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NCAA to reconsider UH basketball penalties


The University of Hawai’i athletic department described itself as “cautiously optimistic” in a statement issued on Friday morning in regards to the NCAA reducing some of the penalties already levied against the UH basketball program.

Here is the official announcement from www.hawaiiathletics.com

The University of Hawai’i is cautiously optimistic after the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) ruling today on UH’s appeal of the sanctions imposed on the UH men’s basketball program in 2015. The decision by the NCAA Division I Infractions Appeals Committee stated that the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions must reconsider the penalties it imposed on the UH men’s basketball team including the postseason ban, scholarship reductions and fine.

According to the NCAA news release, the appeals committee is sending the case back because it found that the Committee on Infractions incorrectly applied a new infractions structure, implemented after the violations at UH predominately occurred, to determine the penalties. The university had argued that under the previous structure, imposition of a postseason ban on the facts of this case would have been unprecedented. Having found a lack of nexus between the actions of the institution and the actions of the coach, the appeals committee has instructed the Committee on Infractions to “determine which infractions structure is less stringent and review the postseason ban, scholarship reductions and financial penalty under that infractions structure.”

“This is very encouraging and we appreciate the NCAA for all of their work on this matter,” said UH Manoa Athletics Director David Matlin. “We are looking forward to a final decision. This has been a very difficult time for our Athletics Department in particular our men’s basketball program. However, we believe we’ll all come out of this much stronger.”

The NCAA appeals committee specifically noted that there was no evidence that the university encouraged unethical conduct by the coaches involved or failed to warn the coaches that such behavior would not be acceptable.

CLICK HERE to view the NCAA release on the UH penalties

In a separate news release, the NCAA upheld its finding that the former UH head men’s basketball coach involved violated NCAA ethical conduct rules.

CLICK HERE to view the NCAA release on the former UH coach

There is no timetable on when the NCAA Committee on Infractions will reconsider the penalties and issue its decision.

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Here is a video report from Hawaii News Now:

Hawaii News Now – KGMB and KHNL


  1. Looks favorable for UH, hope they rule in a timely manner so we can participate in the post season if sanctions are reduced.

  2. The NCAA is a farce and a sham. All the momentum from last season’s success has come to a screeching halt this offseason in terms or retaining players, lost recruits and lost potential revenue for the program and school. Ganot and Co. were forced to rebuild rather than to build on top of last year’s success.
    It’s appalling that a committee formed with reasonable, non-bias members can come to this predictable conclusion that the penalties imposed were in fact too harsh for a program that acted swiftly in the wake of allegations first surfacing. Shame on the COI for “flexing their muscle” on a small fish while big fishes like Louisville got a slap on the wrist for what I deem more serious allegations.
    Anyway, Thomas is out and it’s not like Jovanovic was a game-changing player, but that’s beside the point.

  3. Zach: Hawai’i Anchor with His Own Keiki O Ka ‘Aina o ‘Iolani Cheering Section


    I read it (If Accurate Language) as an IAC ‘Mandate” to Evaluate Penalties under Both Old & New Penalty Structures and Default to The Less Harsher of The Two; so that The Potentially Arrogant COI (and The Investigators who were accused of trying to RE-Coach RE-Frame EX-UH Coaches to Recant or Revise their ‘stories’ with harsher tones) should NOT Be Able to ‘Feign’ a Meeting (or three) and Recommend “NO Change” as an NFL Roger Goodell might / has done upon Appeal…

    SO, Likely…..
    One, Possibly Two, of Three Would Disappear
    (because That Committee ‘Cannot’ Declare, “Whoops, MY Bad, NO Penalty…”)
    1) Post-Season Ban (Request: Please Announce Greater than a Week Before Tourney);
    2) 2017-18 Scholarships (Plus One or Two for Ganot & Staff)
    3) 2016-17 Scholarships — Good for The Walk-Ons OR Potential Mid-Season (Dec-January Transfers/Grads)

    IS This The First Good News for Hawai’i from NCAA in years?

    Instead, Affecting What They Can Control:
    GO ‘BOWS !

  4. The rest of the big west better beware with Coach Ganot UH can steal the BW tourney again and go dancing!!

  5. Favorable outcome could be q relieve from mental suffering by NCAA!

    Team’s opportunities multiplied.

  6. Great news. Sad thing is that it came 4 months late.

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