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UC San Diego seeks invite to Big West


UC San Diego is attempting to become the 10th member of the Big West Conference.

UCSD is currently a NCAA Division II program, but students at the school recently voted in favor of increasing student athletic fees to fund a move to NCAA Division I.

The move is still contingent on UCSD receiving an official invitation to join the Big West Conference. At least seven of the current Big West schools need to approve the invitation before it can be extended to UCSD.

Such a move would probably take at least one year, if not more, to become official.

The men’s and women’s University of Hawai’i basketball teams are the defending Big West Conference champions. Several other athletic programs at UH are affiliated with the Big West.

The UCSD men’s basketball team was ranked No. 21 in NCAA-II last season, and finished with a 24-8 record. The Tritons advanced to the West Region final (equivalent to the Sweet 16).

CLICK HERE to view an article from the San Diego Union-Tribune


  1. I saw the BWC takes them. Strength in numbers and it’s always good to have another UC school in the league. Seems like they will balance the conference schedule and UH won’t have to pay travel subsidies to them so no impact there. It will complete the BWC’s California footprint up and down the coast.

  2. Let’s “hope” UH will not pay the travel subsidies, but bring them on so every team has a travel partner.

    News in today: Mamadou is going to forego his senior year at Irvine to go pro.

    Let’s get that one more JUCO PG and another quality big man…Gibson, your new Ohana awaits you in Paradise.


  3. UCSD would be a solid addition, and Hawaii should welcome the 10th member … as long as it doesn’t have to pay travel subsidies as it was stipulated when UH joined the Big West.

    BACKBEAT: They’ve already got 8 guards (5 on scholarship, plus 3 walk-ons). I hope they’re targeting post players for the remaining two scholarships … unless, of course, a talented backcourt player drops in their laps.

  4. Which PG do you think is going to be mature enough to lead this team next season? These incoming frosh need someone to mentor them.

    With the recruits we have now, if we can add someone like Gibson, we can be pretty competitive next season with a mature PG. Besides, Ganot’s offense does not need your proto-typical center…especially with Mamadou gone. Defensive & shooting skills along with on the floor leadership are what is needed. I still believe we can be competitive next year with the right two remaining openings filled with 3+* recruits. Gotta think impact players for the remaining spots…don’t just fill them with 2* bodies…that is what Nash did.

  5. Roderick,Q and AV were rated 2 *.

  6. I’m sure it will fall on Lewis to mentor the incoming freshmen guards. Do you really think they need a second JUCO point guard? I think they could use a 3 who can shoot, and a 4 or 5 who can start alongside Thomas. Not sure how they’re going to use Purchase.

  7. Apparently 3 or 4* in the classroom were Quincy, Drybe, Jovanovic,Mike,Janks,Sai, among others. NIko 4* in community service.

  8. Here is an idea for UH to bring up and that is make UCSD pay for travel subsidies if they want to be in the conference. That will be one less road trip that UH have to pay for and they can say fair is fair because we had to pay up travel subsidies to join.

  9. What about Australia and New Zealand pipeline for bigs and wings? We agree this season rebuilding
    and challenging. About Bobbitt, Valdes, Smith, huge athletically. Those physical strengths and
    desire over years, hugest hurdle for Ganot. This will be a no pressure have fun year for whomever
    they finally sign. Anyone know how team did APR wise this semester. Very important.

  10. Although we should be looking for big men I think another guard that could help us who has experience playing in a power conference school is Trevor Dunbar. Although he is pretty small (he’s about 5’10), he has experience playing at the Division 1 level. A very streaky shooter and a flashy passer, he has the ball handling skills and the ability to penetrate the lane. He also is a scrappy defender and for a guy his height he holds his own against bigger guards. Currently plays ball at City College of San Francisco just like Q did. He just finished his sophomore year and looks like a guy that can help in the leadership role for the young team.

  11. I see that both twin brothers, Cody and Caleb Martin, just transferred out at NC State as of today. I am thinking with 3 more scholarships to fill, Gibson may just have a place there.

  12. Look like NC State has 1 C, 1 C/F, 4 F’s (one walk on) and 2 G/F’s, so far. Two are small forwards.

  13. From your post, I’m counting ;

    1 C at 7′ 0″,
    5 F at 6′ 5″, 6′ 7″, 6′ 8″, 6′ 9″, 6′ 9″,
    2 G/F at 6′ 7″, 6′ 8″,
    5 G at 6′ 0″, 6′ 3″, 6′ 3″, 6′ 5″, 6′ 6″

    That’s 13 players on the roster. (unless they updated it from when you posted of course), and that’s without Cody and Caleb.

  14. akuhead2, yours looks correct. NC State has 8 F, C and G/F and 5 guards.
    UH has 5 forwards and 9 guards.

  15. Close to The TIME It’s “Down To…”

    UVU (Same Old, Same Old…I KNOW People Who LOVE The Snow, for Up To 2-3 Months…)


    Warm, BIKINI – Blessed — says “I Like Girls!” —
    MeThinks He Dost Protest Too Loudly….
    Terrific Weather AND PROGRAM (Coaches)
    Lucky We’re Still Waiting….


    1-2 Years, WE May Have NCState-Type Numbers
    (MORE Walk-Ons?)

  16. Looks like Gibson Johnson no longer considering NC State.

  17. ‏Gibson@gibsonj21 11m11 minutes ago Centerville, UT
    #WPN! I appreciate all the love you guys have showed me but unfortunately I am no longer considering NC state.

  18. https://twitter.com/gibsonj21
    6 minutes ago Centerville, UT
    Howzit @EranGanot?? Excited to announce I’m headed to play ball for @HawaiiMBB!! #GoBows

  19. Gibson Johnson just verbally committed to Hawaii via his twitter

  20. Welcome aboard, Gibson. Now, bring along your teammate to further beef up the front line.

  21. Is that right? He is 6′ 9″?

    Then we have Jack Purchase 6′ 9″ and Gibson Johnson 6′ 9″ to add to Mike Thomas down low. All three are able to step out and hit the three. Can’t really tell much about Zig Raimo’s game. Well, its shaping up. Go Bows.

  22. 6-8, he lost an inch somewhere.


    Agree…Bring Your Bigger Friend(s)…

    Can’t Say Dude Don’t Take The Time
    To Get It “Right”…


    ONE, Even Two More …
    “Rich” Parents Walk-on/Loan?
    International Signee?


    NOT Re-Building…

    SO…Just Like Last Year…
    “NEW” System (To NEW First-Year Players)
    BUT With RETURNEES Like Mike Thomas, Jack Purchase and Drammeh…
    POTENTIALLY (In Some Respects, such as, HAVE FILM To Study for Newcomers)
    AHEAD of Last Year In Skills Acquisition And Transfer
    SUCH AS New Signees Already Have Improved Shooting Skills…

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