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Jankovic will declare for entry to NBA Draft


University of Hawai’i junior forward/center Stefan Jankovic announced on Wednesday that he will declare for early entry to the 2016 NBA Draft, and thus skip his final season of collegiate eligibility.

Jankovic just completed one of the most decorated seasons by an individual player in UH basketball history, including the Big West Conference Player of the Year award, and recognition as an Honorable Mention selection for the Associated Press All-America Team.

Here is the official release of www.hawaiiathletics.com …

HONOLULU – University of Hawai‘i junior forward Stefan Jankovic announced Wednesday he will forgo his final year of eligibility and declare for early entry in the NBA Draft.

“I would like to thank the state of Hawai‘i for all the great memories but I feel the time is right for me to declare for the draft and I’m in the process of hiring an agent,” Jankovic said. “After the great season I experienced with my coaches and teammates, I discussed this decision with my family and we felt it was best for me to begin my professional career. I will always call Hawai‘i home and this place gave me a second chance after I transferred from Missouri.

“I would like to thank my coaches for always pushing me, my teammates for the great season we had, and to all of the fans for their support during this truly amazing year. In my two years at Hawai‘i, I’ve had some of the best times of my life and Hawai‘i will always have a special place in my heart. Aloha and mahalo.”

Jankovic led the Rainbow Warriors in scoring (15.6) and rebounding (6.6) in 2015-16 en route to Big West Conference Player of the Year honors as well as being named Associated Press honorable mention All-America and USBWA All-District IX teams. He finished his two-year career with 770 points (13.5 ppg), 335 rebounds (5.9 rpg), and 73 blocks (1.3 bpg). His 52.4 career field goal percentage ranks seventh all-time in program history.

“We thank Stefan for his contributions to not only our basketball program but to this university and the state of Hawai‘i,” Ganot said. “He is a fine young man who comes from a tremendous family, and he’s worked hard for this opportunity. More important than basketball, Janks is on pace to graduate, which we, along with his family are very proud of.

“In his short time here, Janks entrenched himself in the community and has said Hawai‘i will always be home. He has our complete and unconditional support. In just one year, Stefan went from a non-all-conference player to Big West Player of the Year on an NCAA Tournament team and that’s a testament to his hard-work, dedication and sacrifice to the game. His future is bright and I look forward to following his career.”

The Mississauga, Ontario native helped lead UH to its first NCAA Tournament berth since 2002 and its first win ever in the tournament, a 77-66 victory over California, in which Jankovic recorded 16 points and five rebounds. During the team’s Big West Tournament run, he averaged 15.3 points and 5.0 rebounds per game and was selected to the all-tournament team.

The 2016 NBA Draft is scheduled for June 23 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y.


  1. Damnit, something we knew was coming but held out hope he’d give us one more year…Thanks for the memories Janks, and I’ll be following your professional career closely.

    Mahalo, Go ‘Bows!

  2. Mahalo, Stefan, and best of luck to you as you pursue a professional career. The upside is you’ll also have a college degree to fall back on.

  3. Good luck to him in his pro career. Would really suck if the ban is lifted though, but oh well we won’t find out till summer.

  4. big three of Janks, Valdes and Bobbit

    is being replaced by big three of Green, Owies and Purchase IMO

  5. Stefan thanks for staying on board after Gib fired. Benjy interim year and Ganot first year. People we are glad coaching staff recruited Jankovic to transfer to Hawaii. Mistake not withstanding. Janks skillset NBA level. 6’11 with guard skills and now post game. Either way mahalo Stefan. Eran enjoyed best basketball athletes in UH History!! Aloha! Now Aaron Valdes euro pro?

  6. Ganot would be brilliant coach if can get 3 freshmen 2 walkons and 2 soph. To win 29 plus games. Losing Rod. Quincy and Jankovic. 3 starters is huge. Eran recruit a couple of 2 and 3 star freshmen forwards. Or one and done s 5 year senior transfers!

  7. First class young guy. He can hire agent and get workouts. Sure if no nba team draft or guaranteed free agent offer. High euro leagues he would be huge star. High ceiling!!

  8. Just like everybody else I wish Janks would stay for his senior year but best of luck to him and mahalo for this great and memorable season. He have to be considered one of the best big men we ever had at UH and not because he played like a big but because he had so many different skills.

  9. It’s a good financial move for Janks since he’ll have his degree and he has accomplished a lot here with sanctions looming. For him it’s an easy decision to move on and play pro ball for a paycheck. Best of luck to him.

