? Idiot. I’m furious. Kids deserved better…in fact, I’m convinced that with NO COACH AT ALL ON THE SIDELINE, we woulda won by 10+….

  15. BrokenHeartedInAnaheim:

    Feel real bad for the kids. They should be playing Poly tomorrow.
    What to do Now?
    Support team.
    Coach has to learn. And recruit.
    Year 5.
    Go Bows.

  16. I agree totally with Brokenheartedinanaheim. Poor coaching job. I feel bad for the seniors on the team.

  17. If gib were not such a fantastic recruiter, I’d be calling for his head. But he has filled the team with tons more talent than all prior regimes…HOWEVER, Riley won more, against tougher competition, with WAY less talent. Gib, if he had just let them play, would have won this game. I wish gib could just lead recruiting and let someone else call the shots, in game. I have supported them all season, gone to all home games, backed up gib when others have criticized his decisions, but this is the worst!! It was the biggest coaching mistake I have ever seen. I was in the stands with spearman’ s father and we were going nuts when gib was calling for that foul!! Way before it came back to haunt us, we both were screaming at what an idiotic move that was!! There is only about 10% of coaches that will ever intentionally foul when up 3…but all of those coaches will ONLY DO IT inside of 6 seconds or so…I am in shock…

  18. Playhoops: if we won, we woulda faced LBSU…Irvine, being the top seeded team, would get the lowest seeded team left (cal poly). LBSU and northridge play tmrw…

    Anyhow, yes, I feel so bad for the kids. I’m a non-vocal fan (avid reader of warriorinsider, but never even posted…signed up just to post after this collapse), I never say anything. But I was screaming at gib after the game (from about ten rows up, so I think he heard) that this loss is squarely his fault and that he is a moron…

    If he comes out and admits his mess up, I can forgive him…but from his post game comments, it seems that he is not taking the blame…he is even saying Quincy took the foul “too early”, but us fans in the stands saw him YELLING TO TAKE THE FOUL (which was taken right in front of him, IN THE BACKCOURT, as he screamed for Quincy to grab him!!) . He needs to own up before I forgive him…

  19. Anaheim….that would kind of make the perfect fit for UH MBB coach, the coaching getting best out of players and toughness of Riley and The great recruiting of Gib. I liked Riley too. Reason he was the all time winner as coach for UH , 300+ wins. Gib doing good job, will learn, the loss hurts he and his family as much as the athletes I am sure!

    If you were seated there with Spearman’s father(!) and you both were saying, as were the color guy, Michael Cage, that it was too early in clock to foul, I think on post game BWC interviews, Gib said, the foul came too early too, should have waited for more time to pass. The only thing worse, Greene hits the tying 3 pointer and gets fouled. However, the guy Greene hit some huge bombs.

    Gib, I don’t think in NCAA DI , has been there too often, when team up 13, then tied, or up 1, I think I would have played it out, defend till end of clock, however Gib must have felt, foul , give them at most 2, then his team would inbound. I do not think he foresaw the PG step out of bounds, otherwise, the tactic would have worked, Keith is fouled with few seconds left, and he hits 2 free throws, and you are right, when UH does not have timeouts, hard to do, I think Q called 2 timeouts when he was getting pressured and trapped by CSUN, not his fault, team has to help him get ball up, too, UH has to have the Big inbound, like Sensley did, and the homerun ball, a quick guy to go to rim, beat press, however too late, now.. And UH is up 3 again, ..tough call , tough, heartbreaking loss.

    Hope Gib will recruit some more outstanding athletes. This group of Warriors, the love and One Ohana, it is not fake, they really play hard for one another. Next year, maybe more firepower as FUHA says, however, can Gib get 9 guys to Defend outstandingly, from perimeter to rim protecting for 40 minutes. He gets that out of the guys next year, maybe not as many nail biters as this year.
    Since you were there in person, you must have been getting an ulcer!
    Well, next year’s team looks loaded!

