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Jovanovic and Filipovich will seek other options next season


The “Serbian Brotherhood” of the University of Hawai’i basketball team will be going its separate ways next season.

Junior center Stefan Jovanovic and sophomore guard Niko Filipovich announced on Saturday that they will not be returning to play for the Warriors next season.

Jovanovic is planning to transfer to Loyola Marymount for his senior season. Due to NCAA sanctions placed on the UH basketball program, Jovanovic can transfer to any other NCAA Division I program without having to sit out one year.

He averaged 4.9 points and 4.0 rebounds per game, and had a .508 field goal percentage during his recently completed junior season. He appeared in all 34 games as the primary back-up for Big West Conference Player of the Year Stefan Jankovic.

Filipovich said he will retire as a basketball player, but wants to complete his Business Management degree at another school closer to his Southern California home.

“I have one more year of school, and it’s important for me to get that,” he said. “Basketball can still be a part of my life in the future, but after everything we went through here, I just want to go in a different direction for now and concentrate on finishing school.”


Filipovich averaged just 1.2 points per game this past season, but was used as a defensive replacement in several games.

Jovanovic and Filipovich played key roles in the Warriors’ 64-60 win over Long Beach State in the championship game of the Big West Conference Tournament, which earned the team an automatic bid to the NCAA Tournament.

Jovanovic and Filipovich were high school teammates at Bishop Montgomery High School in California, and committed to UH together in 2012. Jovanovic, Filipovich and Jankovic all have Serbian roots, and formed a bond at UH the past two seasons.

Jankovic previously announced his decision to forgo his senior season to pursue professional basketball.

Here is a message from Filipovich:

I truly believe that God gives you what you can handle and that he puts certain people in certain situations in your life for a reason. The experiences that I have gone through with basketball have led me to create these unforgettable memories with people that are just flat out remarkable. One minute you’re playing one on one with your dad out in front of your house to being a part of the NCAA tournament in front of the whole world with your brothers is something you only see in a movie. But sometimes in life the ball doesn’t bounce your way and adversity hits. No matter how much fight you have in you and how much desire you carry and it still won’t happen. All you can do is smile and say I still love you and think about how much joy and happiness it brought you and how truly blessed you are.

Mom…Dad…Tasha…Suzzy…Aunty Aneta…Grandma…Grandpa…Coach Diego… Thank you so much for being there for me when I’d come home in tears. Thank you for picking me back up after countless failures. Whenever I’d fall it was you guys who picked me back up.
To my brothers on the team… We went to hell and back (laughs). … I hope you guys cherished those moments as much as I did. You guys hold a special place in my heart and keep working. It’s only a matter of time before something like this past year happens again.

To the Hawaii fans… Thank you so much!!! I know these past couple of years haven’t been easy but you supported all of us when nobody believed in us and that is the true meaning of a die hard fan and all you bleed is green and black. And always have faith in these Warriors because they are truly great people and players.

To future players… Realize when you step on the floor, you rep a state that has a lot of pride and history. Anything less than your best will not be tolerated and they call you out on it (laughs).

I’ll always be a warrior and that will never change.

Go Bows!

Mama… I’m comin’ home.


  1. Good luck to them. Don’t pay attention to the haters here.

  2. Good luck to both Stefan and Niko and I am glad they were here for this past awesome season, they both had great moments off the bench that sparked the team.

    I am confident Ganot and the coaches will be able to find good players to take their place.

  3. Didn’t want to believe that this would happen. We’ll see if Ganot can recruit any difference makers given the difficult circumstances.

  4. I wish stef stayed. With more PT I think he could’ve been a very effective player for us. He stepped up big in the DHC games and the BWT/Cal games. Like others said, I see the LMU move as a lateral one at best, but I got the sense he was frustrated with PT during conference play as he would try to force his shot a bit too much. I still wish him the best and I’ll root for him. Good luck!

  5. Good luck to both players. I would have loved to see Stef stay another year but the post season ban sucks. LMU is a great academic school and has a beautiful campus but the basketball program is a joke. Punahou has a nicer gym and attracts more fans than LMU.

