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Video: Awards Banquet winners

Here is a video recap of the individual winners as they are announced at the University of Hawai’i basketball team’s 2018 Awards Banquet.

The banquet was held on Wednesday, April 11, at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Coral Ballroom.

Senior forward Mike Thomas won two awards, including the top honor – the Art Woolaway Most Outstanding Player. Here are the list of winners …

2017-18 Award Winners
Art Woolaway Most Outstanding Player Award:
Mike Thomas
Riley Wallace Leadership Award: Mike Thomas
Bob Nash Hustle Award: Sheriff Drammeh
Community Service Award: Zigmars Raimo
Scholar-Athlete Award: Gibson Johnson
Most Improved Award: Brocke Stepteau
Ah Chew Goo Most Inspirational Award: Zach Buscher

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  1. RE:Big Drink
    April 12, 2018 • 7:56 am
    Aww no video lol? They need a newcomer of the year award, and give that to Buggs!
    Thank you warrior insider for your great coverage as always.
    Looking forward to next season, should be interesting!


    TO: Dayton & Warrior Insider Staff :
    Ditto: Mahalo for The Dedicated Coverage
    hank you for the video…
    Agree should be very interesting…

    Didn’t see in the Video: (Wish one or two, even three more heard the Other Leader: WHY Did Mike Stay ?
    Contributing; He couldn’t stay….but he implored, Mike felt compelled to relay: (paraphrasing)
    “Mike, you gotta stay and save and carry and protect this program we’ve built…” [Isaac Fotu]

    Also Heard: (Something you ‘might’ see Next Year:)

    To Jack Purchase (JP): “Jack, Tell us about Mate Colina.

    JP: “You have Never Seen a Big Man Fly Down the Court So Fast…”

    “? …And Finish ? “ (A 6-11 Fast Target; Think Tight End, Wide Receiver)
    “Jack, YOU Are a Great Passer !…
    You Can Hit him on the Fly Every Time … ?”

    JP: “Every Time…”


    Besides Our Current Culture of Immediate Self-Gratification…
    There is Usually Great Value & Perhaps Wisdom in Taking The Longer Perspective

    Bullying IS a Continuing Issue: TWO NCAA BEAT-UP The Little Guy Attacks Made it All the Way To Our Shores;
    FIRST TIME: As Probation Investigation Broke: Bruce O’ Neill (9-12) and RICK PITINO (2`4) went 11-16 as the NCAA slapped down the program. After “ALL” the Players ran away, that was immediately followed by FOUR More Losing Sesons, including a Bottoming Out @ 1-26 ! That Team played Really Hard !

    SECOND TIME: This Time, UH (Benjy & Ganot) WON through the investigation; after most players ran away, bottomed
    out at only one game below .500 (14-16) and Now The Rise to The STATED GOAL of Basketball POWER (Opinion: I Say Smart, Hard, Clean Work to Unprecedented Levels 14-17-20+(?) …And NOT Delusional…)
    [GIB WAS Very Close IF he Just didn’t “Fight” with his own “Team”…UHAD Wahine et.al…]

    Should Be Very Interesting, Indeed…


    Another Level of Dedication:

    Personal Opinion: As a Former Fed: I have Total Respect for The FBI AND Head Coach Level of Dedicated “Grinders” (Sure they have to Make ‘Choices’ (I Do Not Think there are Any Mistakes, everyone makes The Best Choices they know how, with the (often limited) information they have; and in hindsight maybe would make another or differenrt decision)

    The FBI Goes After The BIG BAD (Illegal Acts) Guys… NCAA, Crime & “Fake-News” Government…
    SEE Hawai’i Senator Brian Schatz on Bill Maher Last Night 4/13….
    WE Must Be [(To Dems): the Party of Laws, to remain] a Nation of Laws…

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