  10. Yep we would all do the same in his position. He’s 22 already, that’s on the old side in the NBA for a rookie, NBA teams are looking at drafting 19-20 year olds. He has a good chance at being drafted in the second round, it’s a weak draft this year..

  11. Austin Pope, who was recruited by Gib and Benjy but then decommited, signed with Chaminade in Nov of 2015, per verbal commits.

  12. Janks hasn’t showed up in the few mock drafts that i’ve seen, so far.

  13. After getting all american status that put the coffin in the nail as far as he staying in Hawaii. Does anyone now have any doubts he is not NBA material? I’d declare too because you don’t want to make the mistake that Colt Brennan did when he was projected as the first quarterback to be picked in his junior year. You gotta take opportunities when they come and Jankovic’s window is open. Low first round or high second round would be nice. We need a representative in the NBA. Good luck Janks. Make Hawaii proud.

  14. He was never going to stay even if the ban next season didn’t happen. He’s academically a senior, and he has a pro career ahead of him whether it’s somehow a NBA roster or Europe.
    Why risk injury next season if he’s already 22? Plus, the draft is weak this year. If he can turn heads at camps and workouts as an invitee, he has a shot to go in the second round, and of course as a undrafted free agent. Playing in Europe and China is pretty lucrative as well these days.

    Good luck to Janks and it was a pleasure watching him grow from a redshirt in a polo to the BW POY and by far one of the most efficient players in the country.

  15. Congratulation!!!!!All the best Janks!!!!

  16. Same here.. Wish he could’ve stayed. Thank you Janks for playing in Hawaii! Was fun to watch you
    Hit those long 3’s! Look forward to seeing you play on the professional level!

  17. Interesting that Pope sat out this year and instead of playing for a D1 is now playing for a D2 school.

  18. Servante, agree with all your comments, except the part about the all American putting the nail in the coffin. He had decided this about 2 months ago lol
    It was just icing on the cake, the acolades.
    He is now going to bust his butt in cali for two months, put on weight and work with the best coaches possible and prepare mentally for pre draft camps and workouts. His ceiling is high, whether currently projected in draft or not….he will get there

  19. Islandman, those mock drafts mean nothing lol
    They have Van fleet listed. Personally no way Van fleet or Baker from Wichita get drafted ahead of Janks. NBA is all about potential. Very good college players that are small get passed over fand go undrafted in favor of younger taller more athletic guys.

  20. WeBleed,
    I’m guessing Valdes will soon announce that he’s leaving too. I like these early announcements so that it enables Eran to enter the signing period with his full allotment of scholies. The contingent offers may sign elsewhere if the juniors dont state their decision early enough.

  21. It would be nice to retain Thomas and big Stef for their leadership but if they decide to leave,UH will be just fine.

    UH is bringing in a monster freshmen class that will be able to grow together for four years, and get UH back to the Dance, they will be getting excellent coaching and maximizing their potential with Ganot and his staff, trust me.

  22. Valdes almost no brainer. Great year. Will get degree. He and Janks going out on real high. Who knows if can match or surpass this year ncaa run. If ban overturned. Know that guys once 4 years secure degree. Many move on. Wish AV best . Standhardinger. Spearman and Nevels having pretty good euro pro year! Wish him best. Euro or nba as guard tryout. AV nothing to lose!

  23. AV leaves. 4 out of 5 starters gone. MT we await. Could be 5 starters gone. Now team will look more like Eran recriluing class. Fair enough. Recruiting name of game. Good coaching the guidance towards greatness!!

  24. JANKS!!

    Joining ALL In Wishing You Continued Basketball And Life Growth and Success!

    AND In Thanking YOU for Sharing it With US!

    POY And Among Most Improved…
    YOU Are The Example of Smart, Hard Work
    AND Another Great UH Grad soon!

    Thank You for YOUR Vision And Success in Elevating The UH Program
    AND Sharing That FUN And Memories Made!

    What a RUN…
    YOU Should Always have OUR & Hawai’i ‘s FULL Support!
    Even Before This Season I thought,
    “Janks Really Gets It!”

    Go Get ALL THE REST of Your Hoops And Life’s Dreams!

  25. warriorfan2 … best of luck to Janks and Kolo. Got to give it his best shot when he can. But remember Carl English, All-WAC and All District but maybe not All-America mention.

  26. I think we’ll see a transfer take one of the scholies. EG has to even out the recruiting classes. He can’t have 5 kids graduating all at once when they become seniors.