    Now that Ganot has a full slate of scholies I’m anxious to see who he brings in.

  6. xer 21 …. On previous day’s post regarding Sheriff never playing the point. He played it on the Swedish National team, i think, is listed as a PG on Verbal Commits and in a Warrior Insider story on him when he first came to Hawaii. However, he was listed as a wing in a SA story in the preseason. I did see him bringing up the ball a few times in games.

    akuhead ….thanks for that article on Stef and i’m thinking that he was under appreciated by the fans and under utilized by the coaching staff some.

  7. Good luck Jovanovic and Filipovich Mahalo.
    I’m guess LMU was his only offer to transfer. I don’t know what other programs offered him. LMU is coached by former Charlotte Bobcat NBA coach Mike Dunlap.

    I can’t wait for news on future recruits.

    “Even if the doctor does not give you a year, even if he hesitates about a month, make one brave push and see what can be accomplished in a week.” -Robert Louis Stevenson

  8. These two guys could have been leaders on next year’s squad. Bummer. Is it just me or does the coaching staff not seem in tune with the players needs? Use the postseason ban all you want as a scapegoat. I don’t believe that’s the only problem here especially when these two would have likely seen a big boost in minutes.

  9. Warriorfan I wish he stayed too but I like the idea of giving his minutes to develop someone that will be returning for the warriors 2017-2018 run back to the dance. the playing time this young post will be receiving in Stef’s place will be invaluable.

  10. Respect both warriors decision but will be missed. It’s going to be an interesting summer recruiting wise.

    We got some good guards coming in! Now we need some Bigs!!!!

  11. Good luck Niko – thanks for all you have done. Good luck Stefan. Dunlap is meant to be an honest, up front guy!
    The postseason ban is not what people are leaving, this just gave them the opportunity. Ask the players, parents and others close to the team and see what story you hear. I think it will be different to the one put out in the media. Good luck to all who are leaving and all who come in the future.

  12. Good luck to both players. The reasons may not be exactly true but I think both players tried to keep it classy. Niko was a great cheerleader and made his teammates feel like they were all part of a team. He was okay off the bench but was probably held back by lack of playing time. Jovanovich was steady as you never really worried about him making too many mistakes. He was a pretty solid shooter from the field and free throw line. For his limited minutes, he rebounded well and was good defensively. He could have been better but what do you do when you’re playing behind Janks?
    I think playing closer to home was a big factor for him.
    Good luck to both of them.

  13. lol. hoping we don’t finish at the bottom of the big west next year…..

  14. Big fan…. How dare you call niko a cheerleader. he’s a basketball player.

  15. More than anything we need scorers. Shooting guard, small forward, one rebounder, and and their swing man. So who’s the scholars.
    1. Purchase – F
    2. Thomas – PF
    3. Drammeh – G
    4. Buggs – G
    5. Green -SG
    6. Owies- PG
    7. C
    8. SF
    9. SG
    10. SF
    11. F or C or combo G

  16. Wishing??? Would like to add 2 QUICK, mobile big recruits with length, think it’ll be a better fit with our style of play. Think MT and JP are more small forward position players.

    However, probably at this time, more quality guards will be available. Maybe if we are lucky there is a sleeper foreign player in the mode of “Fotu” still out there in Australia or New Zealand.

  17. lol bottom of the Big West…would be even funnier if we finished 4th place.

    A lot of speculators out here. Simply ask yourselves this: if these guys were so anxious to leave, then what was Ganot doing getting the best UH season ever out of them? Best UH season ever is a fact, yet you latch on to speculation like it’s your teddy bear.

  18. Surprised any real UH fans still haven’t gotten used to players leaving the team after the season is done.

  19. http://startingstrength.com/articles/hangover_starr.pdf

    inside sources are saying this was happening today, with the football teams and the basketball teams. eran ganot was cracking down on this which is why all the players are leaving. gib arnold apparently ran an extremely loose ship when he was captain. looser than we can even possibly know.

