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Warriors score road romp over UC Davis, 90-73

With all five starters answering the call, the University of Hawai’i basketball team solved the Big West road riddle.

The Warriors defeated UC Davis, 90-73, at The Pavilion in Davis, Calif., on Thursday night to earn their first Big West Conference road victory of this season. Hawai’i improved to 13-5 overall and 2-2 in the conference. It ended a five-game conference road losing streak, which dated to last season.


“I loved that effort,” head coach Gib Arnold said. “I absolutely loved the last 35 minutes of that game. It was about as good of basketball as we’ve played all year. Loved the energy, loved the effort, loved how we played together. I thought it was a perfect way to go out there and win on the road.”

The Aggies, who beat the Warriors by 24 points in the same arena last year, dropped to 6-14 and 1-4.

(WarriorInsider.com file photo)

All five Hawai’i starters scored in double-figures. Senior forward Christian Standhardinger led the way with perhaps his best all-around effort of the season. He finished with 22 points, 10 rebounds, five assists, five steals and two blocked shots. He shot 6 of 10 from the field and 10 of 13 on free throws.

It was his third consecutive double-double, and sixth of the season. His five steals and five assists were both career-highs. “He was all over the floor,” Arnold said.

He was not the only one. Isaac Fotu scored 20 points, shooting 7 for 12 from the field and 6 for 6 on free throws; Garrett Nevels scored 16 on 7-of-12 shooting; Brandon Spearman scored 15 on 7-for-9 shooting; Keith Shamburger went 4 for 7 from 3-point range and finished with 14 points, four rebounds, four assists and zero turnovers.

The Warriors shot 58.2 percent from the field and 82.6 percent from the free-throw line. They went 19 for 23 on free throws, while the Aggies were 9 of 13. The Warriors’ nine turnovers also tied a season-low.

“It starts with Keith (Shamburger),” Arnold said. “Keith had a really nice game – probably his most complete game tonight.”

The last time a Hawai’i team reached 90 points in a road game was in 2007, when it defeated Long Beach State, 93-78.

The Aggies jumped out to a 15-8 lead to start the game, but the Warriors quickly caught them, and then ran away.

A 14-1 surge by the Warriors turned a 25-22 deficit into a 36-26 lead with 3:09 remaining in the first half. Hawai’i took a 45-34 lead at intermission after Shamburger drained a running 3-pointer from 25 feet away just as the halftime horn sounded.

The Warriors increased their lead to 20 with 13 minutes remaining. UC Davis got as close as nine with about six minutes left, but Hawai’i responded with a 17-3 surge in the closing minutes to put the game away.

The Warriors are scheduled to depart Davis, Calif., on Friday morning for Los Angeles. They will play at first-place UC Irvine on Saturday. Irvine defeated Cal State Northridge, 72-66, on Thursday to improve to 4-0 in conference.


Thursday’s Big West results
Hawai’i 90, UC Davis 73
Cal Poly 58, Cal State Fullerton 56
UC Irvine 72, Cal State Northridge 66
UC Santa Barbara 68, UC Riverside 65 (OT)

Current Big West records
UC Irvine 4-0
Cal Poly 4-1
UC Santa Barbara 3-1
Hawai’i 2-2
Long Beach State 2-2
Cal State Northridge 2-3
Cal State Fullerton 1-3
UC Riverside 1-4
UC Davis 1-4


  1. Watched the game online. Awesome job guys! Let’s put this win behind us and focus 100% on Saturday’s game. Always remember that Hawai’i fans believe in you guys!

  2. Show me your mettle, man. The team played great tonight.
    Go Warriors!

  3. I mean….do fellow UH MBB fans realize, how HUGE this victory was? For the team on the rise, and to try to stay top 3 or 4 for seeding, maybe even possible share, of regular season crown, AWESOME, ….I was kind of nervous, as we all were admit it, fans, when that shooter from Davis was hitting everything from 3, in first half, …then, UH got hot, Shamburger, excellent games, see…When Keith is providing that 3 point shot, and dishing the dime, alos Q , excellent game in front of a lot of family and friends, a lot of the Cali boys, had their Ohana in the house, or viewing close, by. AWESOME…And, team won by near 20pts, 20, they score NINETY, 90 on the road, do not know the last time a UH team scored 90 and won on the ROAD.

    Eagle, we need your prose: What say Ye UH Faithful Fan, Lock and Load for a primetime showdown with Irvine this Sat, 500pm HST time 290…Wow!

