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Tavita will wait for next season

Instead of helping the Hawaii basketball team for half of a season, Jace Tavita would rather do it for a full one.

As a result, Tavita will redshirt the 2011-12 season so that he can play a full senior season with the Warriors in 2012-13.

“I’d help the program out more playing a full year than a half year,” he said.

Tavita, a 6-foot-4 combo guard, transferred to Hawaii from Utah in December of 2010. Due to NCAA transfer rules, he is not eligible to play for the Warriors until late-December of 2011. By redshirting the 2011-12 season, he will be eligible for all games in the 2012-13 season.

Tavita’s last collegiate game was on Nov. 27, 2010, when he was at Utah. His next collegiate game will come in November of 2012.

He is eligible to practice with the team throughout this season, and he will serve as a captain for the scout team.

“It’s hard mentally, not being able to play is tough,” he said. “But it gives me a chance to get better. Just push myself every day in practice, continue to lift and get stronger. I think it’ll be good for me.”

It should also be good for his academic progress. The extra year at UH should allow him to graduate by the end of his senior season.

Tavita will also continue to play another key role for the Warriors this season as the coordinator of pre-game introductions. After he joined the team last season, he choreographed several routines, including special handshakes and salutes.

“As long as they want to do it, I got a bunch of ideas,” he said.


  1. I believe brandon will redshirt as well.

  2. How come no news on Caleb Dressler’s commitment? Or is the paper wrong again>

  3. I Do think this was smart for Jace …

    and MAY BE A Good Decision for Brandon Jawato to redshirt;
    i’m sure he’ll make a good decision for himself and the team with the coaches help;

    HOWEVER — i see BJ as More than the typical incoming freshman; he’s smart, he’s already working on his long-term team role — besides being a good all-around combo guard with tough defensive skills, he is targeted to be the next Always-On-green-light shooter — the ‘Next Zane Johnson’ — he wouldn’t have that “title” if he didn’t already earn his green-light (shooter’s) pass … BIG PLUS — he’s already got Real Game Experience from China-Japan so he’s closer to being a sophomore (like Shaq Stokes our only other incoming freshman); so i would think that with the skills already well-developed, including a head-start on defense & physicality, that doing the tour around the WAC to get the feel of the league, D-1 Road and Tournament Play would All be good benchmarks for him to learn and experience at the side of Zane [Apprentice, Robin to his BATMAN] so that he can be a reliable Assassin [Primary or # 1 without his Zane Training Wheels and] with Zero Start-Up Time Next Year … : Like Bo Barnes could have been this year?]

  4. Dayton,
    as ever, thanks for all the timely updates.

    does Jace has full scholarship as well?

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