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Meet the Warriors: Garrett Nevels


On many days, Garrett Nevels will simply look out at the Hawaiian skies and marvel.

“The views around here … the sky is so clear,” he said. “At night when we went to the North Shore, I could see all the stars. I don’t see that back home.”

On the University of Hawai’i basketball team, Nevels is looking to become the next star. The 6-foot-2 junior guard is in his first season with the Warriors, but has already worked his way into the starting lineup.

He is expected to start at the shooting guard spot when Hawai’i opens the 2013-14 season on Friday against Tennessee State at the Stan Sheriff Center. The game will start at 6:30 p.m. as the opener of the Outrigger & Hotels Rainbow Classic (Western Michigan vs. New Mexico State will follow at 8:30 p.m.).

“Just an all-around player, making plays,” Nevels said of his current role. “Getting stops (defensively), just everything. I want to be an all-around player.”

Nevels is also bringing a championship background to the Warriors. He averaged 19.8 points and 5.6 rebounds per game last season for Mount San Antonio College (California), and led the team to the California junior college championship.

“Hawai’i is not really known for its basketball team and football is not winning right now, so I just want to bring the people of the state a winning team, something they can be proud of,” he said.

Off the court, Nevels said he enjoys just hanging out with his teammates at the dorms. His roommate is sophomore guard Quincy Smith, and they often engage in video game battles of basketball. Nevels, of course, said he always prevails. “I smack him all the time,” he said.


  1. Mahalo to Nevels Ohana for letting Garrett be a Rainbow Warrior, he will be a great addition!
    Go Rainbows!

  2. Aloha and welcome Garrett! Love your young life story, plus, your explosive Cali JC scoring and winning resume! Another great visit and fit. You work well with Sham, Spear, Q and the team, great scorers touch! Have a great 2 year run. Hopefully make NCAA of NIT both years.

    Mahalo and Thanks for coming to UH BB program Garrett Nevels!

  3. From the interview, that is a mature young man, with good head on his shoulders. Who knows, as all around combo type guard, maybe he does ball handling in place of Sham, when he is taking a break. Nevels is gym rat, always shooting, dribbling 2 basketballs with two hands forwards up the court and backwards, around the back, through the legs, and Nevels, has some hops , just like Q. well Gib got two of the more dynamic, they don’t have to be super tall, however they are athletic, winners, and they can ball!

    All, of the interviews, the young men love Hawaii, that part Gib got right, get The Right Fit guys, love Hawaii, and as Garrett says, take Hawaii BB up to next level, known, not as a hit and miss, or .500 basketball program, however, change the culture, so UH MBB is a consistent winning, and Post Season bound team!

    Thank you Sir! Garrett Nevels.!!
    Have a 2K type year with Q on the court and try to win the BWC!

  4. Garrett — Great for US, too1
    Thanks for Choosing to Continue Your Championship Run @ Hawai’i…
    and for Appreciating What’s Around You
    What You Appreciate Grows!

    So You Know … YOU ARE Already a UH Fan Favorite…
    and Here Comes Your First Game!

    Have a Great Game & Great Career!
    Consider Hawai’i Your Second Home or just plain, HOME!

    Aloha and Mahalo
    Go G!
    Go ‘Bows!

  5. So G &Q are rooming together, it sounds like that works out.

  6. Eagle….listened to hoopstalk…Jeff and Jackson are fans ..good ones of UH MBB..even with loss of Spearman they think UH can do well in Rainbow Classic through DHC pre BWC play ..UH could have good record..at least winning record…they build up excitement in UH hoops!! I also liked Darrick Branch’s post game show back in the day..also The Animals!.,Shows the excitement for Rainbow Warrior Basketball..

    Have a good season G Nevels and tesm Hawsii looking for a boost in something positive for UH Sports! !
    Go Bows!!

  7. Yes! Definitely MORE On-Board than ANY Previous GIB Year…
    Portnoy Calling 8-3 or 9-2 …
    i might want that, BUT even i wouldn’t go so far as to post that prediction…


    NEVELS! – Shamburger-Fotu-Standhardinger, AV/MT, Davis/Stefan …Strong Front Eight

    Then Q & Spearman when they’re Ready…

    Filipovich-Dyrbe-Jawato-Harper-Hackman Emerging Relief/Role Players, Athletes AND Shooters

    THAT IS MORE Than Most Hawaii Teams…


    Next Year Negus, Isaac the Second AND “Gotta Be” Another GEM!
    (Have Faith in This Staff that Already Has Three More Three-Stars-Plus than Almost Any Previous Team….)

    ~ 48 Hours….

  8. It’s good to see that Nevels (and Smith) seem to be adapting well to the structure of school and team. Neither appeared comfortable while trying to fit in during summer league play, so I think there’s been some personal growth and acclimation the past couple of months. Good to hear they’re roommates.

