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A look back at the final statistics

The University of Hawaii men's basketball team defeats Long Beach State and captures the championship of the 2016 Big West Tournament at the Honda Center, Anaheim, CA on March 12, 2016. Photo: Brandon Flores.

The 28 overall wins and the one epic victory in the NCAA Tournament have already been well documented in the unforgettable 2015-16 season for the University of Hawai’i basketball team.

Here are some other final notes and numbers from the historic season …

• The Warriors finished with an 11-3 record away from home. That is the best winning percentage for a UH team away from home, and ties the school record for most victories at road or neutral sites in a single season. The 1989-90 team went 11-8 away from home, and the 2001-02 team went 11-5.

• Hawai’i scored a total of 2,620 points, setting a new school record (although the per game average of 77.1 was well short of the record 91.7 set by the Fabulous Five team in 1971-72).

• In one of the more surprising records set this season, the Warriors attempted more 3-pointers than any previous team in UH history, with 737. They made 237, which was four short of the school record set by the 2001-02 team.

• The Warriors also set new school records for free throws made (597) and free throws attempted (873).

Roderick Bobbitt’s name now dominates the steals category in the UH record book, as he holds the marks for steals in a game (10 vs. UH-Hilo in 2014), season (100 as a junior in 2014-15), and career (168 over his two-year career).

• Bobbitt also ranks among the all-time UH greats in the assists category. Through two seasons, he amassed 367 assists, which ranks fourth all-time at UH, behind only Troy Bowe (412), Anthony Carter (403) and Kalia McGee (392).

• Bobbitt led the Big West Conference in assists with 5.5 per game. It is the second consecutive season that he led the Big West in assists per game, making him the first player in UH history to lead a conference in that category twice. The only other UH players to lead the conference in assists once in their respective careers were: Troy Bowe, Anthony Carter, Mark Campbell, Miah Ostrowski, Jace Tavita and Keith Shamburger.

Stefan Jankovic became just the sixth player in UH history to receive votes in the Associated Press All-America Team. Jankovic, who was listed in the Honorable Mention category, joins Bob Nash, Tom Henderson, Anthony Harris, Anthony Carter and Predrag Savovic as the only Warriors to receive All-America votes.

• Jankovic led the team in scoring (15.6), rebounding (6.6) and field goal percentage (.543). Only three other players in UH history have led the team in those three categories for a season: Tony Wells (1977-78), Reggie Cross (1988-89), and Vander Joaquim (2011-12).

Aaron Valdes has 975 points through three seasons at UH. Only 16 players in UH basketball history have scored 1,000 points while playing as a Warrior.

Quincy Smith finished his career with 126 steals, which ranks ninth in UH history.

CLICK HERE to view the complete final statistics for the 2015-16 season


  1. Great team and great season. Go bows!

  2. Interesting stats particularly the All America voting. Not counting Jankovic 3 out of the 5 players that received votes from Hawaii played in the NBA. I would say Jankovic is a better overall player than Anthony Harris or Pedrag Savovic. Closer to Anthony Carter in talent I’d say. Will he be the 4th player to make it to the NBA? I say he will. He has upside potential when you compare his two seasons here and the improvements he made between sophomore and junior season.

  3. Skills, Size, Intelligence, Attitude and Work Ethic, that coach-ability and ability to improve especially work well with a good coaching training staff and the (professional/NBA) dedicated effort and focus…I think the coaches that voted him POY over more ‘known talents’ like Faust see much of that as well; he took personal responsibiity for losing the Maryland Opportunity; Good Traits All-Around…

    I would ‘rank’ Janks ahead of at least a couple of the Hawai’i All-Americans,
    In the Range of a couple of the NBA types…

    (This) also elevated my impression of AA Teams…
    And Coaches’ abilities to assess, evaluate players
    (I thought it was ‘more political’, but that is an impressive and well-considered list…

  4. NOTE That Under CollegeInsider.com’s

    RILEY WALLACE Award (for Top D-1 Transfer): Grandy Glaze of Grand Canyon (WAC)

    POY: Nick Faust (LBSU)
    COY: Eran Ganot (UH)

    Conratulations, AIR CUBA…

  5. The team record for 3-point shots is very surprising to me because I didn’t think of this team as having one consistent shooter all year. UH had a lot of better shooter teams in the past, a lot better actually. This tells me that recruiting shooters is very important because the outside shots are there for the taking with this offense.

