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Latest APR figures released by NCAA

The University of Hawai’i men’s basketball team remains in positive academic standing with the NCAA, according to the latest figures for Academic Performance Rate (APR).

The 2015-16 UH team posted a score of 886 (out of 1,000), which brought the program’s “multi-year score” to 937. A program’s multi-year score needs to remain above 930 to avoid NCAA penalties.

The NCAA’s initial ruling of a post-season ban for the 2015-16 UH basketball team was cited as a reason for the numerous player departures that contributed to the subpar 886 season APR score. The ban has since been rescinded, and the team also now has its full allotment of scholarships.

Here is the official release from www.hawaiiathletics.com, which includes the APR statistics for all UH programs:

HONOLULU – University of Hawai’i at Manoa Athletics remained competitive amongst its peers in the latest Academic Performance Rate (APR), which was released by the NCAA, Wednesday. UHM posted an all-sport APR of 976 out of 1,000, an all-time high, besting last year’s mark of 973.

Twelve of UHM’s 18 sports posted multi-year scores of 970 or higher while five teams recorded perfect single-year scores of 1,000 during the 2015-16 year. In addition, eight programs recorded multi-year rates equal or higher than their sport’s respective national averages – football (968, national average: 966), men’s golf (993, 984), women’s basketball (986, 980), women’s golf (1,000, 990), women’s softball (988, 983), women’s soccer (987, 986), women’s tennis (1,000, 988), and women’s track and field (982, 982). The football team’s score of 968 is fourth highest among its Mountain West peers.

The APR is calculated based on the number of student-athletes on scholarship and those who are retained and remain eligible for competition. Teams with a four-year score below 930 or a 950 average over the most recent two years, can be penalized by a loss of scholarships and post-season ban. The multi-year rate includes single-year scores from the past four academic years (2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, and 2015-16) and for the ninth consecutive year, no UHM team will be penalized with loss of scholarship.

“We continue to better our scores,” Athletics Director David Matlin said. “Our focus is improving retention and providing the best environment for our student-athletes to thrive and succeed. Graduation is the goal and we will be celebrating that achievement with significant number of graduates this Saturday.”

Faculty Athletic Representative David Ericson added, “In particular, we are heartened by the continuous improvement in the APR score by the football team. We were already above many of our peers, but this shows that we are moving even higher under the leadership of Coach Rolovich.”

The five UHM teams that posted perfect single-year scores were men’s golf, men’s swimming and diving, women’s golf, women’s tennis, and women’s water polo. Both women’s golf and women’s tennis achieved perfect scores for the fourth consecutive year. Women’s water polo had the highest multi-rate improvement (21 points) amongst all teams while men’s swimming and diving recorded the best single-year increase (65 points) with women’s water polo a close second (63 points).

The postseason ban levied on the men’s basketball team that was since rescinded, affected the team’s single-year APR score of 886. However, its multi-year score of 937 is still above the 930 benchmark that could have resulted in additional penalties.

Now in its 13th year, the NCAA Committee on Academic Performance instituted the APR data requirements beginning in the 2003-04 academic year. The benchmark of 930 projects to an NCAA Graduation Success Rate of approximately 50 percent. The overall goal of measuring APRs is to encourage improved academic performance and help institutional administrators examine admission policies, retention and graduation rates, and improve academic support for student-athletes. Only student-athletes on scholarship are factored into the APR scores.

UH fields 21 intercollegiate sports programs, however, the NCAA’s APR only includes 18 as indoor and outdoor track and field are counted as one score and coed and women’s sailing are non-NCAA sports.

More information about the APR is available on the NCAA website (www.ncaa.org).


  1. We can all let out a collective sigh of relief. Recruit, Recruit, Recruit. Let’s go Ganot and Co.

  2. You have to hope that UH gets a score of at least I think 973 for 2016-17. That’s what they need to have a 4 -year average
    of at least 930 as of that year.

  3. I remember recruits visiting and committing a day or two later…idk what’s going on with this coaching staff

  4. They are committing just to other schools:/

  5. The good news is that Myles Johnson will announce his decision tomorrow. The bad news is the three finalists are Hawaii (Big West), Rutgers (Big Ten) and Georgia Tech (ACC), and Georgia Tech has a highly acclaimed engineering program with Rutgers’ also well-regarded. Long shot, but at least Hawaii has a shot. Stay tuned.

  6. Jaaron Stallworth tweeted that he’s ‘extremely excited’ to be visiting UH next week. In March he tweeted pictures of himself with Ganot and Jacobsen. Jaaron is cousin of Drake Stallworth, incoming freshman for UH football.

  7. Jaaron Stallworth ? YES !!

    And he can dunk ! Check out that first dunk…


  8. shades of AC !

  9. … is this the right Jaaron Stallworth ??
    hope so …


  10. ℳƔℒΣƧ ℑ∅ℌℕ$ΩΠ‏ @MylestheMonster
    Truly blessed to say that I’ve committed to Rutgers University ⚔️ #KnightAnd

  11. Could be due to the engineering school is good.

  12. Darn. Well, it was a long shot. Good luck to the young man.

    That’s two post players UH missed on. Hoping for better news on Alberts and Stallworth.

