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Team banquet set for May 5

The University of Hawaii men's basketball team defeats Long Beach State and captures the championship of the 2016 Big West Tournament at the Honda Center, Anaheim, CA on March 12, 2016. Photo: Brandon Flores.

There is one more celebration coming up for the historic 2015-16 season for the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

The annual UH Men’s Basketball Awards Banquet is set for Thursday, May 5, at the Hilton Hawaiian Village Coral Ballroom.

No-host cocktail service will begin at 5:30 p.m., with the dinner and program set to start around 6:30 p.m. Team awards for the season will be announced during the program.

The 2015-16 season was the most successful in program history. The Warriors finished with a 28-6 record, setting a school record for most victories in a season. They also won the Big West Conference regular-season and Tournament championships, and won a game in the NCAA Championship Tournament for the first time in program history.

Tickets are $150 per person. Groups and/or corporations can purchase “Warrior Tables” for $2,000 each, or “Fan Tables” for $1,500 each.

All proceeds from the event will go toward the UH Men’s Basketball Scholarship Fund.

CLICK HERE to view the ticket form or call the UH men’s basketball office at 956-6501.


  1. Sure expecting a huge and well deserved turn out for this record breaking team.

    I see Braian Angola-Rodus accepted a full ride to Florida State and Bryce Canda is working things out with Portland State. He had finally passed that math class that kept him from going with the Bows. But the article I read said he was very embarrassed and had wished he could work things out with Ganot. He still has two years left and I bet would change his mind on Portland State if we acted soon enough. With that said, Coach has plenty of guards already.

    GO GANOT…bring us some talent.

  2. Thanks for the info, Backbeat and also regarding Fresno St.

  3. Encouraging ALL…
    Good for The Program (Fans Attending And Contributing to The Program)

    PLENTY of Critiques And Criticisms Here (Good Intertest)

    As JFK Would Challenge:
    NOT What The Program Can Do for You
    BUT WHAT YOU CAN DO for The Program?

    To Help… Attend Games IS More of An Outcome of Their Efforts and Results
    WHAT CAN YOU DO to Help BUILD The Program?
    (Other Than Bringing in The Next “Non-Scholie-Counting Walk-On-Turned-BWC Tourney MVP!” Like Aaron Valde´s
    As Maybe Bleed-Green Might Implore
    HELP BUILD THE Program!

    STEP UP!
    This Banquet — Because There IS SO Much to Celebrate GOT TO BE A Great One!

  4. Per akuhead2, here is a full game of Gibson Johnson, 30 pts. His teammate, 6-10 Tyler Rawson signed with Utah.

  5. Per me. That’s right. Thanks islandman. Too easy.
    My comment was that he needed to get in better shape. He is an older player who had been away from the game. He’s got two years of cc under his belt and yet I think he should start a better workout regimen. He has a nice shot from 3pt land and is not afraid to shoot, but taking this next step to Div 1 basketball, well, he’s got to collect himself and put some effort into getting in shape. That’s all.
    The banquet is many miles way for me, so I don’t think I will attend. But I would if I could. I hope everyone is able to make it, and certainly hope all the players are able to attend.
    WI is still the best uhbb website.
    Go Bows !

  6. Gib looks in fine shape to me. I don’t get your opinion. I think he would be a more than adequate replacement for Jovanovic.
    Anyway I am hoping for a commit soon, getting pretty restless here lol UCI picked up a big man transfer and now what about us??

  7. Yes. Restless. Must be the off season. And not too many posts.
    Jovanovich I think plays a different position altogether. I don’t think Gibby will be playing center for us.

  8. I’ve been waiting for some news on recruits but nothing.
    Gibson Johnson is just ok to me. nothing stands out about his game averaged 12 pts, 5.6 reb.
    hopefully not another Petras Balocka

  9. Hot off the press Gibson highlights:

  10. Off topic … Notice of Allegations vs. UNC, Amended. Looks like a whitewash of the big name coach(es).

  11. I must have missed that Gibson Johnson’s school was the 2016 NJCAA Champion !
    Champion, is good! They won their tournament. It is very good that we get a winner. Someone who knows how to win. I was thinking that he might be stuck on the bench behind Purchase, but winner?, yeah, no problem, he is going to be competing to start. I’m happy. Thanks for the highlights islandman. Coaches are still out there recruiting, and will be up until the banquet, at which time everything stops and we celebrate the Ohana that came to be the 2016 BWC Champion. Go Bows !

  12. No, if lucky to get him, he would be the post player.

  13. Thanks for the updated video, islandman. Johnson is supposed to be visiting this week, so we may find out soon whether he’s coming aboard or not.

