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Summer League approaching stretch run

The Hawaii College Basketball Summer League continued on Saturday night, even without any current players from the University of Hawai’i team in attendance.


Electricians Hawaii regained sole possession of first place in the league with an 86-82 victory over Clark Hatch Fitness. Oscar Pedroso scored 17 points and Derrick Low added 16 as Electricians Hawaii improved to 6-1

Former UH guard Dyrbe Enos made six 3-pointers and scored 24 points for Clark Hatch Fitness; former UH forward Phil Martin added 17 points.

In Saturday’s other game, Chauncey Orr scored 20 points and former UH forward Julian Sensley added 16 to lead Wealth Strategy Partners to a 90-87 upset win over Chosen Few. Prior to Saturday’s games, Chosen Few and Electricians Hawaii were tied for first place at 5-1.

The Summer League will continue with two games on Tuesday, July 12, then two more games on Saturday, July 16. There are two more weeks of regular-season games remaining, then playoff games start on July 25.

Saturday’s results

Wealth Strategy Partners 90, Chosen Few 87. Leading scorers: WSP—Chauncey Orr 20, Julian Sensley 16, Derrick Gordon 15, Marcus Monroe 10. CF—Lee Roberts 31, Kyle Pape 16, Nick Frey 16, Zach Gelacio 13.

Electricians Hawaii 86, Clark Hatch Fitness 82. Leading scorers: EH—Oscar Pedroso 17, Derrick Low 16, Drew Viena 15, Patrick Mathews 14, Kona Makaula 12, James Davis 12. CHF—Dyrbe Enos 24, Phil Martin 17, Marcus Brown 13.

Current records

Electricians Hawaii 6-1
Chosen Few 5-2
Grantco Pacific 3-3
Clark Hatch Fitness 3-4
Wealth Strategy Partners 3-4
National Fire Protection Co. 0-6

CLICK HERE for more information on the Summer League, including extended video highlights


  1. For those missed (I did) Mcinnis’ July 8, 2016 Gibby’s interview video –
    1. Go online per “warriorworld.com/catagory/court-sense/”,
    2. Click “Gibson Johnson arrives”,
    3. Scroll down to “Gibson Johnson, Hawaii forward” video,
    4. Click “the play button on the middle”.

    May change the ‘0’ on comment(s) ?

  2. I went to watch the games on Saturday and I must say that the quality of the summer league is pretty bad. Not many current HPU, UH, Chaminade players out there. Lots of aging vets and unqualified players needed to fill rosters. If I were Ganot I would not let the players participate. Much more risk than reward by participating.

  3. Janks back in action today. 8 pts, 2 assists, 2 rbs, 8 fouls in 17:22 minutes/ secs.

  4. He went out and back in during the 4th quarter to add to the 17 minutes

  5. He added one more assist.

  6. 8 free throws? (Foul shots)

    Good “TEAM” Line
    M.HEAT NBDL Team passes, moves defends better than their opposition
    (Seen Parts of three games, ALL Blow-Out Wins)

  7. No, not 8 free throws, 8 personal fouls! You’re allowed 10 fouls in summer league.

  8. 6 FT attempts, he made 5. Committed 8 personal fouls. You foul out after 10 in the NBA summer league.

    Eric Spoelstra was shown watching the game and yawning.

  9. Thx

    Aye, 10 fouls….

    Does 8 mean you’re Playin’ Defense?

    (TOO Smart To Be The Next Draymon Green…)

    Might as well use TWO Balls


    ANY NOAH Allen,
    OR…’Real’ Zigmars Raimo Sightings?

    Brian Garrett, Darryl Matthews Clear AA?
    Enrolled in Bridge Summer Session?

    Lower Campus Workout Updates?
    Injury/Recovery Updates?
    3-4 Workouts Per Day?
    (Thanks, WI Team…)

    Cash Flow? [WI?]
    BTW: Mahalo, Governator, Coach Laura…[$3M Mahalos]
    Big West Tourney…Make It ‘Regular’ Season, BWC?
    For The $100-150K/YR UH “Gifted” YOU, EACH School, DO Something(?!)
    WAIVE UH Paying YOUR Travel ‘SUBSIDY’ (Ransom) for 3-5 Years?
    At Least “OVERTURN” The Post-Season “Definition” For One Year?
    LET ‘EM Know The LBSU/UNLV/UH Witch Hunts Were ALL B.S….

