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Summer League is underway

The Hawai’i College Summer Basketball League tipped off Saturday night, featuring Warriors junior Christian Standhardinger’s 33-point debut in a 91-77 victory by Flipbooks Hawai’i over National Fire Protection, Inc. at Manoa Valley District Park Gym.

Standhardinger, a 6-foot-8 forward who redshirted this past season after transferring from Nebraska, scored 22 of his points in the second half after former UH standout forward Bill Amis left the game in the first half with an ankle injury.

Fans came away impressed with Standhardinger, who also grabbed a bunch of rebounds, drained a 3-pointer and sank six of seven free throws.

Kaiser High School graduate Kauanoa McGee (Assumption College) added 30 points for Flipbooks, which also got 10 points from former Kalaheo and Hawai’i Pacific University standout Scott Kato.

Bryon Sykes (Chaminade) led National Fire Protection with 26 points and DeAndrew Haskins (Chaminade) added 17 points.

In the second game of the doubleheader, Warriors guard Jace Tavita scored 11 points to help Central Medical Clinic hold off Wealth Strategy Partners, 91-85. Tavita, a 6-4 senior who redshirted this past season after transferring from Utah, sank one 3-pointer and played mostly on the wing as veteran summer leaguer John Lane was the main point guard for Central.

Former ‘Iolani standouts Kyle Pape (Colorado School of Mines) and Taylor Mounts (Willamette) led Central Medical with 19 and 13 points, respectively. Pape, a 6-2 guard, recently completed his first season of professional basketball in Kazakhstan.

Recent Farrington graduate Mikey Kleman had an impressive debut for Central Medical, draining three 3-pointers and finishing with nine points.

League play continues Thursday with games at 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.


  1. Greet write-up above…Thanks!


    Hey, TunnelRat,
    While I might have similar concerns w.r.t. Dyrbe Enos getting more playing time, I also think (if intentional) that the coaches, assuming they have some input into what team, coach or teammates a player might have– might be wise to have created a situation where in every game Dyrbe can see and compare his skills and results to Two Local Teammates who have advanced and broken into being effective College point guards…bring fed a steady diet of watching and competing alongside competent guards should help his understanding of spacing, angles, anticipation, court vision, and leadership…especially after having been his previous team’s primary go-to scorer…


    College Summer League First Impressions:

    Christian Standhardinger (33pts for Flipbooks Hawai’i) working his motor at high revs, as usual, playing hard, continuously and consistently at full speed, difficult to keep off the boards, and scoring inside on both garbage and good drives, keeping good balance and finishing with good clean shots, lots of contact, hitting most free throws (didn’t see whole game) and completing several old-fashioned three point plays…”Wow!” said the wife; “What a game!” said the game announcer.

    Jace Tavita (11pts for Central Medical Clinic) made his threes in warm-ups, hit his first three (1 of 3) and after an extended stay on the bench in the first half, reclaimed a solid ball-moving role in the second half (along with effective backcourt mates Kyle Pape of Iolani & Colorado School of Mines and Jeff Madarang of Farringon HS) finishing three drives to the hoop, two in transition, one in half-court offense; then nailed both free-throws late in the close win over Wealth Strategy Partners. Also displayed good body strength when opposition tried to take him inside, posting u’p.

    [Bill Amis may have re-tweaked right ankle/foot injury, sat out second half, slippered, slight limp.]

  2. OK, per Dayton’s request, here are my impressions of last night’s summer league games, focusing on the UH connections:

    I can see why coach Gib said Christian Stanhardinger drives him crazy (in a good sort of way) during workouts because the guy hustles his butt off but he also doesn’t shy from expressing his displeasure at calls or non-calls. I don’t think the constant complaints escalated to where he might have gotten a technical – sometimes he’d smile while questioning a call — but the talking might eventually get under a referee’s skin. He should let his play speak for him, and he’ll be fine.

    If Stanhardinger is a better fit at the 4 spot than Joston Thomas. Christian doesn’t appear to be the athlete or explosive scorer that Joston was, but he’ll work hard, play more consistently, stay within the team concept and his size alone (a legit 6 feet 8 or 6-9 to the 6-5 that Thomas was recently measured) will result in more rebounds, garbage baskets and strong interior defense.