  20. Thankfully, Josh Greene is a senior so he’s gone. However, Stephen Hicks and Steven Maxwell are juniors so they will be back. Not to mention Arnold got out coached by Reggie Theus. Season is misleading. They played cupcakes in Chaminade and UH-Hilo as well as Tennessee State. UH has play a stronger schedule to toughen the RPI and BPI.

  21. I have to agree with BrokenHearted. That was the worst in-game coaching call I’ve seen Gib make in three years. I hope he owns up to it and learns from it because if he doesn’t it will corrode his support from the team’s best fans and undermine his players’ faith in him. Nothing can be done about the loss now but don’t amplify the damage through defensiveness and finger-pointing. Admit it was a bad gamble that backfired terribly, take responsibility, absorb the lesson and move on.

  22. Anaheim. shoots, I give you credit, for telling Gib, what are you doing? I know he has stated he tries to overcoach, makes it too complicated sometimes.
    The thing is fans, I love UH hoops, the Men, and best wishes to the Women, outstanding job by shorthanded crew, and good women coach, great one.
    That is one thing about Riley, he made some boos boos, a T at end of game, etc, that might have cost team, Riley felt horrible, and took the blame, The game was so up and down,. even viewing from Hawaii by scores of fans, we all saying UH got this game, they got momentum, then boom, they are tied at OT!
    I don’t know what to think now. Gib has to recruit really super athletes that can win 27 games , the regular and BWC tourney titles, so no have to worry this kind game!
    Gib he did go to Louisville to get ideas for his pressure D, at beginning of year, and at times end of year, worked helped get some turnovers, just the game managing, that is the thing he will have to learn, as did that Ole Red Head, the One and Only Riley Wallace, who might be doing UH a favor, we shall see soon. (for sake of seniors)
    Anaheim, all us die hard, been following UH MBB for 40 plus years hurting, and the new generation of young fans, lot of autographs and newbie fans from around the world, that will be the pitch from Gib, to recruits, come and HELP us finish games. Otherwise, love what Gib has done in four years, he has raised the level of play and interest after about 10 years of UH MBB doldrums.
    Anaheim, I hope you do get to talk to Gib. You can help him be a better coach perhaps.
    Gib, keep on learning, and I love how you have brought team into the culture of Hawaii, and the One Team, One Ohana theme, great student athletes, the writeup by Brian, in his final, message., he respects team a lot, A ton of Heart, true Warriors!

  23. I never heard the BWC interview. Will we ever know. Did Quincy take foul too early. Anaheim, says, he had No Choice, Gib screamed at him, 19 seconds to go. Foul Him! So Q just doing what coach said. However, so many variables, why slow game down, ? I think they were trying to hit Standhardinger and Fotu , with Smith or Shamburger running the point, however, CSUN were just packing it in, or keeping an exhausted Standhardinger from getting touches. plus Shamburger going into his one on one game with CSUN and Greene. Enough with the personal duels. Just get the ball to Standhardinger in the last 5 minutes of game and UH wins. However, it still Goes down as UH loses ONE AND DONE.
    More comments fans. ? I almost thought I was seeing things, when went to bathroom, kitchen get kau kau, (food) and UH was up 11, then they were up by 3, wow, what happened?
    Feel for the Seniors. Gib Gotta learn, He will. Call the Ole Red Head. Riley Wallace was old school, loved his teams!

