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Warriors fall to Long Beach State, 92-83


Mike Caffey scored a game-high 29 points, A.J. Spencer added 24 points
and Branford Jones finished with 11 points tonight to help visiting
Long Beach State hold off Hawai’i, 92-83, in thrilling Big West
Conference men’s basketball action.

An energetic crowd of about 6,500 watched the Warriors’ three-game win
streak snapped as they fell to 14-6 overall, 3-3 in the Big West. The
49ers improved to 8-12, 4-2.

David Samuels broke a 72-72 tie by tipping in Tyler Lamb’s missed
layup with 3:46 remaining, and Caffey extended the lead to 76-72 by
making two free throws with 3:16 left. Caffey later pushed the lead to
79-74 on a 3-pointer with 2:23 remaining, and Lamb’s floater put Long
Beach State up, 81-74, with 1:42 left.

The Warriors could not get closer than five points the rest of the way.

Garrett Nevels and Christian Standhardinger each scored 18 points,
Isaac Fotu addeed 16 points and Brandon Spearman finished with 14
points for UH.

Long Beach State led, 44-43, at halftime despite second-leading scorer
Lamb (16.1 points per game) playing only four minutes due to drawing
two fouls in the first seven minutes.

Hawai’i led 42-36 with 2:32 remaining after Nevels’ spectacular
alley-oop slam dunk off Keith Shamburger’s assist, but the 49ers ended
the half with an 8-1 run capped by Kris Gulley’s 10-foot jumper with
35 seconds left.

More details, including video highlights and interviews, will be posted later.

Thursday’s Big West results
Long Beach State 92, Hawai’i 83
UC Santa Barbara 80, UC Irvine 60
UC Davis 62, Cal Poly 58
Cal State Northridge 93, UC Riverside 89 (OT)


  1. UH gotta get D stops ..Caffey great guard…UH can get them on road..disappointment. .however LBSU is good.UH tough 4 game stand..get Northridge win..
    Go Warriors! !

  2. Out coached and out played in the paint tonight.
    Caffey and AJ Spencer both had career scoring nights due to the lack of defense in the paint all game. They both sliced the defense all night.
    Coach gave Davis only 6 minutes. Davis disrupted LB’s rebounding and shot selection when he was in the game.
    Both Christian and Isaac were timid on defense not wanting to foul too often, leading to easy lay-ups for LB.
    Soft defense is not going to get it done especially at home.

    Credit LB’s game plan. Doubling Isaac every time he touched the ball took the offense out of rhythm early on. It was too late when he got going.

    We need to protect home court the next three games. I’d like to see Davis and Stefan protect the paint more frequently.

  3. Hold your heads up, guys. Got another game the day after tomorrow. Go and sweep the rest of the homestand. We’ll be back on Saturday to help you reboot.

  4. Hawaii lost to a better team tonight. From the beginning it looked like Long Beach wanted it more than UH. Hawaii needs to regroup and focus for Saturday’s game. Go get ‘um guys. Get hungry again!
    Go Warriors!

  5. The good news: Jamie Smith has been back in the islands for 4 days and he had the entire student section filled waiving ti leaves! It looked pretty impressive especially when the opposing team was attempting their free throw shots. If this is what he can pull together in 4 days, you can bet that “every game will be a party!”

    The stands were packed more than normal which is great for a Thursday nite. Time for our UH men to regroup as we look toward Saturday. See you all then.

  6. This Big West Conference, parity, LBSU, is a good team. As hoopsa says, Defense, Hawaii doesn’t have consistent, interior defense, to stop perimeter, elite guard, wings, from going all the way to the rim. Would help if Gib played Bigs more, or even, Aaron V, to help stop penetration. UH, and Gib still learning, the loss hurts the guys a lot,.however, this team has loss before, and they have bounced back to go on 3 or 4 game winning streaks.
    We all KNEW from game one, Big West, not a cakewalk for any team. UH can still go 7-1 at home, and try to go 3-1 on the road, going to be tough, UH and Gib, staff, have to figure out , playing better, protecting the paint D. Next year priority, a big, that can shutdown the guys going to basket, and guards that can guard superior perimeter athletes, I think with, Fleming, Negus, a shot blocker, they will be better.
    Hey, still got three more tough, tough home games, UH has to go 3-0 to stay close to top 2 or 3 finish for Big West tournament.
    They did not get blown, out, I still think UH can go on the road, as hoopsa says, and beat LBSU at their place…PARITY, and Gib go to work with scout, get better defensively, you guys have to stop penetration, and the good perimeter ballers.
    Go get the win against the Matadors, so vital, get back on the winning track, these, guys, the bigs, Fotu, and Standhardinger, will play Matador defense, stay out of foul trouble, so have to have some D scheme, even help, bigs, or bench guys, contribute.