    Stanhardinger appears to have decent range but is not your typical European player with a perimeter mentality as he’s not adverse to banging bodies underneath. He runs the floor well, but I think his value will be in defense and hustle plays in the paint. I like his game.

    Stanhardinger scored 33 last night, but I should put out that 22 came in the second half after Bill Amis – they were matched up against each other – hurt his lower right (?) leg and sat out the final 17-18 minutes. That left National Fire vulnerable in the paint and Flipbooks Hawaii – particularly Standhardinger — took advantage of the height disparity.

    Amis’ injury appeared to be more serious than it turned out. He blocked a dunk attempt from the uber-athletic Kaunaoa McGee, and both fell to the floor. Amis lay first-face on the court for a few seconds, then got up with a grimace and a grunt and hobbled down court. He stayed in the game for a minute or two before taking himself out. This is no time to suffer an injury with a budding pro career ahead of him.

    Amis had a tough night offensively, but was a beast on defense, blocking several shots. Hope he’s OK; he’s such a good ambassador for UH basketball.

    As reported above, Jace Tavita is on a Central Medical team with two other accomplished guards in John Lane and Kyle Pape so the 6-foot-4 redshirt from Utah didn’t get much time handling the ball. He hit his first 3-pointer, but missed his next five. He scored on three straight strong drives in the second half to help rally his team and played well on defense – often matched up against a 6-foot-6 post player.

    After one game, it’s hard to tell how Tavita will do at the point for the Warriors. He won’t be the distributor that Miah was, or the scoring threat that Shaq was, but at 6-4 and a solid 210 pounds, he’ll physically hold his own against opposing guards.

    Tavita might be limited offensively, but will compensate for that with his poise, knowledge, strong body and physical defense and rebounding. Plus, he appears to be a solid citizen and leader.

    Anyway, for what it’s worth, that’s what I came away with after watching just one game. Basketball fans should come out and judge for yourselves. It’s good quality — Derrick Low, Julian Sensley, Geremy Robinson, Bobby Nash, Wally Coulibaly – and very competitive basketball. And you can’t beat the price. It’ll also heat up once the other UH players show up later this summer.

  3. Eagle and Clyde , thank you for observations and comments:

    Agree, Christian will bring a lot to the table, not like Joston, more in team /hustle/out work the other guy motor..That is exactly the type of player Gib likes..As for his comments on fouls..yes , maturity,,even Big Bill when a senior, if guys getting away with stuff against him, would comment to refs, however, he wasn’t tech prone..Christian, and now Gib and staff have to set from day one under UH coach/mentoring(and I think they have , from Gib’s first year)you have to play under control, follow coaches direction and let the Coaches do the griping at refs for you..We know how key techs at critical moments in games, cost many teams a close game, or what was close turned into a blowout..

    Christian, even from watching highlight open gym, and beach workout, like him..he likes Hawaii…Some have said, the motor he has like a taller, bigger Trevor, which is good, can translate to a lot more offensive possesions, or just boxing out and key defensive rebounds..

    Clyde you are correct for both Jace and Christian, more size, they are coachable, nice kids, and they will bring defense..DEFENSE..that is why Gib , with Bill and Hiram’s leadership , had that national leaders team defense in 2010-2011..that will translate to wins at home and road..

    Will be neat to see Clair, Fotu, Spearman, Dressler and returnees in July!!

    Great report Clyde and Eagle, excellent observations by yourself and your wife!!

  4. I thought Standhardinger showed good ball skills and a variety of offensive moves both facing and with his back to the basket. However, his best trait is his non-stop aggressiveness. Still, as Clyde suggested, it was hard to tell from last nights game how effective Christian will be against legitimate Division I defenses, as once Bill Amis left the game, the biggest player left to guard Standhardinger was a 6’3″ guard from Chaminade. Even against Amis, Christian got most of his points when Bill was forced to help out against other players on what was a much taller, bigger and more physical team.

    My very early take is that if Vander Joaquim is back to present opposing teams with a dominant post presence, Standhardinger will be more than an adequate replacement for Joston Thomas. However, if for some reason, Vander does not return, I think Standhardinger’s lack of sheer athleticism and explosiveness will make it tough for him to shine either offensively or defensively.