  20. Ganot clearly had higher standards than the previous coaching staffs which is a good thing. I’m glad that players are deciding to leave who cannot live up to this standard so wet can find players who are better fits. We will be fine. I believe in Eran.Hawaii has some of the most doom and gloom fans.

  21. “Inside source”,
    This is quite possibly the most irresponsible–and factually inaccurate post–that I have ever seen on this board.
    You have no basis. You are throwing around accusations and starting rumors that quite frankly are not true! This is dangerous. Please think before you falsely accuse these young men of something so stupid.
    First, the article you linked is referring to a period of time over 30 years ago! Second, it is referring to football players, not basketball players. While these guys are not saints, and I’m not pretending that they are anything other than college athletes, this group was probably more responsible than any I have ever been around. They were on a mission and, therefore rarely partied.
    Furthermore, the players that left (janks, aaron and big stef) REALLY were disciplined and almost never had so much as a beer. Aaron and janks truly left to pursue pro careers, and big stef just simply didn’t drink or go out…ever.
    The only guys that actually like to drink a bit and go out did stay lol
    Jovanovic left for personal reasons. Niko left to pursue education and a big career ahead.
    Ganot is a disciplined coach and that is great. But his discipline played no role in the players departure. Please know something before u speculate. These are young men’s reputations that you are slandering with bs rumors

  22. WeBleedGreen,
    First of all thanks for creating a lot of discussion as to who was leaving. Fun to speculate and yes we have to be careful not to spread rumors although this is pretty typical of these forums. You tend to know who the posters are that can be believed after spending some time reading these things.
    Sure seems like we have been getting a lot of the posters from the Scout board lately. I guess if you really want to get basketball info, Dayton has one of the best sites.
    Go Bows.

  23. The only comments I trust is the comments by Coach Ganot. I believe in our coach. Period. He is going to reload this basketball team and I also believe we will have a very good, winning season again and compete for the regular season title. It might be rough in the beginning, but as season goes on the team will start to come together and will jell. That’s the mark of a good team, to get better every day and improve.

  24. While i dont buy the “Ganot is cracking down, so everyone is leaving” line, I will suggest that Ganot is in the process of building his own culture. The way Ganot does things is different from the way Benjy and Gib especially ran things. there is still some bleed over of that in the culture of the players. Im not saying what they did was wrong (although personally, i think the way Gib conducted himself was very wrong), but the culture has to change with the coach to get people to fully buy in.

    this is mostly directed at sens23, because while i think if you asked the players you’d get a mixed bag of responses, there is most undoubtedly some disconnect between Ganot and at least some of last year’s players. But that’s not necessarily a negative reflection of Ganot or the players. This was a huge culture shift, and even if the players deny it, I KNOW some of them must miss the leniency Benjy gave them, and to a lesser extent, Gib.

    I dont think that’s why any of them left, however. The jankovic and Valdes decisions make perfect sense, and I understand why Jovanovic (though he didnt tell us the whole truth) is leaving, and with him, Niko. I also understand why Thomas is staying.

    Is the coach fully in tune with the players needs? perhaps not, but i contend that in this case, that was inevitable, and at the end of the day, its now ganot’s responsibility to recruit guys he does mesh with.

  25. Right now everything is speculation. Here is my take: Everyone waited for Jankovic to make his move. If he stayed all would have stayed. But now that Janks is gone it would be difficult to exceed this season’s run without him. On top of that no post season play. Nothing left to prove. They won Big West Title, Tournament, and NCAA Tournament game. So instead they decided to go out on a high note and move on with their lives. Just like Peyton Manning:go out on top.

    We should not point fingers at anyone. Players move on all the time. Look at Kentucky. New team every year. Winners look for ways to win and not whine. We the fans need to move on and support the new team and coaches. When Ganot announces some new talent in the coming weeks, the pessimists will disappear just like last season when it was all doom and gloom with the NCAA sanctions.

