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Photos: Hawaii vs. Arkansas Pine Bluff

The University of Hawaii men’s basketball team remained undefeated and picked up their fifth win of the season with a 70-63 win over Arkansas-Pine Bluff. Warriorinsider.com photographer Brandon Flores was at courtside to capture the action.

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  1. Dayton, how come no Warrior Insider for Women basketball? Some day you’ll have a daughter or a niece ask you straight up, “how come you don’t respect us, we play the game too.”

  2. ralph,
    one, they are not warriors, this is the warrior insider.
    twp, 5000 show up to men’s bb, 50 for wahine.
    three, no one pays dayton to do this.

  3. Ralph,

    Biggest reason why I started this site and dedicated it to men’s basketball team is because I covered the UH men’s basketball team for 10 seasons prior to this one. It is the team I knew best and felt most comfortable with.

    I never covered UH women’s basketball on a regular basis so would not feel comfortable starting now. It has nothing to do with disrespect. Same reason why I don’t plan to cover baseball or volleyball or other sports on this site.

    Hope that explains it.




  4. Al the cheers I hear at the SSC is Rain Bows! No, Go Warriors, or whatevers

  5. Dayton, none of the sponsors pay you for your efforts, dang.

  6. ralph…you could be the first to make a donation.

    nash actually called em rainbow warriors and i think so did riley. i think for the sake of recruiting warriors sounds the best. all men sports should conform to one, warriors. all women should conform to one, na wahine.

    and i hate it when folks say, “wahines”. no such word

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