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UPDATED: Summer League is underway


It has come to our attention that a player identified as Zigmars Raimo in a previous video was incorrect. He has not yet arrived in Hawai’i for the 2016-17 season.

WarriorInsider.com regrets the error and apologizes for the mistake. The previous post and video has since been deleted.

Here are the updated statistics …

Wealth Strategy Partners 76, Clark Hatch Fitness 74. Leading scorers: WSP—Derrick Gordon 20, Julian Sensley 13, Caleb Spencer 13, Marcus Monroe 12. CHF—Marcus Brown 20, Dyrbe Enos 19, John Avila 15, Phil Martin 13.

Chosen Few 93, National Fire Protection Co. 70. Leading scorers: CF—Kyle Pape 15, Matt Ching 15, Scott Kato 10. NFP—Chance Kalaugher 26, Jamari Hamilton 17, James Lefebvre 11.

The Summer League will continue this week with games on Tuesday (June 21), Thursday (June 23) and Saturday (June 25). Each night will feature two games, with the first game starting at 6 p.m., and the second to follow around 7:30.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Summer League, including extended game video


  1. … … so, … who was it ?

  2. … he wasn’t 6′ 9″, so it couldn’t have been Umu.

  3. Still great coverage ! No problem !
    Go WI ! Go Bows !

  4. The other website says it is 30 yr old Nick Frey at 6′ 6″. Came out to show the kids how its done. Patience. Go Bows !

  5. The old Chaminade roster has him at 6-9.

  6. that was my misprint, yes 6′ 9″. And now we’ve pinpointed the original misprint.
    Oh well.

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