  26. What’s funny is all the old timer benjy fans on the warrior network forum predicting doom and gloom and losing to all the d2 local teams before they even know who Ganot is brining in with the 5 open scholarships, lol. Too funny. Can’t wait for Ganot to prove them all wrong again.

  27. Yup, that is mind boggling. Someone suggested we wouldnt win ten games. I mean, come on. People seriously think Buscher and stepteau are going to be forced to start.

  28. Duke frosh PG announced intent to transfer will have to sit out one year and have 3 to play 3… Very good guard coming out of hs, actually finished early so the equivalent of a hs senior was on the floor for Coach K. Would be able to sit out the ban year due to transfer. Hope Ganot attempts to contact him would be a nice get. Any news on the McDowell-Whites brothers? William recently played in the nike hoop summit and said somewhere he and his brother can go to together is a huge factor, keep in mind the brothers are Aussies. William at 6’5 and brother at 6’0. 4 and 2 star rated respectively. Anybody take a look at the JC PF that was offered a few days ago?

  29. … Saw that Buddy Hield won another award, and just wondering what Bobbitt and Q have planned. Janks and AV are going to go the pro route. How about Bobbitt and Q? Any leads? Or are they still trying to finish up classes. I would think Q would make a good coach someday.

  30. I’m very excited for the upcoming recruiting news! this year was a turning point for the program

  31. TC, forward that info on The Duke Transfer to Acker and Ganot on twitter. They check it.

  32. xer 21, good idea, he wants to play closer to home, (california), he can live Hawaii and get that playing closer to home in every conference road game

  33. I don’t know acker’s @.. do you happen to?

  34. Ackercr on twitter is coach Acker.

    Dc- William McDowell – White is visiting Indiana and MICHIGAN STATE ,safe to say he is out of our league now.

  35. I tweeted Derryck Thornton (the player) as well. 5 star player out of hs. His @ is @DerryckThronton .. maybe some more tweets from Hawaii fans could get us into the picture

  36. Derryck Thorton Jr would be HUGE pickup, but I am sure he will have a lot of schools interested in him.

    Mcdowell-White, he could be a bouncback , never know he could transfer to UH after a year 🙂

  37. I’m not sure if william is completely ool just yet… His biggest thing right now is a place he can play with his brother. I’m not sure these other schools have offered both??? Fan of mills and matt D from the cavs… maybe gannot can work some magic and sell the vision..

  38. I believe his brother is currently committed to Fresno not much written on it other then one article about William on rivals.com

  39. Are you sure Thorton’s brother is committed to Fresno, nothing on their board about him being the brother of one of their commits.

    Have no idea why anyone would be interested in FresNO. or why the heck Mcdowell-White took a visit there in the fall.

  40. Oh just realized Darryl Mcdowell-White is committed to fresNO so I guess that’s why William took a visit there, FresNO sticks out like an ugly sore thumb listed along his other visits.

  41. Oh sorry if the formatting was unorganized but McDowell- white’s brother is said to have committed to fresno on this link https://basketballrecruiting.n.rivals.com/news/hoops-summit-mcdowell-white-next-aussie-in-line-

  42. Thornton would be a dream get no doubt but given him wanting to play closer to home in California, we have a legit case to present to him and is definitely worth the shot imo we have nothing to lose here. He would sit out the ban year as well so that wouldn’t be a worry

  43. Ganot was on Leahy’s show. Good interview. Very realistic, and he alluded to all of the comments about program. What the team had to endure, as well as understanding the move to go pro for Janks and Valdes. He said it would take until 2018-19 to get to level playing field, I guess he means to be competitive like this year’s team. Have the right pieces, while dealing with NCAA sanctions. We all know he did a good job. Worked out well fo players and the new staff. Ganot will be here for awhile. Maybe like Wallace.

  44. You all talk like you know when you’re just a speculator just like the rest of us. Ganot hasn’t proven anything to me yet. Gib could have taken these guys just as far and possibly would have retained more talent. Now the cupboards are bare. Why? Cause Ganot can’t even recruit his own players back, lol. I predict cellar dweller next season.