  24. Well, question: Love the two athletes, Fotu and Nevels(what happened to their offense),know they were doubling Fotu, however, Isaac had to work the boards hard to get offensive putbacks, block shots, and rebounds, as well as the 18 foot jumper, or drive, they were keying on him, so Isaac has to learn another aspect of the PF hybrid position, the quick breakdown moves, shooting mid range to three, however this year, is doubled and tripled, Fotu is stuck, wait till next year, he will open up his all around game, be more of a SF who is Big and Strong.. if they were on, hitting shots, defending or rebounding, per their averages, Hawaii would have been ahead in game in beginning, and maybe would not have had to get to OT loss. Nevels has to get a little bigger and attack rim and get and Ones, he is a great offensive talent, he is a team guy, and gives way to the main offensive guys, however could have used his offense, in a couple of close losses this year. Next year, add the go to rim and finish game, excellent floater, and use screens to get more 3 looks, He can score 18 a game easily, however has to defend better, that Garrett Nevels can learn. This team the returnees, and new guys, the ceiling is so high, and for the freshmen, the 20 game win season, no matter what level competition is set, so next year, the sophomores, get 23 wins, next year 25, finally by senior year they go 28-2 and go to NCAA’s!
    Isaac and Nevels coming back, will learn. just up their game. Maybe with graduation of one of my favorite, hard working, Riley Wallace type of athlete, Christian Standhardinger.. Isaac will be that PF hybrid out to 3 line, and break you down off the dribble and post, guys his size or smaller. Nevels, get a little stronger, and BB IQ up there. Both great Basketball talents along with Quincy, Valdes, Thomas, etc. next year team will be one year more experienced, and winning a lot more games. And Gib will be that one more year better of a coach. Game ending management, can and has to be learned. So UH gets out of that One and Done syndrome!
    Okay, this game is Pau! ON to next season!

  25. and one more thing. this team knows how to pressure opposition after they score basket, great, however, they have to, with Gib coaching, learn to inbound ball under pressure, either the Big throw deep, or a Spearman, passing to the two Bigs, Fotu and Standhardinger, at half court, or at least present a big target, Once again why does it NOT work. The athleticism and quickness of the Matadors, when they wanted to pressure in last few minutes to make their comeback, they get to ball really quick, and UH was trapped by baseline or corners. For next year, actually for past 4 years, always, nervous time, when UH up by one or two, closing seconds, and they cannot inbound the ball. Happened to former UH coaches too. That is an art, and have to have the coaching in place for attacking the press, however, ALSO, and this is where Gib comes in, get the Athletes that can match, if not surpass Matador and LBSU athlete quickness. They do that, UH will be the Premier team in the BWC next year, and for year’s to come.
    Before, it seems like we are throwing Gib under bus, Not, he has done a great job, raising UH MBB out of the mire of apathy, UH MBB is going to be good for several years to come, and Gib will be a better coach, he is getting really great guys to come into program, good job Gib!

  26. Watched the BigWest TV post game interview. Gib, Spearman and Christian really devastated by the loss. did allude to foul during last 19 seconds of OT, Q made agressive move, yet not trying to foul with 19 seconds to go.., they called the foul, however CSUN was going to call TO. I don’t think Gib was blaming Quincy, it is just the way it was called. They were to foul with 10 seconds or under to make CSUN go to FT line for 2. I would not doubt, I don’t know about the Anaheim Hawaii fans who were there, the officials were letting some calls go both ways, very physical. Sometimes that is how life is, you make error, or make the great decision to spawn greatness. MBB team experienced that several times this year..Christian, would not even reply to reporter, make statement. Spearman, did, briefly, brought him to tears. If we Fans felt for loss, however it went down, the Coach, and the players, plus those HMBB fans in Anaheim feel the pain too.
    This team, not Vander like, great Team ball players. They will be back. Support guys when they return. well wishes, hope they have awesome awards banquet.
    Gib and his guys, ONE OHANA, are very first class people!


  27. Former UH Athlete, Quincy didnt back off. it was a step back. quincy was in front of him the whole time. he’s just simply not long enough to defend that shot. the guy came up and stepped forward and quincy shadowed him. you cant expect a guy giving up height to defend a good step back jumper.

  28. broken hearted, you’re an idiot, or you’ve only seen like 5 games in your life. worst coached game? grow up, drama queen. that wasnt even the worst coached game of the day. and it was coaching that let us even get back into the game.

    come back when you even understand basketball.