  27. Islandman, NBA teams draft based on potential, Carl was just 6’3?? Good shooter not very fast. Janks is 6′ 11 and has abilities that most guys his size do not. Carl did not have anything special, although he was a very very good college player.

  28. Pono, sorry but why not?? And very likely someone will end up transferring anyway. Looks like Ganot is looking to build this team on freshmen.

  29. Janks – Really enjoyed your play and glad you are getting your degree.

    The next level is going to be a lot faster and much more physical. Hope you have a good trainer. Regardless, you’ve got a good head on your shoulders. Wish you all the luck in the world at attaining your goals.

    A BOW forever.

  30. warriorfan2 … Carl was 6-5, Savo 6-6, Lance T. 5-4.

  31. Not too surprising on this announcement. Janks has been on a tear the last few months and his draft stock isn’t going to get much better by staying for one more year. He’s already received the highest honor the Big West can offer and he’s not going to win any national awards if UH remains under sanctions next year.

    In my honest assessment of his NBA chances: Not great. At best, he might go late 2nd Round.

    He has the offensive skill set, shooting range to play a stretch 4 position in the pros, but Janks lacks the speed, strength and explosiveness to make an NBA roster. It’s not a knock on Janks, it’s just the reality of how good/talented/athletic NBA caliber forwards are. Also, he, like many offensive minded players, tend to be lax on defensive rotations and allow easy buckets. Unless he really improves his defense and rebounding, I see him more as a D-League level player or a solid player in Europe.

    That being said, I think Janks will make a lot of money overseas if he continues to improve his shooting and gets physically stronger.

    Like what I said about Fotu, I have zero issues with him turning pro and wish him the best of luck. Given the situation and the form he’s currently in, there’s no upside to staying at UH. If I were part of his counsel, I would have advised him to turn pro.

    The best piece of advice that I could give is to hire the best agent possible. Someone with connections to get him an NBA Summer League Roster spot somewhere. That’s Janks’ best chance of making an NBA roster… It’s the route Jeremy Lin had to take to get in. Lin signed with Dallas Mavs Summer League and played well enough to impress scouts across the league. Dallas didn’t have space to sign him but Lin immediately signed with Golden State, then to NY Knicks and the rest is history.

  32. I am just curious to hear what some of you think about if Janks wanted to transfer to another D1 school next year instead of going pro? Ever since UH beat Cal there’s been write ups about Janks being available for big time teams like Michigan State, Maryland and Iowa State. All of those teams have Final 4 potential. Is his chances for NBA better if he went to one of these places next year?

  33. He is over school!

  34. Won’t make it in the NBA. He is too slow on the perimeter, and we all know how much he made ticky-tack fouls “trying” to block a shot. And he always thought he was doing it right, always complained to the refs. Never learned to play defense.

    For an all-offense player, he doesn’t shoot as well as other 7-footers like Dirk, Durant, or even Porzingis. Not even 80% FT. Lack of toughness will result in his FG% falling. Look at the Maryland game.

    I wouldn’t bother with the D-League either, the pay is nothing. His future is in Europe. I’m being honest with myself. Hope he does well wherever he goes.

  35. @ChuckCheese: Watch this video of a guy that Maryland had this year who wasn’t even their star player. 6’9″ guy. Does Janks look that much better than this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Osqbx7qviyY

    Hope this answers your question about Final 4 teams falling over for a guy like this.

  36. Unless you are Sean Schroeder football grad transfer or Sai Tummala med school candidate who made dream transfer. Aaron and Jankovic would think not career stydents. When walk that SSC grad line. They are done with school. Not shocked if Aaron moves on.What more would he or Janks have to prove. Now see the recruiting. For Real. By Ganot. Another starting 5 like this year would be good. Another 28 win . run BigWest table. Great. Ganot real challenge? What he does 2016-17. All his guys . most of on board! Go Bows!!
    Note: AV stays great too. We will see. AV.MT and big Stef decisions.

  37. Please, some of you forget how many slow PFs there are in the league. What, you think Luis Scola plays defense? He’s there to hit jumpers.

  38. Horse, Jake Layman is a small forward and played essentially as a shooting guard to compliment sulaimon. not a direct comparison.

  39. AGREE …Janks Conquered School And D-1
    HE Already Proved Big-Name Programs CANNOT Handle HIM

    Transfer to a BIG NAME School, Like MISERY…?

