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UH basketball teams honored on campus and at State Capitol

(video and photo courtesy www.hawaii.edu)

The championship University of Hawai’i basketball teams were recognized and honored at two separate events on Monday.

The first was a special rally at the Campus Center Courtyard on the UH-Manoa campus for both the UH men’s and women’s teams.


“I call these guys the Believers, our team in terms of what they can do,” men’s head coach Eran Ganot said. “Before the year, as you know, a sellout was something you couldn’t even discuss. Not possible. And the fans here made us believers. We sold out twice.”

The Rainbow Warriors also won a school-record 28 games, including the Big West Conference regular-season and tournament championships, and the first NCAA Tournament victory in school history.

“This is just the start, this is the momentum that we’re going to build off.” Ganot said.

Later on Monday afternoon, the UH men’s and women’s teams were honored by Governor David Ige at a Proclamation Ceremony in the Governor’s Ceremonial Room at the State Capitol.

“This truly was a phenomenal season for the University of Hawai’i, when both the men and women basketball teams made it to the NCAA Tournament,” Ige said. “As a graduate of the University of Hawai’i, it was really exciting for me, personally.”

Here is the video report from KHON2 News:


  1. Good videos. Mike, you need another inch or two in the back so you don’t have to stand on your tip toes.

  2. Off topic, video on Bol Bol, the late Manute Bol’s 15 year old son.

  3. No sign of Bobbitt.

  4. Think he went home for spring break; same with Valdes.

  5. Kind of wonder. This group accomplished goal. Some from 2. 3 or 4 years ago. Feel for walkons. They worked scout just as hard. Will they be there next season? Very happy. Change. Now Eran usher in his team/ recruits. Old regime done however we thankful. Or Eran thankful for lots of good talent left over. This season clock start to click on change of team makeup. Nothing more to prove for old guys returnees. Eran take it over complete now. New guys. Fresh start!! Go Bows!!

  6. Clyde, Spring Break ended last week. Guess they’re taking extra time off.

  7. Kahuna, where did you come up with Kavaughn Scott committing to UH?

  8. Of course Bobbitt wouldn’t show up. My sources have told me that he really had no true loyalty to the school to begin with and as soon as the season was over, he mentally and physically checked out.

  9. Jeezy33,

    So much sarcasm from a hardcore college sports gambler. No one was implying there was any issue with Bobbitt. I just noticed he wasn’t at either of the ceremonies and thought it was strange since he was a huge part of Hawaii’s success this year. My initial thought was that he was sick but somebody mentioned he was at home.

  10. No worry, we will have a good team, a happier team going forward. Coach Ganot is building a program the right way with good people, smart players, and play for each other. There will be good character guys and leadership.

  11. Anderpop……I was dreaming…LOL

  12. KEEP Dreamin’

    (I was also Reviewing the EARL WATSON ELITE Rosters As Well lookin’ for Teammates (Specifically BIGS) who KNOW They CAN Play with Buggs and Green And Might wanna Follow their point guard/Leaders to Hawai’i…


    Go ‘BOWS’ Staff!
    JUST KEEP WINNIN’ The Recruiting WARS, too…

  13. Here’s a SoCal player ranking, mentioned by gobows on another board.

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