    I was not impressed with Jace Tavita. If UH is going to play a methodical, pound the ball inside, grind it out type of offense, and a pack it in force all opponents to live and die from the outside defense, Tavita will be a helpful addition. If Hawaii wants to play, an up tempo, run always offense and a constant pressure defense with presses and traps, Jace is a third or fourth guard at best, if the team is to have any success. He’s tough, but he’s too slow. I’d rather have Bobby Miles.

  5. Oahuan: Great observations..True, Christian not the explosive athlete Joston was, he will be a better fit for Team and help defense, not taking off plays…scramble for loose balls, offensive, defensive rebounding, and doing what ever have to do to win..He played well, eventually starting some at Nebraska, a BCS school, so Christian has some talent no question..With Vander, Caleb Dressler, Isaac Fotu, Christian and Davis, think they might be pretty solid Bigs wise in the BW..Just my opinion.. Factoid: Joston pursuing Pro dream …Bobby pursuing his starter dream as is Trevor..Shaq trying to embark on his family dream..wish him well and his tutu..!!

    You know..I liked Bobby , Trevor , Shaq and Joston..those kids in person, the nicest guys..however they moved on..I still don’t know where Bobby will end up..hope the best for all those kids..they are pursuing their dreams..

    Who knows…and I am pretty sure, between now and when Aug enrollment, Gib and staff recognize need for possible Big and point super quick athlete and can shoot FT and mid range jumpers finish at rim, pass , defend etc..Lot of those late gets..JC with 3 to play , euros still awaiting NCAA clearinghouse..a late get like Bill Amis, probably, my all time hustle guy and , just got better and better, a lefty, with great timing , for weak side defensive help in blocking shots..that senior season for Bill with Vander starting towards end of season.they really could lock down that low block defensively ..With Christian and Vander, and Isaac and Caleb..hope to see the same!!

    Who knows , maybe Bobby’s cousin Brian, out of Santa Rosa JC, a lightning quick 6’1″ 185 pure point with 3 to play 3 will appear by fall ..(nah just kidding..however you never know ..right?)

    You know your basketball for sure, and we need a quick, strong, pass first, score second..shoot well point no question…and a backup big , just in case..VJ..pretty sure, and you can call them out on this..Gib and staff have contingency recruits set to go, just for the very VJ scenario..and to improve guard position..it looks like combo guards are the way to go…ala the NBA..those guards ,,not really point, not really SG, a combo and having great success.

    Thank you Oahuan , fellow UH MBB fan..great comments..we all extend our aloha and Much thanks to Bobby where ever he is!!!

  6. Oahuan: Just a clarification, I was just being hypothecial Bobby’s “cousin” Brian a point guard out of Santa Rosa JC..I don’t know if he has cousins playing JC ball, however, if he did and wanted to have a scholarship ride to UH and play point with the quicks that Gib would need..Great..

    Just to clear things up..Just wishful thinking!!

    And Bobby, very, very nice young man..he and Trevor , Shaq and Joston, will do well in the future..Wish all the best, and currently, hope, and I am being realistic, this year’s UH MBB team will have a great year!!

  7. Hey, thanks for your perspective Oahuan. I think Standhardinger will be a solid replacement for Joston and while the jury’s still out on Tavita — he’s not the mercurial point guard that Gib would one day like to have — there’s something about his maturity and toughness that I like. And, in all fairness, it’s hard to judge him on one night. I saw him hit six 3-pointers in a game last summer so he has some ability. While he’s not blessed with speed, with a frontline of Vander, Stanhardinger and Fotu, the team might thrive on a ground-and-pound game. In any case, it’ll be fun to watch as the players develop over the summer.

  8. Clyde and Oahuan: To be Realistic, this is only summer league. ..True test of guys ability, when season starts and how they finish Big West Conference. If Vander does not come back, well Gib gets another big, however untested..If incoming new guys are a wash, UH MBB will struggle..Probably with lack of a ton of experience could be a long, long season..I hope for the best, …it appears that Gib and staff still have to recruit a ton to get really great players here..The Summer League…can hope that MBB will get 18 wins…

    Hope for the best, Christian and Jace , really appreciate their hard work, and Bill Amis , hope he did not screw up his feet, ankles for pro fall camps..
    Get well Bill, see you when you get back..