  7. Christian and Fotu were timid on defense because the refs kept calling ridiculous touch fouls on us all night. at least three “fouls” didnt even have contact. meanwhile, LBSU was getting away with a lot. but i knew they had the refs in their pocket after the first time Monson blew up. that he didnt get t’ed up was a bad sign for the rest of the game. he touched the refs twice and got away with it both times.

    its getting really frustrating when we have to fight the refs at home. LBSU played VERY physical, but we got hammered by the refs instead. LBSU was bodying up on half our interior looks with impunity. i know the refs are garbage here, but why this is seriously ridiculous.

  8. No wonder Gib looked P.O.ed, maybe, refs trying to level playing field( the Monson affect, defending regular season champs from last year, plus the toughest, or one of the toughest non conference schedules in the nation), LBSU shoots for 60% from the field, hard to beat, and their guards, wing, just going to rim and one, floaters, layins, Still think Xer21, UH can beat the 49ers at LBSU, just wait until February, UH will get this win back.
    Gib is ticked off, the team should be too, if refs that junk, ..only thing, I think the same crew, will be doing the Northridge game!
    UH, get back on track, great to see some students having fun, with Ti leaves, get the pajama party going, and Rainbow Warriors, get the win against the matadors!
    Go Warriors!

  9. the ref’s always suck. they just have their special moments. we routinely get better calls on the road.

    UH can definitely beat LBSU on the road. they arent this good. not even close.

  10. As Keith goes, so goes UH basketball team, he was 2-10 from the field, he has similar game, like at Irvine, 17 pts 11 assists, UH wins game going away.

    You look at the standings, xer and hoopsa, from top to bottom, all teams, have won, and even the bottom teams, are beating, or almost beating the top and middle teams, yes, parity, would not doubt if LBSU, loses, 2 or 3, or even more games before end of reguar season. Top 1 or 2 might finish with 5 losses. This league is up for grabs.
    And Xer21, you are correct, the officials, seem to have hard time making consistent calls, on the road, if UH were playing at the Pyramid, I bet UH wins this game.
    Not to worry, UH and coach Gib will figure it out, they do not let a game slip away, without getting back to winning. they are a good team. Just have to work with the way calls are going, and somehow, find a way, to guard the paint. UH will be fine.
    They are not as good as they thought they were, neither are they as bad as they think they may be, they have 10 more leauge games to go, they can go 8-2, rest of the way or better, they can finish top two, pretty certain, They have to get the general, though he is injured, with hip flexor, firing on all cylinders, UH will be alright, just have to clear this loss and get better, and win against Northridge!
    Bet it will be 7500+, Saturday nite, when a lot of youth with parents come to game!

  11. Hawaii should’ve played a little zone to protect Nevels and Spearman who were in foul trouble. and maybe they should’ve hack a Jennings a little more.

  12. This game, so close, back and forth, UH and Gib will make adjustments, if they held on to lead, late, and did not let LBSU go on that run with a few minutes left, got some stops, UH wins.
    Yes, zone, with bigs, more help off the bench, Keith shooting better, just some fine tuning, UH could have won. However, too late, UH just has to go on another 3 game winning streak against 3 tough BWC teams, they can do it.

    Gib will get team attention, and the guys have short turnaround, should be good, very good fun crowd, like tonite, but larger, turnout for Saturday game against Northridge.
    Caffey is a good guard, should not go off for 29 pts, and he won’t next time UH plays them in Long Beach!

  13. Out-Played, Out-Performed

    So Be It

    I DON’T Think This LBSU Team CAN Shoot 60%, even 50% Two out of Three Nights …
    We Get At Least One, Maybe Two More Shots @ LBSU
    Albeit Both in Tougher Conditions
    Would Have To Play WAY Better
    To Stay in the Game
    And Have a Chance
    to get a Leg UP

    I’m also Willing to Bet we do Better Against Caffey and A.J. Spencer…


    Davis, Very Good Job on Post-Game Show
    Very Respectful, Professional and Uplifting
    Future Coach? Politician?
    We Noticed And Appreciate that You Can Sing Along to Hawai’i Pono’i
    I Noticed that Stefan Jankovic Also Noticed – He Seemed Surprised & Impressed
    – THAT Makes an Impact
    Several Examples of Total Respect, Honor & Integrity

    Go ‘Bows!
    Start a New and Better Winning Streak Saturday Night

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