    Stephon, LeBron
    Hawai’i: Great Place to Visit…
    “Next” ‘Great’ To PLAY College Ball HERE?
    [Time For: ‘That Real Surprise…?’]
    ONE MORE ‘Future-Star’ Walk-On / Scholarship Agreement Signee?

    Please Stand Up,
    Please Stand Up…

    GO ‘BOWS!

  10. AbiWord 2.9 beta works!

    66:48 0-5 0-1 0/1 0 0 0 0 0 0

  11. Zigmars Raimo is with the Latvian U20 National team that will be playing in the FIBA European Championship tournament starting on July 16. Sheriff Drammeh is with the Swedish U20 National team that will be participating in the same 16 team tournament.

    Noah Allen, Brian Garrett and Darryl Matthews are all here going to school (I assume) and working out, as are Drew Buggs, Zach Buscher, Gib Johnson, Larry Lewis, Matt Owies, Jack Purchase, Brock Stepteau, Mike Thomas. Leland Green is not yet here but is definitely slated to arrive in the Fall. I do not know the whereabouts and status of Jakob Cornelissen (sp?)

    The couple of workouts that I saw consisted primarily of skill drills and installation of the basic 4 out 1 in half court offensive sets. There was no scrimmaging or play against defense.

    Buggs is participating in some of the individual skill drills but is being withheld from other team workout activities as he recovers from knee surgery. He seems to be moving decently well, but it’s difficult to say whether he’ll be ready for the season.

    Can’t say much based on the very restricted activity I saw, but I think I can safely make these observations: 1) Noah Allen is tall, it seems a smidgen taller than Mike Thomas (although not quite as long) and thus a true 6’7″; 2) Matt Owies is short, clearly taller than Brock Stepteau but nowhere near 6′, much closer to 5’10”; 3) Jack Purchase has not put on much, if any, weight but is really shooting it; 4) Darryl Matthews is a big, strongly built 6’5″; 5) There are no really explosive leapers on this team, like Aaron Valdes or even Q Smith; 6) On the other hand, those that are here seem to be “heady” guys and are very attentive. As a result, basic offense installation does appear to be going more smoothly and quickly than it did last year, aided by the fact that there are 4 “returnees” here to help demonstrate (Thomas, Purchase, Stepteau and Buscher).

  12. “The Miami Heat for the second time this month have signed a player off their summer-league roster, on Thursday reaching an agreement with undrafted Hawaii big man Stefan Jankovic, the 2016 Big West Player of Year.
    The agreement with Jankovic gives the Heat 16 players under contract for next season. Teams are allowed to carry up to 20 players in the offseason but then must reduce to a maximum of 15.”
    The signing was before today’s game in which he did good.
    10 pts, leading rebounder with 6 rebounds (2 offensive), 2 assists, 1 steal, 1 block, 3rd leading scorer, 2nd in +/- stat at +11 in 17 minutes. Only 2 personal fouls. 0 turnovers.

  13. Here’s to all the skeptics that basically wrote Jankovic off by saying the same old cliche: it’s sooooooooo difficult to make it to the NBA. Congratulations Janks for not listening to them.

  14. Congratulations to Jankovic. I’ll admit I was pleasantly surprised while watching a recording of today’s game and hearing at the outset that Janks had signed. He struggled since his debut in Orlando, but what you don’t know is how he was performing in practice and, obviously, he did well.

    I thought he played his best game of the summer today. He was more aggressive and confident, and obviously having signed before tipoff made a huge difference. He offers the Heat a unique skill set for a big man.

    Good luck going forward. It’d be awesome if he made the regular-season roster. I believe tomorrow’s Heat game will be on NBA TV at noon.

  15. Good for Janks, but the difficult part begins now. I hope he isn’t just delegated to the D-League.
    He was wise in choosing Miami, because the past few seasons, Pat Riley and co. Have found gems off the waivers or through undrafted FA’s like Janks. Hassan Whiteside (max contract), James Ennis ($6M contract with MEM), Tyler Johnson (50M! Contract) Briante Weber, just to name a few.

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