    I see Nevels as more of a scorer than a shooter. He is athletic enough to create if his outside shot isn’t falling. I like how he uses his quickness to dart into the lane and elevate for tear-drops when a taller defender collapses on him. Can’t recall many UH guys in the recent past who had that shot down (Smith has that shot, too). Plus, he’ll use his hops to grab a few rebounds, and score off putbacks.

    Nevels has shown that he can flat-out score in the summer league and against BYUH. Hopefully, he can do so against Division 1 competition, too. Hawaii is going to need that from him while Spearman rehabs.

  9. Eagle…..You are correct sir, long time UH MBB fan…it BEGINS…the march to hopefully the BIG or Little Dance, NIT or better yet, what the team wants, the NCAA’s!!First time in Gib’s going on Fourth season, though No love, a show us first and win a lot , plus on the road, by Media pick 6th by BWC. The local Media really surprised me!
    Hoopstalk: Great anticipation, with schedule and added athleticism to UH team, have chance in a winnable BWC league. Jackson AND Portnoy, said a lot of good things recently!
    On Point with Artie Wilson: A former UH MBB athlete that I personally REALLY respect, he has been there, seen it, done that, associated with UH MBB team as player, fan, and broadcaster for over 40 year! Artie, is excited. Though loss of Spearman, the heart and soul of team, He knows, AND WE all know, AV, MT, Davis, Stefan, Hackman, Enos, Niko, Harper, Jawato, have to step it up with that top 4 athletes. I have feeling they will. RBC, still think has good athletic teams, however, UH , Eagle, win by 1, or 31 or like against Florida State years ago, 2 pt forfeit?..If UH gets to 2-0 before Monday 1200am ESPN game, I love their chances, late nite, as Jeff pointed out, NMSU could be tired, UH has that crazy 2500 students wanting to get on camera, and UH has had pretty good success in that early morning ESPN marathon game.
    SA…Brian M. good writeup, of what he sees in practices and scrimmages with old and new…there is hope, young team, guys will have to step up…Brian even likes Enos in their, he feels he can give guard minutes..Thinks Jovanovich, will play, or now HAVE to play BIG role to shore up Bigs down low, defense, blocked shots, hook shot, etc.
    Animals: Gary D. always, a fan of UH hoops, no matter who the coach was over past 20 years or so. Big UH fan, and they have had, Benjy, Brandyn, Fish, and Gib on as afternoon interview guests. So another, as always super positive vibe.
    And of course, Dayton, the very objective, let the staff, the athletes, tell the story, by excellent writeup and video. We can see for ourselves how the guys have improved from early July till early November, some 4 months of intense training, EACH athlete interviewed, all the same, love being in Hawaii, want to play, contribute however they can, to make UH MBB into a winning program. Go to next 3, 4 star consistent MBB program, one that people from the West to East coast of Mainland USA have to reckon with for next 5-6 years and beyond.Eagle, we have waited patiently, very, sad about Spearman, and Q’ s back, however, that is what makes ONE OHANA, when your comrade in arms goes down, back up, step to the front, man his position and make it more solid , stable or better. ONE OHANA, ONE WIN AT A TIME, AND ONE BWC Championship hopefully!Cannot personally go to game since homebound, and walker, assist, however, I enjoyed what you are, for decades, glad that OC Sports will be broadcasting the RBC, plus BWC TV will stream online too for our fellow fans and families, in mainland USA, and if they have the provider,online internet, overseas, hopefully, otherwise, WI , the BEST INSIDER Video hilites of all the games!EAGLE, Get Ready to shake those tail feathers, should be exciting, combination old and young team still developing, as long as they go into BWC play with a decent not awesome winning record, maybe split on road with Mizzou and N. Arizona, and Spearman comes back super ready for BWC play or sooner, this could be Gib’s BIG FOURTH YEAR…Dancing in the streets of Honolulu, in March, maybe?:DGo Bows!!Uhfanzonly1. Enjoy the SSC season and games Eagle, and all the fans that can make it, please go and support the guys, it will be quicker pace, even if UH zones, because of lack of depth, they can get out and run after missed shots!
    Go Bows!!And Garrett Nevels, get your rest, work on your shot, relax, have confidence up, and help team win that Rainbow Classic, G-Nevels and later Q and Spear, ready to Rock!!
    Uhfanzonly1. Very excited for this 2013-14 season and beyond, if they improve on 17 wins, get 19 or 20, that is victory already, the BWC regular and BWC tourney championships, icing on the cake!

  10. Garrett,

    Thank you for coming to Hawaii. After reading about you and seeing you in action, I have no doubt you will lead the Big West in scoring, and likely put up top 20 in the nation type numbers. You’re a winner and you’re going to do great things this year for Hawaii. Just know that no matter what happens, we are behind you 100% of the way!

    Let’s GO BOWS!!

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