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Several Warriors score big in Summer League


The players from the University of Hawai’i basketball team continued to heat up the Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League.

In Tuesday’s two games at Manoa Valley District Park, seven Warriors scored in double-figures, including four players with 20 or more.

In the late game of the night, Brandon Spearman and Niko Filipovich came back from recent setbacks to lead Solar Universe to a 118-101 victory over Grantco Pacific. Spearman led the way with 22 points and 12 rebounds after sitting out a one-game suspension. The senior guard shot 8 for 15 from the field, including 4 of 9 from 3-point range.

Filipovich, an incoming freshman guard, had his best game of the Summer League so far with 20 points and two assists. He shot 8 for 13 from the field, including 4 of 7 from 3-point range. He had missed previous games with a knee injury.

The not-so-bright spot came early in the second half when Negus Webster-Chan hurt his hand while going up for a dunk. He scored 16 points – including 4 of 6 shooting from 3-point range – but sat out the game’s final 15 minutes with his hand wrapped in ice.

Redshirt freshman guard Dyrbe Enos added nine points on 3-of-4 shooting from beyond the arc.

Fellow redshirt freshman Aaron Valdes put on a one-man show in defeat for Grantco Pacific. He finished with 37 points, 12 rebounds, six assists, six steals and four blocked shots. He threw down five dunks – including one that he tossed the ball off the backboard, caught it in mid-air, then slammed it through.

In the first game of the night, junior Keith Shamburger again put his vast point guard skills on display to lead Clark Hatch Fitness to a 108-74 blowout win over National Fire Protection Co.

Shamburger had 14 points on 5-of-7 shooting from the field, 13 assists, eight rebounds and three steals.

Incoming freshman Michael Thomas had his best game of the Summer League so far with 18 points and three rebounds for Clark Hatch Fitness.

Junior guard Garrett Nevels returned to Summer League action after taking a few games off, and led National Fire with 25 points – including two putback dunks. Incoming freshman Stefan Jovanovic added 12 points and 14 rebounds for National Fire, which had only six players available.

Summer League games will continue on Thursday with games at 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Current standings

Central Medical Clinic 5-1
Solar Universe 5-2
National Fire Protection Co. 4-3
Clark Hatch Fitness 3-4
Wealth Strategy 2-4
Grantco Pacific 1-6

(Sorry, no video highlights from Tuesday)

Here’s a clip of the end of the second game, courtesy of the crew at http://basketballsummerleague.blogspot.com/


  1. Video highlights forthcoming? Sounds like there were some exciting games…this year’s team totally got me drooling! Hoping for the best for NWC!

  2. You’re kidding with the no video right??? You know its wrong to describe Valdes’ ridiculous dunk and not follow up with video.

    Sounds like the bows are doing well and are gaining confidence. Hope it translates to the regular season. Hauns lit up summer league last year but it he couldn’t carry it over to the season.

  3. @Isaac, I am totally with you on the drool factor. This years team is far more athletic than last year’s squad. In the open gym video, UH has several guys flying around the rim. Gib has really improved the athleticism of the roster. Now it’s just a matter of putting it all together when they play for real.

  4. Hey, Warriors:

    You guys all performing beyond expectations (what a feeling)!

    Well, go get SMARTER, bigger, stronger, tougher, faster..
    So, you can really do better in the BWC season long, that’s where & when everything counts, opportunities abound (make a name for yourself) >>
    ~1. Freshman of the Year,
    ~2. New-comer of the Year
    ~3. 1st-Teamer,
    ~4. 2nd-Teamer,
    ~5. MVP (TEAM, BWC, Tournaments).

    “The harder you work, the luckier you’ll get”!

  5. Love to read other comments , posts about UH MBB, besides the old time WI forum regulars!
    Summer time. Always fun, if UH has guys that can put on a show, in College summer league. If the leaders. Shamburger, Spearman, Fotu, Standhardinger, Jawato, Rozitis, lead the new guys and young guys , through hard work, and most importantly,Defensively, get stops, get consecutive stops, pressure, and transition buckets, as well as close out games in the REAL season. UH can do well. We shall know, how this team will really do, if perhaps they are in the DHC championship game, and win it. Also, if the go on their road trips, even at Mizzou, and are very competitive , or can win half of games on the road, and basically hold serve at SSC. By Jan, early Feb, UH MBB team will be real deal, about 16 wins at that time.

    Still too early to say how team is going to do. This is where Gib and staff come in. Coach them well, and manage ego. TEAM first, personal agenda second. Team has POTENTIAL for good things. Wait and see. However, agree, at least UH MBB team has guards, PG’s and SG’s who can run sets, D up and score.

    Good buzz about team.

    Heads up. 3rd summer UH MBB camp with all UH players, coming up August, if ton of youth and parents come out to support that, UH MBB is definitely on the upswing.

    Hope by Dec 2013, Jan 2014 UH has a bunch of wins, will be fantastic!!

    Great posts all. And definitely, a lot of excitement. Hope team does, well as TEAM!

    Go UH MBB!!


  6. thanks to this guy he posts whole games


  8. hawaiifan09: Second that, he has been doing it for going on 3 summers. Quite a lot of work too. Been watching his uploads for past few years. combined with WI, great coverage. However this year, good UH guards, and potential, (in my opinion) Negus has to get stronger and a little bigger for next year, guys, will get really, really physical with him next season, so Negus has to hit weights and good diet at training table. Work with strength coordinator.

