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Gibson Johnson commits to Hawai’i

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The University of Hawai’i basketball team will be gaining some size in the form of Gibson Johnson, a 6-foot-8 forward at Salt Lake Community College.

Johnson announced that he is committed to playing for the Warriors, shortly after apparently dropping North Carolina State from his consideration.

Johnson averaged 12.0 points and 5.6 rebounds per game, while shooting 55.1 percent from the field as a sophomore last season at Salt Lake CC. He was a starter on a Bruins team that won the junior college national championship in March.

Johnson played two seasons at Salt Lake CC, and will have two seasons of eligibility at UH.

The official signing period for NCAA Division I recruits ended on May 18, but he can still sign a scholarship agreement with Hawai’i. An official announcement from UH cannot be issued until official paperwork is signed and approved.


  1. Aloha and welcome to Paradise Gibson. You will soon learn that you won’t just be playing for the University, but for the entire state of Hawaii. You have now been adopted by a huge Ohana that will back you both near and far.

    Great decision…looking forward to your competitiveness and success on the hardwood as well as the classroom.


  2. This is one JC player that I actually expect to deuplicate his JC numbers in the big west, Big pick up for the front court.

  3. “10 out of 10“ means in to Ganot as well as to Paradise.

    We’ll be 10 out of 10 agreed that you just made the best choice of your life.
    Now, we hope that the admittance completes smoothly…

    So, we may extent our welcome!

  4. Great pickup. Really excited to see him perform on the court. He looks like a bigger body that can guard physical post players.

  5. I would call this guy a upgrade over Jovanovic if it is his job to be the first big man off the bench. If this guy being counted on for starting then I would say uh oh.

  6. Lewis, Sheriff or Green, Allen or Jack, Mike, Gibby . Who would be your starting team ?

  7. John Montgomery told Bobby Curran they’re looking for a center (he used that specific word) to fill the final scholarship. He did acknowledge that mobility is a prized asset in a post player, noting how Draymond Green plays the 5 for Golden State.

    I have no idea if there’s any interest on either side, but Gibson Johnson’s teammate — Christian Musoko — is still uncommitted. He’s limited offensively, but brings physicality to the game.

    Montgomery also said Garrett Nevels will be helping at the UH basketball camps in June.

  8. Dyrbe, Zach and Nevels will be working at the first UH basketball camp coming up, per assistant coach Montgomery on the Bobby C Show.

  9. Speaking of Jovanovic, he will be joined at LMU by a 7-1 frosh center who UH was recruiting, per another board. LMU was recruiting him first and the sanctions played a big factor in his decision.

  10. If this was the 7 footer the coaches were working on and we lost this one to LMU, then I would think the coaches now owe us two 7 footers. Better get back to work !
    Go Bows !!

  11. GJ! Have FUN Growin’ And Improving In Paradise!

    LMU? Other (UH) Players Just Shakin’ their heads…
    After Three Years here? (Maybe Got Used to One Year Coach Syndrome?)
    Current LMU Staff [Power Rating #226 VS #56 UH]
    Won 22 Games in TWO Years…[UH 50]
    Hope Jovanovic Finds Peace and Much More PT Closer to ‘Home’…
    “Can’t BE For Post-Season”
    Post-Season has been WCC Tourney (1 or 2 More Games/Losses-12,-31),
    (For Me, Losin’ AIN’T Fun…)
    His Choice…
    Key? Filipovic ‘Retiring’?
    (Also Couldn’t Give Up The Game @ Age 20…)
    Just Opinion, But a One-Year Sanction is A ‘Significant’ Factor for A Frosh ?
    How Smart is That? Growing With The Program could make sense…
    BUT That Would Be The Flip Side for Jovanovic…
    And, “ONLY ONE” Transferred Out…

    Hope MIKE And Purchase Climb to All-Conference-Plus…

    FIVE/SIX (Plus) Executing on Front-Line could be An Improvement…

  12. My assessment is that Gibson Johnson will start for us and be the player of the week multiple times over the course of the season. He will be a smart player and make players around him better, a very good quality. Hope we can get that center we’re looking for.

  13. Poor man’s Janks…nuff said.

  14. Summer League begins June 18. The new players start coming to Hawaii in early July ?

  15. Nine new players added to six returning ones. Last season it was only four new players and 11 returning .

  16. Six who know the System can help Teach and Transfer to New Players Faster,

    Especially IF NONE Are Resisting…

    And ALL Can Shoot…Willing to Pass…FAST…Willing to Rebound…

    Agree with Shorter Janks Comparison — Two Years, Wider Body…

  17. I think Johnson has a different game.
    The Nowitski comparison for Janks turned out to be pretty close.
    I don’t think Johnson has much in common with Nowitski.
    I do think he is a smart player. If only he can develop a Bird like attitude.
    Hope they have fun this year!

  18. … Bird was 6′ 8″.

  19. Bird was 6′ 9″, the extra inch helps.

  20. Oh. That’s right.
    Well, that must be why the coaches are still looking for a center.
    Go Bows !

  21. Janks to work out for Raptors on June 2.

    A Jovanovic will keep his name in the draft. Nikola from USC.

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