  45. How can anyone compare Gib to Ganot. Gib brought major sanctions to the program and is the reason for our predicament right now.

  46. Lol, Gib did not do nearly as much player development or coaching. The only player he ever really developed was Vander, and the South American Coach had more to do with it.

    Gib’s late game coaching was so bad, there’s no way we would have beat Long Beach to take the BWT.

  47. So far the PG looks to be Sheriff. Owies may be need some seasoning, per Curran.

  48. I agree with Pono and xer21… I don’t care how much talent you give Gib, he still wouldn’t know how to win a BW tournament game, much less an NCAA tournament game. You can’t underestimate good coaching, and having a good staff that you actually use effectively.

  49. Xer 21 I couldn’t agree with you more. Ganot did a good job trying to work the this last group and that is credit he deserves. Gib on the other hand had other plans for this group and I’m sure that half of this group would’ve left after their sophomore season. Gib didn’t work guys out and was always looking to pull scholarships from current players and I Think that’s what got him burned with NCAA. I agree Gib’s teams couldn’t finish games.

    Now this past group deserves a lot of credit. They made 2 coaches look real good. I think credit needs to be given to the guys on this blog. I can’t blame them for leaving and we should support them. All left in good standing and in a very respectful way. They owe us nothing and only brought joy to the island. Good group, good parents and made us proud.

    On day someone will talk and all of the crap that Gib pulled and did to UH will come out. I’m sure there is a lot out there to share.

    Good luck Ganot, and we as fans should give him outr support until he shows otherwise. Like the coach and what he brings. Let’s see how his recruits hold up.

  50. Well said Balle4Life. A bunch of the players left, and yet I don’t feel like they abandoned us. Just so grateful we were able to enjoy the ride they took is on.

  51. The big question is, who among all the players that finish their eligibility or transfer out are actually considered a UH graduate with a degree. Tummala is a graduate student and is accepted to go on to further medical schooling elsewhere on the mainland. Quincy getting his degree in May? Is Bobbitt graduating? I don’t think Jankovic, Valdes, Jovanovic, and Filipovich are since they are leaving as juniors and redshirt sophomore. I have to believe that Q is getting his degree. He’s been in the program 3 years.
    Not sure if Rod has all his credits.

    Respect all for making their respective decisions. It was a magical season, a historic season. Onward and upward. Recruit and reload.

  52. In a SA article, it said Janks is ” on pace to graduate.”
    Haven’t heard about the others, other than AV needs to later finish an internship to graduate.
    Quincy along with Stef were named to the 2015 Big West Commissioner’s Honor Roll.
    How are the others going to affect the team APR ?

  53. none of them should be affecting the APR as long as they’re currently passing. Janks and AV went pro, which abolves them of any responsibility to graduate, and the rest are either continuing school or graduating. the only od man out might be bobbitt, but even if he chooses not to finish his degree, i believe he can declare for the pros and save us if he’s passing.

  54. UH ended up with RPI rank of 81, UCI 66, LBSU 84. Maryland 13, Cal 18.

  55. That RPI of 81 is a joke and just shows the lack of respect UH receives. Our RPI should be somewhere in the 40’s at least.

    All this debate about how good Ganot really is and him using Gibs recruits is useless. The only real way to find out if Ganot is really a good coach or not is to wait until the 18-19 season ends and see how the team is doing. Because of the ban next season and loss of recruits it’s really hard to gauge anything fairly until then.

  56. its not a “lack of respect. its a mathematical formula. we got hosed because the teams in the Rainbow classic suck and some of the fill ins in the schedule this year happened to be extra terrible (you can’t always help that, but we never should have scheduled teams like howard, MVSU or Pine Bluff, who are bottom feeders in awful conferences year in and year out.), and RPI rewards road games. Thus, LBSU and Irvine, who took road games to P5 schools (something we wont do because we actually make money on home games and P5 schools wont do home and homes with us), get massive schedule boosts, while we do not, despite the extra wins.

  57. You’ll be seeing more of those types of “feeders” since our team (probably) won’t be as strong as the past two seasons’ teams.