    Great Job Gib, staff, trainers, and TEAM ONE OHANA..if can sweep, and can do, guys, bring it…AWESOME!!

    Rainbow WARRIORS!

  4. Agree with hoops, UH played awesome last 35 minutes, they just took over. When Davis, was trying to inch back , UH would score 5 or 6 consecutive and pull away..
    The Rainbow Warriors took their, home showtime on the road!
    Irvine has those 2 shot blockers, the 7’6″ and Wil Davis II, 6’8″, drive into their bodies, to get them into foul trouble, or else hit mid range to 3 pointers, bring them out, however the 7’6″ guy, will not go out to guard 18 – 21 feet out, he is good guarding rim, however, Fotu, Standhardinger, play smart, PF ball, go around, and over the top jumpers, or just out transition the bigs, run them , UH go for 90 again, UH has great chance to get the second W!
    This team, and agree with Gib, Derek, and all of us who knew, how vital a good PG with BBIQ and a jump shot, could be, we did not have that for past 3 years. Reap the fruitage, Huge Win as hoopsa says.
    UH Basketball team, stick together, and Davis, come in, use your quicks and get the bigs for Irvine into foul trouble, or else bother the perimeter jump shooters for Irvine. UH is very confident, they completed the FIRST part of their mission, now, they can get the Sweep, whew!! Go UH Men BB team, the Warriors, of the Rainbow!

  5. I hope all of the Warrior fans here in Hawaii will be able to watch the Irvine game on some live broadcast on Fox or CBS ,as the live streaming on the Big West site is second rate ,slow,no sound.,we need to see our Warriors on the road on live TV ! Beat Irvine!!

  6. Saturday’s 5 p.m. game at UC Irvine will be an “ESPN3” game, which means it will be streamed live through watchespn.com. That internet broadcast is much stronger than bigwest.tv, and with ESPN announcers.

    For those in Hawaii with the Oceanic Sports Pass package, game will likely be available on channel 289 or 290.

  7. Go ‘BOWS!
    Good, Solid, Continuous 35
    Nice Reversal on the BWC-Style Small-Ball
    Will NEED 40+ Saturday
    Fast Start, Get Ahead (Even Earlier), Stay Ahead, Controlling Leads
    Penetration, Fouls & Free Throws
    Even Better Defense, Turnover Dominance and Shooting
    Solid Back-to-Back Games from Top Five, Seven, Even 8, 9, 10
    MORE Learning to Consistently Play Hard & Execute

    Now Up to Top Four
    SERVE NOTICE to The BWC, and
    Begin the Assault Thru the Top Four

    GO ‘BOWS!

  8. Yes JJay, no sound.
    But Dayton, that’s still better than ESPN for me. I don’t know how to sign up for ESPN over the internet. No sound AND no video. Maybe the radio. That’s intermittent. The stats are good though. The old ones are better than the more recent versions, I think the foxsports today.
    Let’s hope the team keeps their energy up for the next game. Get the win!
    Go Bows !!

  9. AKU —
    IF You already have Time-Warner Sports Pass or A Time-Warner Account in Another City?
    There ‘MUST BE’ a Way to get ESPN3 as long as got Satellite or Cable even Telephone-Cable?

    IF GOT TO BE TWC-Hawai’i — Then Maybe Next Week Tuesday or Later
    After i Establish MY Time-Warner Account (Didn’t Get it Scheduled This Week)
    and You Can Link Up TWC ‘Anywhere’ Laptop(?), iPad, iPhone, Android(?)–
    MAYBE WI.com can be The Place to Hook-Up
    and We Can Sponsor Out-of-Town UHMBB TrueFans…

    CAN New Zealand/Australia/Toronto, etc. ALL get ESPN3?

  10. Awesome win for the team. Eagle we get ESPN3 stream if you subscribe to SKY TV network. We use ISKY here in New Zealand to log on for ESPN3 on line, top quality pictures. I am not sure about Australia, Aussie mum will be able to advise.

    Get the W on the next game, Respect everyone but Fear No One.


  11. I commented on yesterday’s story that this game could either be a huge road victory or a disheartening road loss, but we all know how it turned out. I also insinuated that Hawaii needs to crush UC Davis to instill fear into future big west foes on the road, which they did! Mad props to them and overcoming their slow start in those first 5 minutes. I was able to watch the live video stream and sync it with Bobby Curren’s radio stream, so it worked out. Pretty stoked that Saturday’s game will be on ESPN3, so for anyone who has HawaiinTelcom internet, you should be able to stream it on the website, in good quality with quality announcing as well. I really believe UH will come in maybe 1.5-2pt underdogs for this contest. UC Irvine is good but they barely eeked out a win against Northridge yesterday and are due for a loss. Let’s GO BOWS!!