  6. I was surprised the coahes never went after Graze I thought he would have been a good fot with UH last year when he was looking to transfer for his final season.

  7. Meant Glaze not Graze.

  8. “This tells me that recruiting shooters is very important because the outside shots are there for the taking with this offense.”

    Thanks, Captain Obvious.

  9. Also Obvious….

    BUT Owies, Buggs and Green (And Purchase) All Appear to have Fundamentally Sound Shooting Forms

    AND Play with Good Balance and Body Control, Defense with their feet –
    – Minimize Cheap Offensive Fouls And Reaching Fouls

    We Might Be Able to Count the Number of Times they have to Sit with THREE Fouls (OR First Half with TWO Because Coaches Can’t ‘Trust’ them) on One or Two Fingers… As Good as Bobbitt AND Janks were (First-Teamers)…

  10. Servante

    Janks would be the 7th ‘Bow to play in the NBA, if he sticks with an NBA team

    Former ‘Bow who played in the NBA:

    Bob Nash, 1973-1979
    Anthony Carter, 2000-2012
    Tom Henderson, 1975-1983
    Trevor Ruffin, 1995-1996
    Pedrag Savovic, 2003, played 27 games for Denver

    Also Reggie Carter played for the NYK 1980-81. He started his freshmen year in Manoa (1975-1976), transferred to St Johns where he played 3 years played. Drafted in the 2nd round (27th pick) of the 1979 NBA Draft by the New York Knicks.

    Jimmie Baker, 1976

  11. Oops!

    Tommy Barker also played in the NBA, 1977-1979.

    Janks would be the 8th ‘Bow if he sticks with an NBA team for the 2016-2017 season.

    Size, mobility, good handles, can shoot for a high percentage from beyond the 3-point line, and can finish with either hand in the post. Great up-side! JMHO, but I think he’ll get drafted in the 2nd round. At this point, he definitely have more upside than those two California freshmen “lottery picks”.

  12. It’s been reported that AV will be going pro as well. Good luck to him. A fine young man who is on track to earn his degree and now it’s time to make some Kala.

  13. Pono, where’d you hear/read that?

  14. Valdes just announced he’s leaving UH.

    If Thomas and Jovanovic also leave, I’m guessing there won’t be a senior night. Kind of crazy to think about.

  15. if niko leaves, that’s 8 free scholarships. Damn, some class we have to fill.

  16. Dayton getting some well deserved love in AV’s letter. Very interesting that he doesn’t even mention the coaching regime that recruited him here.

  17. And he didn’t mention coach Ganot by name. Hmmm

  18. Please don’t read into Aaron not naming Ganot. He didn’t name his teammates by name either. He appreciates Ganot very much. This Bows team, coaches and all won, lost and got as far as they did together as a team. There is not one person more deserving than the other. They were all appreciated equally. I think Ganot appreciates this as well.

  19. I keep telling people to stop scrutinizing player comments like it’s all secret code, but thanks for clearing that up for people, Because I’m sick of people coming up with ridiculous conspiracy theories about simple wording.

  20. Looks like Mamadou is entering the draft and he’s hiring an agent. At least we don’t have to deal with him anymore and this really hurts UCI. CSUN is now the scariest team next season with all their redshirts becoming eligible.

  21. TribeVx4, I wish Aaron the best in his future endeavors! Hawaii fans were so very lucky to have him as part of the UH Basketball Ohana. He will certainly be missed. Also, best of wishes to you and your family. Please take care and much Aloha to the Valdes Ohana! Go Bows!

  22. CSUN is going to suck as long as Theus is there. they are always LOADED with talent and transfers, but Theus is just a bad coach.

    Long Beach and UCI will remain at the head of the conference with UCSB right behind.

  23. Some people need to simply give it a rest and stop looking more into the letter.smh He said his goodbyes. We wish you well Aaron! Aloha Oe!

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