  13. Every single recruit that has visited has committed elsewhere soon after. Something is not right, these are kids that are supposed to be serious about coming here….This never happened before this frequently can only think of once that 7 footer that committed to Oregon State after tripping here.But seriously just wasting money brining in this kids on officials who are not serious about coming here.

  14. So when does alberts announce?…probably not on his list anymore

  15. Alberts could announce around this weekend, per McInnis.
    6-1 PG Jaaron Stallworth is visiting UH today. He is recovering from a broken leg he got last season at Yuba College.

  16. I like Stallworth (also like his cousin, incoming freshman receiver who looks very impressive on film).

    Stallworth fractured his left foot in December, rehabbed and returned, only to break his right leg in February. How much that affected his recruiting, who knows, but Yuba coach felt Stallworth was the best point guard in California JUCO entering the 2016-17 season.

    Can he fully recover from the injuries? I hope so, and I hope he signs, too.

  17. Jaaron Stallworth posted to Twitter one hour ago “This trip has been nothing short of amazing “

  18. Exact word “trip”

  19. He’s gonna come here and redshirt cause of a broken leg and doesn’t have d1 offers
    Signing period ends tomorrow by the way this is the player they decided to bring in before the end of signing day:/

  20. If he can avoid injury, he looks to be a good player. If you believe his JC coach, he was recruited by Oregon and Utah, prior to injury.

  21. Marcus Shaver, Jr. signed with Portland.

  22. Not sure what happened with Shaver, but his recruitment never gained any traction since Verbal Commits reported UH had offered him. Anyway, he’s going to a program whose head coach (Terry Porter) was a longtime point guard in the NBA so it’s a good fit for him. Portland could be on an upswing.

  23. Also Hogland signed with Portland awhile ago. UH
    will be sorry they did not recruit him.

  24. Anyone can go down with an injury;
    Key is NO Repetitive History of injuries And How Smart & Hard (and fast, “Not Too Fast”) he rehabs
    And ((Can use that time to improve)….

    Isn’t he Also “4-0”, 40 % Threes and 4.0 GPA (One A-Minus, (unless I’m Mixing him up with someone else?)

    His JC Coaches Explanation for Recruiters backing off (I guess THEY CAN Afford it; We Can’t, Yet) is that they Assumed he’d rehab and return for his soph year, BUT As a Qualifier doesn’t need to earn Associate’s Degree before transferring to D-1…

    Should be a Good ‘Get’…IF Drew Buggs also works out, Coaches should have Good Penetrating AND Shooting Options in their backcourt…Leland And Brock ain’t Standing Pat, BOTH Will be (Much?) Improved…

    [Need Depth OR STAR @ Big to Complement or Post-MIKE Thomas, AND A Scorer…]

  25. was hoping for some surprises today but nope, it’s the worst recruiting class ever.
    definitely since the Nash days.

  26. Scary to know that buggs, thomas, stallworth and green are at high risk of reinjury and have that thought of multiple players being out at the same time

  27. Other than ganot being careful with his recruiting he takes chances on injured players?

  28. THIS Recruiting CLASS / Season IS NOT OVER…

    They Can Sign Players Up to The First Week of Fall Semester

    (I’m SURE The Coaches ARE Smarter AND Work Harder than MOST / ALL of us Commenters

  29. Two years in a row having to sign players in the summer, that’s not good recruiting practice no matter how you slice it. SORRY.
    All the good players want to sign much earlier than that.

  30. Brian McInnis‏Verified account @Brian_McInnis 9m ago

    #HawaiiMBB breaking: Stallworth signs — and Kahuku High PG Jessiya Villa follows suit but will go on mission.

  31. Yay undersized/injured/going away for two years guards, just what the doctor ordered.

  32. They should help the APR though, We can’t have to limit all-stars who don’t finish school.

  33. we have to limit those .


    Agree; like Chess Players they’re Thinking 2, 3, 4, 5 (7?) Moves / Years Ahead …End Game
    (Sign FOTU ‘Tomorrow’ to Honor VILLA Today?)

    Perfect End Results…

    Maybe One Day we’ll stock up on ONE-AND-DONE-ers BUT It Would also Mean We Failed (Grads OK, NCAA)
    Because we just joined The TAKERS, [Tweet: #SORRY!]. The Trump-ers (?)
    (who would rather Launch 1500 Lawsuits than Pay the Fair Bill that THEY Negotiated)
    who DENY Most … 4 of 5 ? OR 94 out of a 100?
    The Opportunity to Turn their Lives (and families’ lives) around through discipline, hard work And Education
    @ THE Learning Institutions;
    MOST (But a Very Few) WILL Be Better Served by working their games And Brains For Another 1- 2 years (AV, NWC)

    This Coaching Staff has Already Shown (‘2 for 2’ Tummala & Allen) that they Know How to Factor in ‘One Year Talent’

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