  58. you keep parroting that with nothing but baseless assumptions. Ganot never once said he was planning on scheduling like that.

  59. Wow, judging from the video, owies can really POUND it inside!!!

  60. Owies is the starting PG and a double-digit scorer for the Australian 20-and-under national championship team. I think he’ll be fine.

  61. He’s already going to be the first guy with a legit pull up jumper since Nevels.

  62. Blessing in disguise I say.

    Can’t blame any of the guys for leaving. Obviously I wish they all would stay but that was never a realistic expectation. That said, the last two to leave hurt worse than the first two.. Only because the first two were expected, whereas the last two were a bit surprising.. At least a little.

    For the haters of specific players: I say keep it coming. These kids are unbelievably resilient these days. Heck, even I find myself being a bit critical of certain players at certain times but that’s just being a passionate fan. That said, whatever you say to attack or belittle a player at this time of the year is just added fuel to the fire for them to prove you wrong. And my bet is prove you wrong they will.

    For the haters of Eran Ganot: I really don’t get it. As a coach of a state and program like Hawaii, he’s about as good as it gets. Of course there are better recruiters, player developers, and in-game coaches out there, but who do we think we are? Eran Ganot is more than an adequate recruiter and all the rest above, and the cherry on top? He says Hawaii is his dream job! Granted he inherited a special group of guys this year, but he’s the first coach ever to sweep the regular season and postseason conference titles while winning our first game in the big dance. Can we really afford anyone better???

    For the supporters of the team and the program: Fasten your seat belts. My bet is we’re in for a bumpy ride but in the end it will be all for the better. If I’m not mistaken, Eran was but 32 years old this past year and his assistants arguably were more involved and competent then ever before. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our program as I have no doubt we will be back as annual contenders if not dominators of the big west, and threaten to make it to the dance year in and year out in just a couple few short years.

  63. Saw the Owies’ video a couple weeks ago, and he impressed me. Of course, every athlete looks good in highlights. But Owies has great awareness on the floor, a nice shooting form and although listed at 6 feet (he appears shorter), he’s sturdily built. As they say, he’s short, not small. I think it was mentioned a while ago that school in Australia might be over and he’ll spend several months training before reporting to Manoa.
    With Owies, Buggs, Green and Drammeh on board, I hope the recruiting focus is on the front court, where only Thomas and Purchase — neither of whom are true posts — return.
    I believe Wednesday is the start of the signing period. Not sure what caliber of player is still available, but Ganot’s stock is at high point following a historic season and a couple postseason coaching awards. We’ll see what the coaching staff can come up with.

  64. I’m not worried about the height. Bibbins from Long Beach State couldn’t be more than 5’10”. Tyler Ulis from Kentucky is only 5’9″. If they can play Division I ball, they can play, period. Ability and basketball savvy is what’s important. We should hear about some new commitments soon, like real soon.

  65. This Wednesday April 13 2016, first day for LOI signings. Would guess Coach Ganot has maybe one or two forwards to sign? Freshmen? Have to round out the roster. Confident he can get some good young talent. Just to have them mesh will be important. How long does that NCAA appeal take? Maybe till May?

  66. At this point I couldn’t care less about the post season ban. We won’t be qualifying anyways. I’d rather get back the two scholarships in 17-18. We have enough to offer this year, already.

  67. I want some recruiting news NOW!!! LOL

  68. giga and rodas would be nice JC gets

  69. rodas is a very similar mold to aaron valdes just an inch taller .. high flyer as well

  70. Signing peiord begins tomorrow and goes through May 19, I hope we sign more than just Green tomorrow.

  71. Likewise.. I feel we are in for an exciting and interesting month or so as UHMBB fans

  72. Our guards, at their size this year, and even with their quickness, had trouble guarding bigger guards. They need to be both big and quick. They need to be able to guard the Buddy Hields’ of NCAA division 1 basketball. That’s the line. To score over the Buddy Hields’ of the league would be a plus, but they have to be able to keep up with them and guard them and give us a chance to win ! We have to have a chance to win !
    Go Bows !