    Dayton? I bet that wraps up the recruiting season for Gib this year….maybe one more mystery transfer…
    Thanks for Warrior Insider , the best place to get info(plus BM at SA)on UH MBB on the planet..

  9. Thanks to all of you guys for the comments and observations. Great job!

  10. Jace is 6-4 230 lbs when he gets down to 218 Hawaii have never seen a point guard that will lead his team to the big dance. Remember the real season doesnt start til november Jace has spent a lot time in classroom getting his grades in order. Pick n roll to strong on defense jace will shut down any guard in big west Gib is giving jace all the confidence and support dont forget Jace played last year on the scout team wonder why bobby and shack left . By the way his family pay for his school so where the aloha spirit

  11. Good Points, T

    If Jace is a starter or 10-30 minutes per game player, he’s likely making many positive game-time contributions (besides all the own-time and scout team work), On His Own (and Family’s) Dime…

    That Dime is An Assist that helps Coaches bring One or More Additional Player(s) to the Team…

    …That’s probably a lot more contribution than Most Critics and surely Most if not All Haters…


    I’m Sure Coaches are Looking for the Point Guard(s) that help lead the Team to a String of Big Dance WINS!

  12. Thanks for the player evaluations. Basically confirms the reports on CS that he will be more than an adequate replacement at the 4 spot. I can live with CS not being as athletic or quick as Joston. He has a not stop motor, and is big on the boards which was one our main problems last season at the 4 spot (consistent effort and rebounding). Here’s a question about CS, does he display the ability to defend and/or block shots?

    Disappointed that Jace didn’t get to play much in the game… Even more disappointed that he didn’t get to play the point (behind John Lane and Kyle Pape). I hope he gets “traded” to another team in need of a point. But the fan observations are consistent with what many have seen of Jace so far. He’s a big physical guard who has shown the ability in last year’s summer league to shoot the 3 and get in the lane and finish. With that said, he does not possess game changing quickness and has a set shot with a slow release.

    Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see an uptempo system next year for UH. We just don’t have the horses to do that especially since we are lacking depth at PG and a long, athletic wing who can play the 3. I can definitely see a slowed down pace on offense with an emphasis on getting it to Vander and CS in the post, and Jace, Spearman, Hauns, Jawato, Clair, etc on the outside ready to shoot.

  13. You’re right, Big T. Defense often goes overlooked and unappreciated, and I can see that Jace has the toughness and desire to excel on D. There’s a reason coach Gib is confident in handing the reins to Jace. Best of luck to him.

  14. Clyde, Eagle , Oahuan, Big T, gobows, all of your comments great, good observations..Especially Big T, we have to remember Jace not on scholarship…his family footing the bill for UH tuition he is stepping up to get degree, he has to be THE most motivated and unselfish WALK ON UH MBB has ever had..Never quite got the point if Jace or Brandon Jawato was on scholie..Now, have ever more respect for JT…Gib likes him as well as Christian..and True, Gib and staff have to recruit, quick guards who can handle, dish, defend and shoot..as well as athletic wings..Believe they are after those type of guys wherever they can find on the Planet..

    Once again Big T, Jace is a great role model, good student and has to get more playing time in Summer League, if not, he might as well work out by himself..nice to know that Christian is supporting him to keep it together..I noticed. Christian was the Cheerleader for all the guys on court last year..Jace and Christian, if they can have the new guys and returnees follow their dedication and lead..they get on board DEFENSIVELY, they are going to make BIG noise in the BW, no question, and Gib and staff are recruiting that way, stay competitive in whatever conference you are in..I think , we have to see, Garrett Jefferson has some quicks and athleticism, Spearman too, as well as Manroop Clair, and Orel Lev..they being Combo guards, that can handle , shoot , defend and run,..hey you don’t need a true point..these all around guards , with high BB IQ can be super effective..

    Big T..shout out to JT..!!

  15. The biggest news that will bring great satisfaction to Jace is when they win the Big West Championship…..

    Guess where the first round of the big dance will be in 2013? And because of UH’s location they will be seated on the West Coast…..

    Jace will finally get to come home after being away for 2 years……playing in front of family & fans in Utah @ the home of the University of Utah Utes Huntsman Center!!!