    I Always Believed Janks was TOO SMART to Buy Into “Another Coach” At Another School As
    “Representing Greener Grass”…

    There’s A Reason HE Came HERE
    HE KNEW He Could LEAD Hawai’i UP The Ladder
    When ‘WE’ WIN The Battle of the Boards 23-0
    JANKS KNOWS WE Could Have / even SHOULD HAVE Beat Maryland
    BUT we came UP Short On Our OWN Performance

    The Guys Doing Those Write-Ups Live In Their OWN “Bubble” (Of Reality)
    He Can Play AND He’s Smart
    Like I said Above
    “HE Gets It”
    HE HAS It
    AND WILL Keep Improving ‘Cos HE Works At It
    I Hope It Shows Up Into A Long NBA Career
    (Don’t NEED to be “Drafted”…
    I Could Tell AC “GOT” It, too
    He Might Head Coach — IN NBA)
    AND Carl Did NOT Seem to…
    A Little More Like FLEMING…
    …I HOPE They ALL “Get There”

  40. Horsssse_crap you are an idiot. Just being honest!

  41. No doubt Eran is cheering for Janks or AV if he chooses to do well in pros. Jankovic has to train starting today. Get stronger. Feather in cap for 2 coaching staffs if Janks makes nba roster!! Remember Savo made Nuggets roster as free agent after AC.

  42. Janks shot 82.2 FT % in conference play, 85 % in the Big West and NCAA tournaments

  43. Best of luck, Janks!

    I’m happy that he has decided to turn pro instead of transfer. Seeing Janks in another D-I uniform would have been somewhat painful.

    Entering the draft now right after accomplishing so much just makes sense. I would have made the same decision. For those who doubt that Janks will get drafted, just remember how much he has improved in one year under a good coach. (Gib was a good recruiter and Benjy was a good figure but neither good at improving individual skills, implementing tactics, etc.) Janks has proved to be a very coachable player with great potential.

    Thinking about next year’s team, I invite you all to check out highlight reels of Jack Purchase on YouTube. Janks’ style of play and skills that we’ve seen this past season remind me a lot of Purchase. I wouldn’t be surprised if we found out that Janks worked closely with Puchase and improved thanks to the Australian’s help. Lastly, I’m confident all the new guys coming in will do great.

  44. Congratulations Janks, go get’um and do hope you make it in the NBA. If not you are a sure bet for the European professional circuit. Stay healthy, work hard and keep up that positive attitude.

    AV not sure of your chances to play in the NBA. Europe or Asia maybe. If you are aspiring towards the NBA you may want to go to a big time school and find out how you can compete with a higher brand of competition on a weekly basis. Staying here, not sure how that will benefit your dreams. Anyway whatever you do may your dreams be attained. As some said maybe football?

    MT if you feel you have reached your limits here, by all means move on. You do need to work on being more consistent, need to improve your foot work and outside shooting and be able to control and being able to secure the ball with your hands more. If you can learn this elsewhere and graduate in your major by all means move on. If not I believe you can have a breakout year next season if you stay.

    Mahalo to all the players on this years team.

  45. Addresing your comments. Good words of advice. Would think . wonder if a realistic One year run. Ganot re recruited guys saying buy in. I saw tape of last year with taylor. You guys bond . can make ncaa run. Guys bought in. All previous coaches scholarship and preferred walkons accomplished goals and more. Clean house. Now Ganot exclusive recruited team? Maybe. If Mike. Aaron.Zach. Brocke and Jovanovich say leave on top. That is okay. Maybe walkons stay? AV. MT. Big Stef see POY. Honorable mention. Difference between 22 and 28 wins and 2nd round ncaa run. MT. AV. Stef Jovanovic. If decide to go. After recruitment initial done. Go. Hawaii love you men for 3 to 4 years of fighting and winning 86 games over past 4 years!
    Wish best whatever decide. Politicians no need get involved. Families make decision.
    AND Big shoutout to Isaac Fleming helping warriors win a lot of games this year. Mahalo!!

  46. I don’t know why horsechamp is using Kevin Durant, Dirk Nowitzki and Porzingis as reasons why Jankovic cant make the NBA.

    A) Durant and Nowitzki are all time greats, and Porzingis is a lottery pick who probably will be. they are far above Jankovic’s level, but there’s a difference between making the roster and being the go to guy like Durant is.

    B) Durant and Porzingis don’t even play the same position as Jankovic.

    C) There are plenty of slow, offense focused stretch 4s (not even saying Jankovic is slow) that have made it. Luis Scola and Lou Amundson, for starters.

