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Stokes’ transfer is official

Shaquille Stokes has found a new home for his college basketball career, and it is close to his actual home.

Hofstra University announced this weekend that Stokes will be added to the team’s roster. Stokes is from Harlem, New York, which is about a 45-minute drive from the Hofstra campus.

Stokes played his freshman season with the Hawai’i basketball team in 2011-12, but requested a transfer after the season to be closer to his family, especially his ill grandmother.

Because of those family circumstances, Hofstra will attempt an appeal to the NCAA for a hardship waiver so that Stokes can play immediately in the upcoming 2012-13 season. Division I transfers normally have to sit out one year as a redshirt.

“We’re excited to add Shaquille and all the positive attributes he will bring to our team,” Hofstra head coach Mo Cassara said in a press release issued by the school. “He improved as the season progressed at Hawai’i and we think he’ll be a strong addition to our backcourt.”

Stokes averaged 8.4 points and 2.2 assists per game for the Warriors last season.


Warriors forward Christian Standhardinger scored 15 points Saturday night to help Flipbooks Hawai’i hold off Wealth Strategy Partners, 92-86, in Hawai’i College Summer League action at Manoa Valley District Park gym.

Standhardinger, a 6-foot-8 junior transfer from Nebraska who redshirted this past season, is averaging 26.3 points per game as Flipbooks Hawai’i improved to 3-0.

In the second game, former UH standouts Geremy Robinson and Julian Sensley scored 28 and 23 points, respectively, to lead Grantco Pacific to a 109-86 victory over Central Medical Clinic.

Warriors guard Jace Tavita finished with 10 points, two assists and two rebounds for Central Medical Clinic. He was 4 for 10 from the field, including 1 for 5 on 3-pointers (missing his first four 3s), and only 1 for 5 from the free throw line.

Tavita, a 6-4 senior who redshirted this past season after transferring from Utah, is averaging 10.5 points per game as Central Medical fell to 1-1.


  1. hey Shag,
    Aloha from Hawaii.
    congrats for your good pick: get to play with former teammates, a well known school to make a name for yourself.
    luck will improve, if upped offence, downed the 20% TO in beating Kentrell Washington, 6’3″, 14.5 PT, 7 AS, 180 lbs freshman. if you play!
    your future success is what make Hawaii proud, too!

  2. 1) Hope Hofstra and Shaq get the NCAA exemption; that “should” ensure no loss of APR points from 3 of 4 out-transfers (he probably was averaging 2.5 or better since they allowed him on road trips; and the sophomores were projecting 3.0+); Joston might not have finished semester 2.5+, but could save a point loss IF he signs a Pro Contract AND finishes above 2.0…

    2) Still NO HSA score/scoring reports …
    ? Consider Contacting Bryan (apologize for earlier mis-spell) Barr 808-391-5003, barrb@hawaii.rr.com is listed as P.O.C. in NCAA Summer League Listing; apparently took over from Pat Tanibe (or ask Pat to brief his relief?); left earlier (Friday) voicemail message for Bryan that several (many) of us DO Look for the scores and leading scorers in the Star Advertiser …

    BETTER that we can look to WarriorInsider.com
    (Even in the Past 13 or 10 point performances would probably Not be listed in HSA)….

  3. Eagle: great job again! You are helping UH MBB fans, and a great added resource for Warrior Insider site..

    Thankyou very much..once again a lot of us could not do what you do..you and family great UH MBB and UH Athletics fans for sure!!

  4. not impressing but not a suprise by tavita

  5. IF Jace can help keep the ball moving, play strong enough D to pretty much have a point guard stand-off, we stand a good chance of winning the other positions…

    IF Jace forces the stand-off, make free-throws when it matters, like Game One of Summer League that allows
    ‘Roop to be the Point Guard X-Factor….

  6. Jace was pathetic last night in summer league. Played 25-30 minutes and scored 13 to 15 points, but most of the points he scored were inconsequential and scored when his team was very far behind. Just about all of his makes were on one-on-one drives to the basket against former Div. II players or a former UH walk-on with no help. He was 1 of 6 from 3, 2 of 5 from the line (including an air ball and a clank that hit the backboard but not the rim), had only 1 assist that I saw and at least 6 turnovers, including getting stripped 2 or 3 times. For more than a little while, the other team had their least accomplished player guarding Jace, a 6’1″ recent grad of Les Jardins Academy who has rightfully chosen to enjoy his future playing career at a Div. III school. The much maligned Lasha Parghalava (sp?) was much, much better than the Jace Tavita I saw last night.

  7. Let’s keep this site civil, and not single out a student-athlete for bashing. Coach and the program are fair game, and constructive criticism or encouragement are welcome. But to rip a student-athlete is just wrong. I don’t think Dayton, or his sponsors, appreciate the incessant ridiculing.

  8. Clyde, your point is well taken. Coaches are paid professionals that is their job. We as fans and supporters of UH by paying taxes can do the critique or commendation when warranted. AD’s etc, are paid. The student athletes, and in Jace’s case, he is not even on scholarship…paying his own way..we shouldn’t attack player…Jace hasn’t played DI ball in a couple of years..give the guy a break.

    Hey Dayton if you want to step in, feel free to do so..your site is one of the most fan and family friendly ones I know of..as Clyde mentioned ..to bash amatuer athlete, walk on..I don’t know, not too much aloha..Jace good family man.

    Thanks Clyde. Too much hate in world today…

  9. Jace had 1 bad game! I believe he’s just on the wrong team. They are making him play the 2 and their offense in general never has any rythem. Lane is good player but he takes too much shots and needs to get everyone involved. Jace’s strength is his defense and his passing. The scoring will come he just needs to get his confidence up. Keep your head up jace and keep working hard. Lebron had all the critics in the world but that didn’t stop him. You’ll be fine u got my support. Manroop is coming to light up summer league. U heard it from me.