  73. I mean, they didnt really have trouble defending bigger guards. they had trouble defending two guards specifically, Hield and Faust. And neither of those were hard to guard due to their size, they were hard to guard because of their step backs.

    No one guarded buddy hield this year. asking someone to lock him down is unreasonable. you beat him with scheme.

  74. A potentially good thing for Hawaii’s recruiting efforts is the true and obvious opportunity to play right away. The same cannot always be said for most other programs. Hence, I don’t think it’s a stretch to see us get a couple of highly touted players due to immediate and abundant playing time, but also a chance to be a part of building something from almost nothing.

  75. I didn’t say lock him down. I said give us a chance to win.
    We have to have a chance to win !
    Go Bows !

  76. Villanova held Hield to nine points, or he held himself down.

  77. with the football news today hoping for good new come start of signing period tomorrow

  78. possible transfer?

    9. Grant Mullins, Columbia Lions

    Mullins averaged 13.3 points and 3.3 assists for a Columbia team that won 25 games and took home the CIT title. Michigan, Cal, Syracuse and Hawaii have already contacted the 6-4 guard, and his list of suitors could grow.


  79. Mullins I would think would want to play in a post season conference tourney. at least.

  80. Do we have to login now to post? I am using my phone outside. Usually I post using my laptop.

  81. Any news on signees yet? Shopping list. Center. Power Forward. And shooting wings?

  82. Regardless of who recruited last year’s team, it still takes a very good coach (and staff) to take any team to the Dance. There are a lot of teams out there with great players each year who don’t ever make it so I think Eran deserves a lot of credit along with our awesome players. We had players who got better from prior seasons (like Quincy) and Eran adapted very well at various times when we were down in games. Of course, the players had to execute and they showed HEART and teamwork to come back after being down in a lot of games. Without the tireless preparation that we hear about in the film room, I’m not sure we’d have had the mega success we just had.

    Only time will tell regarding his recruiting, but Eran seems like not only a good coach, but a genuine guy and I’m sure he’ll maximize the potential of all the new Warriors coming next year.

    Can’t wait for next season! Whether we win 10 games or 25 games, we gotta support the team because that what true fans do… stick by them even when things are at its lowest point.

  83. RC….well said! Go Bows!

  84. Off-topic, TV commentator said Steph Curry is the first Golden State player to win the NBA scoring title since 1967, Rick Barry (San Francisco Warriors).
    1995-96 Bulls, whose 72 wins record was broken tonight, scored an average ppg of 105.2 to opponents 92.9.
    The Warriors, 73-9, scored an average of 114.8 and opponents 104.1. Different eras, but does that mean that the Bulls were a better defensive team ?

  85. How can you not give Ganot credit. He did what no other coach has done in the history of the program and there have been a lot of good players and teams over the years. Ganot has been dealt a tough hand but he is recruiting well despite the sanctions working against him. If you look at Gib’s first couple of recruiting classes they were pretty bad with most players transferring out pretty quickly. Dominic Brumfield, Bobby Miles, Bo Barnes, Anthony Salter, Jordan Coleman, Trevor Wiseman were all part of the first recruiting class that transferred out quickly. The only guys who stayed were Joston and Vander who were also head cases.

  86. Well consider me in the minority but I liked gib and benjy better than this year’s coaches. Can’t put a finger on it as to why but I thought benjy’s team was the most exciting. And you all won’t agree but I believe if benjy was here we still would have won the big west tourney and beat cal. Plus Fleming would have stayed and made the team that much more potent. Benjy took the team to the bw championship game in his year. The players all improved this year, and some credit is due ganot’s coaches. But don’t tell me that they wouldn’t have improved as players even under benjy. Many of you think Ganot has been dealt a bad deal. I couldn’t disagree more. He was gifted the most talented group of players since the English and savo years plus these players were mostly upperclassmen. They would have made any coach look good. So my take is let’s wait and see before anointing ganot with heaps of praise. He still has a lot to prove.

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