  47. Scola and Amundsen look like tough physical players.

  48. Islandman is the kind of guy that just uses google to make all his opinions lol
    You do know that Scola and Amundson are both in their mid thirties? of course they are physical, Janks will get there.

  49. They are NOW. They didnt enter the league that way though. You’re picking at their developed games, a few years ago they were bench riders playing spot minutes. Hell, Amundson’s video makes a point that this is one of the first time’s he’s put up this kind of game. You also picked one of Amundson’s few good games. Also, calling scola physical? He’s mostly a finesse player. instead of picking their best games, have you actually watched either play extensively?

  50. warriorfan2 needs hardly uses google to state his opinions because he’s a great debater without it
    My google says Amundsen was a horse down low at UNLV and Scola was on the NBA 2008 All Rookie 1st Team in 2008. So Scola was pretty physical at 28 and also at 20 when he was Spanish League Rookie of the Year.

  51. xer21, no, i’ve just seen glimpses of Scola on TV games and his face and body look tough.

  52. Ok, well, i’ve watched him for a while, and he may look like that, but he doesnt play like that. He makes his money on mid range jumpers, solid footwork, soft touch around the rim, and cleaning up the glass. That’s nothing Jankovic can’t do.

  53. OK, Janks only has to make his face meaner then, with a light beard and longer hair. But his frame doesn’t look like Scola’s yet.

  54. Icing on the cake would be if Janks went to the Lakers and then got to play again at the SSC in a preseason game. #hopefulthinking

  55. I don’t see Jankovic getting drafted In the 1st round.
    It’s better if Janks doesn’t get drafted during the 2nd round because He and his agent get to chose which NBA team to play for that best fits his playing style.
    Good luck and Thank you

  56. Perfect – high character score.
    Could have, but didn’t hog the ball.
    Always a team player.
    We have not seen the best of Janks !
    This game will get easier for him.
    Go Janks !

  57. Jankovich, will land up as a low second round pick or go the free agent route. Young man can shoot from the perimeter but will need improvement with foot work, rebounding, conditioning and post moves if he dreams of playing in the NBA !

    Different level of play as their are so many talented players in the league and the D-League. Here I have the Lakers and Clippers so playing for their rookie and free agent teams is a long shot but can happen. Mitch Kupchak is aware of Jankovich as seeing him play against his son’s Santa Barbara team and knowing he has to up grade this team roster with many Laker players not coming back.

    LA is the place as I will be keeping my eye out for his continue success !

  58. Insiders, how’s the team APR going to be for this year ?

  59. ^^^ Good question. All us fans got so excited from the winning that we forgot about that part. The biggest question mark is do anybody know if Bobbitt pulling the same thing NWC did last year? I think somebody mentioned that he already left UH.

  60. Bobby said AV not back yet, don’t know if cause for concern or true.

  61. Sometimes you just need luck to enter the NBA. That’s why players with the opportunity choose top schools because they have an edge. But no guarantees though. Once you get to the pros then it’s up to you to elevate your game so that you will be there second time around. And that’s when you make the big bucks. Janks got just as much chance to make the NBA than anyone else. Yes only a few make it but he’s got the accolades to be one of them. Plus he has size and quickness at his position and all the tools to make it. Just needs someone to believe in him and develop him.

  62. Valdes will be back, he needs to if he wants to graduate this summer.
    as far as the APR , it’s no cause for concern, the NCAA has relaxed on their Apr rules and Janks, Valdes and Flemming were all decent students.

  63. Jankovic has to look at AC Carter example. Not drafted. Worked so hard And the emotional maturity resulted in a 13 year nba career. Fully vested nba pension. Plus. Fulfilling second career dream. Coaching as assistant in pros. Maybe one day head coach nba or ncaa. As Cliff Sanchez mentions. Hard work. Free agent pick right team. See Trevor Ruffin and Savo as free agents not drafted. Hope janks does get drafted 2nd round though. As I said . Spearman. Rozitis. Nevels. Fotu. Standhardinger. All playing for pay in euro leagues. At one time All were or still are starters. Either way. Good choice. Seems like 4 juniors leaning towards moving on. I think UH took too long with appeal fight from beginning. Maybe lesrened blows from start.

  64. First off congratulations to Stefan for his career at UH and leaving our state with a college degree. He will be truly missed next year, however no one can blame the guy for following his dream of playing professional ball. That said anyone who thinks he is going to be paying in the NBA anytime soon is dreaming. Not saying he does not have the skill set to do it, but he is a loooong way away from being NBA ready. More likely than not he will be able to carve out a successful carer in Europe, but being drafted and playing NBA ball next year is a little to big of a stretch.