    Hopefully young wings, Aaron Valdes and Michael Thomas, will play strong, this year. That would complement the guards and bigs, UH could be upper 3 of BWC !


  9. If u are talking dunks, did anyone mention the dunk put backs by Nevels? He had two in the first game that brought attention, he was so quick on the attack.

    You have to like their chances this year, guards are SOLID.

    Keith S and Quincy S look solid as PGs attacking the basket and so far haven’t demonstrated the weakness of picking up their dribble early. Keith looks to be the better passer of the two.

    Brandon and Garrett also look awfully quick as the off-guards and will give their opponents fits trying to guard them. Believe Brandon has to be more consistent this year and not disappear at times during the game. Garrett has game but not sure how he’ll react when faced with adversity.

    Jawato and Valdes will be entertaining. We just don’t know how much “wow factor” Valdes brings to the table.

    Isaac and Christian bring big time play and quality minutes, their play this year will significantly impact the outcomes of games.

    The big unknowns are the BIGs at center. How effective will they be?

    For me the X-factor this year maybe M Harper, I think he may be a big surprise this year, just a gut feeling.

    Best talent in years and should be a great season for the Rainbow Warriors.

  10. tako:

    Great observations! I agree, Michael Harper, what if he comes back, a little taller, maybe closer to 6’5″, and about 205lbs, with his all out Christian Standhardinger hustle, and never say die play like in AFA CIT game, where they almost made comeback without Vander. Michael, can be THE WING player. He can shoot deep 3, especially those corners, and play D, rebound, pass, and just a lot of heart. I give him a lot of credit, as well as props to his Mum, Michael, hope he gets VISA issue resolved soon, so we have complete team back. His experience and maturity will help UH this year, as you say : “the thunder from down under” might be this year’s X Factor, great heart and team player, who wants to win, and will do anything to help team. TEAM!!

    Hurry back Michael Harper!!


  11. About Negus, haven’t said too much about him because he is sitting out this year. But for those folks who have not seen him play, check out the videos from summer league games. He is the real deal. If he continues to develop he’ll be in the NBA. The only concern I have about him is whether he can manage his focus. Have observed when other players have gotten into his shorts, he has reacted negatively (swinging arms, etc…). I believe he needs to strengthen his competitive spirit by bearing down on opponents and becoming a juggernaut; needs to earn the respect of his opponents and team mates (good example would be D Low). Anyways, just my opinion… any takers?

  12. while the play of the newbies has been outstanding in the points scored department, lets temper our enthusiasm, sit back and enjoy a coca cola for a second. lets remind ourselves that this is a summer league.

    our players should be lighting it up against the summer league competition. its what one should expect if we expect to compete for conference championship.

    the good thing is that they are doing very well. hopefully we can mesh as a team and that there won’t be any egos that disrupt the team.

    that out of the way, might be nice to see some three guard lineups and some 4 guard lineups this year. that could wreak havoc against many a slower team. it worked against us last year.

    good to see a gib arnold team finally have decent point guards.

    …nuff said

  13. tako: True about Negus, he can be emotional. Next year, when he goes up against DI teams that get physical with him, he has to be cool. All the more so will be telling this RS year. Will he be cool with team, and coaches, working in weight room and in class. Physically, I think he has a long way to go to make it to NBA. He has to get bigger, stronger. A lot of guys with his skills across the nation, who shoot as well, jump higher, and are just as good if not better. He is a top 100, like Joston Thomas was an ESPN top 30 HS senior. Joston, had physical gifts, and game..that focus part and emotional and mental maturity, was lacking. Where is Joston now? Don’t know. I don’t know if he is playing NBA summer league, or similar leagues around the USA.

    Negus Webster Chan, on open gym video, he wants to win. Neat to see, Nevels go one on one with him, go right, then left, juke, and open jumper , swish, Negus just smiles , which is good sign, he appears to like his teammates! Coach Gib with past history, of all the transition guys, pretty much mandates, NO HEAD cases. All guys, do well , First: School, Second: On the Court, as a TEAM player, and Third: in the Community as a good example.

    As Al stated, we, tako, are UH MBB junkies, we get excited, however, it is summer, it is fun, and UH athletes are dominating the summer league, as they should. However, if this year, TEAM bonds, and plays as a team, same rule: whether 8 min or 38 min a game , from 1 through 10 ,they know roles, and team wins as a team, UH can be POTENTIALLY GOOD. Same with Negus, Potential is there, and You are correct, he wants to win, is competitive, however, if I were, him, I would not swing elbows, or get mad at other guys, I don’t think he is a brawler, . This RS year, will be good for him, get bigger, stronger, and mentally , emotionally, know that he is ONE member of a squad of 15 or 16.

    Then, for Negus , and several other young, guns newbies for UH, they might have shot at Pro ball, in USA or definitely abroad, i.e., Bill Amis, Lil Matt , Matt Lojeski, Michael Kuebler, Julian Sensley, Bobby Nash, Derrick Low, etc.

    Seems, like Negus, really loves Hawaii, so far. That is a long way to come , from Canada, to Missouri to Honolulu. Wish him the best, he can shoot the ball, no doubt!

  14. negus just wants respect as well…he has to keep his cool and shouldn’t be swinging arms but he wants people to know he can hold his own because im pretty sure every non UH player in the summer league hates on the UH players….to get to the nba he should work on becoming more explosive…he doesn’t get off the floor as well as he should

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