  14. For 2018, 6-8 Kamaka Hepa has been offered by UH, per Kamiloa on wsn.

  15. Hepa would be an awesome get!

  16. I was hoping the coaches were aware of Hepa, but the kid is pretty big time, now. If I recall, there was a story circulating a couple years back that his dad is from Hawaii (was it Kauai?) although the family was living in Alaska. Maybe it’s time to move back home? He’s a highly rated prospect.

  17. Hepa is blowing up. He recently moved to Portland and is playing with a high level AAU team. He’s going to be getting a lot of offers by the end of the summer.

  18. Gibson and Hepa would be amazing!

    As others have mentioned, Hepa is probably going to get offers from big time schools. Hopefully he chooses Hawaii. Being part of a freshman-heavy team, the guarantee to start immediately, playing at the SSC, returning to father’s home state, and playing under an award winning coach would be big reasons to pick UH.

  19. Think he’s eligible for the filipino national team as well from what i was reading

  20. ” PF Gibson Johnson of Salt Lake CC is expected to take an official visit to #HawaiiMBB today.” per McInnis, 8 m ago.

  21. He could be our future star taking us back to the Dance. I think we got a shot, especially when his name is Kamaka; he’s Hawaiian with roots to return to Hawaii. Ka Ho’ina i ke Ēwe Hawai’i.

  22. These Are Just The Prospects “In the US Tracking System”

    I (Hope For BUT Also) Fully Expect Our Amazing Coaches to Surprise Us with some Relative “Unknown” from Down Under… Whether An Old Pineau-Type “Project” or New FOTU-Class “Ready-to-Star” …these coaches will Build ‘Em up Faster than ANY Staff we’ve had…

    RE: I’m Watching NBA Millionaires who make ‘Q’ look like a Great Free-Throw Shooter…
    AND This Staff Turned Jankovic into An Inside-Outside P-O-Y Multiple Threat After EVERY One Else Tried (And Had) Failed IN ONE SEASON…AND Bobbitt into a 30-Point Threat (after Pre-Season “Experts” said The Whole Hawai’i Team COULDN’T Shoot)

  23. I don’t know anything, but I think we will pull in a big from Europe and a wing from the west coast.

  24. … If Q needs to make a free throw, near the end of the game, when it counts, when it counts for the win, …his percentage skyrockets. He will make that free throw! If he is going to be trying to make it to the pros, I hope he makes it and does well. And that would reflect well on the program here as well. If he stays with basketball long enough, I think he would make a winning coach. Go Quincy! and Go Bows!

  25. According to McInnis we are starting to get visitors. Gibson is already here and we are expecting visits from a JC guard and a graduate transfer wing from UCLA.

  26. Larry Lewis, 6’2″ Guard from Odessa Texas, and
    Noah Allen, 6’6″ G/F from UCLA, 3stars out of highschool, had some injuries, didn’t play much, gym rat, (did he graduate and can play right away?), one year left.
    … Both of these guys look like they have some potential and can contribute right away. As long as they stay healthy that is. But they both evidently want to play, so, … Good! There is potential !

  27. Lewis shot 40.7 % on 3PT FG, 55.5 on FT’s.

  28. I used to ‘Not Think Much’ of Incoming One-Year Players, like Graduates…

    Largely Because The Riley Years produced Players with Their BIGGEST Improvement Between their First and Second seasons — maybe that was a JC Thing…

    BUT This Staff AND How they Turned Around And Used The Fortunes of a (previously) under-utilized Tummala,
    AND Turned Around/Improved Returning Players….
    IF This Staff Wants to Bring In a Player —
    I Think They (The Staff) KNOW What They’re Doing
    Even Drammeh Surprised from Season Start to Finish
    (After NOT Showing Much early on…)

    I think other coaches (ex: in the Big West) preparing to challenge (and failing versus) Hawai’i could see that, even the second or third time they faced UH… That’s the way they voted…

  29. Larry Lewis has been through some adversity in his career
    For whatever reason the scholarship to USC didn’t fall through, so he played an extra year of high school at a prep school. He tore lateral meniscus at UTSA before Odessa.

    I think Lewis can provide some depth to go along with his toughness.

  30. Interesting that three players with one or two seasons of remaining eligibility would consider playing here with the likelihood of a postseason ban for next year. I was hoping the recruiting focus would be on high school players, but it would be a shame to use the 2016-17 season as a throwaway. And it would be disrespectful to Mike Thomas, in particular, and Purchase and Drammeh if the coaches didn’t surround them with players who can help make the team competitive.

    Re: Lewis. On one Arizona prep board, he was called the top high school prospect in the state for the class of 2012. Apparently, he made a verbal pledge to USC in his sophomore year, but when his senior year came and it appeared he would not be a qualifier, USC backed off. He’s worked hard to gain and maintain academic eligibility. I think he’d be a good addition to the team, lending maturity and leadership to a freshman-laden backcourt.

    It goes without saying that the team could use Gibson Johnson, too. Don’t know much about Noah Allen.