    University of Hawaii will definitely have the home court advantage…Finally Jace gets to come home!

    Go Warriors!

  16. Hear, Hear!

    THAT Would Make for an Awesome Senior Year!

    Tavita’s in the House ! (?)

    Is this ‘The Family’ on the site?
    If so, Thanks So Much for the help and anchoring and stabilizing the pg position…


    U.H. And the State Legislature Needs to “Correct the Mistake” of making the Stan Sheriff Center only 10,000 small when The NCAA regional Hosting Minimum Arena Size was already established for 14,000 in a Town that relies # 1 on Tourism …That was Classical Small Minds Small Town Thinking for a Top 50 Major Metropolitan Area and today would still be the only indoor venue of that size… Even 50K Aloha Stadium sells out…

  17. Eagle: You remember how Stan Sheriff was fighting like heck to get an on campus arena, where he was AD, I think Northern Iowa..they built something like Idaho’s Kibbie dome..much like it..they could have football and basketball events..however, Stan wanted, as well as Riley to think Big.. they did a lot of things with help of Private donations/funding..however, when Arena was going to be built, recall they , the powers that be, were only thinking of a 4000 seat venue.. even upgrading KLUM? gym..ridiculous or maybe 8000..finally they approved a 10300 seat arena, with..get this…room to expand..you look at the SSC..it can be done..there is room on bottom, concourses, going up..just look at the last rows….you can go vertical..easily fit another 3700, easy…however, powers that be don’t think worth it..if they had done it even 10 years ago, when economy and financial markets not as bad..probably make offer to host a Major NCAA regional MBB..the Mainland bias would still prohibit probably, you know how it goes..because we are 2500 miles from west coast, however as an international, mid pacific venue, it would be world class, imagine 14000 cheering fans for , world class VB championships, or other international teams coming in..So , sadly, in our lifetime, maybe we never see , a 14000 seat , arena which could host a NCAA BB regional..at least once..You know I wish I were wrong, however that is how the State of Hawaii political thang goes..twang!!

    Maybe Bill Gates comes over and as a Philanthropist…gives a donation of several million to upgrade ..I think 14000 is doable..wishful thinking..and Gov. wants UH to be first rate..well Gov. gotta step it up..and Legislators too!!

  18. GooD comments by everyone. Christian had a good showing even against a veteren Amis. I was turned off by Tavitas attitude pretty much the whole game. He looked at Christian right before half and said lets gets out of here. He was grabbing his gear and was getting ready to leave during halftime because his lack of playing time. Do they know who I am he said. Im the starting PG for UH. Bad attitude for a senior who is suppose to be a leader next year. I hate to put these negative comments on here but I’m sure I’m not the only one who heard and seen Tavitas actions during halftime

  19. True RainBowz, Jace was POed…you have to understand, this summer league for College player, really active player development..not for Alan Silva to win an amatuer who cares league title..Have everyone play, and Jace, you know, hope we are all wrong..could be Alan had his boys he wanted to play..worked with them before and did not know Jace..if he did, and still did not want him to play majority minutes..and Pat Tanibe had to point out to Alan that, hey, that is a UH player trying to work on his game, not an old timers park league baller..I give Alan the benefit of the doubt, with all this attention going to his handling of situation, and you must know Alan, good coach at Farrington, and enjoyed watching him play at Kailua ages ago..bet a lot, Jace will be on another team by next week..You have to let the current players , develop not the old timers…Auwe..

  20. Eagle: You know that Stevie Wonder concert at the SSC..corporate guys get shot at first tickets..that could generate monies for SSC upgrade..who knows.. hopefully, that is what is going around..possibly benefit UH Athletics..that is a great gesture on Stevie’ s part..someone has REAL connections.!!

  21. Great comments Uhfanzonly! That’s why I feel Dyrbe should switch teams! He needs to develop and I believe he can be the next Miah! Playing behind low and broadus for 1 summer is enough. He needs to switch teams cause he won’t see the court on Artie’s team and the experience playing against a Low or broadus is more valuable than observing them on the court while riding the pine for 2 consecutive summer league seasons. Anybody else feel the same way?