  12. Thanks for the Oceanic info. Don’t even know if we have the Sports Pass package, but if we don’t, we’re getting it now.

    Strap it up, guys! We’ll be at the arena to welcome you back for LBSU on Jan 30th, but if you can pull out the win at Irvine, the casual fans will also show up, Jamie Smith will rally the Manoa Maniacs, and we’ll blow the roof off the sucker!

  13. wow… UCSB just barely squeaked by Riverside.

  14. Used to be in the past the local television station would broadcast the away games live when the team was good. Now everything is according to the almighty dollar. Last nights game I went to Big West tv and could not figure out how to get the game live. Plus the quality is terrible. I gave up and just listened to the radio. You don’t get anything good for free these days.

    The Davis great turned out to be a great tuneup game for the showdown with first place UC Irvine. They are the favorite to win the Big West title. UH is probably playing their best game right now and a win at Irvine will be the biggest road win since Gib came to Hawaii. The win in Davis was huge alright. A win in Irvine will be super huge, especially given the fact that we were dead ducks this time last year. When you can knock off the first place team on the road it says that the UHMB team has arrived.

  15. Both Fotu and Standhardinger will need to play big in this game against Irvine! Watch out if we get the same referees from the Northridge game. Our Biggs need to be carefull not to pick up the cheap fouls, if you only play 5 to 8 minutes in the first half how many points is that worth???

  16. Thank you Eagle. Thank you. Wait. Working on it. Update soon…
    I do have a DISHTV account in the states.

  17. Thank you Eagle. In Hong Kong this week. Japan in Feb. Tonginator, I would like to visit New Zealand and check out their new world class bike paths, cycle trail project.
    The last 10 times I asked, they said the Slingbox would not work with our DISHTV system. This time, maybe I am talking to someone different. We will see if it works. Haven’t been back for over a year. All those shows just wasting away. Now I’m feeling all high-techy. This could be good. Won’t be up and running for the UC Irvine game though. The promise of future games is out there for me. Hoping for the best. For now, I’ll be watching the live stats and trying to get the radio to work. Go Bows!!

  18. BigIslandHank- I think I was right JMHO buddy

  19. I’ve got to say, Game Legs guys. Yeah, the team has to be ready right from the start. Give this ‘big’ team all they can handle right from the start. Expect there to be fouls going both ways, and go all out. The bench has got to have their Game Legs on and be ready to contribute right from the start. We’ve seen the guys play tough defense without fouling for extended periods, but we have to be prepared to play strong and quick, and quicker against this seasoned team. Go Bows!

  20. WIN ‘BOWS!

    Win “Enough” and We Can ALL See UHMBB Games!
    Hope it’s Soon that We Can All Enjoy UHMBB Coverage
    (HINT: i Notice Most of US Only Enjoy it When WE WIN…)

    Go ‘BOWS!
    Assault on The King of The BWC Hill
    Soon, The King is Dead
    Long Live The (New) UH Kings!

  21. I think that 7’6″ center, is averaging UNDER 50%, 46% or something similar from FT line, he can tiptoe dunk like, Bhullar from NMSU, maybe better to foul him if close to basket. One or possibly two shots he might miss. Still think that uptempo, UH try to just outrun opposition to the offensive end, and score the first and fastest shot they can, before Irvine sets up in defense. They are pretty good on D.

    Appreciate, how hard Christian is working, has to be POY candidate, if UH can win tourney or regular season, actually that starting Five are Believing, especially after that close road loss at Northridge that they can win at home, and now on the road, either way, whatever outcome, UH play tough, stay close, and let game go down to wire, Otherwise, get that double digit lead, and hold on like at Cal Davis, Great effort, and now the bench plus Davis Rozitis, who will be tired, however, Davis, give his 100% effort, as a captain, and make up for his loss time, help team get the W. Heard , game is sold out, must be 5000+, including a lot of Hawaii Cali fans in that arena. should be whale of a game with the ESPN3 crew commenting, they always seem to start to home cook call the game, then if UH starts pulling away, they say: UH has a good, very good team I would agree, Give it your best guys, D, rebound, take care of ball, and shoot well, and come home, 2-0, 1-1,not bad, then sweep 4-0 SSC home stand!

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