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Summer League starts on Saturday

The Hawai’i College Basketball Summer League is set to open its 2012 season on Saturday, June 16, at the Manoa Valley Recreation Gym.

The University of Hawai’i will be well-represented in the six-team league, with at least 16 current or former Warriors expected to participate. However, most of the players from the 2012-13 UH roster are still on summer break, and will arrive in early July. The Summer League is scheduled to end on August 4, so most of the Warriors will get one month of action.

The only current Warriors expected to play for the full Summer League season are forward Christian Standhardinger and point guard Jace Tavita.

“I’m looking forward to it,” said Standhardinger, who will be playing in the Hawai’i Summer League for the first time. “Just to be able to run against good competition will be helpful.”

Dyrbe Enos, who just graduated from Kamehameha Schools, is also expected to play the full season in the Summer League. He has announced his intention to join the UH team for the 2012-13 season.

Here are the scheduled dates for the 2012 Summer League: June 16, June 21, June 23, June 28, June 30, July 5, July 7, July 10, July 12, July 14, July 19, July 21, July 24, July 26, July 28. Playoffs — July 31, August 2, August 4.

Two games will be played on each scheduled date. The first game starts at 6 p.m., with the second game to follow around 7:30 p.m.

This Saturday’s games will be Flipbooks Hawaii vs. National Fire Protection Co. at 6 p.m., followed by Central Medical Clinic vs. Wealth Strategy Partners.

Here is a list of the players with UH ties, along with other noteworthy players:

Flipbooks Hawaii: Christian Standhardinger, Manroop Clair, Scott Kato (HPU), Kaunaoa McGee (Assumption).

Central Medical Clinic: Jace Tavita, Hauns Brereton, Brad Anderson (Santa Clara), Cord Anderson (Santa Clara), Kyle Pape (Colorado School of Mines).

Wealth Strategy Partners: Brandon Jawato, Garrett Jefferson, William Broadus (Western Nebraska).

Solar Universe: Dyrbe Enos, Brandon Spearman, Michael Harper, Bobby Nash, Derrick Low (Washington State), Rashaun Broadus (BYU).

National Fire Protection Co.: Isaac Fotu, Bill Amis, Aukai Wong (UH-Hilo).

Grantco Pacific: Caleb Dressler, Julian Sensley, Geremy Robinson, Ryne Holliday, George Gilmore (Chaminade), Alan Thomas (UH-Hilo).

Note that the rosters and schedule are subject to change throughout the summer.

(WarriorInsider.com file photo courtesy Brandon Flores)


  1. Eagle, clyde, and others:

    Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend / cover this Saturday’s opening games. If any of you are able to attend, please feel free to share your observations and thoughts here.

  2. Don’t worry, Rozitis fan boys will be there.

    Award winning radio guy Gary Dickman told me he was coming as well.

  3. Dayton, Thanks for The Timely Update and Shout-Out …

    Right Now i’m not much better than 50-50 for Saturday
    (but even the Wife IS Excited about this Preview to the Upcoming Season…)

    Wouldn’t Surprise me if TEAM Warrior Insider once again Continues to provide The Best Coverage of UHMBB and The Summer League again, any way…
    We ought to Lobby OC16 and UH12 to do at least a “one-camera shoot” of this season … bet it would start building up fan base and ratings for All Local College Teams for their upcoming seasons … they ought to know a packed gym, as usual, is an overall indicator of the larger audience interest out there …

    [although i like UH Softball it is hard to watch a UH12 game for the third or fourth time, esp. when i can already remember the outcomes …]

  4. Great job Dayton!

    Yes. Those are the UH guys we want to see in action…Brandon Spearman, Caleb Dressler, Manroop Clair, Isaac Fotu, …NEW..go get em Gib, Fish, Brandyn and Benjy, reel em in!!

    I don’t know how to do the YouTube upload..last year..some fans, uploaded video bits of some games..might be same this year..otherwise , we will be at some of the games.. Can’t wait to see,Manroop, Spearman, Fotu, Dressler, and Christian(first time organized leauge game in over a year)S. as well as how Hauns, Garrett. and Jace have improved..if those guys , plus Vander, Orel and Davis, step it up from last year..will help out young new guys..Gib will coach em up, team em up, and win em up..Go Gib!!

  5. Eagle: You are always try to be on top of it..great idea, if OC 12 is THE OFFICIAL station for all UH sports..why not at teaser, even if a 30 minute highlight of games, and interviews with players..I bet OC12 sports director reads these message boards too..Go for it OC12..have something to highlight UH MBB..can go a long way towards increasing interest, and ticket sales..and show we support the team..

    Eagle you are right..can’t wait to see the young/new guys ..Clair, Fotu, Dressler, Spearman, as well as how the returnees, redshirts have or are continuing to improve..

    And you are correct, would count on final roster for this upcoming season not complet yet..Gib and co. still setting out to reel em in.!! Will wait and see, and either Dayton or Brian will break the story/stories..I don’t recall this much interest, check out the views of other board..whenever there is post topic UH MBB, plenty interest still!!

    Great, and Mahlao for your great suggestions, and recommendations obsevations!!

  6. Dayton, thanks for the information. Brandon and I are planning to go. If there’s anything noteworthy to share, I’ll post it that night or Sunday. Noticed Michael Harper’s name on Artie Wilson’s team; so I guess he’s the walk-on from Australia.

  7. i’ll try to make it and get pictures

  8. They should put Enos on a different Team. He was playing on the same team as low and broadus last year and never got any playing time! 3 of the best PGs in the league on the same team dont make sense! Arties team is stacked again! I would like to see what Enos can do against D1 talent. See u at the game saturday BillyBen!

  9. Sensley + Robinson will be something to watch! Both guys were unstoppable last year! I cant wait for Manroop to join the league. I think he can be the real deal and make everybody forget about the players that left.

  10. I can see why the team rosters are the way they are with coaches trying to stack their rosters… but it make no sense in terms of PLAYER development. Example, 3 PGs on the same roster: Enos, Low, and Broadus. How is Enos going to develop his PG skills if he only gets spot minutes behind Low and Broadus. Also, Jace is stuck behind John Lane and Kyle Pape so he’s either on the bench or in the post. This is a developmental summer league…Jace should not be playing in the post especially since he’s pegged as the leading contender to start at PG for UH next season. I hope players get switched around to other teams so that they can work on the things that they need to do.

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