  10. Dayton: You probably have the scoop already….copy and pasted this from another site: From a Fresno Bee writer. Armstead… He didn’t score high enough on SAT

    If you are reading this , it is probably old news already..good , if you can, get a video interview with Gib , what will they do with final scholie..I know he said July is heavy recruiting time..so , I think, in my opinion that Gib and staff…will be looking for a possible athletic wing to replace Aaric’s loss..JC with 3 to play 3 or euro freshman get..

    Just guessing..wait from your site for the latest!!
    Thank you.!!

  11. Dayton and fellow MBB fans, I don’t know, that was what I saw posted on other message forum..about Armstead’s not getting needed SAT scores to enter NCAA DI program..

    What if Aaric is not the guy, Gib was waiting on? Maybe another HS player awaiting results? I don’ t think so..however..when we hear from you Dayton and Insider as well as Brian..we will know for sure..

    Don’t want to jump the gun..have to wait for official word.and know that Gib cannot mention names of who they were after or who they are still after, unless LOI faxed signed and sealed, or one of those late get non binding letters of intent commit..

    We shall see!!

  12. Since they’re former working buddies, and I’ve promoted Dayton’s site on his before, check out Stephen Tsai’s warrior beat blog … Chow lands the prep QB who visited the Warriors earlier this year. Sounds like a solid player, taken right from under nose of BYU. Sweet. Now, it’s Gib’s turn — especially if unconfirmed rumors are true about Armsteadr. Stay tuned.

  13. Thank you Clyde: You are right, until official, official..we don’t know if TRULY confirmed regarding Aaric or some rumor started by tweeter..

    Thanks for link info to Stephen Tsai’s blog..!

  14. I’m all for being supportive of our players… but let’s be honest with ourselves. Jace’s play on Saturday night was terrible. He may not be playing his preferred PG spot… but 1 assist and 6 TO’s plus 1 out of 5 from FT is NOT ACCEPTABLE… especially for Hawaii Summer League. If he is “the starting PG for UH” he should play like it and not be embarrassed by D-2 or D-3 players.

  15. I believe Sensley,Robinson,and Holliday 3 starters on the other team were D1 talents. Give Jace a break he was guarding Robinson most the game and held him in check well under his summer league average

  16. Again… 1 assist and 6 TO’s plus 1 out of 5 for Free Throws is NOT ACCEPTABLE…

  17. Again…. It was only 1 game and he wasn’t even playing the point. He missed his free throws when the game was outta hand. I can recall 2 assists he had so your stats are inaccurate

  18. I don’t have a problem letting reported statistics speak for someone’s play. It’s objective and one way to gauge a player’s effectiveness. I just feel we could do without judgmental comments like “pathetic” — particularly since it’s done anonymously on a blog. I felt the same when another poster continued to tear apart Trevor Wiseman — from the moment he stepped on the court until the day he left. And, for what it’s worth, Jace had at least two assists — that’s what I saw. As for Jace being UH’s starting point guard this season, why don’t we let it play out. Whether he’s good enough or not will be up to him and coach Gib, and that decision won’t be based on his or anyone else’s play in the summer league. OK, time to move on (for me at least).

  19. Clyde. It is equally “judgmental” to make a positive, praiseworthy comment as it is to make a critical, non-flattering, even negative comment. All of the comments made by various persons on this site are mostly opinion and thus “judgmental” in your view. In fact, none of the comments are truly “judgmental” because they don’t have consequences and in no way serve or will serve as a basis for anybody taking any action, certainly not Gib Arnold. So, although it displeases you to read that somebody else has a negative opinion about one of the prospective players and sometimes even the coach, it it anything other than a bit of cyber-bullying to ask Dayton to step in and silence the naysayers and in order that only the preachers of positive may have their say?

    I stand by my comments and my opinion about Jace Tavita’s play in last Saturday’s summer league game, including my comment that “I saw” (and remembered) him having only one assist. Tunnel Rat saw and remembers two assists – fine. Tunnel Rat thinks the team situation isn’t conducive to Jace playing his best – fine, and after all, it’s only summer league, so we shouldn’t make to much of anybody’s performance – I couldn’t agree more. That goes for the next time Christian Standhardinger puts in 40 points and pulls down 15 rebounds in a summer league game.

  20. Oahuan: I don’t disagree with your assessment of Jace’s play on Saturday, Jace wasn’t pleased, either, and you could tell by his frustration. I just felt you could share your observations without calling someone “pathetic.” If you feel justified in using such a comment, then we can just disagree on this and move on. For the record, I, too, would have credited Jace with two assists — at least that’s what I saw.

  21. Clyde: So it’s okay to say someone’s play was awesome, or terrific, or fantastic or great because that’s “constructive” and/or “encouraging”, but to say someone’s play was terrible, or stunk it up, or was pathetic, is “wrong”, “unjustified”, and “uncivil.” Moreover, to explain why one thought so constitutes “incessant ridiculing” that should not be tolerated on this site. I don’t want to belabor the point either, but why must everyone conform to your sensibilities as to what is proper comment, even if a majority of the people agree with it? Has it occurred to you that the unmitigated flood of positive, laudatory, encouraging, optimistic comment which has come to dominate this site might not be particularly constructive in the long run?

    In reality, I’ll bet Jace Tavita couldn’t care less about what I thought of his performance. I’ll also bet Jace knows that if the real Gib Arnold saw him play that way, Jace would hear from Gib a lot more colorful and unprintable language than mine to describe it.

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