  22. GOOD POINTS… WIthout interviewing all The Principals, didn’t think we’d Do the Whole Story justice… Kudos to Pat Tanibe for pointing out that “Coach” needs to do what’s good for the players too, not just lookin’ good winning games…

    Not sure I would’ve chosen to display “that much attitude” myself…

    However, I thought….
    1) How Long before the coach lets his “D-1 Starter” play more? (Seemed like Jace sat two-thirds of the first half).
    2) Figured coach was going with players he was familiar with, but it’s a short “season”, so when?
    3) I took it as a good gambit for Jace to call out the coach or he could end up sitting for several games And he’s probably already learning he has to fight for PT at Highly Competitive UH (he saw China Ace Shaq sit most of the Season);
    4) “Hey, I’m supposed to be a UH starter, why am I sitting on the bench?”
    5) To coach and apparently Tanibe’s credit. Jace was put in and left in even after he missed a couple of forced (out of rhythm) shots…then he took his game to the hole (which is the right or reasonable thing to do when your jumper’s not hitting) and made three straight lay-ups and some good passes, which earned him more teammates’ support…then played more or less in system the rest of the way, (not forcing shots) and hitting all his free throws late with the game on the line (team mates with good reps missed).
    6) As usual, Christian gave good loud verbal support the whole way…

    7) Since they Both Won the Game, coming from behind with Jace on the floor, and Jace had a decent second half, I figured there’s a chance they could work it out.. Commented to the Wife, “That’s Team Dynamics…”

    Figured we would see how the whole thing ironed itself out over the next couple of games…

  23. I thought it was called the Hawaii College Basketball Summer League… Not the Park League. Emphasis should be going to the development of players in HS, College, or Professionals… not the park league guys who have something to prove.

    I wasn’t at the game so I can’t speak for Jace’s actions that night… but it’s VERY concerning that a mid-30s park league regular is playing the entire game and Jace sat pretty much the entire first half and played the second half on the wing/post (not PG) after the commissioner had to talk to the coach. Bush League.

  24. DAYTON! What Have You Done?

    Pretty Active Blog Site for An “Off Season…”


    Yeah, I hope (EXPECT) Artie Knows he’s being entrusted with The Future of Hawai’i BB Kids’ FEW chances to play D-1, so don’t waste Dyrbe’s summer sitting and collecting pine splinters…and that he won’t just play the “proven” guys to look good winning games…he ought to know he’d be looked upon Better as a Coach IF he can contribute in an Active Role of helping to develop Dyrbe…


    Sorry…WHEN is Stevie Wonder ?

  25. MAHALO to CLICK2ED for posting all the games on youtube last year. Looking forward to seeing the video of the games again this year !! Go Kaiser !

  26. Artie and Silva have to re educate themselves about the thrust of the NCAA Summer league ,first and foremost for current college players who should get most of the playing time, park league and high school players last to come off the bench. Artie- Broadus is no longer in college, sit him on the bench. If you want to support UH Manoa players, like Dyrbe, and want to see him develope, he needs to be in the game , Ridiculous, some of these coaches, Time for the Gibster to give them a piece of his mind.

  27. Don’t know If I’ll make it to This Thursday’s Games,
    But curious to know If Artie Wilson, Coach of “Solar Universe” (formerly Electricians Hawai’i) will still have Dyrbe Enos (#14, projected to walk-on @ UH from Kamehameha) mostly on bench duty behind Rashaun Broadus (#11 from BYU & Mililani) and Derrick Low (#22 from Wash. St. & Iolani) OR in the game, building skills needed to grow into the next effective Local point guard… […issue originally raised by TunnelRat based on last year’s team with similar set-up…]

    IF Artie is not supporting Dyrbe’s development, we can raise the issue with him not later than Friday Morning 9am AM1420 ESPN Radio (but Better BEFORE the Thursday Game…)

    Has anyone seen a Mission Statement, Charter or Flyer/Advertising that states the Reason, Mission or Priorities of this league? OR NCAA guidelines that support sanctioning the league?

    Parallel Possible Courses of Action:
    1) Raise This Concern with Bryan Barr and/or Pat Tanibe, current and previous League Directors…
    2) Raise the concern with Coach Gib..

  28. if what you all say is true about tavita this past week…then, he should move on. either find another team to play on or get out of the league completely.

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