  29. xer 21….having watched DVR of game. You are right, the adjustments made by Gib and staff, and team buying into Defending the paint, and stopping penetration, as well as getting the long misses, D rebounds, let UH run, and get some quick offense. That is Good Coaching, and the athletes to do it. Christian is Amazing, fierce competitor, and Warrior. Otherwise, UH would have been down by 20 at the half.
    More Coaching by Gib and staff, and team executing, the defense to start second half, and Christian, just taking over, when Fotu being doubled, and struggling from the field, although Isaac had 7 big boards.
    Gib has coached 22 years+ , so he knows basketball. Was successful at different levels, as head JC and assistant at good MBB programs. He consults with Benjy, too, on the sidelines. Somehow the plays, in real time, the ball drops, sometimes it doesn’t, or you get the stop or rebound or not, that is what makes basketball. No matter what coach draws up. Kudos to Gib, looking back at replay, and watching the post game comments. Coach did a great job, and the Warriors, did a fantastic, job to get back in game and take lead. Just a play here or there, UH wins. Sad loss, however, they guys will be alright. Great, great Team of Rainbow Warriors, as was stated here, the best most exciting team in near 10 years time!

    Go Bows!

  30. I dont believe what i saw.why are u fouling with18
    seconds up by 3.they should have just played defense.
    If he makes the 3 the worst scenario would of
    gone to overtime.they fouled to early on the
    game clock.i dont understand why
    Standhardinger wasnt getting the ball
    More down the stretch.after the game was
    Over i said you gotta be kidding me.i dont
    Believe what just happened.hawaii gave
    The game away.well i hope hawaii will get
    A nit invite.go warriors.

  31. I have to comment about the foul with game situation: up 3, 18 secs left. About 2 weeks ago in the newspaper, a guy wrote a blog about a similar situation that UH faced against LBSU (up 1, 17 secs left…LBSU ended up hitting 3 and winning). The guy who wrote the blog was convinced (because his wife agreed with him, and “he knew game theory”), that UH was supposed to foul, and that ANY thing that happened would end up in UH winning. It’s funny because someone brought up that if UH did foul, then LBSU would have been up 1 and thus would have been in the guaranteed winner’s seat. But I guess the “game theorist” figured that since UH started the foul-o-rama that the strategy would work out in their favor no matter what. “They had the 1 point lead that guaranteed the fouling strategy would work”.

    So imagine my horror when I see Gib trying this strategy now. That guy who wrote the blog ended up closing the article. What we as fans need to do is explain why that surefire strategy does not work.

    Basketball is a stochastic game. (go wiki stochastic). If you are going to foul-o-rama at the end of a game, you better be sure you are a better FT team than the other guys. So UH’s mistake was fouling a 90% FT shooter. Here’s the math: a 90% FT shooter getting 2 shots = 1.8 points expected. If you let that shooter go, he would have to be a 60% 3 POINT SHOOTER to get the same expectation. So you see, you are better off letting that guy try to take a 3. And if you correctly have your guys defending the 3 line, then odds go more in your favor.

    The other thing here, is that the “game theorist” was a reactionary, who put forth this foul-o-rama strategy after a UH loss. Now UH has another loss, employing this strategy, and the season is over. Realize that basketball is stochastic, and you have to play the situations, not just think that having a lead near end of game can give you an automatic winning strategy. There is no automatic winning strategy, or games wouldn’t be 40 minutes long. Even if you smartly let the guy try to take a 3 against your setup defense, you might lose. Basketball is stochastic. But UH did not play their cards optimally at the end of this game.

  32. playhoopsa, I’m not going to be hard on Gib, he’s done an incredible job of lifting the program back to relevance. At least we HAVE SOMETHING to complain about.

    Under the last few years of Wallace and definitely under Nash, nobody cared if UH won or loss outside the season ticket holders.

    GIb has work to do to improve his game, but the good news is that he’s not ready to be plucked away by a big school yet, so UH will continue to improve under Gib’s recruiting skills. I doubt he will ever leave UH for an assistant job at a bigger school, so it’s going to be a few years before he’s ready for a big time job.

    This year’s team had a ton of fight in them. Other than one or two games, this team always fought hard.

  33. Well at least UH didn’t go down in flames and burned alive like UCSB… THAT was an embarrassment to their program.

    Speaking of embarrassing, how about the BW officiating crews?

  34. What a tough loss. Sooo close but no cigar hurts. With those turnovers happening late in the game, I guess it was not meant to be. Well, I guess it’s wait ’til next year.

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