  31. I missed the first part of Call the Coach, but Jeff P mentioned that some other Wahine players are transferring out ?
    Jamie Smith was on a one year deal and not coming back and possibly an assistant.

  32. Brian McInnis ‏@Brian_McInnis 3m3 minutes ago
    SLCC PF Gibson Johnson says his visit to #HawaiiMBB was a “10 out of 10,” is reserving decision after NC State visit

  33. Noah Allen would be a nice get for this seasons roster

  34. It’s going to be tough competing against an ACC team for Gibson’s services. Hope he sees more opportunity here to contribute right away.

  35. He’s a diplomatic 48th-tripper!

  36. A lot of these guys with one year might want to come next year despite no postseason just get some exposure for potential international pro opportunities. They’ll get more playing time here and the system is relatively “euro”-ish.

    Regarding the transfers from the women’s team. I hate to speculate, but the only reason I would see our wahine leaving is if they sense there’s going to be a change in the coaching staff. I think they all like coach Beaman and we had success so the question is… why would they leave? Especially after a successful season and no sanctions like the men.

  37. Just noted that Kamaka Hepa is a high school sophomore.

  38. 6-10 Giga commits to Jacksonville State of Ohio Valley Conference. Looks like they have a new coach.

  39. Our Serbian ohana. It’s beautiful in Serbia at this time of the year !
    Quincy has signed with a FIBA licensed basketball agent based in Serbia. Nenad ilijev.
    I can’t tell one European basketball league from another, but I think they do get to travel a bit, see the world, and generally Serbia has some of the better teams. Good luck to Q. I think he will do well wherever he goes.
    There are a number of Hawaii players that have played in Europe, and I think who are playing in European leagues now. Anyone up with the latest news on past players playing over there?

  40. according to Brian McInnes …

  41. also per McInnes website, here are the best highlights I have seen of Gibson Johnson;

    maybe re-posted, not sure.

    Actually he does look VERY comfortable shooting the ball from range. Pro range. Yes, very good. I would think we want this guy on our team ! He is reserving his decision until after he visits NC State? Ouch. So probably within about a week we should know. Would be a very good get!

  42. The Wolfepack’s reporting that Gibby is excited to visit them.

    He gota compete with six F’s for PT!

    2 more weeks will defined what “10 out of 10” meams.

    I liked him, but…

  43. According to McInnis the visits this past weekend by the UCLA grad transfer and the JC guard went well. Hope we get some commits soon to fill out the roster.

  44. In a radio interview this morning, Jacobsen said they’re planning to bring in recruits the next couple weeks. Spring signing period ends May 18.

  45. can’t wait

  46. Signing Period Thru May 18 is Really a Guarantee of NCAA Conditions-Protections for the student-athlete….
    (and school versus other schools)

    They CAN sign other grant-in-aid, scholarship agreements at other times;

    like Sammis Reyes signing right before the school year;
    OR foreignors (Ozzie) coming in “late”;


    HSA Reported that Ella FOTU is transferring from Boise to Hawai’i Pacific University….
    SO I GUESS The FOTU ‘Ohana Now Knows from personal experience
    That the 50 United States are NOT Created Equal…HAWAI’I NO KA ‘OI !

    Maybe The Coach Laura – Ganot Team CAN Re-Open the AOTEAROA Pipeline…

  47. For what it’s worth, one college basketball insider says Fleming will visit Iona in mid-May. Obviously, much closer to home for Isaac. Hope he finds what he’s looking for.

  48. Fleming who????

    Can’t wait to hear about the new recruits

  49. Bruddah Pono…that’s not very nice…we wish all those who were and those who are still part of the team the very best. Above all we need to make decisions like men and become contributors to society. Just because some left for different reasons doesn’t make them any less of a person to me. Fleming was my favorite player and seeing him leave like that hurt. Seeing Vander leave…I could have cared less. But I’ll respect them all because they’re all young men trying to find their way. Of them all Riley Wallace was the only one who seemed to be able to keep players. All the others not so much.

  50. Zigmars Raimo commit

    Gibby and Ziggy

  51. Recommended by Davis, our Latvian connection.

  52. 6-7, 220 Raimo.

  53. 808, I didn’t say anything bad about Fleming. I’m just interested in UH basketball which he is not a part of. I wish him well but am mainly concerned with what is going on in UH recruiting. Raimo is an intriguing player with international experience. Averaged 9ppg and 7rpg while representing Latvia on it’s 18U team. He’ll have 4 years of eligibility which is nice.

  54. Hey, ‘Rock’:

    Gave Raimo all the scopes about Hawaii –

    Then, Davis will show you around Euro Pro!

  55. ” Biggest Contribution to UH Athletics: Jimbo Buccella (IT) and Jamie Smith (MBB) ”

  56. Pono…agreed. Have a good one…

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