  65. Appeal outlook not too good, per article SA. Postseason bans rarely lifted. Also, Jeff P on Hoopstalk said about 20 % chance for favorable outcome.

    “Meanwhile, people familiar with the NCAA appeals process say, historically, schools face long odds in getting the postseason bans rescinded.
    Christian Dennie, an attorney with Barlow Garsek & Simon who handles college sports and blogs about NCAA infractions cases, said, “in the last four or five years I’m not familiar with anybody getting a postseason ban removed.”

  66. All you can to Jankovic is thanks for the memories. You did good. If you get your degree in May, yes, go ahead and chase your dreams. Alan Williams, former UCSB all conference, POY forward wasn’t drafted. Went to the D-League and was brought up to the Suns recently. Don’t know if he’s still there. It’s a long shot to make it to the NBA. NBA players are truly great players, even the guy on bench and if he’s the 15th man. Teams usually have 12 active players and 3 on inactive status. But, you will find an opportunity to play somewhere so I wish you luck in your life and basketball.

  67. Fans. Finally after upgrade in talent each past six seasons. We were hoping warriors would make dance and win a game. Double Bigwest champions and POY janks. Now really rebuilding process if AV.MT. Stef Jovanovic leave Plus Rod. And Fleming leaving possibly top 7 scorers defenders. Senior guards key. Wish best to Eran. Now we see what he can do from square one without previous staff’s talent.hope best. He help team win 25 games next year with majority new guys? He is proven. He can do it without former returnees. He should offer a couple local high school athletes.would be great.!Eran go to work . get good freshmen. First true test. Losing so much starters! You can do it. Continue high energy ball!

  68. Team1st,

    Are there any current, local high school senior basketball players that can actually play at the D1 level? Enos and Buscher were among top in the state and they just can’t hack it at the next level. I’m just curious to know if there’s any real talent here.

  69. Lol, MAYBE the 6’8 dude from Iolani, but the rest arent worth an offer. Period.

  70. TAVS,

    Hawai’i prep basketball is arguably the worst talent pool in the western US in terms of producing D1 BB players. There are some skilled guys, but overall lack of size and speed will always limit the D1 players.

    If you’re 6’4″, playing center, and rarely have to worry about your shots being blocked by the man guarding you… The league isn’t going to produce many D1 players.

  71. xer 21 and Former UH Athlete,

    Thanks for confirming what I assumed. I’ve heard a few callers on Fan Phone mention Ganot should recruit local talent due to next year’s post season ban and always thought it was the most ridiculous advice considering the talent level and the fact that it would just waste scholarships. Speaking of local high school ball, I see Jankovic’s younger brother plays for Maryknoll. He’s got the height but the rest of his stats are subpar.

  72. Hugh Hoagland from Iolani will be plenty recruiting offers for his volleyball skills. I think he has a better chance to make an impact on the volleyball court more than the basketball court.

  73. Hogland won’t be getting much scholarship money for volleyball, at most probably 40 percent or half of a scholarship whereas in basketball even if its a lower level , he will get a full scholarship.
    I’d like it if Chance Kalaugher walks on to the basketball team next year.

  74. Hawaii has no D1 talent. Not even D2. How many local guys have HPU, Chaminade and UH Hilo offered. Zero. The only local guy that was legit was Avea who transferred to Bingham in Utah. I don’t know how any sane Hawaii fan can ask the coaches to recruit locally, it’s a joke. Lastly we can’t fully judge Eran for a couple of years because of Gibs sanctions. In my opinion he’s doing an outstanding job with the situation he’s in.

    Kyle Smith the other lead candidate when we ultimately hired FIB was successful at Columbia and they beat UCI in the CIT finals. He’s just been named the head coach at USF. Funny how we picked the worse candidate. FIBBER.

  75. Smith has been average, he finally had a decent year and Columbia and bolts lol glad we didn’t hire him.

  76. We haven’t had a local division I talent since Derrick Low, and everybody knew Low was a big time talent since even before he was a freshman in high school.

  77. Hogland is still a junior just needs to develop his body
    played well vs mainland schools in the Iolani Classic

    Chance Kalaugher is a 6’5 guard I would like to see him play in summer league let’s see him earn that spot maybe give him a 1 year scholarship offer and see how that goes


    Paul Honda

  78. Haha WF2 is glad we didn’t hire Smith. We hired Gib which obviously turned out much better with NCAA sanctions.

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