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Another Summer League update

2015 College Summer League basketball at Manoa Valley District Park, Honolulu, HI on July 21 2015. Photo: Brandon Flores.

Electricians Hawaii suffered its first loss since 2014 in Hawaii College Basketball League action on Thursday night at Manoa Valley District Park Gym.

Former University of Hawai’i guard Geremy Robinson scored 30 points to lead Grantco Pacific to a 106-101 overtime upset of Electricians Hawaii.

Incoming UH forward Gibson Johnson made his Summer League debut for Electricians Hawaii, scoring 16 points, according to statistics provided by the Summer League.

Electricians Hawaii, which went undefeated on the way to the league championship last summer, had a 17-game winning streak before Thursday’s loss.

The Summer League will continue on Saturday, with games at 6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. at Manoa Valley District Park.

Thursday’s results

Chosen Few 119, National Fire Protection Co. 78. Leading scorers: CF–Lee Roberts 38, Kyle Pape 15, Chris Crawford 14, Matt Ching 14, Nick Frey 14. NFP–Jamari Hamilton 23, James Lefebvre 17, Nick Velasquez 14, Alejandro Pardi 12.

Grantco Pacific 106, Electricians Hawaii 101. Leading scorers: GP–Geremy Robinson 30, Josh Burnett 21, Mark Veazey 20. EH–Oscar Pedroso 28, Kona Makaula 24, Derrick Low 18, Gibson Johnson 16.

Current records

Electricians Hawaii 5-1
Chosen Few 5-1
Clark Hatch Fitness 3-3
Grantco Pacific 3-3
Wealth Strategy Partners 2-4
National Fire Protection Co. 0-6

CLICK HERE for more information on the Summer League, including extended video coverage


  1. Gibson took a shot, to the head during the game. He and the team are working out quite a bit at UH.

  2. The hit appeared inadvertent to me, at about the 15:40 mark into the second half. Gibson fell and looks like he hit his head on the leg of #20, listed as Altekia Christmas from Chaminade, a fairly well known player, as everyone was clearing and running to the other side of the court. It didn’t look that bad on the video. And it didn’t look like Mark Veazy was involved. Could have been that the floor was slippery but there was someone in the way of the action so there was not a clear view on the video. Until further notice, I am blaming the floor. And then it was the 5th workout of the day. Wow! That’s a lot of workouts! Way to go Gibson! Check it out with Jay. Go Bows! Looking forward to a great season.

  3. Use to enjoy going to these games but not much of a fan anymore. Not much more than a pickup game with the possibility of getting hurt. Time better spent in the weight room and gym working with other members of the team.

  4. Among several good players, I like No.22 of Grantco, Robinson, he still can still play at about 38 yrs old ? 6-4 players in the league move well. 6-4, if you see in person, is quite tall.

  5. Not sure what it signifies, but it’s now three straight games in which Janks did not play.

  6. Someone said he is injured somewhat.

  7. That could be true, but who is the “someone” you speak of? Some anonymous poster on a message board, or somebody with validity?

  8. Mamadou played 1 second at the end of the game to defend an in bounds pass, but the San Antonio player still passed an assist over him for the winning basket, to win 63-61. San Antonio is coached by a lady coach.

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